Age Game Part 01

By Max

One day after school, Rachel, Janet and Sandy walked with Debbie to her home. The four of them were 10 years old and going at the same grade. Debbie and Janet were very close as Sandy and Rachel. Even so the four hang out sometimes, Debbie and Janet looked at the other two like two tails and not as their friends.

Once in her room, Debbie said “I bring all of you here because I want to play a game with you with my new card pack that Janet and I bought the other day”.

Debbie searched in her drawer and found the pack. She gave it to Sandy and Rachel while she exchanged a malicious smile to Janet.

“I don’t look it any different at other packs”, said Rachel.

“Yeah!, It look like ordinary pack to me”, said Sandy.

“Oh no, you have to play to discover what is different”, said Janet hiding her enthusiastic.

“OK, chat is over. Let’s play memory”, said Debbie.

Debbie mixed the cards and put them in 9 rows and 6 files.

“Well the girl who pick up less cards will be out of the game. Understand?” said Debbie.

The three girls nodded their heads and the game began. In less that 5 minutes the game was over.

“It’s time to see who is the looser: Janet had 7 pairs, Rachel had 5 pairs, Sandy had 7 pairs and I had 8 pairs. It looked like Rachel is out of the game”, said Debbie with a evil grin.

“I feel weird, girls. Maybe I should go to home” said Rachel holding her forehead.

“You are not going anywhere. You are in home now. You’ll see, what made this cards different is that the looser of the game had to give her age to the rest of the players” laughed Debbie.

“You must be kidding right?. There is no way I can give you my age” replied Rachel.

“Better take a look at yourself” pointed Janet at her loosing blouse.

Rachel screamed in panic. The room was getting bigger and bigger before her eyes. She started to shrink in her clothes.

“Please, Sandy help me!!!” yelled the now 5 years old Rachel.

“Stop whatever are you doing Debbie, this isn’t funny” demand Sandy.

“I can’t stop it if I could. Now Rachel’s age is filling our bodies and making us older” replied Debbie.

Debbie and Janet were moaning from their changes.

“I can feel my boobs ready to appear”, said Janet

“Look at me, I have bumps”. Delighted with her changes, Debbie tore off her blouse to show up her new assents.

Meanwhile Sandy hold the now 1 year Rachel as her regression finally stopped.

“I promised you Rachel that I will find the way to restored you, just please hold on for a few minutes” said Sandy

Using her small hand, Baby Rachel reached Sandy’s nipple trough the blouse and pressed it. Sandy moaned at the feeling of her new sensitivity nipples. She opened her blouse and found that she had bumps too, but hers were bigger than Debbie’s. She was looking at them when Rachel reached her nipple for the second time but this time was with her mouth. The sensation was out of this world.

Sandy quickly closed her blouse before Debbie or Janet would see her in that position. Fortunately both girls were too busy looking at her 13 years old bodies.

“OK Debbie, you have fun and now restore Rachel to her age” demand Sandy standing up.

The others girls were shocked. The four of them were almost the same height, now Sandy looked like 6 inches taller than then. Sandy seeing their surprise faces she notices her height too. She was happy to know that in the future she will be taller than they, maybe then she will show them a lesson or two, but right now Rachel was her fist concert.

“Well Sandy, is you want to restore Rachel you must have another play with us”, said Debbie.

“No way. If I lose, I will be a little baby like Rachel”, said Sandy

“But if you don’t she will have to grow up all over again, because only the final winner can undone the changes. It’s your choice”, said Debbie.

Looking at Rachel so innocent and so helpless, Sandy took the only decision that she could take. “I’m in”.

“Good, because this was our first goal after all”, said Debbie.

“What are you saying?” asked Sandy

“We had planned took yours and Rachel’s age. With your combined ages we will be 19 years old and we can be free to do what we want”, laughed Janet.

Sandy horrified at the plan. But she knew that she didn’t have other option to save her best friend.

“Before we started, Janet and I had bought new clothes to try out in our older forms” said Dabbie.

The two girls undressed until be completely naked. From Debbie’s closet, Janet took a blue dress with kneel skirt, Debbie for other hand took a pair of jeans and a green top with the logo ‘Don’t touch’. Both girls also bought lingerie. Janet hooked her C-cup bra around her bumps and put the dress on, no underwear. Debbie put her underwear and the rest of her clothes on but left the bra with a D on the label in the bed

“Well let’s begin. I need a bra to fill” giggle Debbie.

She put the cards as the last time. This time the game ended after 8 minutes and the count was made.

“Janet had 8 pairs, Sandy had 9 pairs and I had 10 pairs”, sadly said Debbie.

“No I can’t lose, please deal again before ... nnooooo!!” screamed Janet.

Her small bumps melted in her chest while she was aging back to her former age. Sandy watched amazed how Janet disappear in the dress as her own body began to tear her school’s clothes.

“This feels so good” exclaimed Debbie as her female curves began to appear, soon her over size jean was being filled with more and more of her curves, her top started to stretch to give place as her growing breasts.

Meantime Janet cried of frustration. She was sinking in her new clothes and the big bra was now hanging over. Sandy stretched her grow body, this moment tore off the remain of her girly clothes. She stood totally naked in front of Janet and took her away from the oversize dress. Just at her 5 years old, Janet shouted up at feel very intimated at how easily Sandy hold her in the air while she removed the bra of her. Sandy was now a 17 years old with a still developing sexy body, her height was now 5’ 6 and still growing.

“Don’t cry Janet, this was your idea, not mine. But I sure you that I will enjoy your age” said Sandy.

She hooked the Janet’s bra and enjoyed the feeling of caressing her C-cups breasts, “And I will take your dress too. I can’t go around naked. I could be arrest for showing such killer body”.

Sandy took from the floor the blue dress with an aloud cry of disapproval of Janet.

“I like being grown up. With this curves I could be a model” said Debbie watching how her body had fill her clothes. At 19 years old she had become a 5’ 5 pretty young woman. Her butt was pressing tight the back of her jeans while the words of her top was distorted for her breast.

“Well I think that the nature didn’t give me enough” sadly Debbie watched at her breasts. She was a C-cup. “I will return this bra to the store tomorrow morning”.

“If you don’t want it, I will take it. Thanks”. Sandy took the bra.

Debbie was astonished. Sandy was huge, at least 6’ 2 and with a very developed body. The skirt of the dress look like a mini on her.

“This bra is killing me”, said Sandy removing the tight bra off. Her breasts swung free making Debbie jealous. Sandy hooked Debbie’s bra on her. “Is still tight, but at least I can breath”.

After raising the straps of her dress, Sandy adjusted her breasts. Her cleavage was amazing and thanks to her height and Janet’s exhibitions, she didn’t had underwear and Debbie could saw perfectly the tick bush of Sandy’s pussy and the prominent cheeks of her ass pushing the skirt up.

“Now Debbie, tell me exactly what these card do?” said Sandy taking the cards in her hands and demanding an explanation.

“Janet and I founded in an antique store. An old man told us that is you play a game with them, the loser will give 18 years of age to the rest of the players, or until reached 1 year old”

“So, you planned make Rachel and I babies while you and Janet spend the day as adults”

“That was the plan. You’ll see, we always chat with older boys, and when we found the cards the opportunity was unique. So, we got a date for this afternoon with a pair of handsome twins and by the end of the day we would restore you”

“And how we can restore them” Sandy pointed the two infants playing with their thumbs.

“It’s easy. When the game ends with only one winner, it means the one with all the transfer years of the players, this person can decide what to do with them”

“So if we played a game and the winner wish to restore the ages…”

“… the ages will be restore”

“OK then, this time we will play a hand of poker”

“What? I know that you are upset of what happen to Rachel but now you are a grown up girl. You can go with me in the place of Janet. Believe me Sandy, this guys are totally hunk”

“Will you leave at you best friend to go out with some guys?”

“Of course”

“You make me sick” said Sandy and using her height she overpower Debbie and sat her in the bed.

“We will play a hand of poker and everything will be at the way it should” concluded Sandy dealing cards to Debbie.

The minutes passed and the girls were ready for the final moment.

Debbie picked up her last card and with a big smile she said, “You had your chance Sandy and you loosed it. You could be went out with me and experience the feeling of being an adult, but instead you preferred to save your friend. To be honest with you, Janet and I wouldn’t restore you, in fact we planned to be adults and sell you to an infertile couple. Thanks to you, Janet will be 19 and you will have to start over again. Sorry”

Then Debbie showed her pairs of twelve and elevens to Sandy.

“It seems that you have all well planned Debbie. I presumed that you had contact the adoption couple adoption agency, hadn’t you?”

“I just have to call at the number next to phone and you will gone from our lives. And guess what?. They paid us 1 000 dollars for the both of you. Isn’t amazing or what” laughed Debbie.

“I’m impressed. You had planned everything except one thing”.

“And what it would be?”

“That you could loose” said Sandy throwing four aces and three kings.

The tingling sensation started to invaded Debbie’s body. Soon her top started to deflate and her jeans began to fall at the lack of curves. For the other hand Sandy face looked more mature as her body assented her womanly shape.

“I didn’t think that you were so bad Debbie, maybe this time you will grow more gentle” said Sandy.

“I don’t want to be a baby, please don’t let me in this way”, Debbie’s clothes started to cover her as she was reaching the 8 years old, she was only at the height of Sandy’s belly.

The expression of humiliation in Debbie face and the feeling of being so strong and huge to her, made Sandy felt an intoxicating warmth between her legs, especially when she saw that Debbie was reaching the height of her womanhood.

She was enjoying it and decided to finish Debbie before she couldn’t understand her. Sandy picked up her like she done with Janet

“And thanks for you plan. Rachel and I will go out with the twins and we will use the 1 000 dollars wisely. Thanks Debbie for this, you are a great friend”.

“NNNOOOOooooo” screamed Debbie and then cried when she reached the one year old.

Sandy put little Debbie next to Janet and picked up Rachel. She sat in the bed and lowered the straps of her dress and bra.

“Now that I’m an adult, maybe I could give you what you want earlier”.

Exposing one of her breasts, she guided Rachel’s mouth to her erect nipple. Rachel immediately began to suck.

“Yes little Rachel, now you are my baby and Big Sandy will give you some tidy. Suck hard my huge nipple with you tiny mouth” purred Sandy as she fingered her pussy at the rhythm of Rachel’s suck.

“OOHH!!! please baby …. suck hard. Oohhh, ……, aaahhhhh….. I had never ….. felt like this … my entire life, …. it’s like …. my body was on fire…. I don’t know why …. but my pussy is getting moist…. and wet, ….and suddenly ….I want to piss” moaned Sandy as she fingered herself more quickly.

“I will explode!!…. , please Rachel,… suck at your mommy’s nipples, …. suck me more…. don’t stop, … more hard …. yes, … in that way …., harder … harder…. OOOHHH YYESSSS!!!!!” screamed Sandy falling in the bed as her first orgasm hit her with an uncontrollable force.

After a few minutes of relax, Sandy woke up and sawing the clothes of Debbie she though “This is a small dress for my body, and those clothes will cover me better”.

Sandy striped off the dress and removed the bra. She was happy that even at the age of 37 her bust was firm and perky. With some difficulty she could wear the clothes, they were little too, but this time she was able to stand in public. The letters of the top were distortion for her prominent chest and even her butt was stretching the jean seems, she was able to button it, because she had a tiny waist.

“Well Rachel, its time that you enjoyed me in the world of the adults, as the winner of the game I give you 18 years”

Before her eyes Rachel aged, in matter of seconds she went from a toddler to a 4 years old girl. Sandy was now feeling more energetic as her young was restored.

“This feeling is like being in an elevator”, said Rachel as she was growing bigger and bigger, soon she reached her true age and passed it. She scratched her chest, “My nipples are extremely hard” Rachel was surprise as her nipples got away of her chest pushed by her growing bumps.

“This is wonderful, I am a teenager” said Rachel as she reached the 15 years old.

“I’m glad to be young again” said Sandy watching her skin became smooth and soft. Her breast and butt raised a little.

“Look at me Sandy, I’m now a woman”, purred Rachel when she finally reached the 19 years old. Her body had matured giving her a perky C-cup bust and shapely long legs. Unfortunately she was only 5’ 4 and she became a little shy of being nude before her well endowment friend.

“Here, take this dress and this C-cup bra, with that you could show you beautiful legs” said Sandy throwing the clothes to her.

Rachel blushed for her comment and quickly started to get dress. When she finished, Rachel was outstanding. With her hair at her shoulder level, the dress was showing perfectly Rachel attributes.

Her cleavage was impressive, her waist was perfect and her long legs gave her a hot look.

Both girls exchange comments of her new bodies and Sandy told Rachel about the plan of her baby friends and they decide to accomplish it.

At eight o’clock, a no-longer-virgin Sandy return to home with 500 dollars in her pocket and left the deck of cards on the stand next to the door.

She was walking upstairs when her mother yelled her from the bathroom.

“Where you had being all this time Sandy, I was worry about you” she said.

“Oh don’t worry mom I was in Debbie home all the afternoon”, she replied thinking in the different ways that she and Rachel had sex with the twins, in couples, trios, all at the same time. All this memories were getting horny again.

“You don’t sound well honey. Do you had a flu or something?” asked her mom getting out of the bath.

Sandy quickly hided in her bedroom and yelled “I had nothing wrong mom, but when you return we will had a little chat”

“OK Sandy. I will back at 11 o’clock I think”

“Had a good time”

“Thanks” said her mom “… and now where I leave the cards, I can’t play poker without them”.

The she saw the deck over the stand. “These aren’t my cards, but I hadn’t other option. It’s too late!!”

She threw the deck in her purse and closed the door.

Age Game Part 02

By Max

Margaret got to her friend’s house at 8:30 pm. She rang the bell and her friend opened the door.

“Margaret!, we were waiting for you”, she hugged her “let me see you, you hadn’t change a bit since our last game”.

Margaret blushed of her comments, “Of course I had change Pam, it had been a year since the last game. Are Rebecca and Dana in?” she asked. “Naturally. We got some whisky and all the ice you can ask” Pam said closing the door behind her.

It was now 10 years since the four women ended the university. From that day they met every year in Pam’s house to play a hand of poker and remember the old times. Pam was the youngest of the group, she was 34 years old, then was Margaret with 36 years old, then Rebecca with 37 and finally Dana with 38 years old.

The four women sat around the table. Margaret took the cards from her purse and the game began.

“How is your son Dana?, I hear that he is very good in football at the school” asked Pam changing one card.

“Yes, he is just like his father. Michael is so proud of him, maybe in two more years he’ll win a scholarship for the university” said Dana changing three cards.

“The children grow so fast. I remember changing diapers, spending nights feeding Tomas until he felt sleep, and now he’ll go to high school next year. And how is your daughter Sandy, Margaret?” asked Rebecca changing two cards.

“She is fine. She likes the school and spent all the day with her friends. And what about you Pam? When will you be the Mrs. Silvergate?” asked Margaret changing four cards.

“I don’t know. Jim is very shy and I told him that if by the end of the year he hadn’t asked my hand, he will lose all of this” said Pam caressing her very well endowment body. “I maybe had 34 years old, but I still look as hot as in my twenties. Don’t you agree girls?” said Pam with a sexy voice. All the presents nodded.

“Well girls I bet 20 dollars” said Dana. “I pay your 20 and add 20 more” said Rebecca. “I pay 40 and add 30 more” said confidently Pam. “This is too much for me girls, and with this cards it’s impossible to win, I walked out” said Margaret.

Leaving her cards on the table, Margaret stood up and went to the bathroom. “That was too quick, I thought that maybe this time I’ll win” she said washing her face “In all this years I never won anything from this games, well I always have the next year”. Using the towel she dried her face and started to comb her hair “It’s funny how being in company of my old friends bring me back to the days of my youth. I feel so alive right now, almost as my days of cheerleader”.

Margaret continued combing her hair and she felt it strange. “My hair is so soft, I guess the new shampoo really made what it promised and its darker too” then she looked at her hand it was… smoother? .

Margaret turned on the light and looked at them “My hands!” She looked at her arms and they were smoother too. With scare, she touched her face and she couldn’t find the wrinkles that she discovered the last week. “What’s is going on?”

She looked at the mirror, “It can’t be. It can’t be” she said to herself “I’m younger again. I must be twenty years old”

Exactly, she was 18 years old and she was now younger than her own daughter. There will be some changes in her home from now on, but that is other story.

“It’s amazing. My breasts is again round and perk”, she quickly undressed and find that her body was totally restored to her glory cheerleader past.

“Wait until the other girls look at me”, she stepped out and froze at the look of her friends, they were showing a few gray hairlines. She stayed aside to watch what would happen now.

“I raise the bet to 100 dollars” said Rebecca,

“This is to much for me” said Dana throwing her cards “You two had empty me. I will go home now”.

Dana got up and walked to the door. Margaret was astonished, while Dana was walking the gray lines started to vanish and her brunette hair was restore. “Her hair is getting darker, she must me regressing like me” thought Margaret.

When Dana reached the door she was 26 years old. “Bye Margaret see you next year” she said and closed the door. Because Margaret was stand in a dark corner, Dana couldn’t see her changes.

Margaret returned her look to her remaining friends and in front of her eyes they started to age. Wrinkles appeared in both faces, their hairs filled with gray lines, as their skins began to dry.

“I don’t understand what is happening” thought Margaret “First I got a lot young and my friends got a little old, then Dana got young as Rebecca and Pam got old, if this continue the next change will be a little young and a lot old, but who will be the next?” asked Margaret to nobody in particular.

“I pay for see your cards”, said Rebecca “Look and cry baby” said Pam holding three queens and a pair “You won this time, but be ready for the next year” said Rebecca holding her purse.

Margaret hided in the bathroom and Rebecca thought that she left without saying good-bye. From the bathroom she saw Rebecca returned to her actual age, and even a little young before closing the door. Her fears were right; at soon as Rebecca left, Pam started to get old at an incredible speed.

Pam’s blonde hair turned totally white. She was wearing a reveling cleavage, and trough it Margaret saw her breasts lose the battle against gravity; her tight jeans lose its shape as her ass sagged. She started to shrink in size as her back arched.

The now 67 years old Pam decided that it was better if she seat in the sofa near to the window. Margaret left the bathroom and sat next to Pam.

“Are you OK?” asked Margaret “Not really, I don’t know why I feel so tired now. It’s hard even stay awake. I need some rest” said Pam.

Margaret was really worried about the health of Pam. “It all began when I lose the game, then it repeated when Dana lose, and then Rebecca. Somehow we don’t just lose money, we lose years and Pam had won all of them. That’s why she is so old. She had the years we lose” thought Margaret.

Without doubt she took the cards and walked to the kitchen. She opened the garbage can and put the cards in the bottom.

“Even if I lose my young, it’s a small price to pay for the healthy of my friend” said Margaret as she left a match turn the cards in flames.

Resting in her sofa, Pam could see a hooker stand in the corner. She was wearing a mini skirt and a tight top.

“What is happening in this world?” said Pam “What a pathetic way to earn money. She just exposes her young body like merchandise for the men. She don’t have too much to offer with her teenager body. She must not be older that 16 years old! I would like to see if in her fifties she still get some men” laughed Pam before fell sleep.

“If I don’t get a client fast, I will died from freezing” said the hooker, then she felt a pressure in her chest, she looked down and saw her breasts began to inflate under her top. A warm sensation took over her as her body began to grow, her ass was exposed as her cheeks expanded and her waist shrank. She felt how her body was growing into a voluptuous one.

A car parked near to the corner. The window rolled down “Are you free tonight babe” said a voice from inside. Walking sensually with her new long legs she rest her arms in the window showings her growing D-cup breast. “Of course honey, and with the right price you could have it all”, she said taking a few steps back to show her exposed cheeks. “Tell me your price” said the man. She rested her arms over the window again and started to think how much money she could get with her new body.

The man was more than satisfied for seeing her beautiful breasts; they were so big, so white, and so full of veins. “Veins??” yelled the man.

The hooker down her face to the window “Is something wrong honey?” she asked.

“You’re a freak. I get out of here” the man pushed the pedal and the car ran out of sigh.

“What a weird guy. How he could let pass a body like this” said the hooker looking at her body and she scream of the horror. She looked at her once prominent chest to found two pair of water balloons hanging in her top. Veins and wrinkles covered her legs. She saw her hair and it was white for parts. The hooker ran like a crazy and disappeared in the shadows of the night.

Margaret was happy with the fact that the just ashes were in the places of the cards, but it would work? It was a way to know.

She returned to the living room and saw that Pam’s youth was restore. “Destroying the cards was the solution” she though, “I had lucky that the change didn’t affect me. It looks like I finally was the winner this time” she smiled.