“A Little Undercover Work” Part 1

by Omnibus

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Contains adult content and themes for 18 years and older.

ôMy, my. Such a lot of guns around town and so few brains.ö (Humphrey Bogart - ôThe Big Sleepö (1946))


CLIK! CLIK! CLIK! CLIK! CLIK! Echoed the noise from Sandra McBrideÆs black high heels as she walked down the dark and deserted hallway. She had just finished working a 12 hour shift undercover as a prostitute and her attitude was starting to match her outfit. That and the fact she only nailed one solicitor all night was beginning to grate on the 37 year oldÆs ego a bit.

Sandra had been a police officer for over 12 year now, with the last six dealing mainly with undercover work, and this was the first time she had ever been in this part of the building. As a matter of fact, she really couldnÆt tell what part of the precinct she was in right now, expect that she was down in one of the basement levels. All that she knew for certain was that she was told by Lieutenant Gilland to report to this area at 5 AM this morning. He told her to just get in the elevator and press the floor keys in the following sequence : 1-2-2-1-3, and the elevator would do the rest.

As Sandra pondered her future circumstances, she noticed a bright red light up ahead and quickly picked up her pace. Soon she found herself face to face with a large metal door, with a small glowing red panel to the side.

ôWell, this always seems to work in the movies.ö Sandra shrugged her shoulders then proceeded to place her right palm against the red square.

Sandra was instantly blinded by an overhead spotlight that showered her in a white illuminating haze. As she waited for her vision to return, she could faintly hear a mechanical whirling noise also above her. Eyesight gradually returning, she made out the shape of two security cameras slowly moving back and forth in both corners over the door. Suddenly the light above her shut off as quickly as it had turned on, and before her eyes had a chance to dilate, the door before her quickly lifted upward.

ôAhhhhhh! Officer McBride! So good of you to join us!ö Lieutenant Tom Gilland exclaimed as he walked over to the dazed officer and escorted her into the room. The door immediately slammed shut behind them.

Sandra had just gotten her bearings when the Lieutenant began introducing her to theonly other person visible in the room. ôDr. Faustein, this is one of our top undercover officers, Sandra McBride. Officer McBride, this is our top secret research scientist, Dr. Adolf Von Faustein.ö The little old man in the white lab coat took SandraÆs hand and shook it vigorously.

Sandra took the next few seconds to size up her situation. The room she was in looked about as warm and inviting as the city morgue, emphasized by the dark gray walls and flickering fluorescent lights. All around her unrecognizable metal instruments layed about on long tables covered with white cloth. Computers and weird machinery filled the room, as did a faint pungent smell that was undefinable. Most noteable was the fact that there were no other entrances or exits to the room, except for the one that she had just come in.

ôCome, diz vay pleaze.ö The old man motioned as he walked over to one corner of the room.

Sandra and the Lieutenant slowly followed up behind him. ôSo, what the hell is this all about? And where did you get Dr. Strangelove over there?ö Sandra quiety whispered in the LieutenantÆs ear.

ôDat iz Dr. Fauztein, not Dr. Ztrangelove, Mizz McBride.ö The old man quickly spun around, clicking his heels together in the process, in response to the officerÆs glib remarks. Unexpectantly receiving a reply from the doctor and not the Lieutenant, SandraÆs face suddenly turned bright red (which was somewhat hard to tell with all the heavy makeup she was still wearing). ôAnd vut diz iz all dee hell about iz your next azzignment.ö

ôNext assignment?ö Sandra glared at the Lieutenant with a silent fury. ôYou know I was suppose to start my two weeks vacation today! I put in for it 8 months ago, made arrangements with friends and family, and even bought nonrefundable plane tickets!ö Sandra face was still red, but this time it was not from embarrassment. ôNow, no sooner do I return from an assignment, but IÆm on a revolving door back into another one! Thanks, but no thanks! IÆve cancelled and postponed all my vacations for over two years now and there is no way IÆm cancelling this one!ö

The LieutenantÆs face showed no emotional response to the officerÆs sudden outburst. He simply leaned over and whispered three words into SandraÆs ear. ôYou owe me.ö The Lieutenant then pointed to the left side of his torso, around the ribcage, as if to accentuate his statement.

SandraÆs face suddenly dropped and she bowed her head slightly, as if in defeat. ôFine. Fine. Whatever . IÆll cancel my plans and work on this damn assignment, ~but~ after you cash this chip in, that is it. No more favors!ö Sandra walked over to one of the large metal sinks and began to wash the layers of makeup off her face. ôSo Lieutenant, whatÆs the 411?ö

ôWell McBride, the situation is this. It has come to our attention that a gang of kids, who call themselves the DevilÆs Advocates, are planning a violent attack on the Jefferson Junior High School sometime during the last week before summer vacation.ö

ôWHAT?!?! You canÆt be serious!ö

ôOh, IÆm quite serious.ö The LieutenantÆs stoned-faced composure easily backed-up his words. He reached over to a nearby table and grabbed a manila file folder off it.

ôAnd on what basis did you receive this information?ö Sandra asked while drying her face with a towel.

ôA janitor cleaning out one of the trash cans in one of the classrooms found this.ö The Lieutenant took a severly crumpled up piece of paper out of the folder and handed it to Sandra. The note was a jumbled concoction of plans and ideas ranging from rantings on the Millennium, Chaos and a New Order to the promise of a second Helter Skelter incident.

ôMy, they are an articulate group of anarchists, arenÆt they?ö Sandra handed the note back to the Lieutenant. ôBut, do you really believe this is on the level, or couldnÆt this be just some tasteless prank created by some immature adolescents?ö

ôAfter all the escalating incidents regarding school shootings in the last couple of years, and especially after the crisis they had in Denver recently, IÆm not prepared to take that chance.ö The LieutenantÆs eyes squinted slightly as he continued. ôI donÆt know about you, but I couldnÆt sleep at night if something did happen at that Junior High and I could have done something about it and didnÆt. On top of that, one of my daughters goes to that school.ö

ôOkay! Okay! Down boy! It was just a question.ö Sandra began to twirl the towel around distractingly in her hands. ôSo whatÆs the game plan and where am I invovled?ö

ôWell, after going over the note, there appears to be at least eight to ten members involved in this gang, but we donÆt know who any of them are for sure. Unlike other gangs like the Skinheads or the Trenchcoat Mafia, these kids donÆt blatantly display their membership cards. They pretty much look like typical students, whatever that may be. Fortunately, we do have one or two suspects that may be involved, but again, we donÆt have any substantial evidence to bring them in for questioning or even issue a search warrant for their homes or school lockers.ö The Lieutenant cracked his knuckles to emphasize his frustration. ôWe have less than a month before the end of the school year, so we need to nip this in the bud before anything serious happens. My plan is to plant one or two undercover officers in the Junior High School to observe the other students and their activities. Hopefully, they will be able to gather enough information on this gangÆs plans and motives to be able to stop them legally. That is where you come in Officer McBride.ö

ôOhhhhh, I get it. You want me to pose as a substitute teacher.ö Sandra said excitedly. The thought of portraying someone who wasnÆt a hooker, stripper, or homeless sounded very promising. A confused look fell upon SandraÆs face when she noticed the Lieutenant shaking his head no.

ôCafeteria worker? Bus driver? Janitor?ö The Lieutenant continued to shake his head at the mention of each occupation. ôWell, what the hell am I going to be then?ö

The Lieutenant gave a quick look over to the doctor then returned his attention back to Sandra. ôYouÆre going undercover as a student.ö

SandraÆs jaw dropped open as her mind went blank from hearing this ludicrous suggestion from her superior. Eventually, she did recover from the initial shock long enough to issue a response. ôAre you out of your fucking mind?!?! IÆm almost 38 years old, for christÆs sakes! DonÆt you think I might appear just a tiny bit conspicuous?ö

ôNot in the least.ö The Lieutenant calmly reponded. ôIn fact, you will look and act just like a normal Junior High student.ö

ôAnd how do you propose to do this, Mandrake the Magician?ö

ôEasy, we physically make you 12 year old.ö

ôWhat?!?!ö Sandra was now getting totally confused and frustrated by the LieutenantÆs vague answers.

ôIn order for me to properly explain the procedure, first let me give you a little back story. Do you remember Jack Stillwell?ö

Sandra silently thought to herself for a second. ôYeah, middle-age officer; deep voice; went on a couple beats with him; pretty nice guy. Last I heard, he took an early retirement and moved to Florida with his wife. I believe that happened almost two years ago.ö

ôWell . . . thatÆs about 50% true. Actually, two years ago, Jack went on a two weeks vacation to Florida with his wife and his bestfriend, Officer Ron Dugan. While down there, they got lost while driving and came across somekind of ~substance~. I guess in laymanÆs terms you could call it a of fountain of youth.ö

ôA what?ö Sandra exclaimed in disbelief.

ôWhatever it was, it was somekind of liquid age regression agent. And apparently, in itÆs undiluted form, it can be quite powerful, especially if digested. Or so Jack and his wife Ellen soon found out.ö The Lieutenant walked over to a computer system sitting on a black desk. Sandra quickly followed up behind him. Punching a series of keys on the keyboard, the monitor flickered and came to life. Soon the live image of two toddlers playing with some toys came upon the screen. The picture was kind of grainy and, from the angle of the shot, appeared to be coming from a overhead security camera of some sort.

Sandra carefully observed the two children for awhile before questioning what she was watching. ôDo you really expect me to believe that those two babies are . . .ö

ô . . . what remain of Jack and Ellen Stillwell.ö The Lieutenant quickly interupted her. ôThankfully, Officer Dugan did not drink any of the tainted water and quickly brought the rejuvenated couple back here for observation. The effects of the liquid, in Jack and EllenÆs case, seems to be permanent, though the two little tykes appear to be aging normally now. When the officer brought them here they were barely older than newborns, but now theyÆre about 2 years old.ö

The Lieutenant was suddenly distracted by a commotion on the computer monitor. One of the toddlers was having a tantrum over something and was screaming and throwing some of the toys around. ôLooks like somebody needs a time-out.ö The Lieutenant joked to himself as he shut the computer down.

Sandra was still not convince that this whole situation was on the level. ôCome on Lieutenant, you donÆt really expect me to believe all this bullshit about a fountain of youth and adult turning into babies just on hearsay and a videotape taken at a daycare., do you?ö

The Lieutenant gave a deep sigh before responding to SandraÆs pessimistic attitude. ôFrankly, when Officer Dugan brought those babies in here and told me who they were and what had happened, I was ready tell him to report in for a psychological review. Fortunately, he brought two things back with him that quickly changed my mind : a videotape of most of Jack and EllenÆs regression and about 50 gallons of the youth water. He also gave us directions on how to find the fountain if we needed further proof. That pretty much brings us up to today.ö

ôSo where does Dr. Caligari fit into all this?ö

ôDr. Fauztein! Dr. Fauztein!ö The rather annoyed little man piped up. ôAnd for your information, I have been conducting important experimentz vid dee highly unztable fluid.ö The doctor then pulled out a fairly large syringe filled with a clear liquid and squirted some of itÆs contents across the room for dramatic effect.

ôNow, if you pleaze . . .ö The doctor proceeded to motion to two tables behind him where a hospital gown layed on each one.

Sandra walked over to one of the table and held the fragile fabric of the gown against her body to size it up. ôHow quaint. Ummm, but whoÆs the other gown for?ö

As if on cue, the Lieutenant began loosening his Jerry Garcia tie. ôWhy, Officer McBride, that would be mine. You see, IÆm going to be your partner on this little undercover mission.ö


Sandra shivered slightly when her partly exposed ass hit the cold metallic surface of the table. She was still having a hard time believing anything that the Lieutenant had recently told her. She was having an even harder time believing she had agreed to be Dr. GigglesÆ guinea pig for this elaborate farce. The only thing keeping her from grabbing her clothes and running as far away for this insane situation as possible, was that she did owe the Lieutenant for saving her life. The fact that he was going to go through the exact same experimental procedures as her also helped to ease her apprehensions a bit, but not by much.

Sandra squirmed around uneasily in the extremely tight hospital gown, as she looked over to her left and watched the Lieutenant receive an injection from the little old man. She stared at the Lieutenant for a few minutes to see if any changes were visible yet, while the doctor prepared her syringe. The Lieutenant was a fairly attractive man for being in his mid-fifties and, with the exception of his graying temples and the start of a pot belly, looked almost the same as when Sandra first started working at the precinct over 12 years ago. She had always found him somewhat intimidating, especially with his deep baritone voice, broad features and 6Æ4ö height, and secretly hoped that the serum would actually work, just to see him taken down a peg or two. Five minutes later, to her dismay, nothing happened.

ôZo Mizz McBride, ready for your zhot?ö Sandra jumped in nervous shock at the sound of her name.

ôUmmmm, Doc? How long does it take for that stuff to work? I mean, itÆs been over five minutes and I donÆt see anything different about the Lieutenant.ö She gritted her teeth in pain as the needle punctured a vein in her arm.

The little old man smiled maliciously, as if he was enjoying his work a little too much, before looking up at the officer. ôOh diz? Diz iz not the regrezzion formula. Diz iz a chemical compound I created zo you and dee Lieutenant vould retain your memoriez after you had taken dee drug.ö

The doctor withdrew the needle and placed it back on his tray of obscure instruments. ôYou zee, dee youth vater, when taken orally, vaz zo powerful, dat vithin zecondz dee conzumer vaz permanately tranzformed back into a baby, loozing every zingle bit of information dey had obtained forever. Dee zubject vaz literally born again, in every zenze od dee vord. Even vhen diluted, all collective doughtz and mermoriez vere viped clean, dough dee regrezzion did take a longer to occur. Zo, I created a zerum vhich vill block dee areaz of dee brain vhich control dee dought procezzez and keep dem from being erazed. Az for dee regrezzion drug itzelf . . .ö

The doctor reached for a tray covered with a green towel. Twirling around to face the others, again clicking his heel together as he did so, the old man removed the towel from the tray as if he was presenting an entree. ôI prezent to you, dee XR5 drug!ö

Sandra and the Lieutenant raised their eyebrows slightly in response, but their expressions quickly returned to two blank stares.

ôOh whoopee!ö Sandra replied facetiously while twirling her index finger around in a circle. ôYouÆve created a plate of multi-colored Tums.ö

On the tray layed three rows of round mint-like wafers, with each row being a different color. The doctor continued, unfazed by Officer McBrideÆs attempts to mmetaphorically pop his balloon. ôAnyvay, vee found vee could only regrezz you in incrementz of five yearz. Pleazer donÆt azk me, I donÆt know vhy. Zo dee different colored pillz reprezent different time incrementz. Dee green onez are five yearz, dee blue onez are ten, and dee white onez are tventy yearz. I have alzo added a sveeting agent to dee drug for a more flavorable taste, and ...ö The little old man grabbed a glass of water and placed one of the wafers in it. It vaporized instantaneously upon contact with the water. ô... it can be returned to a liquid form for eazy conzumption.ö

ôThanks for the info-mercial, Doc, but how about we get this show on the road.ö The Lieutenant replied impatiently. ôWe are kind of under a time restriant here.ö

ôFine. Fine. Okay Lieutenant, your current age iz fifty-dree, zo you get tvo of deez.ö The doctor plopped two white pills into a glass of water and handed to the Lieutenant. ôAnd Offizer McBride, you get tvo of deez.ö Dropping a white pill and a green pill into another glass, the doctor quickly handed it over to the officer.

They both looked cautionously into their glasses of water, but neither of them could tell that there was anything different about them. Sandra and the Lieutenant looked at each other blankly.

ôWell, bottoms up!ö The Lieutenant raised his glass as if giving a toast.

ôYeah, cheers!ö Sandra replied hesitantly, clinking her glass against his.

The Lieutenant proceeded to down the contents of his glass in one gulp, like a fraternity jock during spring break. He let out a hardy belch as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. ôHey, that didnÆt taste as bad as I thought it would. What did you think of it, Officer Sand . . . ra?ö The Lieutenant suddenly trailed off when noticing that the officer still had a full glass in her hands.

ôOfficer McBride, why havenÆt you taken the drug?ö The Lieutenant asked, suddenly feeling a sharp tingling sensation shoot through his body.

ôOh, no reason really. I just wanted to make sure you and the doc were on the level.ö SandraÆs eyes gradually widened as she watched the LieutenantÆs gray hair and pot belly slowly disappear. ôAnd apparently you are.ö

Sandra watched with fancination as each minute knocked a few more years off the Lieutenant. Not much changed for the Lieutenant during the first five minutes, he appeared almost exactly the same, with the exception of a couple of fading wrinkles and his muscles toning up a bit. The next five minutes was a different story, especially when the Lieutenant hit his twenties.

ôWhoa! You were pretty hot thirty years ago, Lieutenant.ö Sandra complimented her superior, with a touch of lust in her voice.

The Lieutenant, still somewhat distracted by the sharp numbing sensations shooting through his body, gave the officer a confused, if not worried, look regarding her comment. ôThanks, I think.ö The 20 year old replied, a bit taken aback by this much older ladyÆs come-on.

With a massive amount of adrenalin now doing overtime through his system, the Lieutenant found it almost impossible to sit still and quickly jumped down off the table and began pacing around. The tingling intensified as the Lieutenant hit his late teens. The hormones and testosterone in his body began running rampid through his body, quickly trying to tear down what they had slowly put up over thirty years ago. At 18, Tom GillandÆs began losing muscle definition. At 16, height was quickly added to the list of things Tom was losing. The hospital gown he wore began lowering, going from mid-thigh to just around the knees. The unshaven stubble around his face slowly faded, only to be replaced by skin blemishes and pimples.

Inbetween a state of vertigo and nausea, Tom unintentionally looked over at Sandra. The 15

year old blushed slightly from being seen half naked in a hospital gown by an older yet still attractive woman. Unfortunately, TomÆs subconscious must have found her extremely attractive and, coupled with an already unstable body chemistry, soon found his body betraying him.

ôWhy Tommy, I didnÆt know you cared.ö Sandra smirked at the sight of the LieutenantÆs erection poked out the fabric of his gown.

The 14 year oldÆs face went to the next level of red as he quickly turned around to hide his raging hard-on. ôSor-RY!ö His voice cracked in reply. Tommy Gilland had already lost a foot and a half in height and more than half his body mass before the effects of the drug began to slow down. He lost another two inches before his body stabilized at 13 years old. The teenager was 4Æ 8ö and literally swimming in his gown. He could feel the hem brush against his ankles as he moved around. The sound of snickering behind him quickly made him forget about his newly reduced form and he turned back around to confront the officer and restablish their professional relationship.

The snickering grew into laughter, as Tommy soon realized, to his chagrin, that his penis was still quite erection but not as pronounced or as large as it was mere moments ago. Grabbing a towel off a nearby table, Tommy quickly covered the small bulge in his gown and tried to regain his composure.

ôOfficer McBride, would you please refrain from laughing at my akward predicament and proceed with the experiment.ö The 13 year old ordered in a unfamiliarly high voice.

Sandra laughed even harder at the little boyÆs command. A few minutes ago, she would had instantly became silent and done what the Lieutenant had commanded. Now the Lieutenant was about as intimidating as the Taco Bell chihuahua.

ôMcBride! I order you to take the drug!ö The teenager barked while stamping his foot on the ground.

The laughing continued unabated.

Tommy turned toward Dr. Faustein in deperation. ôDoc! ItÆs not fair! She has to take the drug too! She promised!ö Tommy was jumping up and down as he spoke, almost like he was on the verge of a tantrum. ôMake her take the drug too!ö

ôHmmmmm?ö The little old man looked up from a notepad he had been furiously scribbling on. ôOh, yes. IÆm sorry. Miss McBride, if you please, the formula.ö

Sandra finally managed to catch her breath and waved her hand at the doctor. ôSure, sure, doctor. Just having a little fun with the Lieu . . . er, I mean Tommy.ö She raised the glass to her lips and slowly drank the contents. ôThere, happy?!ö

Tommy just smiled with his arms folded and nodded his head up and down.

Before she knew it, the same tingling sensation that racked the LieutenantÆs body, began to spread through her being. Sandra was about 5Æ10ö with brown hair, green eyes and a fairly athletic build. Cause of her job, she worked out on a regular basis. That, coupled with her vegetarian diet, had suceeded in starving off the ravages of time. As Sandra hit her early twenties though, the changes in her figure and face were becoming evident.

SandraÆs body got a little thinner with each passing minute, but still retained all her womaly curves, that is until she hit 17 years of age. Both the front and back of her gown began to slowly deflate as her hair shined with a golden brown color. At 15, Sandra hit a reverse growth spurt and lost serveral inches in height. Looking down at her chest, Sandra was more than a little upset over her natural breast reduction. She had always been a 38 C cup but now had barely enough to fill a B cup. ôIÆm going to miss you guys. Thank god itÆs only temporary.ö Sandra whispered to herself while hugging what was left of her breasts.

Now 14, SandraÆs face became rounder, her nose shorter and more upturned, an outbreak of zits spread across her forehead and chin, and her ears seemed to stick out a little more. All evidence of SandraÆs womanhood was retreating faster than King Arthur and his knights in ôMonty Python and the Holy Grailö. The effects of the drug finally stopped when Sandra hit 12 years old. The pimples on her face were now replaced with a smattering of freckles. The back of her gown no longer stuck out, for her ass had lost all shape and roundness. Where once was a large voluptuous bossom, was now a pair of very small, almost nonexistant bumps which barely pushed out the front of her over-sized gown. The gangly child had lost over a foot in height, yet when she went to look at Tommy, she found she was a good couple of inches taller than him.

The expression on TommyÆs face more than showed his displeasement. ôHey! No fair! IÆm older! I should be bigger!ö

ôDonÆt you read, shorty. Girls mature faster than boys. So, nyahh!ö Sandy ended her retort by sticking out her tongue.

ôYou donÆt look so mature to me, Sandy. By the way, are those pancakes done yet?ö Tommy smuggly replied, pointing at was left of her chest, which wasnÆt much.

All the past insecurities Sandy had about her body as a teenager came flooding back into her mind like a tidal wave. She retaliated to TommyÆs insult by stomping on his foot.

ôOwwwwwwww!ö Tommy cried before lunging at his attacker. He was stopped cold by what seemed like a wall in a lab coat.

ôKidz! Kidz! Dat vill be enough for today!ö The little old man shouted as he threw himself between the two arguing youngster in order to keep them from fighting.

Tommy was not pleased to find himself not only shorter than the doctor, but also quite easily restrained in his grip. ôShe started it!ö He squirmed uselessly in the old manÆs hold.

ôDid not!ö

ôDid too!ö

ôDid not!ö

ôDid too!ö

ôKidz, pleaze! Enough!ö The doctor quickly pulled Tommy away from the conflict. ôRemember, you two have work to do!ö

Sandy slowly regained was little maturity she had left. ôYouÆre right, doctor. IÆm sorry.ö She walked over to both of them and stuck out her hand to Tommy. ôFriends?ö

Tommy just folded his arms and looked away in defiance. A sudden shove from the doctor quickly changed his mind. ôOkay, friends.ö He took her hand reluctantly and shook it. ôBut I still get to be the boss, okay?ö

ôWhatever.ö Sandy just shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. She had forgotten how silly and immature boys were. ôSo, Doc, how long do those pills last? You did say they were temporary, right?ö

ôYeah, dee effectz of dee pillz vill lazt approximately ten hourz. I highly recommend dat you vear deez at all timez.ö The doctor withdrew two black wristwatches from his coat pocket and handed one to each of them. ôDee vatchez have been zet to go off every nine and a half hourz, zo you vill know vhen to take your next pill.ö

ôCoooool!ö The two children replied in unison upon receiving their new toy.

ôAll nev clothing haz been prepared for you over in dat corner dare. Pleaze feel free to try zomething on.ö The doctor pointed to a well lit section of the room, where piles of children and young adult clothes layed about.

Without a word, the kids ran swiftly over to the new clothes, since both were more than eager to shed their over-sized gowns.

With the children gone, the little old man quickly returned to his notepad. He scribbled down the following information:

Both subjects have retained a high percentage of their adult memories; probably between 70 to 75% was retained thanks to the injections they received. Emotionally though, both seemed to have quickly reverted back to a maturity level which reflects their new ages. Regular study and observation of two subjects required for a proper evaluation of drugs side effects (Side effects is circled). Of important note : The longetivity of the brain serum was created in such a short time it may become unstable over time, which may or may not cause temporary or permanent memory lost?


It was 6 oÆclock in the afternoon when the 53 year old Lieutenant pulled his æ96 Dodge Stratus into his driveway. Throwing the car into park, he looked over at the very unhappy passenger next to him.

ôYour not still pouting over this, are you?ö The Lieutenant asked the 12 year old girl.

No answer.

ôOh, come on now Sandy, this set-up isnÆt that bad.ö

Sandy turned to look at the Lieutenant with a majorly pissed-off expression on her face. ôThatÆs easy for you to say! You try being 12 years old on a full-time basis! Fuck, you only have to take the drug once a day! I have to take it all the time! This is such bullshit!ö Her ponytail almost hit the Lieutenant in the face as quickly swung her head back to look out the window.

The Lieutenant took a deep breath before speaking. ôI told you before about the living arrangements. I told my wife and three daughters that an old college friend had to go overseas on business for a while and asked me to watch his 12 year old daughter Sandy, till he returned. My wife Jane, works 12 hours a day as a lawyer, so sheÆs no problem. My oldest daughter Shannon, has gone off for her first year in college, so youÆll be staying in her room. My other two daughters, Vicki, whoÆs also twelve and goes to Jefferson Junior High, and Karen, whoÆs ten, will be accompanying you to school each morning. After you girls have left the house, IÆll take the family van, park a few blocks from the school, take the drug, change clothes in the back, and meet you at first hour english. Now is everything clear?ö

ôBut why . . . . . . yeah, I guess so.ö Sandy replied reluctantly, knowing that this set-up was probably for the best. Deep down, she really enjoyed looking down at her superior instead of always being intimadated by him, which was now doubly hard, with him exactly the same and her twice as small and helpless.

ôThatÆs my girl!ö The Lieutenant playfully ruffled her hair up. ôNow, letÆs go in ther and meet the family!ö

Sandy grinded her teeth nervously as she opened the car door. ôI got a bad feeling about this.ö



A Little Undercover Work Part 2

by Louder

The Lieutenant led young Sandy into the house. Vicki and Karen ran to greet their dad. They were a bit cool to Sandy at first but soon warmed to the new house guest. Sandy felt strange trying to relate to the girls because they seemed to see her as an equal rather than an adult. Of course, Sandy realized that she WAS their equal as far as outward appearances were concerned!

'Another long day for your mother, girls?' Tom asked his daughters.

'Ya, mom called and said she'd bring dinner home. McDonald's I think.' Vicki replied

'~Great~' Tom mumbled sarcastically as he fell into his favorite chair and grabbed the TV remote.

Vicki and Karen took Sandy to her room. It wasn't too bad she decided. Since the eldest daughter had used the room it wasn't too juvenile. Sandy didn't mind the pictures of teen heart-throbs that lined the walls. She even giggled when she thought how 'dreamy' Leonardo looked in the large poster over the bed as she realized instead of him being too young for her.... she was now too young for HIM!

Her inspection of her new room was cut short by the sound of a cheery voice yelling 'McDonald's is here!'

Sandy didn't care much for McDonald's but the other girls seemed to think nothing could be better. They made a bee-line to meet their mother... the bearer of the 'Golden Arches'

'...And you must be Sandy?' Jane said upon seeing the extra young face 'I hope McNuggets are OK?'

'Oh yes... they're fine' Sandy replied as the older woman handed her the box of McNuggets and a small coke. 'Thank you, mam'

'Such a polite thing!' Jane replied.

Sandy sat down and took a sip of her coke. It seemed awfully sweet. Too sweet. Then she realized that she must be drinking a real coke...not diet! She hadn't sipped a real coke in years. As she worked on her meal she begin to notice just how good a real coke tasted. With every sip it tasted better! And the chicken was good too. At first she though it was too greasy but with every bite she enjoyed it more. It really was a good meal! Soon, the girls were all laughing and teasingly dipping their nuggets and fries into the other's dips....

Tom and Jane seemed pleased that the girls were hitting it off so well.

After dinner the girls played some Nintendo64 and Sandy kept an eye on the clock. There was a special episode of Law and Order on this evening and she didn't want to miss it. Long before th show was too start Jane checked the clock and then said 'It looks like bed time, girls!'

'What?' Sandy whined.

Tom, sensing that Sandy might be about to makes scene, quickly interceded. 'Sorry, Sandy.... but once you're in our home you have to abide by ~my~ rules... just like all the ~police~ who ~work~ under me do'

Sandy got the point. Tom telegraphed it well. She would have to wait until the show repeated. 'Fortunately' she thought 'shows repeat a couple of weeks after they first air anymore!'

Sandy went to her room and searched thru her bag of clothes for something to wear to bed. She did feel pretty tired and wasn't sure if she could have stayed up through the whole show even IF she'd been allowed. She decided she'd better put on an oversized shirt to sleep in. The pills should be wearing off before morning and she didn't want to find herself in the tatters of the Bugs Bunny nightshirt that wouldn't be able to contain her adult body. Once ready for bed, she stretched and climbed into the bed. She reached over to turn out the lamp but had to wait and get one last look at Leo before she went to sleep.

She awoke at about 3AM to the sound of her watch's alarm. 'Damn...time for pills!' she mumbled as she pressed the button to acknowledge the alarm. Unfortunately, she didn't reach for her pills. She hesitated. That hesitation was all it took for her to drift back to sleep. The next sound she heard was Jane tapping her on her bedroom door and telling her 'Sandy, honey...it's time to get up...'

Sandy's eyes opened slowly...and then she realized she hadn't taken the pills. She sprung up and looked down at herself. She was again 37 years old.

'Sandy? Are you OK?'

'Mmmmmhmph' she mumbled trying to disquise her voice.

She quickly downed her pills and looked for an escape. She saw the bathroom door and ran to it. It was locked! She turned it again and again as the door seemed to grow in front of her.

'Sandy? What's wrong, honey?' Jane said as she entered the room and walked behind the 12 year old.

Sandy looked down at her flat chest and young legs. She was 12 again! 'Boy was I lucky' she thought 'She almost caught me all grown up!'

'You must need to go bad!' Jane said

'What?' Sandy asked.

'To the bathroom. You must need to go bad the way you are turning on that door handle!'

'Oh.... yeah.... Sorry'

'It's OK. Hurry and get ready and Tom will drive you to school. I have to get to go to work now that everyone is up.'

Sandy dressed herself for school. It had been a long time since she had considered what to wear to school! The outfit she had chosen was a tad conservative. Perhaps too conservative when she compared it to the outfit that Vicki was wearing.

'They let you wear shorts to school here?' She asked incredulously.

'Yeah...sure..Why? Don't they at yours?' Vicki answered.

'Ummmmm No.... They'd send us home in a second' Sandy answered.

'Oohhhh your school must be in, like, the dark ages or something!'

'Exactly! Dark Ages!' Tom answered with a laugh 'Maybe even older than that!'

Sandy sneered and they headed for the van. 'See ya' hon! ' Tom yelled to Jane as he headed out toward the van.

'Bye' Jane yelled back at her husband. She quickly straightened up the kids' rooms, finishing with Sandy's. 'Nothing ever changes' she said to herself as she once again had to pick up clothes for a 3rd 'girl'. She threw the discarded items on the bed and decided she'd better hurry. She grabbed a couple of the green 'mints' that were sitting on the dresser and also made her way to work. 'These aren't bad but they don't taste like mints at all!' she said as she worked the two green 'candies' around in her mouth. Her drive to work was uneventful except for a couple of construction workers whistling at her. Yesterday the workers hadn't paid the 45 year old Jane much mind.... but the 35 year old Jane retained a youthful glow and caught their attention.

After a short ride in the van the girls were at school. They all piled out and Sandy took a deep breath. It was just like starting all over. All of her confidence was gone. She wondered if the kids would like her.... or if she would be a geek? She felt her face hoping that she didn't feel a zit coming on! 'That would just be gross..... and ruin everything' she thought as she tried to see if it was noticable as she peered into her reflection in the mirror.

'C'mon! We'll be late!' Vicki yelled.

'OK....' Sandy replied as she hurried to catch up with the two girls.

'See ya in a bit' Tom said but Sandy never heard him as her concentration was elsewhere. Tom shook his head in frustration and drove off.

Tom parked the van in a secluded area and took his pills. He got in the back of the van and waited for the changes to take place. He felt the tingling in his stomach and then noticed the van start to grow. His clothes began to get baggy. 'This is stupid!' he grumbled 'I could do this whole thing myself without stupid ol' Sandy! She's just gonna get in the way if I don't set her straight right off!' Tommy finished dressing and hopped out of the van and immediately broke into a run.

Back at the law office..... Everyone complimented Jane on how good she looked. She didn't think she looked particuarily good on this day. In fact, she felt her clothes were a bit drab and dowdy! Jane thought everyone must be going crazy. They all couldn't quit talking about how she looked so good.... like she'd had a face lift overnight! And they gave her so much respect too! It was like she had worked there forever instead of only a few short years. She sat down at her desk and looked over the workload that had collected. She knew she would have to do a lot of research to understand some of the things in front of her. She decided she would need to use the building's library. She took a few of the more complicated papers and headed that way. Once there, she took a seat and popped another one of the green candies in her mouth.

The Jr High kids all went to their home-rooms. Every adolescent worry that Sandy ever had seemed to weigh on her now! She could feel every eye on her and she just knew they thought she was ugly. She remembered Tommy calling her chest 'pancakes'. She bunched up her shirt hoping no one would notice how flat she was. She felt really bad when she saw just how developed some of the girls were. She never considered that they might be padding their bras. They looked so much more mature than her and that is all she could think about.

Tommy went to his homeroom and immediately began scanning for suspects. Before long his eyes fell on a couple of 'suspects'..... Ms. Fletcher's round breasts! His homeroom teacher was young and beautiful! His mind began to wander. She was gorgeous! He thought about her and him...alone! Her blonde hair was light and golden. She was perfect.....

....'Tommy....Tommy?.... TOMMY!' Tommy quickly shook his head and came back to relaity upon finally hearing the teacher calling his name. He stood up without thinking..... and the class began to laugh. He quickly realized he had a 'woody'..and that everyone could tell.

“A Little Undercover Work” Part 3

By Omnibus

All rights reserved.

Contains adult content and themes for 18 years and older.

“Just . . . old age. It’s the only disease, Mr. Thompson, that you don’t look forward to being cure of.” (Everett Sloane - “Citizen Kane” (1941))


Tommy’s face turned such a bright red that it was generating heat. There in front of the whole class, which felt more like the whole world, stood an extremely embarassed Tommy and his stubborn hard-on. It was kind of reminiscent of the scene in “Carrie”, where they dumped pig’s blood on Carrie Snow and laughed at her. Unfortunately, Tommy lacked the necesary telekinetic powers to silence his tormentors, and simply opted for a quick retreat. Like a red fireball, the 13 year old raced out of the room, slamming the door forcefully behind him.

Amanda Fletcher clapped her hands together and yelled for the hysterical class to come to order. “Okay class, that’s enough commotion for now. It seems that our new student, Tommy Dillon, was just a bit more excited about his first day here than we thought.”

The ringing of the overhead bell suddenly interupted Ms. Fletcher’s discussion and the kids got up in unison to go to their next class. Ms. Fletcher returned to her desk and sat down. She silently chuckled to herself over the recent incident in her class as she stirred her cup of coffee. The students leaving were also chuckling and talking about the new kid. It seemed that Tommy had left a lasting impression on his fellow students, especially one in particular.

Vicki Gilland was putting some papers in her backpack when her best friend Betty came over to her.

Hurry up, we’re gonna be late for Social Studies!” Betty exclaimed as she tugged on Vicki’s shirt sleeve before heading for the hallway.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Vicki quickly zipped her pack shut and caught up to her friend. “So, what do you think of the new kid, what’s his name?”

“Tommy Dillon? ~Pa-leze~! The boy’s a total geek-a-zoid.” Betty stuck her finger down her throat to illustrate her point.

“I don’t know? I thought he was kinda cute.” Vicki began unconsciously hugging her backpack. “Do ya think if I asked him to the Sadie Hawkins’ Dance next week, he’d go with me?”

“You always fall for the weird ones.” Betty and Vicki paused for a second outside their next class to finish their conversation. “Well, I think you’re making a big mistake, but if you do ask him out ...... tell me everything that happens.” Both girls rushed into the room giggling just as the bell sounded.


Sandy sat impatiently in the back of the class as the English teacher rushed to finish up the lecture before the bell was to ring.

“Where the hell is he?” Sandy softly mumbled to herself as she kept looking at the empty desk next to her. She continued gnawing on her number two as her legs nervously bounced up and down under her desk. “If he chickened out of this assignment, I’ll .....”


The furious 12 year old stormed out of the classroom and almost ran over Tommy when he approached her in the hallway. “Where the hell have you been?!?! I thought you ditched me when you didn’t ... show up ... for ... English.” Sandy squinted her eyes slightly as a puzzled look came over her face. “Have you been crying?”

“NO!” Tommy immediately lied while rubbing one of his incredibly puffy red eyes. Trying to retain a shred of his former masculinity, Tommy desperately thought for an excuse for why he wasn’t in class. There was no way he was going to tell a girl that he was crying in a bathroom stall for the last hour. “I just had something stuck in my eye and had to spend the last hour in the bath .... er, I mean, nurse’s office.” He stated in a rather unusual nasally voice. “So, what’s your next class?” Tommy asked, hoping to change the subject.

Sandy withdrew a folded up piece of paper from her pocket and opened it. “Fuck! I got Phys Ed next. God, I hated Phys Ed. So, where are you off to next?”

“Oh, I forgot some books in my homeroom and have to go there first. After that I’m off to History class.” Tommy quickly began trotting down the hall. “See ya at lunch, okay?”

“Okay!” Sandy yelled back, then grudgingly took off in the opposite direction toward the gym.


Peeking into the deserted room, Tommy could see that Ms. Fletcher’s back was to him, as she continued writing notes in the board for her next lecture. His eyes gradually lowered until they became locked on her curvacous ass and again he began to feel that all to familiar stirring in his loins. “I better get in and out of there before she sees me.” Tommy said to himself as he quietly tip-toed over to where he had been sitting earlier. He stopped suddenly in bewilderment when he found an empty desk waiting for him.

“Hey!” Tommy mistakenly exclaimed out loud.

“Oh my gosh!” Ms. Fletcher jumped in surprise at hearing the 13 year old suddenly behind her. A jagged chalk line across the board show how shocked she actually was. “Tommy Dillon, you scared about 20 years out of me.”

An idea and a smile suddenly came to Tommy.

Hand on her chest, Ms. Fletcher walked over to her desk and sat down. “I believe these, are what you are looking for.” She patted a pile of books on the corner of her desk.

“Thanks!” Tommy squeaked as he rushed over and grabbed the books. Immediately, he lowered the books to around his groin area before any kind of bulge began to show.

“I’m sorry about what happened earlier today. I was never my intention to single you out and embarass you. I thought that since this was your first day here, I’d let you stand up and introduce yourself.” The teacher replied in a very polite and thoughtful manner. “Are you okay now?”

Tommy had heard about every third word or so, since most of his attention was mainly focused on the major amount of cleavage being showcased in the teacher’s extremely low cut V-neck blouse. Feeling another uncontrollable erection coming on, he pulled his books closer to himself to cover it. Tommy’s adult common sense and logic were quickly being overcome by youthful impulsive and sexual behavior. Not thinking straight, Tommy felt he needed to even the playing field a little and began fumbling with a couple of pills in his right pants pocket.

Part of his current train of thought was being brought about by a need to revenge himself against the person who wronged him in the first place. The other half of his brain toyed with the notion that if Ms. Fletcher was closer to his age, maybe she might find him equally cute and go out with him. Unfortunately, Tommy was having a hard time figuring out what age Ms. Fletcher currently was. “She looks so big and tall. She’s got to be pretty old, at least in her mid-thirties. Better to make her younger than older, cause if I make her too old she won’t like me.” Tommy thought to himself as his hand clasped around two pills.

Feigning interest in what Ms. Fletcher was saying, Tommy gradually inched her schedule closer and closer to the edge of the desk, until ...

BAM! Ms. Fletcher’s schedule hit the floor, sending papers everywhere.

“I’m sorry!” Tommy again lied, trying to suppress a wicked smile.

“That’s all right. Accidents happen.” As Ms. Fletcher bent down to retrieve her scattered papers, Tommy swiftly placed two white pills into her steaming cup of coffee. He had barely returned his arm to his side when Ms. Fletcher sat back up and placed her disorganized schedule back on the desk.

Oh my, you better get to your next class before you’re late.” Ms. Fletcher exclaimed after looking up at the clock.

The teacher grabbed her cup of coffee and proceeded to escort Tommy to the hallway. Somewhere between the desk and the door, Tommy’s adult conscienceness surfaced for the briefest of moments, and he slowly realized he had done something wrong. Unfortunately, even though he was plagued with guilty feelings about what he had done to the coffee, he couldn’t quite figure out why it was wrong.

“Um, teacher, I need to tell you something.” The small but still audible adult side of Tommy blurted out.

“Well, I really want to hear what you have to tell me, but right now I need to finish getting ready for my next class. Why don’t you tell me after school or before class begins tomorrow?” Ms. Fletcher smiled politely as she pushed Tommy in the hall.

“But ...” Tommy tried to warn her one more time before getting a door shut in his face. The slamming of the door instantly brought back Tommy’s 13 year old ways of thinking. “Just cause I’m a kid, doesn’t mean she can just ignore me. I hope she gets what she deserves.” Tommy pouted as he tried to justify his actions to himself. Readjusting his books under his arm, he hurried down the hall to his next class.

Inside the room, a 25 year old Ms. Fletcher was just finishing the remains of her coffee as she walked back to the blackboard to continue her notes.


Little Undercover Work Part 4

by Louder

Ms. Fletcher returned to her blackboard and began to scrawl some more text onto the board in preparation for her next class. It wasn't long before all words began to slant downwards as Ms Fletcher sudden youthening took over. Her reach was dwindling with her years. Tommy had gave her two of the white pills. The white pills are capable of erasing 20 years....each! Being only 25 years old she had in effect been given a nearly undiluted version of the rejuvenating water. Ms. Fletcher hadn't recieved the shot to help her retain her memories. Time was not on her side right now!

Tommy wondered how young Ms Fletcher would get. He hoped that she would be 12 or 13. Math had never been his strong point in school and he hadn't even bothered to consider how many years two white pills would erase. At this point though he figured she deserved whatever age they left her. That would teach her for treating him like a kid!

Ms Fletcher's mind was losing its battle with staying focused. The young teen continued writing but the purpose of the lesson on the board was long lost. She was now writing her name with the name of a long lost boyfriend circled in a heart. She soon stopped that though, because that boy was 'yucky'. It was much more fun to draw animals. Bunnies and kitties were her favorite. She had trouble coloring them in like she wanted though. The chalkboard needed more colored chalk she decided. She struggled to keep her huge bracelets on her wrist finally losing the battle to gravity as they easily slid off. Her shoes also became too large to walk in. Without the help of the heels she could only reach the bottom of the blackboard. She stuck her tongue out of the side of her mouth as she concentrated on coloring inside the lines of her kitty. She stood on her tip-toes trying to reach her artwork as it seemed to be moving higher and higher above her reach. She turned and grabbed her desk chair, pushing it over as a makeshift 'ladder' to reach the blackboard. It only seemed to grow and was too high for her to climb by the time she had it in place. She soon broke into a whimper as she tried futively to reach the blackboard.... and finally the whimper became a full decibel sob as her legs gave out and her butt hit the floor.

As the class filtered into the room they were greeted with the sight of a newborn lying in a pile of adult clothing.


Sandy's P.E. class went as she figured...with her looking like an awkward geek. She decided that she was going to practice more because she knew she could do the flips better than any of the other girls.... if she'd practice. Her police training had given her a good knowledge of what she needed to do, but her young body had lost any semblence of her years of training and working out. It just wouldn't do what was in her head... AND what was in her head was a bit foggy! She was just glad to get out of there and meet Tommy for lunch.

Tommy's last class had went better. Much of the study time was interrupted by a commotion in another part of the building. He wasn't sure what was going on but a lot of the students were worried that it might be the beginnings of something bad. They had all heard the rumors and most were more than a little worried about the possibility of violence breaking out.

'Psst...Pssst' Tommy heard a voice and turned around.

'Didja hear what they found?' Vicki asked him in a whisper.

'Ummmmm what?' he answered.

'A baby! There was a baby left in our homeroom! Betty went to the bathroom and, like, found out what was up. ' Vicki told him.

'A baby? Is that all? I figured it'd be somethin' cool....Not just a dumb 'ol baby!' he replied not even considering that it was the regressed Ms Fletcher.

'But that's really ~weird~... I mean, like, how would a baby get in the school? Who'd leave a little baby here?' Vicki asked him.

It was then that Tommy realized what must've happened. He had to call the Dr.. He'd really messed up! Tommy jumped up to leave the class and find a phone only to hear the gruff voice of Mrs. Bricker.

'Young man! Just where do you think you're going?'

'Ummmm to the bathroom?' Tommy answered sounding more like a question than a definitive answer.

'~I~ think not. We have rules in this room! You raise your hand and ask permission. You don't just hop up and do as you please!' she told him.

'I'm sorry' he meekly said as he raised his hand.

'Yes?' Mrs Bricker said as she called on him.

'You know. The bathroom? Please? May I go?'

'NO! I don't like your attitude. It won't be long before class lets out. You can hold it until then!'

Tommy sat back down and fumed. 'What an old battle-axe' he thought!

The bell finally sounded and Tommy started to get up only to be stopped by Vicki.

'Wait! Here.' She said as she shoved a piece of paper that was folded many more times than necessary into his hand.

'What's this?' he asked.

'Ummmm Just read it later and let me know...OK?' she said nervously and then gave him a kiss on the cheek and the hurriedly left.

Tommy was stunned. It took him a second to gain his composure. He figured that she must like him.... and that made him feel good after his experience this morning. And she was really cute too! In fact, after she kissed him, he realized just how cute that she was.... and then he remebered WHO she was! He shook his head trying to clear the cobwebs and quickly headed for a phone to call the Dr.. He crammed the unread note into his pocket as he ran down the hall.


30 year old Jane sat at the library table and mulled over her workload. It was all so overwhelming. She decided that she just wouldn't return after lunch. She had to get away from all this! She wondered why they would give her all this workload? She figured there were people that had been then 10 years or more who were better equipped for this type of caseload. She stuffed everything in her briefcase and left un-noticed. Once outside another group of construction workers began to whistle and yell at her.

'Why ~do~ you do that?' she asked in a frustrated voice 'Do you think that'll make me want you or something? Shheeesh!'

She had trouble finding her car. It confused her because she was looking for a different model. In fact, had she not looked directly at it she wasn't sure if she could have remembered it at all! Once she saw it, she immediately remembered it.


Sandy waited for Tommy in the cafeteria. She studied the kids trying to see how everyone mingled. Maybe she could spot a 'clique' that might be the group they are looking for she hoped. Betty and Vicki soon joined her with their trays.


'Hi, Doctor. This is Tommy. I ummmmmmm welllllll I accidentally ummmmm this teacher ummmm


'Get to Zee point, young man! You zound like zee babbling idiot!'

'Sorry.... A teacher kinda got a pill or so...' Tommy mumbled.

'A PILL? A TEAZCHER? How iz zis pozzible?'

'Two pills really. Ummmm it's kinda hard to explain.....'

'How old iz zis teazcher now?'

'Uhhhhh a baby I think....'

'Oh my!!!!! MY MY MY!!! Zshe needz an the injection before it iz too late! I muzt get zere!!!!'

'OK, cool... See ya, doc!' Tommy said happily deciding that he hadn't gotten into trouble after all.


Tommy walked into the lunch room. He saw Sandy setting with a couple of girls with their backs to him. He quickly walked over and sat beside Sandy without paying any attention to who was with her. It was only when he felt a foot rubbing against his leg that he looked across the table at Sandy's companions.... It was Betty and Vicki! Vicki was lightly biting her lip with a sly grin on her face as she continued brushing against his leg.

'Hi' he nervously said as he readjusted his position hoping to avoid Vicki's 'accidentally' rubbing his leg with her foot.

'So do you guys know ~Tommy~?' Sandy asked ready to 'introduce' him to the two girls across the table.

'We've met' Vicki said as she giggled a bit.

'Ya... We've met' Tommy said as he got up from the table. 'I ummmmm have to go.... I'll ummm see ya later' he said as he backed away.

'HEY???!!!' Sandy questioned as he made his getaway 'I thought we were gonna, like, have lunch?' she said.

'~Lunch~?' Vicki said upon hearing that Sandy had planned on meeting Tommy for lunch. Her mind raced! 'No wonder he was so nervous.... It was because of Sandy!' Vicki decided.

'Ya, I umm know him from our ...errrrr school..our old school!' Sandy answered.

'I bet' Vicki replied coldly.


Meanwhile, a group of 5 or 6 kids gathered in one corner of the cafeteria. Some of them began telling of the strange sight in Ms Fletcher's class this morning.

'So, like, this baby was just layin' there?' one asked.

'Yip! And the blackboard had part of a lesson on it and then had, like, hearts and stuff and then like these 'little kid' drawings of some kinda animals..... Kangaroos I think. ~AND~ Ms Fletcher was nowhere around.... but, like, her clothes were!' said another.

'Clothes? Huh?'

'The baby was kinda like wrapped in 'em or somethin'.... almost like it'd been wearin' 'em'

'Wearing them?'

'~Strange~ I dunno.... Like, Maybe somebody zapped Ms Fletcher with the Infanto Ray?' another added sarcastically.

'Infanto Ray? hmmmmmm Wouldn't that be somethin' cool to, like, have? Really fix ol Mrs Brick 'head' er up!'

The group all laughed except one boy who pondered what he had saw ~and heard~ in Ms Fletcher's room that morning.

“A Little Undercover Work” Part 5

by Omnibus

All rights reserved.

Contains adult content and themes for 18 years and older.

“In life, in order to understand, to really understand the world, you must die at least once. So it’s better to die young, when there’s still time left to recover and live again.” (Romolo Valli - “The Garden of the Finzi-Continis” (1971))


Jane fumbled through her purse looking for her car keys. After locating them, she was just about to close her purse, when her eyes fell upon some more of the mints she had taken off Sandy’s dresser. Popping two more green mints in her mouth, she got in the car and proceeded to exit the parking lot. A tingling feeling enveloped her and she quickly adjusted the heater, thinking the sensation was due to external and not internal influences.

Carefully pulling out into traffic, Jane suddenly found the need to readjust her seatbelt. It wasn’t long before Jane felt the need to adjust her entire outfit. “What’s up with this bra?” The 24 year old complained as she felt her bra slowly lower and become askew on her thinning frame. Jane was now before the point of when she had her three daughters and her body had shed the excess weight (20 pounds or so) she had put on during her pregnancies. Her breasts were no longer the huge, fully mature mammeries brought upon by motherhood, but had shrunken a cup size, and she found herself once again with the pert B cup size of her youth. The car weaved left and right inbetween the white lines as Jane tried to get more comfortable.

“What’s going on with these clothes?” The confused 20 year old pondered as she tugged at the waistband on her skirt trying to fix her suddenly baggy panties. Jane was amazed at how easily it was to slip her hand inbetween her waist and skirt. “Not only do these clothes utterly suck, but they don’t even fit.” Jane was abruptly jolted from her fashion analysis by a blaring car horn from behind.

“Oh, bite me!” Jane retorted, as she looked in her rearview mirror at the new cause of her aggravation. Jane quickly went from defensive driver to offensive driver and slammed on the accelerator, almost slipping out of her leather pumps. A cocky smile came across her face as she watched the car behind her get smaller and smaller.

“And what the heck’s with the talk radio crap?” It took a few seconds for Jane to find the station dial, suddenly not remembering what half the buttons and lights did. The dial quickly landed on a classic rock station, but to Jane, most of it sounded like brand new music. The instability of the pills were slowly, but surely, erasing her adult memories with each passing second. (Maybe erasing is too strong a word for it. It was more like her adult memories were being locked away, while her childhood memories were being released.)

It took Jane longer to get home than usual, as her mind kept regressing and everyday signs and roads became unknown to her. Once, she could have sworn she was going the wrong direction and almost turned the car around to go home; her parent’s home. A quick, yet fading adult memory helped keep her on track though. Finally, Jane reached her destination, speeding into the driveway and bringing the car to a screeching halt.

The 20 year old sat in the car for a few minutes just staring at the house through the windshield, debating wether to go in or not. Unfortunately, every minute she sat there, the house became less and less familiar. “I guess this my house, but it looks so ...... weird.” A touch of fear grazed Jane’s psychic as she began to franticly search through her purse for a piece of gum or something to nevously chew on.

“Ah, this’ll work!” With that, Jane popped a blue mint in her mouth and tepidly opened the car door.


“TOMMY DILLON! PLEASE REPORT TO THE PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE!” The overhead speakers echoed throughout the school.

Happily excusing himself from Math class, Tommy walked down the hall toward the principal’s office. “Go right in, he’s expecting you.” The secretary told him as he walked in the room. Upon entering the next room, Tommy was greeted by the sight of a big burly man, sort of reminiscent of Orson Welles, sitting behind a large oak desk.

“Tommy Dillon!” The principal bellowed in a low baritone voice, like the one Tommy had as an adult. “Do you know anything about a baby girl found in Ms. Fletcher’s room earlier today?”

Tommy’s adult knowledge and sensibilities had been turning on and off as quickly and suddenly as a light switch since taking the pills. Thankfully at this moment, they were on. “Um, no sir.” Tommy quickly lied, not wanting to blow his cover. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, that gentleman over there thinks you might have some information regarding the baby’s mysterious appearance in class today.” The principal stood up and pointed to the corner of the room. His vision obscured by the door, Tommy pushed it open all the way, only to be greeted by a little old man in a trenchcoat holding a newborn baby in his arms.

The expression on Tommy’s face quickly turned to that of a child on Christmas morning. It took a maximum amount of restaint on his part not to blurt “DOC!” out loud. The old man gave the 13 year old a subtle wink as he walked over to the principal’s desk.

“I believe all dee paper vork iz in order.” The Doc placed a few pieces of paper on the desk and then held out his hand. “Now, if you pleaze, Ms. Fletcher’z thingz.” The principal handed the old man a small corrugated box filled with clothes, a purse, and a couple of books and miscellaneous files. “Tommy, could you pleaze carry dee box for me?” Tommy, quite confused at this point, quietly took the box and returned to his spot by the door.

“I hope we can keep this ~incident~ down to a minimal amount of publicity, Lieutenant.” The principal asked, pacing back and forth nervously.

Tommy looked up in shock, thinking for a second that the principal was addressing him. To his surprise, Tommy soon realized that the principal was actually talking to the Doc. It was then that Tommy noticed the silver badge pinned to the upper right pocket of the old man’s trenchcoat.

“I’m zure vith Tommy’z help, vee can vrap dis up quickly, vith little or no repercuzzionz vat-so-ever.” The Doc shook the principal’s hand and quickly escorted a bewildered Tommy out into the hallway.

“Quick! Vere can vee go zo dat vee are not dizturbed?” The old man quietly asked the teenager.

“Hmmmmmmmm! Wait, I’ve got it! This way!” Tommy led the Doc and his infant partner down two flights of stairs and through a few hallways.

As they walked, the old man began to ask him a few questions. “Tommy? Exactly vat kind of pillz did you give Mz. Fletcher?”

“Ummmmmmm! I think some of the .......... white ones?” Tommy’s voice trailed off intensionally at the end of the sentence.

“Oooooookay! And how many pillz did you give her?”

“Ohhhhhh, I’d say one. Maybe two. I know didn’t put more than two pills in her coffee this morning.”

Before the Doc could respond, Tommy stopped suddenly in front of one of the doors. “Ta-da! I give you, the art room.” The smell of acrylics and wet clay hit Tommy immediately as the door swung open.

The old man placed the newborn on one of the tables and quickly took off his coat. “Tommy, did you have any idea of how old Mz. Fletcher vas vhen you gave her dose pillz?”

“Thirty .......... five?” Tommy tried to guess, unsuccessfully.

“Try twenty-five.” The Doc answered, looking up from the driver’s license he had pulled out of the teacher’s purse.


“Zo, you gave her enough pillz to knock 40 yearz off her life!”

“Well, what’s gonna happen to her? I mean, you did tell us the effects of the pills were temporary.”

“Correct. Unfortunately, doze 15 lozt yearz had to go zomeplace.” The old man rubbed his chin as he continued staring at the adorable infant girl before him. “It iz my hypoteziz, dat zerveral pozzibilitez can occur. One; she could remain an infant for fifteen yearz before aging at a normal rate. Two; in ten hourz, the pillz vear off and she returnz to her normal age, minuz 15 yearz, making her roughly 10 yearz old. She vill probably stay dat age and grow up at a normal rate from dat point on. Or three; she returnz to her normal age of 25, but her body chemistry may now fluxuate and become unstable. I believe her two pointz of stability vill either be 25 or 10 yearz old, vith no stopz inbetween. Her age progrzzion or regrezzion could now very vell be triggered by another zubstance. Az far az vee know, coffee, or even caffeine, could now be dee catalyzt for her tranzformation back and forth. Anyvay, right now vhat vee have to vorry about iz stabilizing her mind.”

The Doc rubbed his hands together and began to get situated. “Tommy! I need you to get me a pan of vater and a couple of towelz, immediately.”

“Ummmmmm, Doc?” The 13 year old had his legs crossed as he bobbed up and down. “I don’t suppose you can wait a few minutes, cause I ~really~ gotta go to the bathroom.”


“Hey! You try eating and drinking as an adult at night and then try coping with a bladder half its regular size during the day.” Tommy retorted as he bit his bottom lip.

“Oh, if you must.” The old man began to roll up his sleeves as he pulled out a bottle of clear liquid and a syringe. “But hurry back!”

The Doc watched Tommy sprint out the door and disappear around the corner, just as a wave of intense pain coursed through his entire body. The pain had been with him all morning, but he had simply ignored it, brushing it off as a pinched nerve or even indigestion. There was no ignoring that pain now. The syringe and bottle fell to the ground and smashed into pieces upon impact as the arm holding them became numb and useless. The Doc dropped to his knees and uncontrollable streams of tears flowed down his face. “NO! NOT NOW! NOT NOW!” The old man screamed inside his mind, suddenly realizing he was in the middle of a major heart attack.

Verbal cries for help were impossible since half his body was now paralyzed. With his own personal salvation at risk, the little old man stuck his shaking hand in his pants pocket and withdrew a bunch of multi-colored pills. As the Doc tried to bring his hand to his mouth, his arm shook more and more, causing pills to fly out in every direction. Only one pill barely remained in his clammy grip when it reached his mouth; a red pill.

“SHIT! NOT A RED PILL!” The Doc thought to himself, wanting to regress himself back only a few years, to just before his attack. “DAT”S TOO MANY YEARZ!”

The old man hesitated taking the pill for a few seconds, trying to come up with other options. Another jolt of excruciating pain shooting through his body quickly convinced him he didn’t have any. Reluctantly, the old man swallowed the pill. No sooner had he downed the pill, when blackness fell upon the Doc and he crashed to the floor on his side unconscious.

A baby’s gurgling was the only thing that permeated the now calm Art Department.


Jane hesitantly walked up to the unsettling, yet some-what familiar house. Reaching the porch, Jane felt a slight tingling sensation come over her, but chalked it up to nerves. The 18 year old went up to the door and immediately rang the doorbell. After a few seconds, a realization slowly hit her. “What the heck am I ringing the door for? I live here .......... don’t I?” Confusion punctuated the last part of her comment as she dug deep into her purse looking for the keys.

The search for her keys soon became a chore, as the cuffs of the sleeves gradually slid over the palms of her shrinking hands. Jane was wearing a dark navy blue jacket with an ivory-colored shawl collar and a matching straight skirt. While this had looked professional and quite attractive on the 45 year old Jane, it now looked ridiculous and very inappropriate hanging on the 16 year old’s smaller frame. If her bra’s position had been out of place earlier, the bra itself was now out of place in contrast to her flatter body. Jane’s pert breasts slowly returned from whence they came as her body gradually reabsorbed all the fatty tissues her system had produced during puberty. The straight skirt she wore became even straighter as her hips narrowed and her buttocks flattened. The wrinkled pantyhose she wore easily cascaded down her thinning thighs and calves. Jane swayed unevenly in her now too large pumps as she continued her search.

“”Found ‘em!” The 14 year cried triumphantly as she plucked the ring of keys from her purse, before letting it drop carelessly to the floor. “First thing I do when I get inside, is to put on something of mine that fits.” Jane complained as she rolled up her sleeves.

“Oh shoot!” A problem quickly arose as Jane soon realized that there were at least ten or more keys on the keychain. Unfortunately, her 13 year old mind couldn’t remember which key did what. Just as she began to test the first key, Jane could hear the faint chimes of a familiar yet forgotten sound.

The louder the sound got, the more excited the 12 year old got. “ICE CREAM!!!!!” Jane screamed as saw the white truck pull around the corner.

Eager to greet the ice cream truck when it would pass by, Jane was two steps into her journey before she fell, face first, onto the porch with a THUD. More embarrassed than hurt, the 11 yeasr old quickly regained her (altered) senses and looked down at what was binding her legs. It seemed that the elastic on the skirt’s waistband could no longer hold its purchase on Jane’s nonexistent hips and had eventually come to rest around her ankles.

“Stupid skirt!” Jane pouted as she kicked her legs free of their polyester prison. The 10 year old girl stood up and brushed herself off. Jane was now clad only in a huge jacket (which laid flat across her front and came to just above her knees), an extremely baggy pair of panties and a uselessly disarranged bra. The shoulder pads in her jacket served as a vague reminder of how her former body used to fill the jacket and made her look like David Byrne when he performed in his big suit during the Talking Heads’ “Stop Making Sense” tour.

“Owwwwwwwwww! My ears hurt!” Jane complained, as she grabbed the gold-toned button earrings she wore and swiftly removed them, tossing them into the bushes. The hole piercings in her ears quickly healed up, showing no signs of puncture or penetration.

It was at this exact moment that the ice cream truck past by the house. Jane promptly realized this, and grabbing her purse (which seemed heavier than she remembered), took off after her prey. “Hey! Wait for me, Mr. Ice Cream Man!” Jane screamed as she chased after the truck, her purse scrapping the ground as she dragged it behind her. “I want ice cream!”


“Sorry it took so long, Doc.” Tommy said as he walked into the art room. “But the hall monitor was being such a pain in the ............. Doc?” Tommy suddenly noticed the old man was nowhere to be seen.

A puzzled look came over Tommy’s face as he tried to piece together what had happened while he way gone with the evidence left behind. Walking across the room, the of sound of scattered pills and broken glass crunched and crackled under his sneakers. Tommy saw a pair of discarded brown Hush Puppies on the floor and picked them up. “Doc, are you in here?” It wasn’t until he saw the half opened window, that things started to make some sense to him.

“Awwwww, Doc. Please tell me ya didn’t take any of the pills.” Tommy ran to the open window and looked out across the lawn. He was shocked to see the Doc’s abandoned pants and white shirt splayed across the lawn. “Why Doc, why?” Slowly shutting the window, Tommy walked over to the table where the infant, Amanda Fletcher, was sleeping. “Well, if he’s naked and can only speak German now, he shouldn’t be too hard to find. I just wish I knew what age he was.”

“First thing’s first though.” Tommy gently picked up the restful baby. “I’ve got to do something about you, Ms. Fletcher. Or is it Mandy now?” Tommy was amazed at how fragile and helpless the tiny creature he now held in his arms was. It was almost impossible to believe that a few hours ago, he had a major crush on her (or her voluptuous body, to be more exact).

“I’ve gotta get you out of this place before you wake up.” Tommy snapped his fingers as an idea popped into his adolescent mind. “And I know just the place.”