Note: The story starts when Ranma trapped Hinako with the basketball ring, (scene from the Manga and the movie). With this is mind, you can continue.

AP Battle

By Max

“Your draining days are over” yelled Ranma when he hit the pressure points of Hinako.

Defeated, Hinako fell in her kneels “You have defeated me Mr. Saotome, but tomorrow will be a different day” . Hinako regressed to her child form and the ring drooped in the ground.

“Now that I pressed your points, you will never use your technique, and without it you not have a chance” Ranma stood up. He was slowly recovering from the draining.

“I don’t know why you did that Mr. Saotome. The coin allows me to absorb battle auraa” said Hinako

“You said that Hinako will lose her ability” said Akane to Hapossai. The other girls surrounded the old man to prevent a possible escape.

“Yes. The technique that Hinako learned is how add a circular object the ability to drain battle auras. If Ranma continue for 3 weeks pressing the points, that ability will be lost”.

“YOU ARE A SICK OLD MAN!!!!” yelled the girls kicking Happosai to the sky.

“So, Mr. Saotome, while I had this coin near to me” said Hinako showing the coin “I will be a great challenge for you”, Hinako put the coin in her pocket and walked away.

The eyes of Shampoo and Ukyo follow the steps of the child teacher.

When Kuno arrived home, he told to her sister Kodachi about the Miss Hinako, the coin, and how she almost defeat Ranma. The idea of had such powerful coin and what she could do with it kept Kodachi mind running at high speed.

It was eight o’clock when Hinako turn off her video game. Now in her pajamas, she took a coin from her drawer. “It this plan worked, I will be able to defeat him” she thought to herself.

She put the coin over her nightstand next to the window and opened it. Hugging her teddy bear, she laid on her bed and closed her eyes.

Two hours later a soft wind entered Hinako’s room, and the coin left with it.

It was near the eleven o’clock when a little spatula crossed the window and took the coin over the stand.

At midnight a black ribbon took the coin an a well-know laugh was heard in all the neighborhood.

Ten minutes later, Hinako said “It’s done. Now I finally can sleep”. She put her finger in her mouth and fell sleep hugging he bear.

Next morning, Ryoga entered into Ukyo’s restaurant. “I received your message Ukyo, what is this plan that you have in mind?” said Ryoga. “Let me show you” said Ukyo taking out the coin from her pocket.

“Remember students that tomorrow you will have a test” yelled Miss Hinako at the leaving students for the end of the classes. It was hard be respected when she was only a child.

“See you tomorrow child teacher” said Ranma patting her head and Hinako moved her arms in protest.

“Lets go Akane”, “Wait Ranma” yelled Akane running behind him.

With the classroom empty, Hinako said “No Mister Saotome. By the end of this day, you will be under my feet, but first....”, Hinako opened her book “...this pictures need some color”, and she started to paint it like in preschool.

“I can believe that the principal put us a teacher like her just to show me a lesson” complained Ranma jumping on the wall. “Now that she was unable to do her job, it’s just matter of time before she leaves the school”.

“Don’t be so rude to her. She’ll be a child, but she really want to teach us. Give her a chance” said Akane.

“Whatever” .

They continued walking until the corner where Ryoga was waiting for them. Ranma saw him and jumped off the wall.

“Don’t tell me that you are lost again?” said grinning Ranma.

“No, I don’t” defended Ryoga “I was waiting for Akane”

“And what do you want with her” said Ranma.

Akane hit Ranma in the head with her mallet “I can speak by myself, thanks. Do you want to tell me something Ryoga”.

“I just want ....” Ryoga blushed as he spoke “... to know .... if you ....”, he gulped and continued “... want to go at the new amusement park in town.... with me”, the color of his face was now more like a STOP signal.

“I’ll like going with you Ryoga. What do you say Ranma?” said Akane.

“I pass. I don’t want to go alone”, said Ranma.

“In that case, you can go with me”.

Ranma and Akane looked at the corner where the voice came from. A beautiful 22 years old lady, slim shape and round C-breasts, appeared wearing very tight clothes with a big spatula in her back.

“Ukyo. Is it you?” said an astonished Ranma.

The mysterious lady stood next to Ranma. She was a few inches taller than him. Akane looked at her shoes and she wasn’t wearing heels.

“I forgot again leave it in home”, Ukyo sigh “Well Ranma, How do I look?” She gave Ranma a good angle of her perfect ass and long legs.

“You look ....”

“Older?” Akane thought to herself.

“... great” finally said Ranma.

“Well Akane, let me help you with you mallet” said Ryoga.

Akane noted that Ryoga carried her mallet with some difficulty. “Will it part of the amazing transformation of Ukyo?” she suspected.

Meantime, Kuno found his home full with different kind of fighters and in front of them was his sister.

“Kodachi!!” he yelled “What is going on?”

“I’m conducting a little experiment big brother” she giggled “and if it works, you will have a new BIG sister.” she did her annoying laugh.

She showed the coin at all the presents.

“Is it what I think it is?” said Kuno.


The coin immediately took the battle auras and Kodachi body began to change.

“I can feel it. I feel how the power fills my body” she said.

Her body started to enlarge and got curvaceous. Thanks to her elastic gym suit, her development keep cover of the eyes of the drained men lied on the floor. While her hair and legs lengthened in the vertical way, her breasts and ass grew in the horizontal way.

But something was wrong, the amount of energy was too much and soon she passed her twenties and faster her thirties.

“You must stop, you are getting too old” yelled her brother waking up from the surprise to see the blossoming of her sister”.

“It’s too much energy” Kodachi cancelled the transference, but she ended looking like a 60 years old woman.

Her hair was gray and her suit maintained all the no-longer-firm parts of her body. She touched her face and found wrinkles over it.

“I don’t wanna be this old. I’ll released the energy. HAPPO NO COIN RETURN!!!”

The blast sent the weak fighters to fly. Kodachi returned at her normal age. “Sorry brother, you are the only who can give what I want”, and she aimed the coin.

“It’s huge” exclaimed Akane when they arrived at the park.

“Wait for me Akane, I’ll go to buy our tickets” said Ryoga leaving the mallet on the floor.

“Could you invite me too?” said Ukyo caressing Ranma arm.

“Uhm, sure” said Ranma trying to find money in his pockets.

When Ranma was buying the tickets a bike fell from the sky landing over Ryoga.

“Mihao Ranma!!”

“Hi Shampoo”

“Ranma is going to take Shampoo to the park?”

“Well actually...”

“He is with me Shampoo. We want to be spend the day together if you don’t mind” said Ukyo holding Ranma’s arm.

Shampoo noticed the changes in Ukyo immediately and she knew what to do.

“See you later Ranma” she yelled riding to the horizon.

“Are you OK Ryoga?” said Akane helping the poor Ryoga to stand up.

“What happen?” he said.

“Nothing special, let get inside” said Ranma.

Muss was cleaning the tables when Shampoo got back. She quickly passed him and opened a drawer

“Where I put it?” said Shampoo. “Here is” she took a five yen coin.

“Can I help you Shampoo?” said Muss .

“Muss can help Shampoo”.

Muss felt his forces leaving his body. He felt weak and tired.

“What is happening?” he said.

“Wear your glasses”

He did what she said and he couldn’t believe his own eyes. In front of him, Shampoo body began to matured. Her blouse was pushed for her expanding breasts, her skirt began to reduce, but was obvious that her legs were longer and lined. Her face became more sexy as her hair lengthened.

The combine events of see the amazing transformation of Shampoo and his weakness made him split the cleaning water over him. Turned in goose, he saw the now matured 23 years old Shampoo leaving the restaurant in her bike.

The four teenagers took the final car of the roller coaster train. Akane and Ryoga in front of Ukyo and Ranma. The train was reaching the top when Ukyo felt her body changing. She took the coin from her pocket and when the people screamed for the descent she said the right words and absorbed the battle aura of Ryoga, but unfortunately, she absorbed the battle auras from the all row.

Her body passed her previous form and rapidly got older. Her hair turned white, her skin dried and her breasts lost its perkiness. Before Ranma could see her, she expelled the extra energy and get back to her previous 22 years old.

The ride over and the girlfriends help her boyfriends to get out of the train, even Akane helped Ryoga.

“You are so brave Ranma, the other guys got sick from the ride” said Ukyo trying to explain the weakness of the boys.

They sat in a bank to give Ryoga some time to recover from the experience. He was happy because Akane was with him, but she was hiding her envy. She wanted to know how Ukyo got that body, so she could have Ranma in the same way that Ukyo could.

“Mihao Ranma!!”

The four turned their head and watched Shampoo’s breasts bounced from her ride. She jumped and landed in front of them. Ukyo felt insecure because her nice body was dwarf at the present of the voluptuous amazon woman.

“What are you doing here Shampoo. Didn’t I tell that Ranma will be with me all the afternoon”, Ukyo stood up and showed that she was taller than Shampoo.

“Let Ranma choose. What you said Ranma?” Shampoo crossed her arms making bigger her already firm D-cup breasts.

“If he will choose, let him to choose the best woman in the town”.

From nowhere appeared Kodachi. Her suit was showing all the curves that a woman of 21 years old could show. She was more development than Ukyo, but not enough than Shampoo.

“He’s with me, and I don’t want any of you near us” said Ukyo, showing the coin between her fingers.

“If fight you want, Shampoo accept” she took out her coin.

“Nobody will take away at my loving Ranma” said Kodachi taking out her coin too.

Ranma didn’t like the idea of being some kind of prize, but the fact of see three beautiful women fight was a totally different experience.

“The only fight will be between Mr. Saotome and me” said child Hinako eating a cotton candy.

The three women turned and saw the teacher holding a strange coin.

“HAPPO ONE DOLLAR SATSU!!!” Hinako yelled.

The coin absorbed the battle auras of the women and Hinako started her transformation. First her arms and legs started to grow, her waist reduced as her hips expanded, her bumps turned in flesh globes and her ass became massive and round, her hair grew and finally her face matured erasing any trace of a little girl.

“Well...” Hinako said throwing the cotton. “You will not longer need those”

She picked up the coins of Ukyo, Shampoo and Kodachi. The three were showing signs being tired but mysterious they remained in their adult form. Ranma stood up in front of the teacher.

“Why they are still adults if you took their battle auras?” he asked.

“I didn’t drain their battle auras. Using this American coin, I can drain the battle auras of the ones that they drained. But they still have her adult from because they are feeding it with their own battle auras”.

“That means that you have the energy of the people that Ukyo, Shampoo and Kodachi drained” said Ranma.

“Exactly, but not only their battle auras, their techniques too”, she said with an evil grin.

Hinako took the ground with her finger and produced a big explosion. Ranma jumped in the air to avoid the flying rocks.

“That was a Ryoga’s technique!!” yelled Ranma

“Come back here Mr. Saotome, our fight is far from over”

Hinako extended her arms and chains came out grabbing Ranma and bringing him back to the ground.

“Now I will teach you a lesson Mr. Saotome” and she aim the one dollar coin.

“Think quick teach” Ranma took a rock and launched it to the teacher hitting the coin.

“That hurts!!” scream Hinako. “Now you will taste one of my techniques. HAPPO NO COIN RETURN!!”

The blast threw Ranma against an hydrant. The impact broke the hydrant and the cold water turn Ranma into a girl. Totally wet Ranma slowly stood up and concentrated her remained force to defeat the child teacher, but she was shocked when the smoke dissipated and the teacher still have her adult form.

“I didn’t mention that the coin locked the battle aura in my body for the time a want, if I don’t want to be and adult just expel the energy, but since I took three battle auras...”

“You have two shots more before return to be a child” Ranma was scared of Hinako’s power.

“But I think I will enjoy defeat you under your own rules”, Hinako assumed a attacking position.

“If I’m right, she must expel Kuno’s aura, so I’m have to fight against Ryoga and Muss techniques” thought Ranma assuming a defending position.

The battle between Ranma and Hinako stared. Meantime Ukyo, Shampoo and Kodachi were crawling to the place where the one dollar coin landed. Shampoo almost had it when someone picked up the coin.

“Give it to me. I need it” begged Shampoo.

“No, I need it to recover my strength” said Kodachi.

“The pain is killing me, please help me” pleaded Ukyo.

The coin was aim to the three women.


Ranma was trapped against the wall. She was amazed at how Hinako had managed the different techniques and combined them. The teacher was almost invincible.

Hinako stepped back took a five yen coin from her pocket. Ranma closed her eyes at her inevitable end. Suddenly, a strange wind carrying black petals surrounded them. A feminine silhouette was in the high. The sun in her back blocked Ranma and Hinako sigh.

“HAPPO NO COIN RETURN!!!” yelled the woman from the air, and the blast hit Hinako leaving her unconscious a few feet away.

“Are you OK?”, the lady helped Ranma to stand up. Slowly Ranma looked at her. She has long and shape legs, her tore skirt showed her underwear, her waist was stretch but her DD bust couldn’t be contained by her blouse, the lack of buttons demonstrated that, her hair was long and straight.

“That hair, I had seen it before... and that clothes are from... AKANE!!!” thought Ranma

Ranma couldn’t believe his own eyes. Akane had grown into a gorgeous woman. The petite flat-chest girl was now nearly the 6 feet tall and totally voluptuous.

“Thank you Akane. How do you feel?” asked Ranma.

Akane took a look at her new physique, she was more than happy. “I always want big breasts, but I didn’t now that they were so heavy” she noticed the different heights “I guess I was a later bloomer”.

“Akane, how you has grown up my girl” said Happosai grabbing Akane new breasts.

“Let me go!. HAPPO NO COIN RETURN!!!”

The poor old man flew again.

“You shouldn’t do that Miss Tendo” said recovered Hinako “HAPPO NO COIN RETURN!!!”.

Akane didn’t expect such recovery. The attack took her by surprise slamming her body in a near wall. Hinako launched chains again trapping Akane’s arms to her torso. Without her hands, Akane couldn’t use the coin.

Hinako stepped back and put together her hands in the way to released energy. “This will show you Miss Tendo to not interfere”.

“You forgot something teach” said Ranma.

“What?” asked annoyed Hinako.

“This” Ranma raised the coin that Hinako left after Akane’s attack. “HAPPO FIVE YEN SATSU!!!”

Quickly Hinako loose all her womanly attributes, her bust reduce to bumps and her ass flat. Her hair got shorter as her body. While Ranma was developing her female form. Her pig tale undid and release her long red hair, her suit became really tight around her bust and back. Her pants were stretched by her amazing thighs and her waist reduce. In her face, her lips filled and her eyes got deeper.

“You win this time Mr. Saotome, but tomorrow I will get my revenge” Child Hinako ran away moving quickly her legs.

Akane used all her strength and broke her captive chains. She noticed something different in Ranma.

“Ranma?” said Akane.

“You have bigger breasts than me” said Ranma with a low voice.

Akane giggled at her comment, since they met Ranma in her female form had always larger bust than her, but now the roles were reverse.

“I think you are right” said grabbing her new attributes “and what are you going to do?” teased Akane.

“I will ... KILL YOU” Ranma eyes were on fire.

Without doubt, Ranma launched a powerful attack to Akane. Using Shampoo techniques, she avoided the attack.

“Ranma, was the matter with you?” said Akane.

“I will not tolerate that someone will be better than me. Never” and Ranma used her famous technique that consist in launch quick punch to the adversary. One of that punches, hit in Akane hand and she released the one dollar coin.

“Ranma, it’s not you. Somehow the battle aura has change your personality” Akane tried to reason.

Ranma didn’t listen and she continue her frenetic attack. Even with Shampoo techniques, Akane was no rival for Ranma.

“I will finished you” yelled Ranma.


Ranma fell to the floor. Without the battle auras taken from Hinako, her own battle aura was being use to maintain her adult form.

Akane was surprise to see her now older sister Nabiki, since she was near her twenties her transformation made her hit the 28 years old. Her clothes were a little tighter.

“Interesting coin” said Nabiki.

She walked near to Ranma and dropped a hot cup of tea on him, returning him to his male form.

“He is such a hunk, What do you say sis?, I’m the only who want to take advantage of this situation” said Nabiki.

“Now that you mentioned, I want to know what is capable this new body” said with a grin Akane.

Each woman took one Ranma’s leg and pulled him back to home.

One month later, Nabiki opened an prosper business, thanks to Hinako one dollar coin, she boosted her intelligent by taking Ranma’s battle aura. In his weak condition Ranma was under Akane protection, and when nobody was in home, Akane used the five yen coin to recover her well endowment body and made Ranma the receiver of her matured love.