Age Back


Libra and Jeff

10 year old year Eric ran from his 16 year old sister Trisha as fast as his feet could carry him. Eric hadn’t meant to open the bathroom door while his sister was standing naked in front of the bathroom mirror, but currently she wasn’t up for reasonable excuses.

Eric forgot to knock before opening the door and there was no telling what she would do to him if she caught him now. The bathrobe she wore was barely tied into place so Eric figured he lose her in the garage. It was strictly off limits to them and their father would be furious with them if either of them admitted going into his workshop area.

Eric’s dad wasn’t a techno genius or mad science inventor. Instead Universities and schools gave him failed machines and Eric’s father took them apart then sometimes tinkered with them to see if he could get them to work. The garage was large and filled with junk, but dad current project stood in the corner and was part of a time experiment so he told the family.

Eric thought about hiding in the walk in part of the machine, but it had a clear plastic revolving door to it that would seal shut if the machine was turned on. Instead Eric slid under the control panel in the reverse direction which was a far greater risk if his sister came through the doorway.

Eric’s heart was pounding fast when he heard the house door open to the garage open and someone step quietly out. Eric didn’t doubt who it was and listened hard. Apparently Trisha was doing the same then there was movement as she looked carefully behind boxes and under sheets.

Eric peeked over the edge of the control panel just has his sister stepped into the chamber of dad’s latest personal project to see if there was a hiding spot within. Eric hand touched a button on the control panel then the machine hummed into life sealing the door to the chamber.

“What the fuck!?” Trisha said turning around and seeing her brother slowly standing up at a desk with a bunch of controls on it while she was now trapped inside a clear plastic chamber half covered by a sheet. Trisha barely stepped into the chamber when she realized her mistake in thinking it had more to it since the walls were made from clear plastic. It gave the illusion with the sheet on top and the dim garage that one could walk behind it.

“Sis, it was an accident. I just needed to pee. ” Eric said standing up fully and seeing that his sister was trapped for the moment.

“Let me out of here you little perv. ”Trisha said trying to push on the door and finding it seal shut. Above her a strange set of light bulbs and wires were slowly getting brighter.

“I wonder what this does.” Eric said adjusting a dial in front of him to see if a scare tactic could convince his sister in promising no threats against him. Trisha had teased and taunted him for years. It was a rare treat for Eric to get the upper hand.

Trisha felt something odd as the lights above her reach seemed to flicker a little then there was a slight pain. Trish felt her robe get tight then it was over. When she looked down at herself something felt funny and opening the robe only a little her breasts were bigger. The robe itself looked faded if washed one too many times.

“Hey, you look like mom. ” Eric said seeing a now much older sister staring at her more mature body then noticing a slight height difference.

“Eric, let me out of here.” Trisha said in a voice that was deeper with more a female tone to it then she was use too.

“Creepy, you even sound a little like mom. ” Eric said then turned the dial a bit more sharply than he did before and Trisha screamed in pain and went down to her knees.

The robe fell to tatters and Trisha attempted to use the remains to cover herself up, but she stopped herself to look at her wrinkled hands then put one hand across her sagging breasts.

“Whoa, you’re old now. ” Eric said looking up to a woman not much younger then grandma using one arm to cover her sagging breasts.

“Please Eric. Make me young. It hurts to be this old. ” Trisha begged.

Eric turned the dial the other way and soon teenage Trisha was standing up in the chamber with her left hand covering her lower privates and her right arm across her breasts.

Eric didn’t stop there. If he left her at her teen age and set her free she shove him into the chamber through physical force and reduce him into a baby for sure. Eric knew his sister always got her revenge one way or another.

“Eric, I’m young enough let me out. ” Trisha said already getting younger as Eric slowly turned the dial down for his own pleasure at watching his mean sister dwindle down.

“Yeah right, then your stick me in there and watch me turn into a baby. ” Eric answered and turned the dial knob a little slower just to watch Trisha getting younger.

Trisha watched as she went from being 14 years old to skinny 12 year old girl with cone shaped breasts. Trisha didn’t bother with covering herself now, but used both hands to pound on the plastic door then attempt to push it open.

“I let you see me naked anytime you want. Please I’m not mad anymore. Change me back!” Trisha yelled her voice getting higher as she got younger and younger.

“Gross, I never wanted to see you naked in the first place because you’re my sister. ” Eric answered knowing he couldn’t stop there.

“Eric, Please! I don’t want to be a little girl again. I’m your big sister. ” Trisha screamed with tears in her eyes at the lost of her womanly curves.

“Yeah, a really big mean big sister who teased and taunted me. I think I make a better big brother you see. ” Eric answered back and watched as his once big sister reduced to a sobbing little girl. Now fast approaching Kindergarten age again.

Her nakedness didn’t bother him in the slightest because there was nothing to see now. It was like looking at a tall skinny baby girl.

“I don’t want to be a baby!” Trisha wailed actually went down on her butt to give the door a serious of drumming kicks in a tantrum.

Trisha sat there as baby fat returned to her body and her limbs grew shorter. Trisha knew she was a toddler now and prepared herself to shrink down into a baby. She closed her eyes for the worst when she reopened them.

The machine shut off and Trisha blinked her eyes open to see she wasn’t a helpless baby, but still a little toddler. Slowly she stood up saw she could stand on her own so Eric didn’t reduce her to crawling around on her hands and knees.

“I show you some mercy baby sister. You look like Cousin Katie now. ” Eric said and press the button to open the door then Eric went over the doorway of the chamber to look down on his new baby sister.

“Katie is two. ” Trisha said and was surprised by her babyish sounding voice then she started to sniffle again at what she had lost in the past few minutes.

“There there. ” Eric said picking her up with some degree of effort and patted her on the back like he seen mom do with Katie when she started to fuss. Katie’s extra playpen was still setup in the living room in the corner nearly all the time now.

Eric carried his new baby sister inside and took her into the living room where he lay her down on the sofa. Beside the playpen there were diapers and even spare clothes kept in the bag for Katie’s weekend visits. Eric grabbed a diaper and footed sleeper outfit and put them on Trisha.

Trisha wanted to protest this treatment, but in her own mind she couldn’t think what she could wear at the moment.

The diaper and outfit was a little baggy so Trisha guessed her age to be somewhere over the age of a year old baby or just under being 2 years old since Katie recently turned 2 years old herself.

"A year and a half old. ’ Trisha thought as Eric finished zipping up her warm footed sleeper.

“Will you make me older later?” Trisha asked in a begging tone.

“Hmmm, if you’re nice to me and a good girl I consider it. ” Eric said having too much fun with the reversed roles. He then placed her in the playpen.

Eric turned on the TV then put in a movie Finding Nemo and left the living room for Trisha to enjoy the beginning of the movie until he return.

Eric went up the steps to used the bathroom then stepped into his sister’s room without fear for the first time in a long time. Curious he looked in the closet and drawers of the dresser first finding little of interest. The most interesting thing he found was a wooden box tucked under the bed.

Eric opened it up and found little plastic bags and strange little cigarettes that looked like small white rolled up cigars, but much thinner. Eric left the box open on the bed then looked between the mattresses to find a diary his sister wrote in from time to time.

Eric flipped though it then placed it back in-between the mattress feeling that he didn’t find anything he considered very important.

Eric went back downstairs and sat on the sofa as the movie was just getting to the part where little Nemo gets kidnapped. Eric fell asleep and only woke up when his mother came through the front door with his father behind her. The movie credits rolling by on the TV screen.

“Hey Son, Is Aunt Kathy here?” His mother asked and looked at the baby in the playpen now standing up while holding onto the rail.

“No, that’s not Katie. That is Trisha. ” Eric said and watched as the baby nodded. Then Eric launched into the story how Trisha accidently ended up in dad’s latest side project. At first his parents didn’t believe him then Trisha spoke up showing more brain power then a toddler of her age could show.

“Mommy, Eric made me into a baby. Change me back to a teenager then change him into a baby. ” Little Trisha demanded now seeing she could have the upper hand with mom on her side.

“Trisha!? That is you. ” Trisha’s mom said then went over to the playpen and picked up her daughter to cradle against her body.

“Mom!” Trisha protested at being treated like a real baby.

Trisha’s father was busy questioning Eric with a few more questions.

Then both their parents asked many questions and then decided that Trisha should be restored much to Eric’s protest.

“Just be glad young man we have decided your punishment is dividing your age in half. Care to see what half of five is? ” His mother threaten and looking forward to having her son reduce to a cute 5 year old boy again.

His father went upstairs to grab some clothes for Trisha and Eric went with his mom with Trisha on her hip out to the garage for his punishment.

Eric didn’t say a word in fear his mother would move the dial a little bit more just to have him back in a diaper.

A minute later Eric had been a normal 10 year old boy then he stepped out of his pants as his shirt dropped down nearly to his 5 year old knees with his mother looking far taller and more scarier then Eric could remember.

“Now young man. It’s past your bedtime so I want you in the bathroom taking a bath then straight to bed. You’re spending the rest of the year like this so I want you obey all the rules. ” Eric’s mother ordered and Eric walked back into the house passing his father as he went. Eric noticed his father was carrying that wooden box from Trisha’s room. Eric didn’t stay fearing his parents would get even madder at him.

“Trisha, you mind explaining this?” Her father asked stepping into the garage and Trisha’s eyes went wide at the sight of her dirty little secret she kept hidden under her bed.

“Are those joints?” Her mother asked and looked at her daughter.

Trisha looked at her mother then at her father and started to cry.

“I’m sorry. I won’t smoke any more weed. Please mommy, make me older. ” Trisha said in her sobbing terror she had been so close in being restored back into a teenager.

“You know I think a year as mommy’s little girl is fitting punishment. Don’t you think daddy? ” Trisha’s mother asked her husband.

“A whole year in diapers, playpens and we call your sister for her crib. Katie is old enough for a toddler’s bed now. ” Her father answered and watched as his wife flipped over their daughter and started spanking her.

“I didn’t raise some a drug addict. ” Her mother said spanking her daughter for the first time in over ten years.

Trisha found herself back in the playpen with a fresh diaper and a stinging butt. When her parents returned they used the machine themselves taking turns and both of them barely looked a day over 25 years old.

Over the year Trisha faced endless diapers changes done by her parents and Aunt Kathy. They gave her baths in the kitchen sink with Katie in full view of the entire family then let them run naked about the house whenever a diaper rash developed.

The absent teenage Trisha caused her boyfriend to text a message that he was dumping her and Trisha spent a few nights being babysat by a few of her friends without them knowing who she really was. Trisha didn’t think she could stand her friends knowing they had to change her diapers so she acted like a baby whenever they came over.

Trisha happily played with Katie when Aunt Kathy came to visit. Eric became the nicest big brother and did all he could to help her. Even after their parents allow him to age back to a ten year old again for good behavior. Sometimes Aunt Kathy had Eric join his sister in babyhood so she could give them a bath all the same time or serve them ice cream or candy. Eric had to admit he liked the sheer size of ice cream scoops and candy from a toddler’s point of view. Aunt Kathy always changed him back before his parents got home.

Eric remembered the week when Aunt Kathy was a baby so she could play with her daughter and form a deeper bond so his mother explained to him.

Trisha curled up in her playpen sucking her thumb as she settled down for an afternoon trying to figure how long she had left on her punishment. Recently Trisha was having trouble tracking time and she couldn’t remember anything past elementary school. Every day Trisha was finding it easier just being mommy’s little girl again. Trisha closed her eyes and went to sleep.

“You know I like to have just one more week with my baby. ” Trisha’s mother said to her husband looking at the diaper clad baby girl in the playpen. Tonight was the last night of her punishment and there was some concern since Trisha was losing her education. Previous experiments proved once aged back the person would regain their full memories. Remembering when Aunt Kathy had spent some time in diapers so she could bond with her daughter on a deeper level.

“Why not just keep her as a baby? You noticed that her mind is slowly regressing the longer we keep her as a baby. The kids don’t fight anymore and Eric makes a better big brother then Trisha did as a big sister. All of Katie’s old toys and clothes will go to Trisha so we have to do is put Trisha's teenage stuff in storage. I suspect when she gets older she will start to remember her old life. ” Trisha’s father asked and like his wife enjoyed having his little girl back again.

“She always envy and been jealous of Eric. Sometimes I think we waited too long to have a second child. I didn’t think a 6 year old wouldn’t mind having a baby sibling in the house. Remember the fits she used to throw whenever we had to see to her baby brother over her? ” Trisha’s mother asked remembering the past.

“Oh I remember. Spankings and timeouts seem to do so little good. This time around she is the baby of the family and will get all the devoted attention a baby desires. Even Eric likes having her as his baby sister. Did you know Aunt Kathy gets him to help with the babysitting duties? He been changing diapers and even given the girls baths. I can’t be sure, but I even suspect Aunt Kathy puts Eric in the machine and he joins his sister in babyhood from time to time for fun. ” Trisha's father explained and noticed his son’s behavior change toward babies. He was becoming a good big brother to Trisha and devoted Uncle to Katie.

“I guess you’re right. ” Trisha’s mother said and went back to watching the movie as she curled up next to her husband. Thanks to the machine they could stay young and have more children since they have rekindle their love life.

Later on that night Trisha was crying and screaming in her crib. When her mother’s gentle voice calmed her down enough to talk too.

“What is it honey?” Trisha’s mother asked picking up her daughter from her crib.

“Bad dream. ” Trisha answered and curled up on her mother’s lap as she took her seat in a rocking chair. Her mother’s robe falling open a little to expose her slightly enlarged breasts.

“You remember the dream?” Trisha’s mother asked.

“I was big and had bumps like you. I was getting smaller and smaller and no one help me. ” Trisha explained as best her little mind could in her current state. There was a part of her that knew she was supposed to be a teenage girl by now. Now she was the center of all attention and she enjoyed it. Part of her fear going back to a teenager because the very thought of driving a car or having sex again terrified the now little girl.

“You were like mommy. Remember we told you that you were bad and daddy’s machine made you little so you could be a good girl again? ” Trisha’s mother explained. She had decided to remind her daughter of the truth.

“I don’t wanna be a big girl. I’m mommy’s baby. ” Trisha said in a sulky tone and laid her head on her mother’s breasts. Teenage part of her mind was screaming to be changed back, but that side of her was becoming a whisper now.

“Your always be my little girl no matter how old you are. ” Trisha’s mother said her eyes ready to release tears.

“Mommy, can I have some special milk?” Trisha asked and her mother let one side of her robe fall away to expose one of her breasts. The constant contact with babies had triggered her breasts to produce breast milk again. In their most private moments she had breast fed her daughter.

“Here you go sweetie. You know daddy’s machine can keep you as a baby. You never have to grow up until you’re ready. ” Trisha’s mother explained and her daughter grinned at the thought she could stay as mommy’s baby for a long time. Deep inside her mind a teenage Trisha screamed and ranted, but in the end she only became a series of night terrors for her younger self to deal with.

The End