Age Transfer

By Max

“You can trust me Mr. Andrews. I have studied the powers of this medallion for many years and I’m ready to use it” said a little girl not older than ten.

She was dressed with a white tunic from shoulders to feet and her hair was purple. Her name was Dakia. Daughter of powerful wizards, she was more than eager to try the strange crystal medallion pending in her right hand.

“You are sure that know what you are doing?” asked Mr. Andrews.

In her desperately searched for regain his young, the 52 years old Mr. Andrews invited Dakia to his home.

Dakia stood in front of him and wearing the medallion around her neck, she said “Absolutely. You only need to think about giving me your age while I think in taking it. The medallion will give half of what you send to me. Do you understand?”

Mr. Andrews nodded his head and rested in the couch with his eyes closed. He began to think about being young again and if it was possible gave to Dakia all the age she could handle.

For her part, Dakia wanted badly the age of Mr. Andrews. If she could get to be an adult, she will have the opportunity to use advance spells as her matured body will develop her magic to the maximum.

The medallion started to shine as the transfer took place. All the gray hairs from Mr. Andrews’ hair vanished while his face was getting younger and younger.

Dakia smiled as her magic powers began to grow exponentially receiving partially the age of Mr. Andrews. But soon, she felt the changes in her body as her age increased.

Small bumps appear in her chest pushing her tunic while her arms and legs stretched. Her purple hair ran down her back and her features were taking teenager characteristics.

Rapidly her tunic became tight over her expanding frame. The skirt was over her knees and rising, showing this way the killer legs she was developing. Her bumps turned into wonderful and large breasts that distend the fabric even more.

While Dakia reached the 20 years old, her prominent curves reduced the tunic to shreds. The tearing sound broke the concentration of Mr. Andrews stooping the transfer.

He looked at himself and was glad to find that he was young again. “I must be in my near thirties” he thought.

“It work!!” he exclaimed, but then he turned speechless at the sight of the gorgeous Dakia. She was in her naked glory showing a body that could melt steel.

“I didn’t think about these consequences” she said holding her DD-cup bust “They are very heavy”.

The erection of Mr. Andrews was evident. His hunger of sex was restored and Dakia will be the first of the many women that he will take.

He approached at her and kissed her passionately. Dakia didn’t know how to react. She sensed new feelings she hadn’t before. Mr. Andrews moved his hands towards her breasts to fondle them. Dakia gasped as her breasts were rubbed together.

“What are you doing Mr. Andrews? You are making me feel like my body is in flames” said Dakia.

“Don’t worry girl. Now that you are a woman is normal you feel what you are feeling. Let me teach you a few thing about love, but first call Walter” he said fingering her virginal pussy.

Dakia moaned of the pleasure she was receiving. All her body was tingling. She managed to put the medallion over the table before her new instincts kicked in.

She roared as a feline and jumped over Mr. Andrews pushing over the couch. Her large nails tore apart his shirt and pants. Like an animal she stroke his manhood pushing him at the edge. She stopped abruptly to kiss him in his lips.

“Walter, I want to feel you inside me. I can’t control what my body is feeling. I need you, and I need you now”. Dakia spread her legs let Walter took her virginity.

For Walter, this was a dream come true. He only wished to be younger and have more endurance. Meantime Dakia was feeling wonders and she wished to be older and married him.

Both thoughts activated the magic of the medallion. Walter felt an energy he hadn’t felt in years. He started to kiss and lick every region of the smooth skin of Dakia.

Dakia was lost in a new world of feelings that she didn’t realize the problem until it was too late.

Walter was licking her breasts, when he noticed that it looke bigger. With each passing second it was growing in front of his eyes. “Dakia!! Something is wrong. You are growing” he said.

Dakia controlled herself and watched at the eyes of Walter, but she couldn’t find the eyes of her lover. She only found the eyes of a 16 years old boy and regressing.

“The Medallion!!” both screamed.

Walter jumped off Dakia and tried to reach the medallion.

“Don’t do it Walter!! Any mortal can touch it” Dakia screamed in vain.

Walter reached the medallion and a powerful electricity charge stroked him. He released the medallion and it fell into the ground where it shattered in thousand of pieces.

“Oh no!!” gasped Dakia still receiving Walter’s age.

“Do something, I looked like when I was eleven” he panicked.

“I need to remember the restoration spell” said Dakia passing her 34 years old.

“Please, I don’t want to be baby” said the 3 years old Walter.

“I got it” said Dakia. She restored the medallion breaking the transfer.

Unfortunately she did it not on time. Walter lost too much age and he was trapped in a 3 months old baby body. His simple brain couldn’t retain his memories and he began to cry as any ordinarily frightened baby.

Dakia picked up him and carried him in her arms. “Oh Walter! I’m so sorry that all of this has happened. Now that you are a baby is impossible you think about been older, and if you don’t think in that, I can’t give you back your age” she sobbed.

Maybe she lost her youth, but her matured body showed a maternal look. The baby found the hard nipple of Dakia very attracting, soon he began to suck from it. Again, new feelings washed Dakia’s body.

“That’s my baby. I will feed you and protect you until I find the way to restore you. I promise you” said Dakia.

The baby smiled and she knew that everything will be alright.

The End.