The Accident

By Max

My older sister and I were arguing every day. We’d fight for the TV, the stereo, and for any entertainment appliance in the house. I would be watching my cartoons and she would take the remote and put her pop videos in.

"Go away Sherry. I need to see this new look that Kevin has" she said to me.

My sister was fifteen years old, and I was 6, making her 9 years older than me. So if she took the TV, I only cried.

"Oh it's impossible to listen while you are crying. Tell mom that I'll be at Tina's house"

She left the house so I went down the stairs to my mom's lab. She was working on her formula as usual. She was obsessed to find a way to accelerate the growing cycle of vegetables. If her formula worked, then global hunger could be solved.

She was mixing many colored liquids in a bottle. I saw her concentrating very hard on the mixing, so I entered the lab very quietly. When I reached out, I took her arm and said "Mom?"

My mom screamed from the surprise dropping much of the red liquid into the bottle of chemicals. The mixture started to boil. "Sherry, look out!!" was all I could hear before a big explosion knocked me out.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the body of my mom on the floor, her face turn to the wall. I tried to stand up, but I felt like I just exited from a roller coaster so I fell again. I thought maybe the explosion had confused my senses. So I crawled to my mother.

When I reached her, I turned her over. I couldn't believe my eyes; she was an old lady! Her hair was now gray; her face was full of wrinkles. I then took a moment to look to myself. I had changed too. My hair was passing my shoulders, my legs and arms were longer and I felt happy when I saw that I had breasts, well bumps to be honest. I had grown in such a way that I tore apart my pants and ripped off my shirt.

"Sherry?" said mom. "Yes mom, I'm here with you! Are you alright?"

"Oh my baby”, she rattles in an old woman’s voice” we were exposed to the formula, you must help me the antidote"


"Because I designed the formula to accelerate the aging process almost 53 000 times"

"And that means?”

"That for every ten minutes you’ll age one year"


"No, its not so cool. Because when a subject is affected by the formula, their initial years would at least double"

"That’s why you look so old" "Exactly, I must be in my eighties by now more than twice my age, while you look and must be 12 years-old. But in humans, the aging will likely continue, perhaps in spurts, I’m just not sure! Sherry I need to ask a big favor of you. You must go to the office where I work. There is a lab there too. I will call Henry. He's the lab assistance. I'll try to explain to him about our problem and I need you to get me some chemicals"

"How can I get there?"

"Go to my purse and take 20 dollars for the cab, put on some of your sister's clothes and go as fast as you can! If you toke more than an hour and a half, I might die" "I back soon mom, just hang in there".

I left my mom in the lab and went to my sister's room. I searched through her clothes and I chose her gym suit. Even so, it was hanging loose on me but I decide to wear it, because if I was still aging at least I'll be dressed.

When I finally left the house I must have been 14 years old. My hair was longer as where my legs and arms; my breasts grew a little as well, maybe to fill an A-cup.

The cab arrived 10 minutes later, and by that time I was 15 years old.

When I arrived, I ran to the lab and found Henry. He was 21 years old. "Hi Henry, I'm Sherry. My mom said that she was going to call you"

"Yes she did, but I found her story very hard to believe"

I was about to say something when I felt strange. My whole body started to tingle, and I saw my world began to shrink before my eyes. "You, You’re growing!!!" yelled Henry.

He was right, as I was growing fast. First I had been at his chest level, then at his neck level. My chest began to hurt. The cause was clearly evident as my breasts were growing very fast. My suit started to tight against my body as my female curves were developing. But as suddenly as started, it stopped.

"Whoa!!. You must have passed a growth spurt. You looked 16 years old now", said Henry who was staring at my new B-cup bust.

"Now will you believe us? Please give me the pills that my mom needs now"

"Of course, just give me a few minutes"

"OK, but hurry".

The time passed and I suffered another growth spurt. My hair grew down to my waist. My ass rounded and my boobs grew another cup size.

"They’re ready!" was all that Henry said before seeing the new me. I don't know why but as he was looking at my body I started to felt wet between my legs. My erect nipples were pushing more against my tight top.

I got close to Henry and said without thinking "Do you want to touch my boobs? Or even better do you want to suck them? They feel very heavy now"

"Sorry Sherry but that’s against the law, I mean, your under age!”

"Not for long, please take me inside and watch how I age"

I entered into the lab and sat on one of the tables. I removed my suit and stood totally naked in front of Henry. I started to touch my breast with one hand while the other fingered my wet pussy. It was uncontrollable. Henry never took his eyes away from me. When I was reaching my climax, I felt a new growth spurt ready to explode as well, doubling the intensity.

I finally cried out when my first orgasm combined with a growth spurt hit me at the same time. I grew to almost 5'6 feet tall. My hair reached my butt. My ass grew beyond my imagination and took a heart-shape. My hand was pushed out by my growing breasts, so I put both hands on my bust and I felt them grow, until they reached D-cup size. I was now a full-grown young woman of 18.

"Well Henry, I think that I have reached the legal age. What do you think?"

His erection talked for him. He jumped over me and started to suck my nipples. "Yeah!!. Suck them very hard, Henry. I'm a grown up woman and the one for you right now"

He couldn't resist any longer. He dropped his pants and I took his member in my hands. It felt incredibly hard. "What are you waiting for? My wet pussy is waiting for you". He mounted and began to satisfy my needs.

What a day! First I'm older than my big sister, I had my first orgasm and I'm no longer a virgin.

Time went by and finally I pushed Henry off when I reached 21 years of age. I remembered that not only was I aging, but my mother too, and if I aged nine years, she must be near or in to her nineties. I told Henry that I need to go and he understood. I try to put my clothes back on but it was difficult. My new developed body stretched the suit to its limits. It turned into a second skin on my butt and bust.

I showed my voluptuous silhouette to Henry in my tight suit.

"I'll see you again, in perhaps 8 or 10 years" I ran from the lab took the cab to home. While I was aging through my twenties, I looked to my body and thought "It's a shame to loose this body, but when I grow up, at least I know I’ll be a bombshell."

The cab reached my home. "How much mister?"

"For you?. Nothing, just when you need a cab, please ask for me babe"

I blushed at his comment and thanked him for the ride. When I stepped outside every male on the block was watching me. I blushed even more but I decided to make a final move, so I thrust out my breasts and ass to give them a good look of me. Half of them fainted.

I enter my home and ran to my mother. She was extremely older. She was loosing her hair. She couldn't see and could hardly hear. "Mom? It's me Sherry. What do I need to do?"

"Sherry!” she rattled, “Thank god you arrived! I was beginning to think that I would not make it. Do you see the blue bottle on the shelf?"

"I see it"

"Fill two glasses with it and put two pills on each one. But don't put three there because you will stop the process and it can never be reversed. If you put two we'll restore ourselves to the way we were".

I took the bottle and served the glasses. I looked once more at my grown up body and sighed. Then I gave one glass to my mom.

"Drink until you reach the bottom" I said and we drank the antidote together. The changes on my mom started almost immediately. Her hair began to grow and regain its blonde color. Her wrinkles disappeared and her youthful look reappeared. She was back to her original age of 35. I helped her to stand up.

"Thanks for you help Sherry"

"Your welcome mom"

"You look so very nice as a grownup"

"I know, it feels great"

"Well Sherry it’s time for you to drink the antidote"

"I just did it mom, but I took three pills instead of two. Now there’s nothing that you can do about it, didn't you say that?"

"You little cheater, what will the neighbors say when they see a, what are you now, 25 or 26 years old? What will they say when they see a Sherry who is in her mid-twenties?"

"Trust me mom. They’ll like me a lot"

“You look more like my own younger sister rather than my daughter now! Your too old to be my daughter, so in public, let’s just tell everyone that you’re my younger sister so no one gets confused. But at home I am still your mother, alright?

“Sure Mom…I mean ‘Sis’”

“And one more thing, we are going to need to have a long talk about sex sooner than I thought I was going to have to have with you.”

I smiled and thought of Henry, “Sure, whatever you say.”

I went upstairs and borrowed a pair of jeans and a blouse from my mom. Lucky for me she and I were now the same bust size. We were now wearing the same clothes just like real sister would. I didn’t’ want to be walking around and let them jiggle freely. It might start a riot.

I went downstairs and turned on the TV. Now that I was an adult the cartoons didn't seem so appealing anymore, so I put some of the pop videos my formally older sister had. Certainly the boys were cute in the videos, but they were just that, boys. But then I started to think about Henry. I think that I'm falling in love of him. When he saw that I was 25, a few years older than him, maybe he would ask me out for a date.

"Mom, I'm home", yelled my now 'younger' sister. I stood up and walk over to her. "Hi miss, my name is Linda. Are you a friend of my mom?"

"Nope. I'm your new 'big' sister Sherry. Or am I your Aunt? I’ll have to check with my Mom, I mean ‘Sis’ about that later. Do you like what you see?".

My sister looked at me in disbelieve. She looked at my long, shapely legs, then my well-rounded butt, the curves on my waist, my large breasts, my head and my hair. "You can’t be Sherry! She is only 6 years old!"

"Well, not anymore. Thanks to mom I’ve now got all the female curves you would kill to have, so good luck through the rest of puberty. It did wonders for me"

The End.