Connie By Merlin & Bobby

Connie shifted from one foot to the other as her 30-year-old mother Linda
glared at her. "Now Connie, you know that you need to call me first before
you go to your friend's house after school. I didn't know where you were
and I was worried sick!"

"Yes, Mom," Connie said, staring straight down at the floor.

"How many times have I had to tell you this? You just never listen to me,
do you? I may as well be talking to a brick wall." Connie said nothing as
her mother paused a moment. "Well? Aren't you going to apologize?" "I'm
sorry," Connie said, still looking at the floor.

"What's so interesting down there that you can't look at me?"

Connie sighed and looked up at Linda's face. "I didn't ask you because I
knew you'd say no," the seven-year-old said. "You're probably right," said
Linda, "but that doesn't mean you should go ahead. You ALWAYS have to check
with me first."

"Oh, alright," Connie said, and started stomping her way upstairs to her
room. "Don't you want any dinner?" Linda asked her. "I'm not hungry,"
Connie said and slammed her door. "Young lady, I don't like the tone you're
using. You don't speak that way to your mother!" Linda said angrily. She
knew things were hard for Connie since the marriage had broken up, but it
seemed Connie was getting more and more unreasonable, and would do anything
she could to disobey her. And she was only seven! Linda shuddered as she
thought what the future would bring as Connie entered her teen years.

Connie lied on her bed staring out of her window. The sun had just gone
down and the moon was out, not quite full yet. As Connie saw the first star
suddenly twinkle into view, she thought of the old rhyme about 'Starlight,
Star Bright', and thought, "I wish I could be the mommy sometimes and Mommy
could be the kid so she could see what it's like to be bossed around all the
time," Connie said. "Ever since Daddy left, Mommy's been really hard on

Connie had slipped out of her shoes and was lying on the bed still in her
school clothes: a knee-length plaid sleveless dress with a pink sweater,
and white ankle socks. She had shoulder-length auburn hair, slightly
curly, and brown eyes. She was kind of a cute girl, but very moody lately,
so her cuteness often didn't show. As Connie lied there feeling glum, she
squirmed a bit to get more comfortable; her dress seemed a little tight.
After a short time she could feel her underwear was digging in a little and
the arms of her sweater were getting very snug. She sat up and saw her
sleeves stopped well above her wrists, where they used to cover her wrists
before. "That's funny," Connie said. She stood up and slipped her
tightening sweater off.

She lied down again, but after a minute her dress was becoming uncomfortably
tight in her hips and her upper body, less so around her waist. "Like, what
is going on here?" Connie said in a pre-teen voice, sounding less like a
little girl's voice. The seams on the side of her dress started giving way
as it wasn't able to handle the increasing strain placed upon it by Connie's
growing body. The armholes were starting to cut off her circulation before
they too started to rip. Connie's underwear was causing severe pain as it
was getting stretched further and further by the young teen's hips and rear.

Connie's hair was getting thicker and longer, now down to the bottom of her
shoulder blades, and the auburn tint was deepening. Finally Connie's dress
flew apart in one last loud rip and left her in just her ultra-tight cotton
underwear, which was now starting to disintegrate.
Connie saw that she now had small breasts with pink nipples that were
enlarging before her eyes; her areola were now an inch wide and getting
wider. "I've got boobies," the fourteen-year-old said in amazement.

"Oh my God, Connie!" cried a familiar voice as Connie turned and saw her
mother in the doorway. At least it looked a lot like her mother, but this
woman was only about twenty-three years old! "Mommy?" Connie asked as she
reached fifteen and saw her mother lose another year.

Linda was wearing a gray business suit, which was now hanging loose on her
slender 22-year-old body. She had lost the few extra pounds she had put on
after her divorce and had regained the athletic body of her college years.
"What's going on?" Linda asked in an ever more youthful voice. "I don't
know, Mommy. I was just lying here in bed, then all of a sudden I started
getting big," Connie said. As soon as she spoke she remembered her wish on
the star. Could that be coming true?

Linda was now twenty, and her long brown hair had fallen loose from its
pinnings and hung straight down her back and over her shoulders. Connie
thought her mother looked pretty, almost like a model. Her face was totally
smooth with none of the faint lines that had been forming lately, and she
was looking fresher and fresher all the time. Connie meanwhile, was now
seventeen and really blossoming. Her breasts had doubled in size, and her
areola were darkening.
She was almost the same height as her mother now. Her underwear had long
since fallen away and Connie realized she was now totally naked. She
grabbed the bedspread and held it in front of her. "What can we do, Mom?"
Connie asked as she and her mother both hit eighteen.
"I don't know, Connie. This has got to stop!" Linda said, wincing as she
heard her voice rise slightly in pitch. She was now younger than her
daughter and the gap was widening, as she lost another inch.

Connie went from nineteen to twenty and now stood about five feet five
inches. She felt funny having to look down to see her mother, and stared in
awe as Linda was changing from a mature woman to a skinny teen. The curves
that Linda was losing were being absorbed by Connie, who was developing a
killer figure, with wide hips and long legs.

Linda was now losing height and weight. "Connie, can you help me? I'm
getting too young," the fifteen-year-old complained in a voice getting
whinier by the second. The sleeves of her jacket had swallowed her hands
and her skirt was below her knees and starting to slip off her thinning
waist and hips. Her feet were slipping in pumps a few sizes too big, and
her pantyhose were wrinkling and sagging off of her girlish legs. "Sure,
Mom," Connie said as she helped her mother take off her tent-size jacket
and skirt. She could feel her breasts getting heavier as they pulled on her
chest as she bent over; she liked the feeling.

As Linda passed thirteen, Connie got her blouse and now useless bra off,
noting her mother's once ample breasts were now just pointy cones on her
chest, with dainty little nipples, nothing like 24-year-old Connie's own
large bosom. "Mo--I mean Connie, can you get my nightshirt from the closet?"
Linda asked, her voice now thin and a little childish. "Sure, hon, er,
Mom," said Connie and she went over to her own closet and took out a long
T-shirt she used as a nightgown, then helped Linda slip it over her head; it
went down to her mother's knees. "Thanks," eleven-year-old Linda said.

"You're welcome, honey," Connie said with a smile, as she hit 26. She turned and brushed a few strands of her long curly hair from her beautiful face, admiring her reflection. She then walked over to her Mothers room and pulled out a a larger t-shirt she could wear and just before puuting it on, admired her new adult body in her mother's mirror. She was quite tall and leggy with an hour glass figure and full ripe breasts. She let her long fingers probe down momentarily to the full bush betwen her legs which now seemed natural. "Oh my" she whispered, then quickly put the t-shirt on and returned to her old bedroom and sat down on the bed, drawing her long, tan legs up under her. She turned back to see nine-year-old Linda climbing onto the bed as well, and sitting down next to her looking a bit frightened, Connie suddenly felt very maternal towards the little girl that was once her mother. "Would you like me to read you a story, honey?" Connie asked soothingly. Linda looked up at the adult woman next to her. As her regression finally stop, she could see that the woman next to her now had a much more mature face with some very fine lines around her eyes and mouth that indicated she was a mature adult woman of 30 years of age and no longer a young woman. She felt confused and the woman seemed so familiar. "Mommy? Oh, yes, please. mommy" nodding her head as she curled up into Connie's lap, her thin light brown hair just above her shoulders. She suddenly felt safe and protected in her Mommy's lap. Connie smiled and softly stroked the young girls hair as she opened and read from her favorite book, "The Wind in the Willows". This was not her Mother anymore but her own innocent daughter, and she felt all the maternal instincts kick in with a love that only comes between mother and daughter. Meanwhile, a seven-year-old Linda listened attentively, asking questions as they went along, and Connie knew her wish had come true.