As You Wish

Melissa stared at Greg and smiled "What do you mean you can age or regress me at will?" she giggled. Melissa was a beautiful 19 year old girl with long brown hair, blue eyes, a tan, taught body and large 36 c breasts. Greg looked at her and smiled back.

"Just that, and I can prove it to you if you do not believe me. What would you like? To be a little girl again or see what you will look like when your a grandmother?"

"Well, what about making me a little girl again?" She teased. "As you wish" smiled Greg. He then picked up the old book sitting in front of him and began readiong latin and then pointed at Melissa. Melissa was wearing tight shorts that revealed her long, shapely legs and sensuous thighs, but as soon as Greg pointed at Melissa she felt very strange. Almost in a flash, before she could react she regressed almost instantly to a 5 year old little girl. Her clothes now swallowed her, as she struggled to take a step her shorts and panties simply fell off her childs body while her large black lace bra hung limp inside her t-shirt which looked more like alarge night shirt now. Melissa stood in shock. "Wha...what heppen to me?" she squeeled, then as she heard the high shreik of a childs voice shealmost fainted as she look up at Greg who seemed enourmous now. "You turn me into whittle girl!" But I a woman, not whittle! I no want to have to gwow up again! pweese age me back!"

Greg looked at the cute child with some amazement then sighed "As you wish". Once again he spoke a few latin phrases and pointed at her. Melissa felt strange again as everything seem to shrink around her. She aged a little slower than she had regressed but she still shot up like a weed and as she aded through adolescence back into womanhood, she forgot that her panties and shorts had already fallen off her body and soon she stood there completely nude from the waist down. greg had watched in fascination as she had aged back watching her legs mature and hips flare as dark pubic hair filled her inner thighs when she matured. Her breasts were now mature and rip once again and Melissa struggled to get them back into the cups of her bra with some difficulty. As her body had matured, she was simply too stunned to notice her lower nudity. She looked at Greg in wonder. "How did you do that?" she whispered. "Here, put this on" Greg motioned to Melissa as he handed her a pull up loose long skirt, Melissa turned red when she realized how she looked and quickly pulled it on and snapped it onto her hips, her belly button still exposed on her taught, smooth stomach.

As soon as she slipped it on her laughed, "Now lets go the other way!" Melissa's eyes widened at that thought. "NOOOO!" she screamed but it was too late, Greg had already finished the incantation and began to point at her. She suddenly felt very cold and as she turned, she caught her reflection in the mirror on her wall. She could not believe the transformation. 25 years of age, her breasts grew a bit more, she was now an adult woman, 30, 35, her face seemed to show the wear of age as fine lines appeared around her eyes and mouth...they seemed to lengthen, spread and deepen as she watched time fly away from her. 40, 45, 50, bags were now deep under her eyes and gray hair was now filling out her main of her soft brown hair like an invading army. 55, 60...she could feel her large breasts begin to sag heavily in her bra now...70, 75...her hair was now completely white, soft and full...80, 85 years of age, she seemed to shrink some as her back bent over from old age, as it did she looked down at her bare feet which now seemed ancient like her grandmothers. The toes were curled from arthritis and they hurt badly. At 90 years of age it stopped as her hands began to shake as she put a hand on her back for support. Her taught rear and shapely legs had also succomb to the ravages of time. As her lower lip began to shake as well, her eyes had a hard time focusing as she slowly turned towards a statisfied Greg. "Why...why are you doing" she rattled, shocked at the fact her voice was now a good octive lower and sounded so very old. "I'm only a young girl and yet you have robbed me of my youth...I feel so old now, so very old". She looked into the mirror and began to cry.