Two Witches

Warning: This story contains odd little bits that may be offensive to some. If you do not like age regression themes, I suggest you not read it.

Hi people, this is the first installment of my first story on this board. I hope you like it... please give feedback.


Two Witches:

Being in a family of witches can be an interesting experience. Take Shelly and Kim, two sisters, normal in almost every aspect. They went to school together, and fought together over silly little things that siblings will fight over.

Kim was the oldest by two years, and the level headed one of the two. As the girls gained their magical powers during adolescence, Shelly was always getting in “over her head,” and Kim would come to her rescue. It was hard for Shelly to exist in the shadow of her sister’s charm and talent, and their parents were always admonishing Shelly to “be more like Kim.”

The years drifted on. The girls grew up, went to college, graduated, and began careers. Kim was of course incredibly successful, landing a job as an aviation engineer. Shelly finished her degree in biology, but couldn’t find work. She became more and more self-indulgent and power-hungry. She longed for her sister’s beauty and charm. Many nights she wept and became hardened by harsh reality; she would never be a match for her sister.

She decided to develop a “special” spell to take care of Kim for good. Isolating for almost 3 years, she emerged from her magical studies at the age of 29, looking haggard and worn. She had what she needed to get revenge. She called Kim on the phone.

“Kim, I want to talk to you about things.” She began.

“Shelly? My god, it’s been so long? I have missed you so much!”

“I had to do some hard thinking about my life Kim. I realize that I’ve been cruel and selfish, and I need to somehow start again – especially with our relationship. Please don’t turn your back on me.” Shelly knew that Kim was a sucker for sob stories. Kim had always been the compassionate and wise one, bringing home stray animals, and comforting her insecure little sister.

“I’ll come right over Shelly.” She said warmly.

Shelly opened the door for her beautiful sister. Natural curly brown hair, well developed breasts, and a petite but well-curved body; Kim had it all. She didn’t look anywhere near the age of 31. Shelly chuckled to herself: When I am done, she’ll wish she looked a bit older.

“Shelly! My goodness, you look…” She didn’t want to say older, but that’s how her sister looked. At 29, she had the face of 40. Knowing that only magic could take such a toll on her sister’s body, she wondered what Shelly had been up to.

“Don’t worry about me, come in, please.” Shelly said impatiently. She locked and double-lock the door behind them. Kim knew something was up.


“You bitch! You have always had the attention of those around you. Have you ever thought of what MY life was like?”

“Shelly, I love you… I know it has been hard for you, and I want to help you. Please, let’s sit down and talk about this.”

“The time for talking has long since passed! I brought you here to have my final revenge on you. Let’s see how smart you are after THIS!”

Shelly collected the power around her, channeling it into her forearms. Her body convulsed as she soaked up the energy. Kim, realizing that she was up to something, tried in vain to beat Shelly to the draw. She reached out around her, unsuccessfully searching for bits of defensive magic in the matter around her. Shelly had claimed almost all of it.

“What are you doing??” She demanded.

Shelly said nothing, her eyes rolling back in her head. She launched her arms forward and her gathered magic shot out at Kim. Almost immediately, Kim felt the effect of the magic. It was an unexpected feeling. She knew that Shelly was casting a malignant spell, but the sensation that hit her was “soft,” and comforting in an odd sort of way. She knew it was a transformation spell, as she felt the molecules in her body tremble and lose their ability to hold form.

“Stop it! What are doing to me??” She yelled, as the sensation drifted from her toes up to the crown on her head. There was a roaring in her ears, and she knew the change that was about to happen would be major. The air in the room danced with chaotic and colorful magic. At the height of the spell, it was like standing in the middle of a hurricane, the roaring sound became unbearable, threatening, and all-consuming.

Shelly finished her casting and staggered backwards, exhausted. The room became deathly silent, as both women waited for the inevitable effect.

At first, Kim thought nothing was going to happen. She felt a smug sense of relief, thinking Shelly had blown the spell. Then she felt a curious tingling sensation on her face and her bum, not unlike the feeling she always got when she was embarrassed. She was puzzled – why should she feel embarrassed? A pressure was building in her lower abdomen. Something was trying to get out of her, and she knew instinctively that this thing was somehow essential to her. The pressure dropped down inside her, and tried to escape through her vagina. It was like having to go to the bathroom really badly, but somehow different. She tensed up, trying to keep control over whatever it was. She grunted a bit, and her knees bent slightly as the pressure intensified. It was getting painful to hold on to this “force,” and she knew she was losing her power over it. She felt her vagina spread open under pressure, and a something the size of a golf ball pushed its way out. It was like a ball of air, and it immediately diffused into the air upon leaving her. She felt refreshed, and energized, but also felt like a part of her had been taken away. She refocused on Shelly.

“What did you…” She stopped short as the feeling began again, this time with more urgency and force. She regretted letting that first bit out. After all, she had now opened the door for the magic to do its work. There was less hope of control this time, and her vagina bulged from the stress.

“uuuhhhhgg…” She grunted, as a wave of air passed out of her pussy. It was like a two-second fart. Her bum and breasts flushed hotly. Physical changes were beginning to set in. Her bra seemed to loosen, and re-position itself. Her jeans seemed to grow a bit. She knew now with certainty what Shelly was taking from her: Her adulthood.

She stumbled a few steps towards the full-length mirror on the wall, and looked at it to see herself as a teenager, perhaps 18 or 19.

“Oh my god!!” She yelled, panicking. It didn’t help her situation to get excited, and another wave of magic began to form. She trembled in fear.

“No God please, nooooogghh…” This time, she had almost no resistance, and her body betrayed any attempt she made to hold on to the years that were slipping out of her. She watched in horror as she got smaller, being forced into adolescence despite her unwillingness. Her heart was pounding as her body regressed, pushing her back to the age of 16. Her jeans and bra were starting to hang on her now, and her t-shirt, which had been exposing her belly, was almost down to her waist. She even had a few pimples appear on her face! The magic was moving forward at a relentless pace now, and she could only stop the process periodically. She got younger and younger, the lips of her pussy opened wide, her fists clenched at her sides, her knees bent. She managed to get control of herself briefly as she hit 14.

“You can’t DO this to me!” She shouted angrily at Shelly. The pressure was building again, this time threatening to shrink her into childhood. She fought with everything she had, and tottered on the brink of puberty for a few seconds. It was an incredible feeling – it seemed that she was trying to keep everything intact at once. She was trying to keep her pubic hair from retracting, trying to push her breasts outwards, trying to prevent her height from dwindling. Her organs were trying to move around inside her… trying to get smaller. She HAD to stop this… Her body became weak and fatigued as she held on to 14 like it was the greatest treasure in the world. She bent her knees a bit more, buckling down under the weight of age regression. It was beginning to slip away. All of her adulthood was being robbed from her. She held back the tears that were welling up in her eyes. She knew it was useless… it was too late to stop it. The balls of air were now starting to come out of her bum as well. She started shrinking, free-falling into childhood. Her pubic hairs withdrew and her height slipped. She flushed with embarrassment again. Her pants fell down. She lost all dignity and squatted to hold back the youthening spell, whining and grabbing at her crotch and bum. The girl in the mirror was 10, and getting younger at an alarming rate. Now she was openly weeping, and streams of tears were rolling down her cheeks. She knew that this spell was a permanent one—she would be stripped of her adulthood completely, having to grow up all over again.

She looked at the mirror through her tear-blinded eyes and saw a girl of 5 or 6 staring back at her, squatting with her t-shirt covering most of her lower body. She thought the process had stopped, and she went to stand up, but the spell pressed onwards, this time beckoning her into babyhood. Her eyes widened, and her mouth dropped.

“No! Not a bab-y-y-y!” she cried, sounding every bit like the 5-year-old she had become. She squatted even lower, her bum almost touching the ground, with both of her hands desperately crammed into her crotch in a vain attempt hold back the shrinking. There wasn’t even a slight resistance to the spell this time. She simply “slipped” effortlessly into toddler-hood, gaining baby fat, and coming to rest at the humiliating age of 2. The spell had worked its course. There she was, 2 years old again, squatting in front of a mirror, with her t-shirt engulfing her—eyes wide and so young. She dropped backwards on her rump in absolute shock.

To Be Continued…