Two Witches

Thanks again for the feedback, it helped me finish this 'baby' off (pun intended). Once again, I would caution those who do not like age regression themes to skip this story, as it could be offensive to some.


Shelly looked nervously at her “younger” sister sitting in a pile of cloths. Magic was never easy, and there were a few obstacles to cross yet before the desired outcome had been achieved. The biggest one was Kim’s mind, and her will. For her to truly take on the permanent persona of an infant, she would have to be mentally beaten. Knowing Kim very well gave Shelly a much-needed advantage, which she worked into the spell.

Kim stared in shock at her two year old face. The change was incredible. Was that her? It couldn’t be her, she was 31! She got up off the floor and looked at her stubby hands.

“Why- did- you- do- this- to- mee?” She asked, surprised at how difficult it was to get the words out.

Shelly went to work on the second phase:

“That doesn’t matter sweety,” she said in a candy-laden voice. “We have to get you dressed for bedtime now.” She was acting as though nothing had happened, but below the surface she was slightly panicked. Maybe she had under-estimated Kim’s talent. She lifted Kim up and slipped the T-shirt off her head, carrying her into the bedroom.

Kim was absolutely humiliated to be picked up and supported by her sister’s hand cupped beneath her bum. She kicked her legs and tried to push herself away from Shelly, but she was being held tightly, with her legs dangling on either side of her sister’s hips. Her skin was so delicate and smooth now. Her toes were tiny!

Shelly turned on the light in the bedroom and looked around. She had not missed a single detail. It was a baby’s room, down to the teddy bear wallpaper and the stuffed toys in the pink crib in the corner. It smelled of baby powder and Pampers. She laid Kim down gently on the changing table and grabbed the container of powder while her little sister wiggled around.

Kim looked up at her sister. She was now ready to make her move. Magic and emotions were intrinsically tied together, and one could use an emotional strategy to break a spell in such a situation. Kim was extremely confident of her ability to break this particular spell, since she had defeated Shelly on numerous occasions.

You see, Shelly never understood the power of compassion. Power starved and insecure, she could not comprehend the discipline of love, maybe because she didn’t believe in it. Kim knew she had the upper hand here. She looked into Shelly’s eyes calmly and evenly.

“I stiwl wuv you.” She said confidently and honestly, sending out waves of pure concern for her sister.

She expected it to work, maybe because she had used this routine on Shelly in the past. What she had not anticipated was Shelly’s driving hatred and cunning. Shelly had hoped Kim would take this route, and had crafted the spell in reverse fashion. What Kim needed now was determination and iron will, not softness. By putting herself out to Shelly, she had essentially wasted the precious energy she needed to fight. Initially, she felt the inner reward that one feels when reaching out to a human. But somehow, she began to feel a little “naked,” and Shelly was not about to return the power to her.

“And Mommy loves you too, little BABY!” Shelly retorted, glaring into Kim’s eyes with pure will.

Kim recoiled from the woman’s glare, intimidated by it. She felt alone, and confused. It was supposed to work, wasn’t it? Then it dawned on her; she had to fight this with all her might! Shelly had reversed the course of the spell! She scrunched up her little face in effort, clenching her fists and making her back arch with tension.

But the spell was eating at her, trying to take more from her. In the absence of Kim’s initial resistance, it had consumed a bit of her maturity. She need to be mature, but she found that the most important qualities of maturity – strength and confidence – had been stolen. The spell was worming its way into her psyche, leaving holes in her determination.

“Not such a grown up now huh?” Shelly said as she lifted Kim’s bum and slipped the Pamper underneath her. She forced Kim’s little legs apart. “You’re just a wee-wee baby now…” she sung. “Mommy will take care of you from now on.”

Kim was in the fight of her life. It all seemed so real now. She had only been a baby for a few minutes, but the experience was becoming more and more real. The longer a particular reality existed, the harder it was to shake. She was running out of time.

“I’m NOT a BABY!” She screamed. But the statement seemed to lack force. After all, it was the desperate, demanding voice of a 2 year old, not the relaxed and commanding voice of a 31 year old. She was also using energy to try and squirm out of the diaper, which was a big mistake. The diaper was a material object, and buying into the material trap that her sister had created for her was fatal.

“Nooo diaper!” She cried. Her neural net began to simplify as connections become severed. The damage was permanent. No magic in the world could create a synaptic network complete with life experiences. Kim knew she had blown it, and that made her more clingy and insecure. She reached up to Shelly for help, not fully knowing what else to do.

Shelly seized the moment and used it against Kim. She stopped trying to diaper the little girl and picked her up in a comforting manner.

“Shhh shh… it’s hard to be all little, huh?” She whispered, rubbing Kim’s back.

Kim screamed and kicked and punched at Shelly. She was even taking on the violent persona of a toddler. It was a trap! Her mind reeled and lost more of its composure. She wet herself, the pee soaking Shelly’s hip. She felt the relief and embarrassment of being 2. She was two, wasn’t she?

Her body slumped in Shelly arms. Would it be so bad if she took a bit of comfort? Shelly WAS being a nice mommy… The spell was finishing its job, scouring her thoughts for any last bits of adulthood. She wanted to suck her thumb, and that seemed “right” for her. She settled down, and stopped crying, wishing that mommy would blow her runny nose. She yawned.

“Is wittle baby sweepy?” Shelly asked. The odd thing was, she felt somehow obligated to care for her much-dwindled sister. Kim was no more a threat to her. She even felt a twinge of guilt for what she had done. She powdered and diapered Kim, singing to her. Kim liked the way the diaper felt, all snug and safe. Shelly tucked the now-happy baby into the crib that she would sleep in for a long time to come. She nuzzled a teddy into Kim’s neck, making the toddler squeal with delight. Looking into Kim’s eyes, Shelly knew that there was not a trace of the former woman there.

Thus began the routine of Shelly and Kim’s new lives. Shelly had only created the nursery to enhance the spell, and had plans to “drop the little rat” on the steps of an orphanage. After regressing her sister, however, she couldn’t help but love her, and nurture her. In fact, Kim’s emotional power HAD reached Shelly, and done it’s magic. Shelly, through the daily routine of motherhood, finally learned the secret of compassion.