by Merlin

Christie was only 12, but she desperately wanted to be older. As she closed her eyes she held the lamp tightly and wished she was a woman. She opened her eyes and looked into the mirror.....nothing. She was still a little girl. Disappointed she threw the lamp on the ground. Suddenly, she began to feel very strange. Hot flashes shot through her young body that knocked her to the ground. She felt her body move and heard the sound of clothes ripping, the pain was unbelievable! Soon it stopped as suddenly as it started. When she stood up she felt different, and much taller too. She gasped as she looked into the mirror. Staring back at her was a 16 year old teenage girl. She had grown a good 4 inches and as she felt her body she noticed that her nipples had blossomed into small breasts just developing, and as she pulled away the remnants of her tattered clothes she saw blonde soft, downy hair between her legs. Curves on her hips were now more defined and her legs were longer and more shapely.

As she marveled at how beautiful she now looked, another hot flash hit her again, knocking her to the floor in agony. She reached out and grabbed her hair which seemed to be on fire as it was growing fast, the short boy-cut blonde hair was now curling and past her shoulders now. A feeling of sensuality swept through her as sweat glistened across her maturing body. When it finally stopped she struggled to her knees and looked into the mirror and she could hardly believe her eyes. She was now a full grown woman of 25. Her lips were now full and pouty, and her breasts very large and ripe. As she touched her nipples she felt excited in a way she had never known before. Her legs were now long and luscious as her body showed the curves and soft outlines of a full grown woman. She touched the now full bush between her thighs and began to explore her sexuality when a wave of sexual stimulation swept over her. She felt sexy and grown up, not like a little girl anymore. "Well, Christie, Look at you now" she purred in a soft, sensual voice that was a good two octaves lower than she remembered it being, she giggled at the way she grown up, so womanly.

Christie stood up and felt the weight of her large breasts as she hefted them in the palms of her hands. As she walked to her mother's bedroom, she was amazed at how her body now moved. Her breasts swayed while her hips swished and gyrated sexually as she walked and became more graceful with each step. She began looking for clothes that would fit and found a pair of panties and a bra, however the bra was much too small for her full figure, so she went without one. As she slipped on a pair of black hose and garters, she put on a short black skirt and black silk blouse that was tight as her nipples could clearly be seen, she found this very sexy. She began to fantasize in ways she had never done before and began felling her new body with curious and frantic fingers, touching and caressing until she reached down between her thighs and began to probe deeper and deeper as she bit her lower lip as a feeling like none other began to build inside her until it exploded causing her to moan loudly as she climaxed. As the feeling warmed her and began to subside, she still caressed her large nipples and smiled, "So this is what it is like to be a woman, eh?"

Suddenly another hot flash took her by surprise as she arched her back on the bed. "No, not again!" she groaned. When it stopped this time she felt tired, and as she sat up she saw herself in her mothers mirror and gasped. She had aged another 20 years and was now a a very mature, older attractive middle-aged woman of 45. Her hair was slightly gray and her once baby smooth skin was now a little looser as lines of age were now apparent on her face as crows feet were obvious around her eyes as well. Her hands looked much older too, more worn and motherly now. Her large breasts were sagging some now in her very tight blouse and her once taught firm rear was sagging some in her panties. She was older than her mother now and felt it. But for an older, mature woman she was still very attractive. "Oh God" she whispered and then put her hand to her throat in surprise to how much lower it had gotten and a bit more raspy as well, "What happens if this hits me again?" She began to worry about the possibilities.

As Christy got up, she was still in a state of shock. Somehow, she knew that this ordeal was not over yet and she decided to be prepared like her brownie training had taught her, only now she was old enough to be a Den Mother, if not grandmother. She quickly stripped off the sexy clothing she had originally put on and found a large comfortable loose fitting dress. It was still a bit tight in the breast area and her nipples were still pressing hard against the fabric, but everything else fit loosely. She walked around barefoot and noticed that her feet even looked a bit worn and older. Just as she turned to close the closet door another hot flash struck her, but she managed to stay on her feet this time with the help of holding on to the bed post. She watched in horror as she felt herself getting older and older. It was like watching a time machine speed up in the mirror as she observed her hair, which she had put up into a bun, weave silver streaks of gray until there was nothing left but gray. The lines in her face grew deep as did the lines and bags under her eyes. Wrinkles formed on her forehead as her cheeks slowly sagged into jowls. Her hands, which were holding onto the bed post, thinned and the skin became transuscent and loose as liver spots mottled them and the joints became swollen and painful. Her forearms began to sag from loss of mussel tone as they turned into flabs of wattle like her grandmothers. Her once very luscious legs were now pasty white and loose from age as she glanced down and watched her feet age before her as the veins appeared them and the toes dried out and knotted up and curled from advanced arthritis. She could actually feel the osteoporosis form in her bones as she hunched over more and more as her hands began to shake with extreme old age, her hair now a bright white. Her lower lip began to shake some too as her eyes lost focus on the transformation due to cataracts. As the feeling finally ceased she knew she was now old, almost ancient. She could barely shuffle across the room to collapse into the waiting armchair, a very elderly woman of 90 years of age. She was now older than her grandmother and she felt every bit her advanced age. "Dear....lord" she rattled, shocked at how low and old her voice sounded, "I am soo" Her hands were trembling and knarled from the advanced arthristis and they hurt badly.

Was this the end of her she wondered? Was she going to have to live out what little time she had left in a nursing home having never experienced high school or college? Having never experienced life as a young woman or the joy of motherhood and middle-age? Her life had flashed before her and now she had transformed from a bright, youthful young girl to a very elderly woman. Perhaps another hot flash would strike her and she would simply age into dust.

Suddenly, she could make out a voice, though her hearing was about gone and she saw a vague figure walk towards her. As it got closer she could finally make out a voice and figure. It was her older sister Marcy! Only now she was old enough to be Marcy's great-grandmother. "Ma'am" Marcy spoke loudly trying to get the attention of the old woman in her mother's room. "Ma'am, can you hear me?"

"Marcy!" rattled the old woman, "Marcy, it's me, you little sister Christy! Please help me, I am soo old" Marcy looked at the withered and wrinkled covered face before her and shook her head. "Poor old thing, she must have wandered into the house and knows Christy somehow. Here Ma'am, let me help you up" as Marcy reached over and grabbed the old woman's hand, an electric shock instantly passed through the elderly Christy and 18 year old Marcy and they could not let go of each other.

Marcy was a beautiful brunette model who was about to leave for Rome for a photo shoot. Her 36 C breasts and 5'11" curvaceous body was the envy of every boy in town. But now something was happening to both of them. Marcy felt hot and cold all at once as the pulse of energy continued to pass between them. Marcy's tank top was getting tighter as her breasts grew just a bit more as Marcy aged unto her twenties. Christy on the other hand was beginning to realize what was happening, she was literally sucking the youth out of her sister. Marcy quickly aged into her 30's, picking up those years from Christy who was now back into her late 60's and youthening quickly. "What's happening to me!" screamed Marcy as she caught her reflection in the mirror a glow surrounding her and her sister, she saw a middle-aged adult staring back at her looking silly in a too tight tank top and Jean cutoffs that used to compliment her sexy long legs. Now she looked matronly as she swept past 40 and streaks of gray swept through her hair. March passed through menopause quickly as she aged well into her 50's, then 60's as wrinkles formed on her face as the years took their toll on her once youthful, beautiful body. Older, and older she grew, her own back hunching over from extreme age as her hands withered before her, her large breasts simply hanging limp in her tank top, nipples pointing downward, her knee's now knobby with arthritis and age as her legs withered before her, bent and scraggly. Christy was now back in her late teens when the electricity stopped. She was now a beautiful 18 year old girl and her sister Marcy was an elderly woman of at least 80. "What...what...happened" rattled the old woman as senility began setting in.

"It's all right Marcy, I will take good care of you...grandma, that is...until we find another girl we can switch these years with"