Allison's Halloween

by Flash

Bored, bored, bored and more bored. That was Allison as she sat in the passenger seat next to her, yuck, mom on the way to the Patterson's annual Halloween party. God, she hated that she was thirteen and could not go anywhere by herself! She laid her head against the window dreaming.

Moments later found her with her Mom-yuck! at the Pattersons. Same people, same costumes, same boring boring conversation. They had even had hired a cheesy magician to walk around doing tricks for the guests, so lame. He even tried to show her something with cards but she just pretended to be talking on her cell phone.

The Pattersons threw this same lame party every year and since Allison's mom and dad divorced, her mom took her everywhere with her. Probably a sense of desertion.

Allison looked around the room and out onto the patio surveying the scene. Paper streamers, jack-o-lanterns, candles and a table of food and drinks. The whole room was spread with cotton candy. Not really, but that's the way the Pattersons spread their spider webs. It really looked like white cotton candy-why don't people know how to do that?

Even more depressing to Allison were the costumes. They were the typical costumes you see every year. A witch, a doctor covered in blood, school girl, Devil, etc. Arggh!

Luckily as the party moved out onto the patio Allison disappeared into the media room. Yes, the Pattersons were rich. They had every luxury known to man, but they were dull and very, very straight. Once Allison even tried to imagine them having sex , but couldn't.

Allison sat on the leather couch and found the satellite channels. 512 channels and nothing on! She continued to surf. She even tried Angela at home again and on her cell phone-nothing. Damn that girl is never around and she never answers her phone! What is point of having a phone if you never answer it?

Allison turned up the TV in an attempt to drown out Mrs.. Patterson announcing the game of the evening. She was cautious not to make ti too loud or someone would notice and make her "come and play"-yuck!

"Okay , everyone!" Mrs.. Patterson began. "This year is going to be a little different. We have a built a haunted House maze and we are all going to play LazAR tag."

"Oh wow, I saw this on thirty minutes. This is great I can't believe you bought one they're so expensive." Mr. Connors chimed.

"Now, everyone has been given a gift basket..." Mrs.. Patterson said everyone a lot because if you were invited to one of their parties and came, you were expected to participate or you didn't come back next year. And that, socially could cut you out of other parties. They tell two friends and so on and so on and so on.

"In the gift basket is a gun and a small disc that let's you know when you have been hit. Everybody put on their discs. Now we are going to send you through three at a time. There are ghosts and goblins and creepy things and zombies that will pop out at you. You have to kill them before they get you. If you don't get them first they fire at you and scare the life out of you-literally. For every time that you miss they will take away three years of your life. The disc will record how many years are taken away. Don't worry for you bad players we have a supply of diapers on hand." Big laughs and nervous smiles.

"Now is everyone ready? Remember that Stan Arberson was our contest winner last year so we have to make sure he doesn't win that weekend for two again. " God these people were loaded!

"Wait" Mr.. Connors asked. "where is the transformer and storage?"

"Oh don't worry Phil, it's inside away from any interference. I saw that special too."

The first three to go through the Haunted House Maze was Mrs.. Sanders, Miss Granger and Mr.. Forsythe. Miss Granger was young and very aggressive and took the lead into the first darkened hallway.

Suddenly "Arrrggghh!" as a zombie leapt out. A quick blast from Miss Granger and down he hissed on his hydraulic arm and back into ready and set position. Then in another tunnel another surprise -a giant spider-blast. Only this time Miss Granger was not quick enough and took a hit. She then felt a little dizzy but moved on through to the next room. She was determined to be the oldest at the end of the evening.

The next room was all done in fluorescent multi colored dots. Not only that but the room was lit only by black light. This was very disorienting and everybody took a couple of hits from a camouflaged clown in the corner.

At the end as the three ran out screaming and laughing they were greeted by even more uproarious laughter from the Patterson's guests. Miss Granger was now only about eighteen and having a hard time time keeping her schoolgirl costume on, plus now she really looked the part. Mrs.. Saunders had come as a gothic vampire and was now about thirty two and now filled out her costume with a few extra curves. Mr.. Forsythe had been dressed as Robin Hood but slipped on his own tights and pointed shoes when the clown zapped him twice. He looked to be about twenty and now had a full head of hair.

The sexuality that now hung in the air was growing thick as the laughter died down and turned to wonder. These friends and neighbors had only seen pictures of their former selves. Now here they were in the flesh and looking younger and sexier. Some of the men in the group had to re-evaluate Mrs.. Sanders and some of the other men were beside themselves where Miss Granger, Angie, was concerned.

"My God she is almost illegal!" Mr.. Conner whispered to Stan, his next door neighbor. He couldn't take his eyes off of her.

The women were fascinated with Harold Forsythe but more importantly were now moving into position to go into the forbidding entrance of the Haunted House.

"Now, don't spill any of the secrets you three. Let them all discover the passageways for themselves. Okay, whose next?" Mrs.. Patterson asked innocently.

Well the clamor was enormous with slight polite nudging and pushing.

"Don't worry everyone is going through. " Mrs.. Patterson sad calmingly.

Meanwhile inside, Allison tried Angela again and continued to surf around the different stations. She had to keep turning the TV volume up because the stupid box next her kept obnoxiously buzzing and buzzing.

"What the hell is this thing, anyway?" she thought.

A couple of times she thought it was her cell phone because she had placed her cell phone on top of the buzzing box. Then she remembered she had her phone set on ring.

"Buzz, Buzz!" There it went again , man that's annoying!

Allison kept trying Angela's cell but she was getting very hot and uncomfortable.

"It's not that cold outside, do these nuts have the heat on?" she wondered to herself.

Allison continued her rhythm of surfing and calling Angela; all the while feeling more prickly with heat. It was like putting your finger into a socket. A dull tingling but not painful. Plus Allison was beginning to feel constricted. Her top was getting tighter on her and she wondered if her stupid mom had washed it in hot.

Man, she shifted in her seat again trying to adjust her ever tightening top and now sweat pants. Luckily she had kicked off her shoes earlier.

"Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz!" the box jumped again.

Allison shifted again and continued to change the channels- Halloween 2, Fright Night, Dracula- boring!

Outside the activity continued as each set of three guests exited the Haunted Maze. Some were greeted by laughter and some by "aawww" because they had been hit too many times. The score so far was that Mrs.. Patterson herself had become the youngest at around age thirteen. It seems Stan had pushed her down in order to avoid getting hit himself. He had only fared a bit better since she got him back in the clown room and he came out at around age fifteen. Lisa, Allison's mom, had ended up after her battle through the maze at around age fourteen. She was dying to go into the house and show off to Allison but knew her host would never tolerate her absence. Even though, Paula, Mrs.. Patterson, was only thirteen she still commanded her now older guests.

After all the teams had gone through it was declared that their was a tie between Angie (Miss Granger) and another neighbor John Norris. They were the oldest and the same age, so a run off was necessary to declare a winner. Angie really liked being eighteen again and the newfound attention she was attracting would be difficult to leave behind. She was still attractive at her normal age but she was really something at eighteen. She definitely felt as though she had a handle on the maze and so she agreed to go through first-alone.

What Angie had not anticipated was that the maze changed for each pass. Sometimes a Zombie would jump out and then on the next pass it would be delayed or not pop up at all.

Angie crept through the haunted maze carefully but found it difficult to concentrate and remember all the pitfalls. Moments later she emerged crying, really crying, not only from the embarrassment but also because she was now only ten. Gone was her fabulous figure and perky but full bosom. Instead she emerged gripping her tartan skirt with one hand and wiping her eyes with the other. Stan who was only twelve walked over to console her. She pushed him away momentarily releasing her grip causing even further embarrassment as both her skirt and panties feel to her ankles. She was not only completely smooth but very child like. The "men" who were watching all made an audible "whoops!" then instinctively as young boys do, averted their eyes.

Next, John Norris at age eighteen crept cautiously into the first darkened room of the maze.

Moments later a sixteen year old John emerged laughing from the exit to a cheering crowd.

"Okay, everyone" Paula chirped in her little ten year old voice, "Let's all eat and play and run around while we can; then we will all go inside and grow up again."

The next moments of the party were surreal to say the least. Neighbors and friends talked and ate and compared notes on the Haunted House Maze. They talked in a manner more befitting social adults than children. Yet there they were as children going back to their routines as adults unable to break down the wall of uninhibited play. Some children (Mainly the boys) talked about what had scared them and caught them off guard and what they had seen coming. Some of the guests even paired off into the dark corners of the garden and compared bodies and changes. The young ones especially seemed fascinated with their own bodies and took delight at pulling aside their clothing to show others around their same age. Then the other guest would return the favor.

Some guests did start to play and run around and some even suggested a second pass through the maze.

Paula said that they were welcome to do so but she would have to reset the levels. She walked over and moved the adjustment on the control panel to beginner and pressed enter.

The noise from the younger children playing eventually woke Allison up. She had drifted off watching Fright Night 2. She immediately stretched and stood up.

"Ow!" her top felt about three sizes too small and her sweat pants were cutting into her waist. As she looked down at the hem of her pants legs; which were now riding about midcalf; she got the biggest shock a girl can get! She had boobs! Having just woken up she doubted her own eyes and wondered if she was dreaming. She felt silly doing it but she pinched herself. She then slowly began to run her hands over her body. She had breasts! The words almost formed on her lips. They felt to be about a 36C. She then felt her butt, man that's big. It really wasn't but when you go to sleep at thirteen and wake up at around age thirty-it 's big.

"I'm taller too!" This she did say out loud.

Suddenly her thoughts went to mirrors. She cautiously turned and walked toward the mini bar behind the couch.

"OhmyGod! I'm old!" Allison screamed. (13 to 33 is old from a 13 year old's perspective). Allison peered into the mirror and examined her face. There were tiny lines but no hard creases. She stood back and looked her figure over. She was a woman now and possessed all the right curves in all the right places. She turned and thrust her butt toward the mirror. She thought for a moment and pulled down her pants to just below her bottom. She caressed her new firm behind then gave it a squeeze. As she was pulling up her pants she looked down at her front. It was strange to her like touching someone else. It also had hair, lots of it. As her hand brushed over it she received a beautiful tingle all through her entire body. She was a full grown virgin woman. She then turned back to face the mirror and took off her top. She almost laughed out at her small training bra. It looked like it was about to snap. She removed the tiny garment and stared. Her breasts were magnificent. Unable able to to do so she slowly massage them and squeezed them. The sensations were intoxicating.

Suddenly a chirpy voice shattered the moment "Allison, what are you doing?!" Lisa demanded in her fourteen year old voice. Allison quickly put on her top.

Allison turned to face her mother. "Allison, is that you?" Lisa asked incredulously. "What happened? What have you been doing?"

"Mom, you automatically assume that it's my fault that I must have been doing something wrong!" Alison said strongly. Allison was very taken a back with the new sound of her voice but was determined not to break her stride where her mother was concerned.

At the same time she realized that the young girl facing her was her mother but just much, much younger.

"I might as well ask you the same question" Allison remarked confidently. Allison was beginning to feel grown up too.

"Don't take that tone with me missy, we were playing a game. You would know that if you ever got involved with anything. Honestly." Lisa chirped.

A silence hung in the air as Allison contemplated her next move. She then slowly walked up to her mother and stared down into her eyes , her breasts standing directly in front of young Lisa's head.

"Well, mother dear it seems that things have changed for now so I wouldn't be mouthing off to me like you usually do." Allison stated this slowly and with meaning. It was the tone and confidence that unnerved her mother.

"Okay, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to jump all over you. Something must've happened with the game or inside the maze. I don't know but we should find out. Let's take you out to Paula, I mean Mrs.. Patterson, you know Paula." Lisa said soothingly.

"Yes, let's find Paula. " Allison answered placing her arm around her mother's shoulder. As they walked outside Allison noticed that she was a foot taller than her mother and smiled.

"Well, we know that you will grow up to be a pretty young lady now. you are really quite beautiful." Lisa remarked. As they walked through the house toward the patio Lisa explained the game and the maze and what had been happening outside. Allison merely smiled and nodded.

The scene out in the garden had gotten a little out of control. Paula had allowed some of her guests to go through the maze a second time and the yard now seemed filled with five, six and seven year olds. She didn't mind too much knowing that this would be a party that no one would soon forget. Each year the Pattersons tried to give unique and unforgettable parties for Halloween. Paula was confident this year would go down in history, so she let her guests have some extra fun. She knew that in about an hour they would all be adults again and be departing.

Meanwhile some older kids were pushing other kids daring them to go through the maze a third time. Some kids were even drinking and talking off their clothes. Some were kissing and exploring. Others were just running around screaming and throwing things.

All of this hit Allison and Lisa as they stepped out onto the patio. After a moment, Paula came over and then Frank, Mr.. Patterson, who was only eleven.

Allison smiled and felt as though she was Dorothy in munchkin land. Mr. Patterson shook his head.

"OH, this is not good, Paula. Something must've interfered with the reception and storage. Allison" he said looking way up into her eyes. "did you mess with that orange box next to the TV?"

"No. I just sat in there and watched TV and made some phone calls." Allison answered.

"On our phone?" He inquired.

"No, on my cell phone." Allison snapped. Allison's thoughts then flashed through a thousand things. She wanted to show Angela. She thought about school and boys and dates and revenge but her thoughts were interrupted.

"I knew it, You broke the storage box Allison! I can't believe you, you are so irresponsible." Lisa fumed.

"No, no Lisa it's okay I have an 800 number and technical support. It is a very sensitive machine and they set it up so they are responsible, I'll just call, I'm sure we can straighten it out..." Mr.. Patterson stopped suddenly as Allison let loose.

"Mother, that's it! I have had it. You are always trying to blame me for everything. Well you know what? I think you have forgotten what it's like to be a kid. I mean I have to go everywhere with you and be with you. I can't have any friends, and the friends I do have I have to sneak around to see them. You know why because you're stifling me mother!Well know you are going to find out what it's like to be under someone's complete control!" Allison grabbed her mother's arm and began dragging her toward the entrance of the maze.

"Dear I'm sorry, what are doing? Allison? No, don't!" Lisa pleaded.

"Get in mother, or should I start calling you Lisa, because no one is going to believe you are my mother! Now get in. You need to be taken down a few pegs. What are you now fifteen? fourteen? That's too much too handle. I want you down to spanking size!" At this final phrase Lisa's eyes widened as Allison took a step toward her mother. Lisa had been trying to maneuver her herself into a side position to run past Allison. However, when she stepped toward her instinctively Lisa had stepped back.

Mrs.. Patterson had now walked up to Allison. "Alli dear I know you're upset but this isn't going to solve anything, let's go inside and ..."

"Shut up, Paula or you are gonna be next." Allison snarled at her host. She felt powerful and alive and more importantly in control. She had quickly surveyed the yard earlier and she was easily the oldest and biggest person at the party.

"Go." Allison said as she pointed to her mother.

"Allison, I can change, I will try to listen more and.."

And with that Allison stepped forward and shoved Lisa into the first room.

Well, needless to say at this commotion the entire yard had gone silent and had come to watch the outburst. The guests slowly moved toward the exit as muffled screams emitted from inside the maze.

Luckily Lisa had found a gun inside but in her shaken state it did little to stave off the inevitable. Paula had even tried to make her way to the controller to switch the maze off. Lisa would have been stuck inside but at least she would have been safe.

Moments ticked by as Allison stood like a giant over the children at the exit. Then softly through the curtain came a whimpering.

Desperately trying to hold onto the remains of her costume Lisa padded out of the maze draped in an oversized shirt four years old.

There were no cheers or cute remarks at her appearance only silence.

Allison immediately went up to Lisa "Feel better? I know I do. Now you know that you better behave. Go over to that table and sit down and wait for me." Lisa shuffled over to the table.

"Now as for the rest of you. I want everybody dressed and inside sitting on the couch quietly in two minutes or there's gonna be trouble." Allison loved saying that.

The guests were stunned and stood motionless.

"MOVE! Or do I need to start pushing some of you through?" Allison shouted.

The guests scrambled.

It was quite a sight, kids running quietly all over the darkened yard searching for clothing then marching inside to their places.

Frank was had heard the commotion and peered out the window but stayed inside to repair the damaged unit. Reluctantly he had called technical support and explained the mishap. They had offered a solution although not an easy one.

Allison stepped into the living room to find twenty or so children sniveling and shaking. She walked past them and smiled. Mr.. Patterson, Frankie, was just hanging up the phone when she entered. He explained that the box had made a jumper connection to her cell phone and that's why she had gotten older. The box stored the years so that you could reload them to your guests at the end of the party. After a few questions, Allison walked Frankie back into the living room with the others. He offered no resistance to her commands.

Allison strode into the living room confidently and picked up a chair and placed it in front of the regressed party guests. She then called Lisa into the living room from outside. Shaking with anticipation Lisa felt her tiny body lifted up and out of her clothes. She then was laying over her own daughter's lap completely naked. A few short slaps on her behind and she was again standing on the carpet sniveling and rubbing her tiny pink bottom. (Allison didn't really spank her , just a few love taps for emphasis)

"That's for mouthing off to ME when you should have waited and not jumped to conclusions."Allison said sternly. "Are you going to behave and be a good little girl?" Allison was really enjoying this!

"Yes, Allison" Lisa squeaked.

"Yes, what?" Alison shot back.

"Yes, muh, muh, mommy." Lisa answered still sniveling.

"That's better. Now I know that all of you know me. And probably most of you think of me as a spoiled brat, well that's the way I have always seen all of you. I believe in cosmic justice and karma and believe things happen for a reason. So, this was no accident. You all act like children and now you are, very fitting. Now I want you all to sit here quietly and don't move. If you do, what will happen Lisa?"

"A 'pankin" Lisa said shyly.

"That's right. I'll be back in a few moments." Allison said.

Well you could have heard a pin drop in that room. Allison disappeared into the other room for about twenty minutes. When she returned she was holding the storage box. Then the door bell rang and one by one relatives arrived and solemnly took away their regressed parents , brothers, sisters, etc.

Allison had informed everyone of the party guests relatives. She said that if they behaved until Thanksgiving and learned to listen to their children they would be adults again. If not they would stay that way until the new year. And if they were really bad she would smash the box she was holding.

Well, this was the scariest Halloween they had ever been to and as they departed sniffing and crying and sniveling Allison smiled down at her mother and knew it was the best Halloween she had ever had. And it certainly wasn't boring!

Happy Halloween!

from Flash