“A Little Undercover Work” Part 6

by Louder

All rights reserved.

Contains adult content and themes for 18 years and older.

Jane ran toward the ice cream truck. 'Mr. Ice Cream Man..... WAIT... WAIT!' she yelled as she unsuccessfully tried to catch the speeding truck.

'Fudge!' she said stomping her foot 'Stupid dumb ol' ice cream man!'

She then started to make her way back to her house when another vehicle ~did~ stop. It was a policeman.

'Excuse me Miss.... are you OK?'

Jane shook her head yes.

'Well then, why aren't you in school?'

'Cuz... I ummmm don't go to school no more....' she answered in a tone sounding a little unsure herself.

'You better hop in the car young lady!' the officer directed her and she reluctantly obeyed.

He turned the police cruiser around and headed towards the school. 'What's your name little girl?'

Jane wondered why he called her 'little girl'? After all she knew she was a big girl.... but then she couldn't remember how big! Her adult memories were swimming around and hiding in the corners of her 10 year old mind. And here she was in trouble!

'Ummmm Janie....my name is Janie, sir' she answered.

'What about your last name?' the policeman asked as he scribbled on a notepad.

Suddenly two names popped into her head. 'Ummmmm Gilland?' she answered worried about which name was correct.

'Ahhhh Janie Gilland. That's a pretty name. You look like a good girl so I'm just going to take you back to school. They probably won't be too happy with you for skipping but they'll go easier on you than if I follow the books and take you to the station and then we'd stir up a bunch of trouble for you and your parents. Sometimes the judge gets carried away when he tries to ~teach young people a lesson~... at least that's what he calls it. I think he just has a mean streak! Anyway, if you promise not to skip school again we'll just not tell the judge about this.'

'I promise I promise... I'm sorry!' Janie pleaded suddenly fearing being 'sent to prison' like she'd seen on television. She'd already forgotten that she hadn't skipped school in the first place!

As the policeman pulled up to the school it didn't look like Janie remembered it. Some things looked really different while other parts looked much older than she remembered.

'C'mon' he said as he took her hand and led her inside. He took her to the counselors office 'This is Miss Gilland. She decided to play dress-up today rather than go to school. She didn't seem like a bad girl so I brought her here instead filling out all the paperwork. I saw her chasing that darned ice cream truck!'

'Awwwwww yeah.... he's like a vulture driving that thing down here and pushing sweets on the kids! ...Could be worse I guess.... Sooooo Miss Gilland? Karen Gilland! I didn't recognize you at first. So you thought you could play hooky? tsk tsk I expect better of you than that!'

Janie wanted to tell the counselor that she wasn't Karen but she was afraid to speak up or else she'd get in more trouble! Besides, maybe they'd call Karen's mom instead and Janie's mom wouldn't ever find out what she'd done!

The counselor continued 'You are just lucky that you aren't talking to the judge! Well, Ms Gilland I think it's the detention room for you'

The counsleor grabbed her arm and hustled Janie down the hallway. With every step more of Jane's adult memories hid themselves away. Here she was being scolded by this large and imposing grownup. Even the disconnected memories faded away. Her 10 year old personality won out and tears started rolling down her cheeks.

'Scared? You should be! If you're gonna play hooky you have to suffer the consequences!' the large adult told her. She opened a door and took Janie inside.

'Miss Vanderkind, this is Karen Gilland. She tried to play hooky today so she'll be spending some time in here.' the counselor told the other adult and then left the room.

'Karen? I never thought I'd see you here!' Miss Vanderkind said shamingly.

Janie was scared and confused. She wasn't sure why everyone was calling her Karen! It ~did~ sound familiar and after a couple of glimpses of her reflection in the window it seemed kind of ~right~. Her reflection did seem to fit a vague memory of a girl called 'Karen'.... or something like that! 'Was she Karen?' she wondered. Everyone seemed to think that she was.


Tommy took the baby and headed to his Van. Hopefully, she'd grow up before anyone arrived home. Otherwise, he'd have to tell his wife what had happened. His teenage mind somehow directed a lot of the blame on Sandy. He figured none of this would have happened if Sandy would have just been more professional and not have expected him to do so much! Of course earlier he had thought he could do the assignment without Sandy and that she was 'in the way'!

'Stupid Sandy! She's messin' everything up, baby' he said to the baby who could only make cooing sounds in reply. 'The gilrs know to take the bus at night rather than ride with me..... welllll the ~old~ me! Obviously, I'd have a little problem with my driver's license right now!' he said as he settled into the back of the van and waited for the changes to begin.


Back at the shool, Vicki decided to confront Sandy. 'Are you, like, thinking ~you~ have a ~chance~ with Tommy?' she asked in a caustic tone.

'What?' Sandy replied in shock.

'You know! You think YOU can steal Tommy from me!' Vicki replied.

~You~ like ~Tommy~?' Sandy asked suddenly realizing what was going on.

'Well.... maybe! I think he's cute and stuff and he'd never go for a flat chest like you!' Vicki replied in a hateful tone.

Suddenly, Sandy was filled with anxiety. She quickly became self-concious of her body.

'But... I'm not... You can't like ~Tommy~...' Sandy stammered.

'You might get to stay at our place but we don't have to be, like, friends!' Vicki replied 'You're just jealous because Tommy likes me better than you!'

'He does not.... not like ~that~!' Sandy answered but realized she was treading in dangerous waters. She couldn't blow their cover and tell Vicki what was really up!

Vicki wasn't finished. 'A geek like you doesn't deserve Tommy!'

Now Sandy's mood turned again. She could have Tommy any time she wanted! She remembered his 'excitement' when he'd first taken the pills. Besides, he was kinda cute in a funny way Sandy thought. Her regressed persona took over.

'I can so have Tommy if I want!' Sandy shot back.

Vicki smirked and left without replying.

'That little bitch!' Sandy said under her breath as the school bell rang signaling the end of the day. 'We'll see who Tommy goes for.....' she said confidently before looking down at her flat T-shirt. 'Who am I kidding?' she asked no-one in particular 'Vicki's right....I AM a flat chested geek! ..But then Tommy did like me before!'. Sandy's emotions had the better of her of her thinking. Both were very unsettled and in a constant state of change!


Janie/Karen had found Miss Vanderkind to not be too bad. Detention hadn't been as bad as she thought it would be. She'd still have to come back every day for the rest of the week but she didn't fear it like before. Since, Jane hadn't received any of the Dr.'s formula to help her mantain her memories her mind had spent the afternoon trying to fill in all the blanks. At 10 years of age Jane did look a lot like her daughter Karen. With everyone calling her Karen, and seeing her reflection and it registering as 'Karen' her mind took the scrambled information that was stored away and created something that made sense.... She now thought that she WAS Karen and that Jane (the vague memories in reality of her older self) was her mother. By the end of the day, in her 10 year old mind, it all made sense. Still, she was glad the day was over and that she could leave!

As she walked down the hall away from the Detention room she literally ran into another 10 year old. Both girls stared at each other. 'You look like me!?' they said in unison and then giggled at the coincidence.

'I'm Karen, what's your name?' said one of the girls.

'I'm Karen too!'

'Wow! Neat!'

'Which bus are you on?' the real Karen asked.

'Ummmmmm....' the other thought for a bit and then remembered that 'Karen' rode bus number 2. 'Bus 2' she said.

'Cool me too! Maybe you can get off with me so my Mommy can see you. We'll tell her we are twins!'

Both girls laughed and went to the bus.


Sandy's alarm went off. It was time to counter the effects of the pill wearing off or else she'd grow back into an adult. She missed her adult body right now. She reached into her book bag and grabbed a couple of pills. Before putting them both in her mouth she looked down at her flat chest. A thought crossed her mind. She wondered 'What if I didn't spend the rest of the day as a 12 year old? Maybe Tommy would be interested in me if I was a little more ~developed~?'

Each successive dose and the environment were obviously factors in the instability of the drugs. At this point Sandy was more interested in 'besting' Vicki than catching any gang! She popped a white pill in her mouth and went to meet Tommy in the van.

The pill's effect was already beginning to work on her as she found the parked van. While the effects of the earlier dosage were wearing off the new dosage was countering it and allowing her to age slightly. The white pill would erase 20 years. Without the green pill that would mean that instead of ending up 12 again she would be 17. She figured that her 17 year old body would be sufficient to prove to her that ~could~ have Tommy....IF she wanted. She didn't really want Tommy as much as she wanted to be 'one up' on Vicki... or that 'little Bitch' as Sandy had taken to referring to her!

'Hi Tommy' the 13 year old said as she entered the van. 'You've got a BABY???!!!???' she said upon seeing the extra person.

'Ummmm Yeah.... it's kinda long story. This is the baby that was in the home-room. This is Mandy. She should be growing up soon but not before I do. I'm just waiting it out right now.'

'Mandy? As in Amanda Fletcher?' Sandy asked as she noticed her legs growing and her T-shirt no longer so flat.

'Uh huh..... ' Tommy answered but trailed off as he saw that Sandy wasn't so flat anymore.

'Did ummm you uhhhh take your dosage?' he asked

'Ya, sure' she replied as she saw him staring at her growing chest.

'Uhhhh..........' he tried to speak but was lost in the transformation of the young lady in front of him.

'Wow... these jeans are getting tight' she said as she unbuttoned them.

Tommy still couldn't speak.

The 16 year old Sandy began to slide the tight jeans off of her longer legs. She kicked off her shoes and tugged on the sides of her T-shirt to maintain her modesty as her jeans piled around her feet.

'Are you....uhhhhhh.... ummmmm sure....you.... uhhhhhhhh took your pills?' Tommy's voice quivered and cracked as he spoke.

'Oh I'm sure....' she said as she kicked the jeans away and pulled her legs together while pulling on her T-shirt.

The pulling only emphasized the 17 year old Sandy's breasts. They looked huge to Tommy!

'Have I told you how much I appreciate the fact that you chose me for this mission?' Sandy said.

'Gosh...no. Thanks..' Tommy answered not really even paying attention to what he was answering. His eyes were now on the 17 year old's legs.

Sandy got up and sit down beside Tommy and peeked at the baby. 'She's so ~cute~' Sandy sang.

Tommy could hardly stand it. Sandy was sitting beside him and her legs were touching his! He hadn't felt like this since he was 13.... the first time he was 13! She smelled so good to him. His breathing changed and he felt nervous.

'Tommy, maybe I ~forgot~ to take my green pill? Do I look older to you?'

'Gosh....you look hot errrrrrrrrrrrrr I mean older! Older I mean! I'm sorry!' Tommy amswered trying to cover his slip up.

'Hot? You think I look hot?' she asked

'Ya..... really hot...' Tommy answered sheepishly although Sandy already knew the answer by the small bulge she could see in Tommy's pants!

'Well, I guess I ~could~ take my green pill now..... OK? Anyway, You'll be getting older soon and will need to get home before the kids get too suspicious of me not being there.'

'Ummmm you don't have to take the pill now do you?' Tommy asked. 'I mean you can wait.... if ya want?'


Meanwhile, one of the kids that was in the cafeteria earlier that day made his way into the library and to one of the computers. Soon, he was online and put a floppy into the drive. 'Encrypted records' he said quietly and laughed as the screen filled with information.