A Little Brandy (c) 2006

By the AP Scout

Transformation Codes: AR AP BE

Spanking Codes: M/g (F/AR to g=5)

WARNING! This story contains material that is not suitable to readers under 18 years of age.

Ms. Brandy Basil slowly lifted herself out of the pool on the balcony of her luxury apartment. The hot August sun sparkling off of the water that trailed down to her massive 42G-sized breasts. Her hair, chocolate brown and naturally curly, hung to just below her buttocks, which were a golden brown color. Not an inch of the busty twenty-four-year-old woman was marred by a tan line or clothing for that matter.

Slowly and with a little irritation, she walked over to the video panel mounted into the outside wall of her home and punched the answer button.

"Hi-Hi!" her friend Ginger greeted her. The redhead was bouncing up and down and judging by the accompanying noises, she was making the call while making out.

"What?" Brandy asked tersely.

"Wanna go aging tonight?"

"No," the naked young woman said flatly, "It's getting old. Excuse the pun." Ginger pouted. "All we do is get young and go hang out at a park or something."

"Aw, come on, Bran!"

"Ginger, I don't want to."

"What's wrong? You don't like to get young?"

Brandy did like to become younger. For one thing, it meant she didn't have such a frontage problem to deal with. All of her friends, and most of the boys, who were into breasts envied or (depending on whom you asked) coveted her breasts. Still, the typical games her group played were becoming boring. There wasn't any excitement.

"Well, I gotta go," Ginger remarked sounding annoyed and the video panel went blank. Brandy sighed. She was about to turn back to the pool when her doorbell rang.

Cursing under her breath, she jiggled into the cool dim interior of her living room. She didn't bother throwing on any clothing. She was in a clothing optional complex and anybody coming into the building knew that.

She flipped the outside video feed on and felt herself react to the sight before her. "Just a minute, hon!" she called to her visitor and running to her bedroom threw on a robe before coming back and unlocking the door.

"Ms. Basil?" he asked. Brandy was pleased to see that he sounded professional despite the amount of cleavage she was still displaying. In her haste, she'd put on a semi-transparent robe.


"I'm Robert, Robert Dunn." He held out his wallet displaying his ID. She looked at it only briefly. Lobby security would have vetted his credentials before letting him in but it didn't hurt to memorize the ID.

"Come in," she said and stepped back. As Robert came in, she took a moment to study him. He was a mountain of a man. Probably six-six. His black muscle-shirt showed off his large biceps nicely. His grey eyes and close-cropped brown hair appealed to her on some level. He wore black jeans and black runners that he took off at her request.

When they were seated in her living room, he got down to business. "I understand you'd like a specialized age regression experience?" "Well..." Brandy started twisting a strand of her hair around her finger, she suddenly felt nervous and shy; something she normally wasn't. "You see, I've been rather naughty the past few times I went young." He nodded. "I'm feeling guilty about that. I guess though I'd like somebody to cuddle me and stuff too."

"Would you mind telling me the specifics of what you want, Ms. Basil?" When Brandy glanced away and chewed on her lip, he added, "I assure you that our service provides our clients complete confidentiality. I would be required to report any request that might be illegal though to the proper authorities."

After a moment, she asked, "C-Could you be a dad?"

"That's one role I've taken, yes."

"Can you do baths?"


"I mean, when I'm little... Can you give me a bath?" He seemed a bit surprised at this question. "See, I never took them. My parents just showered with me until I was old enough to use it on my own."

"I certainly can," he said, "And cuddle you... if that's what you want, Ms. Basil."

"Good!" Brandy said, now beginning to smile, "And..."


Here she lowered her head and allowed her hair to hide her face for a moment. She peeked out between the still damp strands and said softly, "And give me a spanking?" She blushed brightly and glanced away.

"I can..." he said after a moment. "Do you mean now or when you're little?"

"Oh!" She hadn't ever thought of it in her current form. "When I'm little." He nodded, apparently thinking. "When can we start?" He smiled. "We have to work out a few details first."

"Like what?"

"First, how old are you going to be?"

"Five," the twenty-four-year-old answered without pause.

Robert pulled out a PDA and marked something on it. "We'll need a safety word."

"A what?"

He looked mildly shocked. "You don't use a safety word when you age?"

Brandy frowned. "No... What is it?"

"It's... A safety word is something that is agreed to before anything starts. That way if you don't feel comfortable, or are in real trouble, you can use it to stop the scenario and we can get assistance."

"That does sound good. So what should it be?"

"Easy enough for you to use but not common enough that you'll say it by accident."

The brunette thought about this for a few moments and then said, "What about 'Eddie'."


"It's my friend's perverted dog. I doubt I'd say his name by accident. I don't even like to think about him." He grinned. "Okay," Robert made another mark on his device, "Now what is my relationship to you?"

Brandy considered for a moment trying different names out and then seeming to come to a decision nodded to herself. "You're my Uncle Bobby.

You're going to be babysitting me while my parents are out of town." She grinned as her story formed in her mind. "And I've been a very naughty little girl."

"All right, Ms. Basil, I'll head back to the office, get the contract, and prepare the regression fluid." He stood and then paused as if he'd thought of something. "Do you have appropriate clothing?" "Yep!" Brandy remarked with a giggle, "None of my friends know though. They don't ever go this young. I do it in secret but without anybody around, it's not much fun."

Robert left soon after that and Brandy went to sort out what she would wear that afternoon.

~ - ~

The young woman's apartment had three bedrooms. The first was Brandy's normal room, and showed signs of a young woman who while not affluent certainly not poor either. The other room was the "master" bedroom, large with a king-sized four-poster bed, thick carpeting, and rich furnishings, Brandy allowed her guests to use that room. The third was Brandy's little secret. It was outfitted for a little girl with toys and dolls; the color scheme was greens and yellows with pink highlights.

It was in this third room that Brandy stood late that afternoon. Robert had returned that afternoon with the contract and a small vial of faintly glowing blue liquid. Once the details had been completed and money transferred, Brandy headed into the small bedroom to change, literally.

Taking one look into the full-length mirror on the back of the closet door, she grinned at her large tits, curvy hips, small waist, and tight butt. A sexy hourglass figure that had most men becoming hard with nary a glance.

Closing her eyes, she downed the liquid in the vial in one gulp. Her eyes popped open, and her tongue searched out the taste -- it tasted like oranges.

She felt one of her nipples tremble and she looked down in time to watch the one breast shrink. It passed from G to F and was making good progress as it receded through the DD and then D sizes where she had been during high school. Her other breast started to shrink as the first one passed through the C stage and into B where it paused.

She frowned but after both breasts were a very perky B cup, they continued their descent into nothingness. The patch of hair between her legs was becoming thin. Once her chest was flat, her arms grew short, her fingers becoming less elegant and small, though not pudgy. Her pussy was completely bald now. As her legs followed, her teenage curves flowed away into flatness and obscurity. Her worlds expanded as her frame collapsed in on itself. Her tummy got the slightest of bulges as baby-fat was added back. Her heart-shaped bottom also got a very small bit of baby-fat as it approached the kindergarten age.

Her hair was still long, reaching just to the base of her rear where buttocks and thighs met. Its natural curliness soft and bouncy as it moved. No one would call her sexy now.

She glanced over her shoulder at the mirror and grinned, she just loved being five. Padding over to the bed with its forest green bedspread, she plucked up the pair of bright red animal print panties. It took her a few moments to figure out which way the front was. After that, Brandy found that putting the panties on while trying to stand was a little hard. Her whole center of balance was off. Grumbling a little, she sat on the floor and put one foot through and then the other through the leg holes. Once she'd got them to her knees, she got back up and settled them over her cute, and now cream white, bottom.

Raising herself onto the bed, she settled herself and pulled yellow socks on. They had pictures of puppies on the ankles. The orange T-shirt was next. Again, this took a little effort and Brandy was wishing that Robert would have helped her dress but she had refused his offer to do just that. It was too late now so she struggled on. Once the T-shirt was on that just left the black pair of shorts that Brandy tackled the same way she tackled the underwear. After she was dressed, Brandy decided to put her hair up into long pigtails. This was easy as she had done this before.

Checking her reflection in the mirror one last time, Brandy decided she was especially cute and after opening the door, she skipped from the room.

~ - ~

Robert sat on the couch and waited. This was not the first, and probably not the last, age regression he had proctored. It paid good money and he was very good at what he did. Brandy's request for a spanking had been a little surprising but hardly unique.

He waited for Brandy to come out. And was surprised when she did. Brandy was a rather cute little girl, though her choice of colors hurt the eyes.

"I'm ready, Uncle Bobby!" the new youngster sang in her high-pitched and crystal-like voice.

"Brandy," he said using her first name for the first time, "Say Eddie for me. Please."


"I just want to check that you can say it."

Brandy nodded and then said, "Eddie!"

"Good! Well, young lady, come here then."

Brandy bounced over to the now mountain of a man and stood before him, hands behind her, her little body twisting slightly as she shifted from one foot to the other.

"Brandy, you've been a naughty girl, haven't you?"

"Yes," the five-year-old replied while ducking her head and scuffing the carpet with her mary janes.

"And do you know what happens to naughty girls?" Brandy shook her head. "They get a spanking!"

"NO!" the former adult protested. Her head came up and she stared wide-eyed at Robert. She was truly surprised. She hadn't expected the spanking this soon.

"Yes, a very sound spanking."

"But Unca Bobby!" the youngster whined, tears starting to fill her eyes. "I-I thought at bedtime..."

Robert sat back on the couch. He reached out a long arm and pulled her close, "Brandy, you know what I told you before." Brandy's response was to sniffle. Her stomach was churning and she started to sniffle as Robert pulled her across his lap. She did not find comfort in the fact that the couch was providing support for her arms and legs, or in the fact that Robert had pulled her tight against him before pulling her right arm against her side.

"I think," Robert said, resting his hand on the small childish bottom, "Ten will be good enough."

"Ten?!?" Brandy demanded. She tried to wiggle as she felt the massive hand resting on her bottom. Her "uncle's" hand was large enough to cover both buttocks easily. She tensed when he felt the hand leave her rear and about a second later, it came speeding down to deliver the first swat.

"Eee!" Brandy noised as her nerve endings sent signals of the hand's impact to her brain. The second one caught her by surprise and she gave a yelp more out of surprise than of pain.

The third swat had tears pouring from the little girl's eyes and by the fourth spank, she was crying and wiggling.

"If you want me to stop," Robert said after the fifth spank, "Just say Eddie." He waited giving Brandy a chance to recover and decide if the punishment should end.

After about two minutes, Brandy managed to bring herself just to sniffles and said through a teary voice, "That was fine, Unca Bobby. You said ten. I-is it done yet?"

"Five more, young lady," Robert said. He raised his hand delivered a sound spank to her bottom. Brandy started crying anew as the heat in her rear continued to increase. It wasn't as bad as getting her wisdom teeth pulled out but it stung.

When it was done, she laid there and cried while Robert rubbed her back. When she had calmed down to the point of only sniffling occasionally and hiccupping, he got her into a sitting position before hugging her for a moment. He then stood her upright and gave her a stern look as a small hand inched towards one of the burning buns. "Hands on head."

The five-year-old did so, lacing her fingers together. "Good," Robert remarked, "Now ten minutes of corner time." She whined a bit. "But Uncle... OWWIE!" The last was said as Robert delivered a sharp smack to the already well-spanked bottom. Trying very hard not to dance on the spot, Brandy clamped her mouth shut choosing instead to glower at her "uncle".

"Now stand in the corner, and no rubbing or I'll start over." Sadly, Brandy walked to the corner and stood there facing it, all the time wanting to rub her rear to take the sting out of it.

~ - ~

After what seemed like an eternity to little Brandy, though it was only ten minutes, Robert called her out of the corner. "You can put your hands down, Brandy," he said as she came padding across the carpet in her socked feet. She did so, but kept them away from her bottom, she didn't want him to start the spanking over again.

"I can give you a bath now and we can just cuddle," Robert said, "Or we can order dinner, or go out?" When the kindergartener just stared at him in puzzlement, he pulled her into a hug and said, "Brandy, you showed you were a big girl by taking responsibility. I think you needed to... especially if you're using age regression to turn into a bratty teen who harasses hard-working people." Brandy felt her cheeks flush and she lowered her head. She had been feeling badly about that. That was one reason why she hadn't gone out tonight with Ginger and the gang for a repeat performance.

"Yes sir," she replied quietly.

"So what do you want to do?"

"Can we watch some video?" He nodded. After scooping up the remote cube, he changed it to a children's channel. Brandy pulled a small pillow against Robert's left leg; she hadn't realized how heavy it actually was.

"What are you doing?" he asked her. Brandy didn't answer. Instead, she squirmed around until she was lying on her tummy across his lap, her head on the pillow. "Rub my back, Unca Bobby." She felt Robert chuckle before feeling his large hand starting gently to rub her back. She put a thumb into her mouth and watched the video contentedly.

Brandy was almost asleep when the doorbell rang. Starting in surprise, the kindergartner rolled upwards, or would have if she hadn't forgotten where she was. Instead of gaining her feet, the five-year-old slid from Robert's lap and landed with a thump between his feet on her ass. "Umph!" Brandy noised.

"Are you okay, Brandy?" Robert asked.

"Who's that, Uncle Bobby?" the five-year-old asked in return. "I don't know. Should we go see?"

"Yeah!" Brandy said and giggled as she bounced to her feet and ran for the front door. "Hur-ry up!" she commanded bouncing from one foot to the other as the doorbell sounded again. "Hur-rr-ry up!" Her hair swirled about her as if there was an updraft.

Robert had a hard time opening the door because Brandy kept trying to see around it. "Jenny!" Brandy sang out in a high-pitched squeal of delight. Robert couldn't help but stare. He'd just found the largest breasted woman he'd ever seen in person. He had thought Brandy had been huge. Jenny's mammaries were well into the I-cup range with areola bigger than silver dollars. She was also completely nude. "Oh!" Jennifer said looking down at the little girl, "I didn't know you had company, Bran."

"This is Uncle Bobby!" Brandy said excitedly while hugging the older woman about the legs. She only came up to her friend's hips at her current age.

"Would you like to come in, Ms... Jenny, is it?" Robert asked, making sure to keep eye contact.

"Well... if I'm not intruding," Jennifer remarked shyly. Brandy didn't have any doubts. She grabbed Jennifer's hand and tugged the big-busted woman inside.

"Sit!" Brandy commanded Robert while pointing at the couch.

"Don't be rude, Brandy," Robert replied.

"Sit!" the five-year-old commanded again, pointing at the couch, and stamping a little foot. Her eyes got wide as Robert closed the distances in two short strides, caught her by one arm, and swatted her bottom. It didn't hurt but it did remind her most pointedly of her very recent spanking. She giggled and blushed at the same time.

"Would you like a drink?" Robert asked Jennifer.

"No thank you." When he asked the little girl, she shook her head. Smiling he lifted the youngster up and moving to the couch sat beside their guest.

"I guess this sorta puts a damper on my plans."

"Why?" Brandy asked.

"Well..." Jennifer sounded embarrassed, "See since you've gone younger before, I thought maybe you could... babysit me since this is my first time and all and I don't know anybody else in the building whose into it as much as you are."

"About the building," Robert asked, finally unable to resist the urge, "Is every female in here larger than a D-cup?" Both girls laughed at this and then grinned.

"This place is an ALBREW building."


"Yeah, Association of Large BREasted Women."

"Oh... well they didn't hassle me," Robert said.

"No but then, a single guy couldn't get a pad here. If he was engaged or married to an ALBREW member that would be different."

"Huh..." was Robert's response.

"You must be a small-E." He gave Jennifer a surprised look and was a little startled to hear Brandy give an indignant noise. "I mean, you must like the 'smaller' variety."

"I'm on a job," Robert remarked, "And there is a little kid present." He patted little Brandy on the thigh. "So I won't delve into that subject, although I am curious as to why you assume it?" Cupping her massive tits, Jennifer said, "Because your eyes haven't gone below my neckline since you opened the door." Considering her nude state, this was impressive.

"Practice, my dear young woman, practice." Jennifer snorted when his young employer giggled. "Would you care to join us? We have plenty of time."

"Y-You mean in a regressed form?" Jennifer asked.

"Certainly, that is if Brandy wouldn't mind..."

"Yes pwease!" Brandy remarked, "We can eat pizza and have a bath and get inta twouble!"

"But, well... I don't have any little kid clothes. I was going to get Brandy to take me shopping for some before I changed."

"Mine are self-adjusting, just in case I go to a different age. They won't do adults but..." Brandy squirmed about. "Pwease, Unca Bobby, ken my bestest friend JenJen stay?"

"If she wants to," Robert agreed, noting the addition on his PDA. "I gotta go potty," Brandy announced to the room. She slid to the floor and scampered from the room. Jenny smiled.

"How old were you going to be?" Robert asked.

"I'm not sure... I was thinking three maybe."

"I'd recommend only a year before puberty for a first-timer."

Jenny frowned slightly and said, "That'd make me eight."

"Eight?" he asked surprised.

"Yeah, puberty hit me at nine," Jenny said. That had been a very awkward and embarrassing time for her. "So I would like to be younger." "I'm sure Brandy would prefer a similarly aged playmate, Jenny." Before Jenny could reply, a high-pitched voice sang out, "Unca BO-BWY! ME WEADY!" The young woman cocked an eyebrow at Robert who was frowning.

Getting up, both adults walked into the bathroom where they found Brandy sitting backwards on the toilet, her little hands holding fast to the tank. "She looks like a baby," Jenny commented. "Me fwee!" Brandy begged to differ, holding up five pudgy little fingers.

"Are you okay?" Robert asked in a concerned tone. The toddler nodded.

"Me big pig, go potty! Me all done now, Unca Bobwy."

"What happened?" Jenny asked as she watched Robert pull some toilet paper from the roll.

"Don't be alarmed, Jenny. This can happen," Robert said while wiping the youngster's bottom, "Usually when there's frequent use of regression fluids, residue builds up and at some point it reaches critical mass enough to cause an involuntary regression."

Jenny considered this and watched with mounting respect as Robert lifted her little friend off the toilet, flushed it, and then retrieved the red panties got them onto the toddler. It took only a few minutes for the special underpants to adjust. They bulked up and shrank somewhat. Soon, the new three-year-old was wearing a red baby animal print diaper.

"Is it dangerous?" Jenny asked, watching as Brandy contentedly played with the toes of her right foot.

"No," Robert said, "I need to get her to an Age Modification Clinic so they can balance it out and do a progression to her normal age. Unfortunately, she won't be able to use any age modification drugs for at least three months."

"Can I come with you?"

"Certainly, I don't want this to scare you off of regression, or even progression as a leisure experience. Brandy's de-aging was a result of abuse."

"I'll just go get dressed then."

~ - ~

"Would you mind assisting us, miss?" the female doctor of the Age Modification Clinic asked Jenny.

"No... What do I need to do, doctor?" They were standing in a circular room; the walls were an off-white tone. Faint blue-white lighting emanated from the floor. The air smelled faintly of pine and fresh cut grass. A soft sound whispered soothingly. In the center of the room was a large circular tub lit from the bottom by bright lights. The liquid gel inside the tub seemed to glow white with their intensity. "Just hold Brandy," the doctor said, "She may want to cuddle or even try to suckle. She's scared and doesn't understand what's happening so she'll need comfort from someone she trusts." Jenny nodded. "Let her decide what she needs."

"Okay," Jenny said again.

A few minutes later, she disrobed and was given Brandy. She held her close and was only mildly surprised when the baby sought out her large nipple. Slowly Jenny slipped into the gel-filled pool noting with some pleasure that the clear substance was warm. She felt a shiver as it moved into her. It was not uncomfortable, rather soothing as it cradled her body. It took a few moments to realize that her massive bust did not feel so heavy.

Jenny looked down at Brandy who was using her nipple as a replacement pacifier. She felt the change before seeing it. Pudgy little arms started to extend, lengthening little by little. Legs followed suit, stretching away, slowly absorbing the baby fat. Three melted to four and then Jenny saw the little girl she had seen earlier that afternoon. A few minutes later, Brandy had become seven, her baby fat entirely gone. Legs and arms were inching onward as she neared eight.

It was only when she hit nine that Brandy pushed the nipple from her mouth and slowly, lazily wrapped her arms about Jenny's neck. The young girl tucked her head under the young woman's chin and closed her eyes.

Jenny held her and felt the small body continue to change. Ten saw the onset of puberty and over the course of the next few moments, Brandy paused in her growth as other features surfaced. Hair sprouted in her nether regions. Breasts reformed, first a small nub which turned to double-A's and then soon to a B-cup. The preteen turned pressing her back against Jenny who held her and murmured reassurance.

As Brandy's frontage continued to expand, waist and hips formed curves became more refined. Her buttocks tightened, becoming firm and shapely, though still heart-shaped. She now was a young teen. By the time Brandy had reached eighteen, her breasts had passed the DD-cup stage and were well on their way to their former 42G glory. Mere minutes later, Brandy was back to her normal twenty-four-year-old self.

"Brandy?" Jenny asked.

Brandy turned slowly looking at her friend for a moment and then asked in a puzzled voice, "What happened, Jen?" Jenny grinned before quipping, "A LITTLE Brandy was just a tad too much."

The End