A New Day

By Little-Kitten

It was a warm and sunny day in the furry world, one of those days where you can sit outside on your porch and sip iced tea comfortably while watching the neighborhood kids play in the sprinkler. But in Jim’s home it was anything but warm and happy…

Earlier in the week some of his co-workers at the loading dock had found his webpage online, displaying his some of his artwork that they thought was questionable. For as long as he could remember, Jim found himself turned on by images of those non-furry, fictional things known as humans. He drew all sorts of pictures of them, furries transforming into humans, human girls in the nude, himself as a human… Apparently his co-workers didn’t understand the idea of having a fetish; like Richard, one of Jim’s co-workers, who had a thing for long fuzzy socks and people wearing them.

Jim was outside on this sunny day as the neighbors watched him clean up his front porch that his co-workers had egged the night before. They whispered at each other as they watched him clean the egg, and they whispered and giggled when they saw his car, all the windows broken in and vandalized with spray paint calling him horrible things. Jim sighed when he was done, he was so embarrassed by everything that was going on; friends not talking to him any more, his girlfriend dumping him, his co-workers making his life a living Hell. He walked inside and lounged on the couch thinking of what he could do. He wanted so badly to hurt all the people hurting him, but he couldn’t because it would only make him look worse.

He looked so sad lying on the couch, his big puppy dog eyes slightly tearing up. Jim of course is an anthropomorphic husky, about six feet tall with light gray fur covering most of his body, and the front side of his torso covered in a white fur all the way down to his crotch and the insides of his buttocks. He’s considered a good looking fur with a short muzzle ending in a wet nose and two baby blue eyes that you could stare into forever.

After a few minutes of thinking, Jim decided that he couldn’t mope about all day and he slowly got up and went for the shower. He lathered some shampoo into his fur, rinsed himself off, and upon getting out of the shower did what any dog would do: shook himself dry. He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked over to the small office in the back of his house. Sitting at the computer, he couldn’t think of anything better to do than log onto the Internet. While browsing, he found he needed someone to talk to and opened up ICU, a messenger program connecting a majority of the furs around the world. Almost immediately after connecting to the ICU network, one of his best Internet friend's name popped up in the window, "Kittenroo." Kittenroo, or Ashley in real life, was largely considered a strange fur. She was the daughter of a relationship looked down upon in the furry community; a housecat morph and a kangaroo morph shouldn’t have kids, but they did, and Ashley was the product. She looked just like her mother for the most part; in fact she only resembled her father’s species in that about mid tummy she had a kangaroo pouch.

The incoming message chime rang out on Jim’s computer, "Hiya Jim! How’s life?" A typical greeting from Ashley, how could she know what was going on though? Jim responded, "Hello Ash, not good at all I’m afraid. I know I haven’t been online much this week, but if you knew what was going on in my life you’d understand."

Ashley was a little disturbed by Jim’s response and felt the need to talk with him more, "What’s wrong? Did something happen?"

Jim proceeded to tell Ashley all the events of the week, the eggs, the vandalism to his car, his ridicule at work, everything. Ashley was horrified that anyone would do such a thing, she herself was interested in the same things as Jim and thought what if her own secret got out, how would she cope? She tried her best to console Jim, but realized she needed desperately to see him in the fur to try and make him feel better. They had always been good friends, online and off, and Jim’s house was across town from her apartment, she needed to go see him.

"You stay there Jim, I’ll be over in a bit, I want to talk in person." was the message on Jim’s screen. He knew what that meant, Ashley would be over in ten minutes, and here he was still in a bath towel. Jim quickly ran to his room and got dressed in some Khakis and a T-shirt and awaited the arrival of his friend.

Ashley quickly got ready at her apartment, she knew what she had to do, and this was definitely the day to do it. She got in her car and quickly sped off towards Jim’s house, plan in mind.

Jim opened the door, and there standing as beautiful as ever was Ashley. She was around 5 and a half feet in height, dressed in a short tight shirt, the words "KITTY" across her less than ample chest, and her kangaroo pouch proudly displayed slightly above the waistline of her skirt. She brushed her bangs out of her face and over her cat like ear, and smiled cutely, "Hi…" Jim invited her in and they sat on the couch drinking coffee and talked about their human fetish, and about the horrible people that would do something like Jim’s co-workers.

"Sometimes, I think it was just easier being a kid, you don’t have any worries, anxieties, bills, or any of the crappy things in my life."

Ashley blushed a little, "Funny you should say that Jim."


Ashley just smiled, "Oh…nothing, say could I have some more coffee?"

Jim smiled and nodded taking her cup to the kitchen to fill it up, he noticed as he got up that Ashley began to fiddle with something in her purse. He returned a few minutes later with a fresh cup of coffee for Ashley, and sat back down to his own cup. She looked a little nervous as she sipped at her cup, "So, Cheryl left you?"

"Yeah," Jim sipped at his coffee, "she took off the second she heard the news of me liking humans and told me ‘normal people don’t get a rise out of fictional cartoons like on TV.’ then slammed the door in my face."

"That bitch! That’s horrible!"

"Just because she was a husky doesn’t mean you get to call her a bitch Ashley," Jim replied ‘as a matter of factly’.

"I know Jimmy, but I never liked her anyway…say do you feel alright?"

Jim squirmed in his seat, "Now that you mention it, no, I feel kind of funny."

Ashley’s arm shook nervously as she took a sip of coffee and watched Jim stand up, his clothes looking a bit big for him all of a sudden, "J-Jim…I…I’m sorry, I had to do it..."

Jim replied, his voice a little higher pitched, "Had to do what? What did you do??"

Ashley put her coffee down and stood up, slowly walking over to the shrinking Jim, "I put something in your coffee to make you into a baby again…"

Jim backed away from her, "YOU DID WHAT?" he screamed looking like a seven-year-old puppy playing dress up in his daddy’s clothes holding his pants up so they didn’t fall off.

Ashley looked on with curiosity as Jim quickly shrunk into a pool of clothes he wore. She quickly scooped him up out of his clothes and noted that he looked just like his baby pictures, and took him over to his bathroom and laid out a towel and set his now small furry body on the towel that lay on the counter. Jim squirmed and kicked as she pulled some things out of her purse. Jim dreaded each item more than the first that she pulled out: baby wipes, baby powder, and a seemingly thick disposable diaper. Ashley lifted up his legs against his will, and carefully wiped his bottom and crotch down, giggling at his now babyish sheath. She then powdered him, and stood him up on the counter, threaded his thick husky tail through the back end of the diaper, and pulled the front through his legs and taped the two ends together tightly, following up the changing with a soft kiss on Jimmy’s forehead. Ashley set Jimmy back down in the den by his old clothes as he tried unsuccessfully to get the diapers off.

"Now listen Jimmy, I’m sorry I had to do this, but I’ve been planning it for a while." Ashley looked a little sad, "You know how I could never get married and have children of my own, no one wants a half breed like me, and now that everyone knows about your human fetish, no one would ever be the same towards you again…and I’m giving you a second chance at life." She scooped him up in her arms and cuddled him close, and he stopped squirming and looked deep into her eyes with his baby blue puppy eyes, "Why did dis to me Ashley…you was my best fwiend!"

"Jimmy, there’s nothing for you here anymore…please…would you be my baby?"

The now toddler Jimmy thought a little bit about his life and where it was going, looked up at Ashley and thought about a new life with her. Jimmy shed a tear or two and hugged Ashley tightly, "Ok mamma…I be yours now."

Ashley cuddled the little two-year-old tightly and cried some happy tears smiling softly, "Come on sweetie, let’s get you a warm bath."

Jimmy smiled and wagged his tail as Ashley slowly put him in her soft, warm kangaroo pouch, walked out the door and closed it behind her.



Three years later Ashley walked through the grocery store, her baby in pouch as she selected a good head of lettuce.

Doctors were baffled at why her baby stopped aging at two, but could only attribute it to an interspecies mating with a mixed breed and a full breed. They urged her not to have any more kids, and she assured them that her mate wouldn’t be coming back. Ashley figured it was a defect in the rejuvenating potion a mage in the mall had made for her…but she didn’t care, she loved her Jimmy just as he was.

Two old ladies were whispering behind her back as she shopped for sandwich meat, "I can’t believe that good boy Jim Grenada would mate with such a tramp like that girl."

"Oh didn’t you hear?" the other lady responded, "He was pretty weird too."

"No I didn’t know…whatever happened to him?"

"I think he just ran away one day, left that girl with the child, cute kid, thank Luna he takes after the father…a cat with a kangaroo pouch…really."