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Hey! My breasts have gone!
(9 years old) I lost my sock...
(5 years old) I'm afraid I can't wear this sweater any more.
(3 years old) Help me! I don't wanna be BABY!
(2 years old) But it is comfortable. I'm sleepy....
(10 month)
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Visible Time's Key
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too aP: age Progression Ar: Age regression AS: Age Stasis CB: clothes burst or rip RN: return to normal ST: Soul Transfer UC: undersized clothing


Yahoo! Commercial

Commercial: "Be a Better Explorer!" (2007)

Funny commercial about YahooOne Search. Man eats a plant leaf and becomes younger.

-- Jeffr_2bya


TV Anime Series

Near the end of the series, thee is a character that drains the life forces of young girls in order to keep herself young. There are several AP scenes in the anime and the manga. Kaguya is a character that drains the life forces of young girls in order to keep herself young.

The Yanagita Kunio guide to the Japanese folk tale

Book: By Kunio Yanagita, Fanny Hagin Mayer (05/01/1986)

In "Brothers Not Alike" a magic Japanese fan restores youth.

[He served his relatives wine from the flask that would not run dry. Because his store was filled with money, of the oldest son inherited his father's wealth. He took out hte fan that restored youth and used it on his mother and his wife. His mother wanted to be become still younger and got out the fan when her son was away. She made herself too young and turned into a baby crawling around the place.] (Female/Male Ar)

In "The Magic Spring?" - (Female/Male Ar)

[He set out to look for the spring, but no matter how long his wife waited, he did not return. She went to look for him and found him by the spring. He had drunk too much and turned into a baby. ]

-- Jeffr_2bya


Yellow Submarine

Movie: 1968 (60's)

The Beatles travel in the Yellow Submarine to Pepperland in an attempt to save its citizens. One of the weird seas they travel through is the Sea of Time. As they enter it, the fab four start regressing into little children. The ship's captain reverses the travel, and the Beatles are progressed into old men. (This inspires them to sing their popular song, "When I'm 64".)

Yikes! Grandma's A Teenager (Zack Files #17)

Book by Dan Greenburg

(Dec. 1999) A trip to New York City to celebrate her 89th birthday - and participate in a Rockettes reunion at Radio City Music Hall - leaves Zack's Grandma Leah feeling younger than springtime. She's looking that way too, after a strange trip through an airport metal detector reverses back the hands of time and is making Grandma grow younger and younger!


Yoget Commercial

TV Commercial: (2006)

Young boy dressed up as fireman. He eats yogurt and grows up into an older boy, still wearing the fireman outfit that doesn't fit him now. (male AP, UC)

-- Marty

You're a Little Kid with a Big Heart

Book: Novel: by Waber, Bernard.

Octavia's dearest wish is to grow up fast! At least it was until her wish actually comes true and she finds her 7 year old self in a 39 year old body!

-- Visible Time

You Can't Do That On Television

Nickelodeon TV Series: Season 03; Episode #01 "Cosmetics"

The Stage Manager gets regressed after using wrinkle cream.

- Visible Time

You Can't Do That On Television

Nickelodeon TV Series: Season 07; Episode #06 "TV Commercials"

It was a skit involving Alanis (yes, that's where Alanis Morrisette got her start) selling beauty cream door-to-door, and giving some to the show's generic housewife/mother. She put some on, thee was a puff of smoke, and she became Stephanie -- who was Asian -- with a curly red wig. Then, she put more on, another puff of smoke, and thee was a baby doll dressed like the housewife.


You Can't Do That On Television

Nickelodeon TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #0? Unknown "?"

It was a skit involving Christine being ared, but they had a little girl who looked like Christine in the latter's wig. (It may have been Christine's younger sister.) Still puff of smoke effects.



Manga: by Takeshi Kunitsu (2007)

Witch's youth potion gets out of hand. (Male/Female Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Young Again

Movie: (1986)

A aging former high school athlete wishes to go back to his glory day.


The Young All-Stars #27

DC Comic Book: "Meanwhile..." (04/01/1989)

Fury makes some informal notes on the recent events surrounding the membership of the All-Star Squadron. The Vigilante and The Crimson Avenger are noted as being on an adventure with their fellow Seven Soldiers of Victory (with the British hero known as the Squire assisting), battling a madman known as the Skull. This was a retelling of an actual Golden Age adventure of the team from Leading Comics #5 (1942).

-- Jeffr_2bya


Young Justice #3

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The Issue Before the One Where the Girls Show Up!" (Dec. 1998)

Brief scene where a very young Mxyzptlk affects IBs (AP, RN). The cover, (view right), pictures Impulse, Robin & Superboy in the baggy uniforms of their adult counterparts. [Note: A fun series.]

Young Justice #20

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Look Out For Little Lobo!" (June 2000)

Along The Sins Of Youth Storyline. (M/Ar)

Comic Book Cover

Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1

Comic Book: DC Comics; "Sins of Youth" Part 01: "Justice For All" (May 2000)

"Sins of Youth" Part 1. Klarion the Witch Boy's magic coupled with Doiby Dickles' science has unexpected results (multiple AR & AP).


Comic Book Cover

Young Justice: Sins of Youth #2

Comic Book: DC Comics; "Sins of Youth: The Stunning Conclusion" (May 2000)

Earth's heroes and villains all seemingly RN, but what about Li'l Lobo? (multiple AR & AP).


Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files #1

Comic Book: DC Comics; "Sins of Youth" Part: 02 (May 2000)

Stories: "Disaffected Youth" - "CD-TV Ad" - "Crisis On Infantile Earths" - "Wisdom, Like Age" - "Klarion and Kitty Cat" -- also one page character synopses and story highlights (multiple AR & AP).


Young Justice Invasion

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #02: "Earthlings" (05/05/2012)

Superboy, Miss Martian and Beast Boy arrive on Rann with Adam Strange to halt the Krolotean invasion at its source. They are assisted by Alanna and Sardath. Alanna learns of Superboy and Miss Martian's relationship, that he cannot age (physically), and that he dumped her. We learn that Beast Boy is Garfield Logan and that his mother was killed by Queen Bee. Following a battle, M'gann incapacitates a Krolotean and when Superboy questions her she says that she uncovered the truth about what the Justice League did during their missing 16 hours. (Male AS/Appearing Immortal)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Young Men #25

Marvel Comic Book: "The Return Of...The Human Torch" (02/01/54)

As the city was hit with a major crime wave, the Human Torch and Toro foiled a bank robbery while it was in progress. After capturing the criminal gang, the heroes took them to the police station, but they thought it odd that none of the gangsters appeared to be older than 20. While flying over an old-age home that had been boarded up, Toro recognized it as the place where his Uncle Julius lived. They checked with the building's supervisor, who told them that he closed down the home because all of the residents were gone -- Uncle Julius and several other elderly tenants left and had never returned, and they left no forwarding addresses. The Torch and Toro decided to investigate the mysterious disappearances further, so with the help of the police department's disguise experts, the two masqueraded as a couple of old men. After hours of hobbling down the city's streets, the "old men" were approached by a young hoodlum, who told them he had once been an old man of over 70 himself, but he had his youth restored, and offered to take them to a place where they could get the same treatment. The young hoodlum drove the disguised heroes to a large mansion outside the city and introduced them to Dr. Markov. The Torch and Toro joined with a large group of old men and women and listened to the doctor speak. Markov told them how he would make them all young again -- all they would have to do is work for him...in crime. Markov then demonstrated his Age-Converter to the group, rejuvenating an 80 year old man into a 20 year old. But the Human Torch wondered why Markov used his machine for crime -- he could easily make a fortune with it honestly. After several old men were rejuvenated, it was the disguised Torch's turn. The Human Torch burst into flame before Markov could pull the switch, and Toro flew after the young hoodlum who revealed himself to be Toro's missing Uncle Julius! The Human Torch strapped Markov into the Age-Converter and asked him why he was peddling youth while he himself remained an old man, threatening to activate the machine if Markov didn't answer. Markov confessed that all those made young by the Age-Converter remained young for only 30 days...then they crumbled into dust. Hearing this, and realizing that soon his life would be over, Uncle Julius pulled his gun and started shooting the Age-Converter -- he wanted no one else to make the same mistake he did. The gunshots caused the Age-Converter to explode and start a fire, from which only the Human Torch and Toro were able to escape. (Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Young Men Are Coming!

Book: By Matthew Phipps Shiel (12/30/1937)

Spaceman returns with elixir of youth. (Possible Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya


Book: by Judith Sulzberger

Constance "Connie" Gueyer and Peter Tarker each conduct research in laboratories at Bailey Medical College in New York City. Connie is a 48 year-old virologist (the study of viruses) and working with the Congo River virus. Peter is a 37 year-old geneticist (the study of genes). Virology and genetics are closely connected, so getting each other's opinions at work was the excuse they used to get together. They soon had a relationship going. Connie feels a bit self conscious due to the age difference between them. So she decides to take things slowly. Connie's studies show her the region of the brain that seems to control aging. Since Peter has identified the factor that causes aging, they begin an intense collaboration. The results set the scientific community on its ear!

Then Connie sees Peter with his young assistant and believes (wrongly) the worst. In a moment of depression, and while under the influence of some medication, Connie takes a dose of the viral preparation they have been using in tests with lab mice. Shortly afterward though, the mice in those tests began to have serious problems.

-- Jeffr_2bya


Younger and Younger

Movie: (1993)

Man and his wife run a storage office. While the wife (Lolita Davidovitch (sp?) ) is busy running the business, the man (Donald Sutheland) is busy seducing the women who use the business. She dies of an heart attack after seeing one of his seductions on the close circuit TV. After this, he keeps seeing her ghost and with each appearance she gets younger and more beautiful.

The makeup is great and this movie is well worth hunting down for the ar in it.

Youth From Vienna


[No info at this time.] Inspiration for "Fountain of Youth" TV pilot


Youth Without Youth

Book: Novel: By Mircea Eliade (1988)

In "Youth Without Youth," an old man is struck by a bolt of lightning and becomes young again. Now endowed with a fantastic memory and comprehension, he receives "thought" messages from the supernatural. "Nineteen Roses" concerns the secretary of a famous writer who finds himself reliving an experience that happened to his employer 30 years ago. (male ARed)

-- Visible Time

Youth Without Youth

Movie: Francis Ford Coppola (2008)

Tim Roth. Professor rendered into younger man by lightning strike. Based on the 1988 novella by Romanian author Mircea Eliade. (male ARed)

-- Visible Time

You Wish

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: unknown

The genie transformed the little kid, about 10 or so, into a full sized adult, so he could teach his coach, Dan Castenella of Wonder Years fame, a lesson. The coach was shrunk to a little kid and told he couldn’t play soccer, or something like that...Then his mom showed up and ordered he be made a kid again.


Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #06: "First Duel"

Using a Time Wizard card a baby dragon is changed into a 1,000 year old dragon.

-- Dragoniade & Stonegate Shadowlord


Cartoon Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: "Friend or Foe Part 2" (09/14/2002)

Joey uses his Time Wizard in order to defeat Yu-Gi-Oh's Dark Magician. Aging the wizard to old age and unknowingly turning the Dark magician into the Dark Sage. (aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya


Cartoon Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: "?"

Time Wizard card is used to age harpies into old harpies.

-- Jeffr_2bya


Cartoon Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: "?"

Time Wizard card is used to aged a dragon into a fossil.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Anime Character:

Genkai can suddenly age 30 years. old age/AR

-- Visible Time

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