A Halloween Story

by Lisa

This is an AB story, but it has a AR as well, so I thought I'd post it. Enjoy! - Lisa


'I'll get it,' Allison, said, her heals clicking on the floor as she walked to the front door. She swung the door open to let Karyn, the babysitter, in. Allison smiled. 'Come in, Karyn' she chirped. Karyn smiled back and gratefully stepped in out of the cold. The young collage freshman was easily the prettiest girl in the small, suburban community. She was tall, toned and lithe. She had beautiful dark brown skin, and her black, curly hair was cut short. The only excess fat on her body was that which clung to her chubby bottom She smiled brightly.

'Thanks. It's really cold out there!' She said. She took off her black jacket, smoothed the wrinkles from her tight white shirt, and bent down to take off her shoes. 'I've left the number of the theatre by the phone. Brittany's been fed, so she shouldn't be hungry, but I left some granola bars on the counter, just in case.' Just then, Brittany appeared at the door between the kitchen and the living room. She was a cute girl, 9 years old, with long, blond ringlets and skin as white as the snow outside. 'Mommy,' she said in a whiney voice, 'do you HAFTA go out?' Allison half smiled at Karyn.

'Yes, I do. You know this is important for Mommy,' she said. She walked over to Brittany, knelled down and kissed her on the forehead. 'And don't forget that you have to be in bed early tonight. It's Halloween tomorrow, and I want you to get plenty of rest.'

'Yes Mommy,' Brittany sulked.

'Now you be good for Karyn. Right?' Brittany nodded. Allison smiled and ruffled her daughters' hair. And then she was gone.


'So, what do you want to do?' Karyn asked, bending over to look into Brittany's eyes. The small girl shrugged.

'Watch TV, I guess.' The pair settled down on the couch and Brittany immediately took the remote and turned to Dawson's creek. Karyn rolled her eyes. She really hated this show. 'Come on! Let's watch something else,' she said as she snatched the remote away. Brittany began to whine as Karyn Flipped around the stations. 'Hey! I was watchen' that!'

'Well, now you're not' Karyn smirked. She settled on a slasher movie. 'Alright' she smiled.

'Mommy says I'm not allowed to watch movies like this,' Brittany said, worried. This looked awful scary.

'Oh come ON!' Karyn said, rolling her eyes. 'Don't be such a baby! This is all SO fake.' The screen turned red as a blonde's stomach was cut open by the knife-wielding, mask wearing maniac. Brittany screamed and hid her face in a pillow. 'Look,' Karyn said, 'That's so fake!' She started laughing. Brittany grabbed the remote and changed the channel. 'Hey! Give that back,' Karyn shouted, lunging for the remote. She got a hold on it, but Brittany held tight. The channels changed wildly. Suddenly, the screen went to static. The loud hiss roused the pair from their struggle. Brittany gasped, 'You broke it!'

'Don't worry. I'll fix it,' Karyn said in a worried voice. She nervously ran her hand over her hair.

After hitting mute to silence the static, Karyn made her way over to the TV and banged on the top. Brittany giggled.

'Mommy's going to be mad at you.' Karyn turned and glared at Brittany before getting back to work. She went in behind the TV and began to fiddle with the wires. Meanwhile, Brittany picked the remote up. She quickly hit the Mute button. The resulting hiss of static surprised Karyn so much she fell back on her butt.

'Ouch!' she shouted. She heard Brittany giggling and became enraged. 'You little brat!' she shouted as she stood up. She began to rush over to Brittany. The little girl shrieked and covered her face, gripping the remote tightly in her hand. She felt all the buttons compress at once. Just as Karyn was about to strike her, there was a bright flash and…

The hiss stopped. Brittany sat waiting for the blow. A blow which never came. Brittany tentatively looked out from behind her hands. Karyn was no where in site. Brittany scanned the room, confused. Then she began to smile and laugh. A cereal commercial that Brittany had seen dozens of times was playing. A woman was walking through the cereal section of the super market, with a box of '100% bran' cereal on top of the other items. But that wasn't what struck Brittany funny. What really made Brittany laugh was the fact that the middle aged white woman who usually appeared in the commercial had been replaced by Karyn! Oddly enough, however, Karyn was no longer dressed in her tight jeans and T-shirt. Instead, she was in the Business suit that the woman who used to be in the commercial wore. Karyn looked around, confused. 'What's going on?' she said, worried. Suddenly, she was ambushed by a woman brandishing a microphone. The woman was in her mid thirties and had shoulder length brown hair.

'Excuse me, ma'am, may I ask you a couple of questions about your cereal?' 'What?' Karyn was confused. What was going on? How did she get into the supermarket? Who was this woman? And why was there a big window behind the stranger?

'Well,' the woman continued, 'I couldn't help but notice this box of 100% bran' She said, reaching into Karyns cart and pulling out the box.


'Tell me,' the woman began, 'Is it the way 100% bran fills you up in the morning?' Karyn shot her a confused look. 'Or is it the great taste,' 'Look' Karyn said, 'I really don't have tim…'

'Or is it the 'regularity'' the woman made quotes with her fingers, 'that comes from eating 100% bran?' Karyn turned and ran, abandoning her cart.

'LEAVE ME ALONE!' she shouted! Brittany changed the channel. There was a bit of a flash and Karyn was standing in the middle of a 'Crash Coyote' cartoon! The world around her was colourful and flat, but she still looked real. At least, her body did. Her clothes consisted of tight cartoon jeans, a tight cartoon shit and a cartoon leather jacket! And what's more, she finally got the chance to study her environment. That wasn't a window in front of her! It was the TV screen! She'd been sucked in somehow! She could see the living room, including Brittany, sitting on the couch, laughing at her! Karyn walked over to the glass and began to pound on it. 'Brittany!' She shouted angrily, 'You get me out of here right now!' She stomped her foot. Brittany laughed and pointed at Karyn. Karyn took a breath and was about to scream at Brittany again, when her heard distant footsteps. She turned around and (through a rising cloud of dust) Crash Coyote chasing Dash Duck! They ran by… then quickly ran back and reappeared at her side! They began to howl, drool and stomp there feet! Their eyes bugged out and their tongues hit the ground. Then, each took one of her arms and began to kiss them! 'Brittany!' She screamed, 'get me out of here!' Brittany giggled.

'You didn't say please,' she smiled. The Two cartoons where kissing higher and higher up Karyn's arms. Drawing ever closer to her face!

'Brittany! Please!' The little girl clicked the remote. Karyn found herself in the middle of a learning channel documentary on erosion. She was in the middle of the desert, standing in front of a mountain. She looked down at herself. She was wearing the real version of her cartoon cloths…just a little dustier. She looked around. At least she wasn't being accosted by cereal freaks, or harassed by cartoons. Nevertheless, she was still quite frustrated. She pounded on the screen. 'Brittany,' she said in a calm but stern voice, 'you get me out of here right now!' Brittany giggled.

'How'm I supposed to do that?'

'Find a way!' Karyn shouted. Hit the 'exit' button.' Brittany grinned.

'Is this the 'exit' button?' there was a soft click as her pushed down. At first Karyn didn't notice anything. Then she noticed that everything was turning purple. Then she noticed that she was turning red! Everything was turning red! Brittany must have been fooling with the colour.

'Brittany!' Karyn cried, 'that's not funny! Change me back NOW!' Brittany laughed as the world became right again. 'Stop laughing!' Karyn bellowed. This isn't funny! Get me out of here right now!' she said, stomping her foot. Brittany continued to giggle, 'Not right now,' she chuckled. 'We're going to have some first!' Karyn lost it. 'You little brat! Get me out of here! Just you wait till I get my hands on you, you little monster!' Brittany frowned. Then, a somewhat worrying smile touched her lips. 'You're right, Karyn. I am being a bad girl. Why don't we watch what you want to watch for a while.' She changed the channel.

Karyn found herself in the dinning room of a gothic mansion. This looked sickeningly familiar. She soon knew why. The door burst open and there stood Freddie Myers! Complete with mask and giant knife! Karyn screamed and ran, but the skirt she found herself wearing tripped her up a bit. She quickly recovered and ran through the door at the back of the room. She found herself in a kitchen. She frantically looked for a back door, but didn't find one. So she ran into what looked like a sitting room. And found Myers right behind her! She continued to run, tipping a chair as she passed, tripping him up enough to get a fairly good lead. She ran into what must have been a bedroom. She was trapped! She locked the door and pushed a dressed in front of it. 'Brittany!' She shrieked, 'change the channel!' Brittany smirked.

'But I thought you wanted to see this movie.' A large hand burst through the door. 'I changed my mind! Please!' Brittany scratched her head.

'Welllllllll, I GUESS we could watch Dawson's creek…' Myers burst through the door. 'YES! ANYTHING! HURRY!' Myers got closer and closer. Suddenly, Karyn felt a sickening wetness in her panties. She realised that she had wet her pants. She closed her eyes tight and felt the channel change.

Still peeing, Karyn was afraid to open her eyes. She felt different. Her legs where bare and she was laying in what felt like a bed. She heard soft, Lullaby music. She smelled baby powder. And her bottom felt wet. She opened her eyes. Soft pinks and yellows assaulted her from all sides. She was in a crib in a baby girl's nursery. She stood up. Everything was enormous! The crib was like a twin sized bed and the bars came up to her breasts. There was a giant chair in one corner and a huge changing table. In the crib, there was a teddy bear that was as big as she was! She looked down at herself. She was wearing a tight, yellow T-shirt with a bunny on it. Below that, a large, fluffy, white diaper with a still growing yellow spot. A little pee was dribbling down her thigh, but for the most part, the diaper did its job well. It was obvious that this wasn't Dawson's creek. 'Hey,' Karyn said in a small, whiney voice, fighting back tears, 'what's goin' on?' She looked to the screen and say Brittany slip a tape into the VCR. Brittany knew she had turned to the right channel. She knew what was going on. As she hit the record button, she silently prayed for this to work. 'Brittany?' Karyn whined, 'What're you doin'? What's happening?' Brittany just sat back and watched, grinning. 'I thought you said you where turning to Dawson's creek. What is this?' Half a second later, she understood. A familiar black woman in her late 20's entered. Karyn recognised her and began to cry as understanding and recognition washed over her. She was in a diaper commercial! The woman walked over to the crib and easily picked the tiny Karyn up. She cuddled the 'baby' to her chest and carried her to the changing table. Karyn began to plead with her. 'Please…Please don't do this to me! I'm not a baby!' The woman just smiled down at Karyn and stroked her hair. She turned to the screen.

'I guess all mothers think their daughters are the prettiest. But there's nothing pretty about diaper rash…' She started to take Karyn's diaper off. Karyn looked out towards Brittany, who was practically falling off the couch she was laughing so hard. Karyn cried even harder. This was so humiliating! The woman continued her pitch 'but pampers can help. Their patented 'Air dry' system helps keep baby's skin dry!' She crumpled the diaper up and threw it into the diaper pail next to the table. For some reason, the 'Air dry' graphic didn't come onto the screen. It just stayed in the nursery. The commercial was all wrong. The woman took out a bottle of baby oil and spread it onto Karyn's privets. She rubbed it around her backside, massaging it into her cheeks. The woman then pulled out another huge, fluffy disposable diaper and laid it under Karyns bum. Karyn looked up at her with sad eyes.

'Please! Please don't do this to me! I'm a grown-up!' But the woman just looked down at her with a smile and cooed at her. Then she took Karyn's feet into her hands and lifted her bottom clear from the table. Karyn could hear Brittany laughing as her round bottom was exposed. The woman put a large puff of baby powder on her bottom. Brittany laughed harder. Karyns white bottom stuck out compared to the rest of her dark body. She looked to the screen. 'BRITT-ANY!' she cried, 'GET ME OUT OF HE-HE-HERE!' The woman pulled the diaper up tight across her crotch and closed the tabs. The large woman then picked her up by her underarms and hugged her tight. She turned her back and walked over to the rocking chair in the corner. Karyn's head rested on the woman's shoulder. She stared out at Brittany with sad eyes. Brittany was still laughing hysterically. She hoped the tape was working, this was something she wanted to have for a long time to come. The woman sat in the char and began to rock slowly. Karyn was fussing and trying to escape, but the bigger woman was kept her fairly still with minimal effort. She knew the commercial wasn't normally this long. She was trapped here until Brittany decided to change the channel! The woman continued to rub Karyn's tummy in and effort to relax her.

'What's the matter, sweetie?' she asked in baby talk. 'Are you hungry?' The woman undid the front of her shirt and revealed a nursing bra. Karyn cried louder and tried to squirm away, but the woman held her tight as she opened her bra. Karyn screamed as the woman brought her closer and closer to her dark nipple. Karyn tried her hardest to avoid it, but it wasn't long before the nipple had passed her lips and the creamy milk was filling her mouth. She heard Brittany gasp and giggle as the warm milk cascaded down her throat and filled her belly. Despite herself, Karyn began to feel sleepy. She stopped struggling and yawned. 'Ohhh, she's a tired baby,' The woman cooed as she took her nipple from Karyn's mouth. The woman held her tight and began to tickle Karyn's tiny ribs. Karyn, despite herself, chortled like a happy baby. The woman giggled behind her. 'You're just too cute, you are! I could gobble you all up!' She said, picking Karyn up by her armpits and nibbling on her exposed belly, making ravenous wolf sounds. Karyn giggled uncontrollably, squealing and kicking her legs. The woman sat her back on her warm lap. She stroked Karyns short hair. Karyn was still giggling a bit. She saw Brittany through the screen, smiling at her antics, and blushed. This was so embarrassing. She felt even younger that the girl she was babysitting. Her thoughts where interrupted by an uncomfortable feeling in her belly. She shifted a bit and put her hand on her slightly bloated tummy. She must have had a look of distress on her face, because it wasn't long before she heard the large woman ask

'Oh oh! Baby got gas?' She gently rested Karyn on her shoulder and began to gently pat her back. Karyn could hear Brittany cackle with glee, and then let off peals of laughter as Karyn let out a loud belch. She was humiliated, but the woman just hugged her and rubbed her bottom. 'Good girl,' she murmured over and over. Karyn began to feel sleepy again. She hardly even noticed as the woman carried her over to her crib, stroking her hair the whole time. Karyn was laid back on the soft bed and covered with the large blanket. The woman bent over and kissed her forehead. 'Good night, honey.' She gently stroked her belly and left the room, turning off the light as she went. Karyn fought the urge to sleep. She felt like if she fell asleep she'd be trapped here forever. She forced herself to stand. Gripping the bars, she turned to Brittany.

'Brittany, please get me out of here! Please! Change to anything! I don't care!' Brittany shook her head. 'No.'

'Brittany! This isn't fair!'

'This is very fair! Now you know what it's like to be at the mercy of someone who's older than you!' Karyn took a deep breath.

'Brittany, I swear I've learned my lesson! Please let me ou…' she stopped suddenly as she felt a cramp in her belly. 'Ohhh…'she moaned. There was a familiar fullness in her rear.

'Baby got a tummy ache?' Brittany sniggered. Karyn moaned. A brief rumble, followed by a small squish, came from the back of her diaper and Karyn stood helpless as she pooped her diaper. She moaned and began to cry again. It didn't take long for the woman to reappear at the door.

'What's wrong, sweetie?' she asked concerned. It didn't take long for her to figure out that was wrong. 'Oh my,' she said waving her hand in front of her face, 'someone's a stinky baby!' She gently picked Karyn up and took her over to the table. Setting Karyn on her back, she began to go through the changing ritual once again. She pealed off the dirty diaper, took out a wet one and gently wiped Karyns bum. She then threw that wipe out and got another and another. 'What a messy baby!' She said with a smile. Karyn heard Brittany giggling, and shot her a dirty look. She was distracted by the puff of powder on her butt. It wasn't long before she was diapered again and plunked back in the crib. The lights went out and she was on her feet again. With considerable effort, She managed to pull herself over the bars and climbed (carefully) down to the floor. She stood in the middle of the nursery and turned to Brittany. Brittany laughed, 'You better not let you mommy catch you out of the crib!' As far as Karyn was concerned, that was it.

'You rotten little bitch!' She screamed. 'You dirty brat! Let me out right now!' she began to pound on the screen. 'Do you hear me, you little which?! Right now! I'm not putting up with this any more, do you hear? Enough is enough! I'm the baby sitter! I'm in charge! You WILL get me out right now!' As far as Brittany was concerned, THAT was it.


'No?' asked Karyn. She began to realise that she'd made a mistake. 'No. I can see now that you haven't learned a thing. You're as mean now as you ever were! Why should I let you out? You'd probably just hurt me, anyway. No. This is the end for you.'

'Brittany?' Karyn said in a small voice. Brittany pushed a button. And then the TV went off. 'Brittany?' she said urgently as the screen went dark. 'Brittany!?' She screeched. Suddenly, Karyn was back to her normal height, though still in the baby clothes. She breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe things were getting back to normal.

Then, she felt the tingle. She looked down at herself. She was shrinking! And as she shrank, the clothes shrank with her! Slowly, she began to loose height. Didn't her boobs used to be a little bigger? Horrified, she noticed that her chest was deflating! Her womanly hips where disappearing! She became skinnier, her knees became knobbier. Just like when she was a kid! Soon, skinny was replaced by baby fat! Her tummy bulged out, her high cheekbones became obscured by chubby cheeks. Her legs became chubby, her knees got cute dimples, even her fingers became plump! And she was still getting younger, screaming and crying the whole time. She passed 3, tripped and fell on her butt. She rolled over onto her stomach and began to kick her legs and bang her fists into the floor. She passed 2. She noticed her arms weren't as strong as they had been. She rolled onto her back as she passed one and continued to cry. Finally, at about 4 months, the regression stopped. Later, Brittany would be glad she got all on tape. Karyn lay on the floor, crying uncontrollably. Her arms and legs twitched and jerked helplessly. This was impossible! What was she going to do? But she already knew that there was nothing she could do, except pray to grow up again. The thought of being helpless made her cry even harder. She was a big girl! All grown up and in collage! Finally the woman came in. She gasped!

'Oh, my little darling!' she cried as she picked Karyn up, 'are you alright?!' She hugged Karyn tight and kissed her all over her face. 'How did you get out?' She said, bouncing Karyn up and down in her arms. The woman cradled Karyn to her chest, cooing and sussing, but Karyn just cried and cried. The woman smiled. 'I know what'll make my baby feel better.' She sat down and began to unbutton her shirt. Karyn cried even harder. She tried to squirm away, but her tiny, weak body wouldn't let her. Her cries where silenced as her mommy… No, the woman pushed her nipple into her mouth and once again warm milk filled her up. She sighed inwardly and tried to relax and get used to mommy's milk. After all, it was going to be the centre of her diet for a while to come.

Allison was shocked when she came home to find Brittany asleep alone on the couch. She shook the girl awake.

'Sweetie, where's Karyn?' She asked in a worried tone. Brittany shook off the sleep. 'I…don't know,' she said, sleepily.

'Did she just leave you here? All alone? The irresponsible witch! I'm going to call her parents right now!' She picked up the phone. 'You run along to bed now, Hon,' she said sweetly, patting her head. As she walked to bed, Brittany took a tape out of the VCR. As she left the room, Brittany stepped on the remote. The TV flicked on. Allison looked up from her phone call to see that adorable diaper commercial, with the fussy little girl. Allison smiled. She was so cute.