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Hey! My breasts have gone!
(9 years old) I lost my sock...
(5 years old) I'm afraid I can't wear this sweater any more.
(3 years old) Help me! I don't wanna be BABY!
(2 years old) But it is comfortable. I'm sleepy....
(10 month)
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Visible Time's Key
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too aP: age Progression Ar: Age regression AS: Age Stasis CB: clothes burst or rip RN: return to normal ST: Soul Transfer UC: undersized clothing


W.E.I.R.D. World

Movie: (1995)

This thriller set in the near future stars Dana Ashbrook, Miguel Nunez, Clayton Rohner, Audie England, Jim True, Kathryn Morris, Gina Rivera and Paula Marshall as a group of brilliant young scientists at the Wilson Emery Institute for Research and Development. Ed O'Neill (Married ... with Children) plays their supervisor, who helps them explore top-secret projects involving age-reversal serums, cures for deadly diseases, robotics and time travel. (Male/Ar)


Comic Book: (2004)

comic about five junior-high girls who have magical powers. When they use them they turn into older teenagers and fight the "Evil Forces" in a Magic World and the Real World.

-- Highlander


Movie: (12/18/2006)

(AP, RN)Whenever Will unleashed the glass pendant's powers, the girls were transformed into beautiful, knowing, young women -- complete with mod, winged, purple-and-turquoise outfits." "The orb's power transformed the girls into their magical selves -- young women with long legs, mature faces and bodies, and fabulous outfits. And, best of all, Will thought with a giggle, we have magical powers and strength enough to kick any bad guy's butt!" The girls’ bodies are “enhanced” when they transform from immature, gawky, sometimes bespectacled adolescents into curvy, winged superheroes replete with skintight, skimpy costumes. When the girls' transformations into their magical selves are described, their bodies become curvier, their lips poutier. Suddenly, they are supermodels. Most of the "art changes" are for foreign markets, like having to add some inches to hemlines and kneesocks for the girls' outfits in Saudi Arabia. They've probably added little pajamas in some scenes here, since the Europeans have no problem showing Will sleeping in her skivvies. Also a manga version.

-- Ricky


Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #0?: "B is for Betrayal" (06/06/2006)

The girls age a few years whenever they transform into Guardians, and their costumes change with them. Cornelia wants the boys to notice her, but is too young. During a battle she discovers her power to make things grow, but can't control it. Towards the end of the episode, she was still stuck in her older form while wearing her normal clothes. (AP, AR RN)

-- Teknoman01


Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #0?: "F is for Facade" (07/22/2006)

Cornelia can age into her older form at will simply by concentrating, without the usual elf transformation, striped costume, or flower petal wings, and claims to be her blonde sister, who's actually much younger. Reportedly her normal clothes enlarge to contain her maturing form. (teknoman) In the 1st episode Cornelia brings the fact that after transforming they have tits to their attention. It's not a huge change, just like crossing the puberty threshold, they were more flat before and have moderate breasts after, slight change to their curves. Quote: Ir.: "What's that on the back of us?" Cor.: "What's that on the front of us?" (KeiichiRX7) - It's much more noticeable in the comiccs...and it's Irma who both notices they have breasts and gets stuck in her transformed older form once. No surprise, she has the biggest pair. (AP, RN)

-- NinjaBunneh


Manga: (200?)

Schoolgirl grows bigger, body straining against her swimsuit. (Process) Censored, original version at process-productions.com. (BE,AP)

-- Visible Time

Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald, The

Cartoon: "Birthday World"

A cartoon where Ronald and pals are ared into toddlers.

Wait' Till You're Older

Movie: (2006)

Boy aged to adulthood. (M/aP)

-- Eddieursa

Walk On

Music Video U2 (2002)

(Blink transformations, AR, AP, TG)

-- Visible Time

Wallace Hoskins: The Boy Who Grew Down

Book: (2000)

Cynthia Zarin, Martin Matje. Wallace, a small boy who always wears a large fireman's hat, suddenly grows taller. But, as the author tells us: "HIS LEGS WERE GETTING LONGER BUT THE REST OF HIM WAS STAYING THE SAME SIZE." Before the readers' eyes, Wallace looks to be standing on ever-lengthening, stretchable stilts as the hero continues to "grow down."

-- Visible Time

Walt Disney's Brer Rabbit #??

Disney's Comic Book: "The Fountain of Youth"

Fountain of youth plot, fools BRB with bees in bootle, BRF with a geiser. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Christmas Parade #6

Dell Disney's Comic Book: "The Fountain of Youth" (11/30/1954)

Li'l Bad Wolf and Fountain Of Youth. (Ar/RN)

[Reprinted in Donald Duck #10]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Walt Disney's Comics And Stories #426

Comic Book: Dell; Chip-N-Dale: "The Youth Potion" (03/30/1976)

Witch's Youth potion gets stolen.

[No Reprint Known At This Time]

-- http://www.comics.org

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #654

Brazil Disney's Comic Book: "History Re-Petes Itself" (03/30/2005)

Youth gun makes Black Pete a baby again. (Male Ar/RN)

[Reprinted in Mickey #630]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Walt Disney's Comics Digest #25

Gold Key Comic: "The Youth Machine" (08/30/1970)

A witch uses a youth machine on Minnie Mouse. Minnie Mouse is aged and a witch gets her youth return to her. (Female AS/RN)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Comics Digest #56

Gold Key Comic Book: "That's No Fable!" (12/30/1975)

Donald Duck and his nephews feel great after swimming to an island. They discover young conquistadors stranded thee for centuries. If they try to swim back, they'll be too young to survive

[Reprinted in Carl Barks Library #4, Uncle Scrooge #32, Uncle Scrooge #97, and Uncle Scrooge Adventures #18]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Walt Disney's Donald Duck #??

Disney's Comic Book: "As Young As You Feel"

GY's false youth formula makes DD fells great. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Donald Duck #??

Disney's Comic Book: "Elixir Of Youth" (1989)

Too much rejunevation potion. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Donald Duck #??

Disney's Comic Book: "Fountain Of Youth" (06/11/1980)

Youth spring. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Donald Duck #??

Disney's Comic Book: "Second Childhood" (08/03/1989)

Youth Vacation. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Donald Duck #??

Disney's Comic Book: "The Spring Of Instant Youth" (12/22/1974)

No info at this time. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Donald Duck #??

Disney's Comic Book: "There's No Fool Like An Old Fool" (1994)

Feeling old, DD looks at jungle for scientist who invented youth elixir. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Duck Tales #7

Disney's Comic Book: "The Fountain of Youth" (09/11/1990)

Fountain of youth. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse #66

Disney's Comic Book: "The Secret of the Swamp" (06/30/1959)

Two crooks want "water of youth" from swamp native (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Donald Duck #10

Disney's Comic Book: "The Fountain of Youth" (1956)

Li'l Bad Wolf and Fountain Of Youth. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Donald Duck #12

Disney's Comic Book: "The Fountain of Youth" (05/08/1975)

Spring of youth and old sailors. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Donald Duck #21 [Netherlands]

Disney's Comic Book: "Fountain of Youth Goof" (1962)

No info at this time. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Donald Duck #36

Disney's Comic Book: "The Fountain of Youth" (1967)

Magica De Spell turns Uncle Scrooge into a baby. (Ar/RN)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's DuckTales #17

Walt Disney: Comic Book: "A Dime In Time" (10/01/1991)

Beagle Boys are regressed into children. (Male/Ar/RN)

Walt Disney's Gyro Gearloose #1267

Dell Comic Book: "Fountain of Youth Goof" (02/01/1961)

Due to Gyro's youth potion causes Scrooge McDuck to age and Gyro must find the Fountain of Youth.

Walt Disney's Mickey #348

Disney's Comic Book: "A fonte da juventude" (10/30/1981)

Pflip has found Fountain of Youth in Florida. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Mickey #630

Disney's Comic Book: "" ()

No Info at this time. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse #??

Disney's Comic Book: "Itching Gulch" (08/08/1949)

Eternal youth thanks to a secret mineral; EB's Western adventure. (AS)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse #66

Dell Comic Book: "Mickey Mouse in The Secret Of The Swamp" (07/01/1959)

Mickey Mouse gets a map to the fountain of youth. (Minor animal Ar)

Walt Disney's Minnie Mouse, The Wicked Witch

Disney's Comic Book: Walt Disney Comics Digest #25: "The Youth Machine" (10/30/1970)

No Info At This Time. (Possible Ar/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge #32

Disney's Comic Book: Dell:"Fountain of Youth" (10/30/1965)

Looking for Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge #??

Disney's Comic Book: "A poção de Medéia" (07/30/1988)

Medea's youth potion. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge #??

Disney's Comic Book: "The Wee Dram From Scotland" (02/30/1996)

Search in Scotland for a drink of youth. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge #32

Disney's Comic Book: "That's No Fable!" (12/30/1960)

Fountain of Youth; this myth isn't hard to swallow!. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge #43

Comic Book: Gold Key: (07/30/1963)

Magica De Spell uses magic to change her form. (Ar/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge #97

Disney's Comic Book: "That's No Fable!" (12/30/1960)

Fountain of Youth; this myth isn't hard to swallow!. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Walter Forde's Time Flies

Movie: Volume. 26 (Science Fiction Gold)

Time traveling into the past just isn't what it used to be!

Comedian Tommy Handley invests his friends money into a time machine without their knowledge. Outraged, they try to get the money back from the machine's inventor, but are accidentally sent back to Elizabethan times where meet up with the likes of William Shakespeare and Sir Walter Raleigh. Soon the Queen's Royal Guard become suspicious of the newcomers strange attire and even stranger ways. "They must be witches," the guards surmise. Now Tommy and his friends will need more then a song and dance to keep from being burned at the stake! (Little Ar)

Wana Trap of Carnal Desire

Manga Comic Book: Kazuki Taniuchi (1999)

Rapidly aged preschool girls' dresses were torn to shreds, still clinging to their adult bodies. The grown boys ended up nude. In retaliation, the male perpetrators were reverted into toddlers and one baby. (Excellent APed, RN, male AR)

-- Process Forum

War Machine #19-24

Comic Books; (1996)

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Sheva Josephs has developed "Time Fatigue" from time traveling with War Machine, and suddenly finds herself aging rapidly. (young adult to old age acceleration)

-- MySpecialFX

War of the Worlds

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #16: "Unto Us a Child is Born" (02/20/1989)

Aliens invade by infusing themselves into ordinary people. During a shopping mall attack, an alien infects a pregnant woman. Due to the violent integration, she goes into labor and gives birth to a hybrid which ages rapidly. In a few hours, the child matures from a day-old infant to a strapping 3-year-old toddler. The boy's powerful urge to "recombinate" with his mother leads him to kill his nurse and escape. The Blackwood team, the Advocacy, and the possessed mother all search for the growing child monster. After the showdown, the hybrid undergoes a strange metamorphosis. The alien part of the child dies off, and the infant reappears from within. Jonathan & Brandyn Ursini: Alien Toddler. (male AP TF, RN)

-- derydan58

Warehouse 13

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #02: "Trials" (07/18/2011)

Warehouse 13 had an artifact that erased peoples memories making them act like younger and younger versions of themselves until their mind was completely erased, not much here excpet for a few adults acting like kids and toddlers, but worth mentioning. Pete and Myka try to locate an artifact responsible for victims losing their minds... literally. Meanwhile, Steve and Claudia go to Boston to find Typhoid Mary's knife, which can transfer illnesses and injuries from one person to another. (M/F Mental Ar/RN)

-- BabyRC

Warehouse 13

TV Series: Season 07; Episode #12: "Stand" (10/03/2011)

This is the second half of the two-hour Season 3 finale. Jinks leaves behind a video message for the Warehouse and they learn Sykes flew to Hong Kong with Helena to unlock the Regent Sanctum. Warehouse 13 comes under attack soon after. Mrs. Frederic ages then dies in a matter of seconds as the Warehouse "dies.". (Female aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya



Movie: (1989)

The Warlock (Julian Sands) puts a curse on a young girl who fears getting old. "Tout, tout, thrown about, your callow life in dismay, rectum osculum tormentum...a decade twice over a day," he chants. She awakens the next morning aged from 20 to 40 years old, complete with long fingernails and hair brushing the floor. Her aging continues through the rest of the film, adding 20 years each day. She ends up about 60 years old, with decent old age makeup, before she manages to remove the Warlock's curse. Great movie, great aging idea, and highly recommended.


The Warlord #20

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Enter The World of The Warlord" (04/??/????)

Baby boy is clone and his clone is age progressed. (Male aP)

-- John L.


The Wasp Woman (1960's)


A classic 50's film in which a middle-aged woman tries to regain her youth by feeding off the blood of others. She regresses and ages many times during the film, and eventually her blood formula no longer works, aging her to death. Primitive makeup, but still quite good, and the film is excellent. Highly recommended..



The Wasp Woman (1960's)


Another classic by Roger Corman concerning an aging makeup model/corporate executive who takes shots of wasp enzymes to regain her youth. It works, but it occasionally turns her into a cheesy wasp monster and back to a middle-aged woman. No extensive age makeup, just some facial shadowing to suggest middle age.


The Wasp Woman (1990's)


a remake of the classic film mentioned above, with better effects and slightly more convincing age makeup, plus it¹s in color. Worth a look.



The Watcher in the Woods

Disney movie: (08/03/2004)

When a family moves to a country home, the young girls experience strange happenings that have a link to an occult event years past. (Female AS)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Watership Down

Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #13: "The Last Battle"

It's time to end the battle once and for all. Both sides collide and there can be only one winner. Silverweed uses stolen magic and pays the price. (animal aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Way Beyond

Book: D. B. Clark (03/21/2002)

While his son is comatose from an ecological accident, Derek Wythin becomes obsessed with vivid dreams that he begins to believe are depicting one of his Arthurian-age ancestors. He must somehow enable this ancestor to survive in the past or Derek will cease to exist in the present. But perhaps his mind is betraying him, as he also fights to meet the challenges of his modern world and not be taken over by a menace lurking in his subconscious.

[That diminishing infant began to sink and shrink, from newborn infant...to neomate...to a small frog-like creature, pink and smooth..that continued...]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Book Cover

The Way of Shadows (Night Angel Trilogy, Book 1)

Book: by Brent Weeks (10/01/2008)

For Durzo Blint, assassination is an art-and he is the city's most accomplished artist. For Azoth, survival is precarious. Something you never take for granted. As a guild rat, he's grown up in the slums, and learned to judge people quickly - and to take risks. Risks like apprenticing himself to Durzo Blint. But to be accepted, Azoth must turn his back on his old life and embrace a new identity and name. As Kylar Stern, he must learn to navigate the assassins' world of dangerous politics and strange magics - and cultivate a flair for death. (Male AS/Immortal)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Web of Evil #21

Comic Book: : "The Man Who Lived Forever" (12/30/1954)

(Possible Ar/aP/AS)

[No Reprint Known At This Time]

-- http://www.comics.org

Web Of Mystery #3

Ace Comic Book: "True Tales of unexplained mysteries #6" (06/01/1951)

A man ap to bones after his exlier is lost. (Male aP)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Web Of Mystery #25

Ace Comic Book: "The Keeper of the Flames" (07/01/1954)

A man makes a deal with death to extend his wife's life.

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Web Site Story

Book: by Robert Rankin (10/01/2001)

There is an extended AR scene from page 166 to page 178. The character 'Big Bob' enters a virtual reality complex by mistake and gets regressed into a ten-year-old. I hadn't seen anything on this, so it was probably worth noting.

-- Gamble

Wee Willie Winkie

Kiwi Video: "Soldier,Soldier, Won't You Marry Me?" (2004 - 2005)

Petrina (Katy Wottrich) wants to join the soldier in the painting. She asks Fairy Godnana if she can transform her into an adult for one day. She finds the soldier rather cute. When she sings "Soldier Soldier won't you marry me?" he turns her down each time for another excuse - no shoes, no hat, no gloves. She gets a little angrier each time she runs up the stairs to fetch the article. She asks one last time only to be told that "Oh no, sweet maid, I cannot marry you for I have a wife of my own." No longer enamored by him she delivers a sweet revenge before being wafted back to the future. She is very happy to return to being a little girl again.


-- Visible Time


Live Nickelodeon TV Series: Season 0?: Episode #??: "" (0?/?0/1993)

A giant puppet stage was designed to look like a city. - The Mayor plays around with the new tiime machine and everyone except for the human host and the scientist are affected. Booney becomes an egg, the sea captain becomes a baby, Baby Jeffrey turns into a man puppet and the mayor and her assistant become hippie teens. (AR, AA APed)

-- Tazz

Weird Adventures #10

Comic Book: Ziff-Davis: "The Man Who Lived Backwards!" (08/30/1951)

The day before his wedding, a man's life begins moving backwards.. (Minor Male Ar)

-- www.comics.org

Weird Fantasy #4 (New Series)

Comic Book: Russ Cochran: "Second Childhood" (07/30/1993)

Scientist experiments on himself to be closer in age to his fiancee, but he keeps going (AR past birth). 1950 Version is quite different. [Reprints EC's Weird Fantasy #16 - Nov. 1950)]

Weird Fantasy #6

An Entertaning Comic: Comic Book: "Space-Warp!"

Frank Carter returns from a space trip and discovers he been gone for thirty-two years. His best friend is now a old man and woman he loved had a daughter now his age. He falls in love with her after mistaking her for her mother. (M/AS)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Weird Fantasy #9

An Entertaning Comic: Comic Book: "The Duplicates" & "The Connection"

In "The Duplicates" Bob and Lee create a process in creating clone copies. The clones ages to old age after a while. (F/aP)

In "The Connection" Thomas Branch attempts to time travel so he can be with older Doris Martin in the future. Thomas Branch was fallen in love with the young woman, but hates the age difference. Thomas Branch ends up aging myself to a old man when he travels to the future due to a broken connection in the time machine. When he travels back in past he goes to far back. He goes back to a time when Doris Martin is a 4-year-old little girl. The time machine is no longer there because he hadn't built it yet. He ends up becoming a handyman named Mr. Forrest and later becomes Doris Martin Guardian soon after her parents die. Rising the little girl he once loved as a woman. (M/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Weird Fantasy #15

An Entertaning Comic: Comic Book: "He Who Waits"

A man named Percy falls in love with a woman named Petite who is only eight inches tall. After he shrinks himself to her size. Petite ages to old age after two weeks. Petite turned out to be a plant creature that only blooms once every ten years. Percy must wait ten years before Petite will return. (F/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Weird Fantasy #16

Comic Book: Russ Cochran: "Second Childhood" (11/30/1950)

What secret had an entire tribe paralyzed with fear?

Weird Fantasy #16 (Reprint)

Comic Book: Russ Cochran: "Second Childhood" (07/30/1993)

Scientist experiments on himself to be closer in age to his fiancee, but he keeps going (AR past birth). 1950 Version is quite different.

Weird Mysteries #6

GillMor Magazines: Comic Book: "Life Sentence" (09/01/1953)

A man must spend a century inside a sealed room if he drinks some special water.

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Weird Mysteries #10

Gillmor Magazines: Comic Book: "Eternal Death" (05/01/1954)

A older man gets a younger body. (Ar/Age Stasis)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Weird Mystery Tales #4

Comic Book: : "To Live Forever" (02/28/1973)

Possible Immortal story line

[No Reprint Known At This Time]

-- http://www.comics.org

Weird Mystery Tales #12

Comic Book: "Time Plug" (07/30/1974)

A man is ages to dust after he is shot dead by a pair of thieves.

[No reprint this time]

-- http://www.comics.org

Weird Science

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #12: "Killer Party"

The guy's parents are mentally AR'd to 15 yrs old 'Chet Reborn' Chet is AR'd to a baby and then slowly morphs older at different points until he reaches his true age. 'Teen Lisa' The guys wish Lisa could understand what it is like being a teenager and so Lisa becomes a teenager (although a teen without her super-model good lucks in order to not get by on her looks). Usually you see the real Lisa although the 'teen' appears in mirrors. She IS mentally AR'd.

-- Time

Weird Science

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #12: "Chett Reborn" (10/29/1994)

Written by: Paul Lieberstein, Jeff Vlaming & Kari Lizer Directed by: Steve Dubin

An ill-worded wish turns Chett into an cute little infant. The former gun-toting bully is growing up all over again at an accelerated rate. Now Wyatt has a chance to re-raise his brother and correct all the mistakes his parents made. Problem is, Wyatt's gentle, loving parenting turns the adult Chett into a sweet-but-pathetic wussy-boy, incapable of defending himself. It takes the dirtiest joke in the history of broadcast television and a barroom brawl to rouse the warrior in Chett, turning him back into his old butt-kicking self.

-- Anonymous

Weird Science

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #15: "Teen Lisa"

Episode in which Lisa makes herself into a teenager. Unfortunately, not a teen looking Lisa but a 'created teen' because the guys don't want her to be a teen super-model and have it easy because of her looks. Usually the real Lisa appears except in mirrors where we see the 'other Lisa'. She does suffer 'Mental AR' though.

-- Time

Weird Tales The Unique Magazine

Magazine: Short Story: "The Youth Maker" by Backus, W. Elwyn (04/28/1927)

No info at this time. (possible ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Weird Terror #10

Allen Hardy Associates: Comic Book: "Witch Girl!" (03/01/1954)

A woman is aged after another woman cast a spell on her. (Female/aP)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Weird War Tales #04

Comic Book: DC Comics: (04/30/????)

A soldier wishes it was twenty years from now. After a gypsy girl tells some stories a soldier is aged by twenty years. (aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Weird War Tales #88

DC Comics Inc: Comic Book: "Night of the Siominole" (03/30/????)

They are known as the Seminole Wars, The three separate attempts by the U.S. Cavalry to drive the seminole indians from their Florida homeland and yet in the first two wars the Seminoles were Victorious! Not until the Third were they finally defeated. How did these simple peace-loving indians withstand the armed might of the U.S. Government for so long? What finally brought about their defeat? The Startling Answers are revealed here, on the...Night of the Siominole (F/aP/AS).

-- Jeffr_2bya

Weird Wonder Tales #8

Comic Book: Marvel: "You're Gonna Live Forever" (02/28/1975)

A gangster drinks a serum that will allow him to live forever and goes to hide out in the bayou where he falls into a pit of quicksand.

[Reprinted from from Menace #3 and Reprinted in Mitico Thor vl #131.]

-- http://www.comics.org

Welcome Back to the House of Mystery #1

Comic Book: DC; Vertigo: "The House of Endless Years" (07/30/1998)

Two girls, Judy and Peggy, in search of Peggy's lost brother Neal, enter an old house where lives an old hag who warns them to leave for their own good. They don't and find out that the evil house drains the life from those in it by leeching on their fear of death, condemning them to an endless eternity.

[Reprinted in from House of Secrets #83, DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #24, House of Secrets #83, House of Mystery #224, Showcase Presents: The House of Mystery #3, and Showcase Presents: The House of Secrets #1]

-- http://www.comics.org

Werner's magazine: a magazine of expression Volume 17

Book: By Music Teachers National Association (12/30/1895)

A little old woman drinks some youth elixir getting younger each time.

["Elixir of Youth!" What's elixir? Ebenezer used to have something he called elixir that he took before meals, and Deacon Pratt used to ... "Drink one wineglass of the Elixir of Youth and lie down for ten minutes." What is that? Oh, yes! ...]

-- Jeffr_2bya

The West Coast Avengers #12 (2nd series)

Comic Book: Marvel Comics: "The Attration Between Two Bodies" (09/30/1986)

While fighting a team of villains (Zzzax, Quantum, Halflife) the villainess Halflife ages Mockingbird every time she touches her, until Wonder Man makes the save. (AP, RN).

-- Zeitgeist.

What If V2 - #33

Comic Book: Comics: "" (?)

In a two-issue "What If?", Jean Grey isn't killed as the Phoenix on the moon, instead choosing a psychic lobotomy, to remove her powers and keep her from becoming too powerful. In the second issue, Magneto helps her regain her powers, and the Shadow King tries to defeat her by accelerating baby Rachel's (born after Jean's lobotomy) aging and possessing her. After Jean defeats the Shadow King, Rachel is left with an adult body and infant mind. Jean uses the Phoenix power to regress her back to her proper age. (AR)

-- Guest

What Now

New Zealand TV Series: "The Age Machine" (0?/0?/19??)

Charlie, Serena, & Teachinator are turned back into kids. (AR AA, RN, OA)

-- Visible Time


Comic Book: Yui Toshiki Manga: Momohime bizarre erotic stories

Kiss causes little girl to grow up. Her dress is too short. Adult content.

-- Sutibaru

When Daddy Prays

Book: by Nikki Grimes, Tim Ladwig (Illustrator)

When Daddy Prays is a collection of poems and verses to help a child to learn about prayer. The book tells about a child learns just that from his father. The same as we learn from our Heavenly Father. The Father's prayers help carry the family throughout each day. No matter what the situations or circumstances prayer brings them closer. (Cover page looks like Ar)

-- savedbyhisgrace

When You Wish Upon A Star


A body switch between older and younger sisters (and not THAT much difference in age... they are both in high school)

-- Time

Where Monsters Dwell #9

Marvel Comic Book: "The Magic of Mordoo!" (10/01/1955)

Mordoo was a gypsy with a reputation for being able to perform any magical feat requested of him. He also had the stigma of bringing hardship to those who made these requests. Franz Kopnik visited Mordoo and asked him to make his lover Katrina Steuben a young woman again. Mordoo was reluctant, but after Kopnik taunted him he agreed. Mordoo successfully turned the middle aged Steuben into a teenager, but she suddenly changed her mind about marrying Kopnik. She started coming on to Mordoo, and he eagerly accepted her advances. [Printed From: Journey Into Mystery v1 #75] (Female Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Where Monsters Dwell #12

Atlas: Marvel Comic Book: "The Black Clock!" (11/01/1971)

A man steals a clock from a old man and ages. [Printed from: Journey Into Mystery v1 #67](aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Where Monsters Dwell #30

Atlas: Marvel Comic Book: "The Thing in The Black Box!" (09/01/1974)

Centuries ago, Zeus, chief of the Olympian gods, gave a tightly sealed box to Pandora, warning her never to open it; she did, and unleashed evil, wicked imps upon the world. The imps were sealed back in the box and Pandora was exiled to a tropical island in the South Pacific. In present times, a man was ship-wrecked on the beautiful Pandora's isle. She tricked him into opening the box and released a single demon which grew to gigantic proportions. This demon was the personification of all the individual imps. Pandora commanded the demon to attack the world. Meanwhile, the ship-wrecked man surrounded Pandora with mirrors, showing her her true, centuries-old reflection. Pandora surrendered and ordered the creature back into the box. The box was then sealed and buried. (Female aP) [Printed from: Journey Into Mystery #74]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Where Monsters Dwell #33

Atlas: Marvel Comic Book: "The Man Who Meddled!" (01/01/1975)

A scientist looks for a way to speed up the life cycle of the lab mice to hasten research trials. His success in the lab spills out, as his newborn baby dies of old age withing 3 years, and now, the effects are spreading to him. [Printed from: Marvel Tales #128]

-- Jeffr_2bya

White Oleander

Movie: (?)

(flash forward) Alison Lohman plays Astrid, the 15 year old daughter of Ingrid. 23 year old Lohman convincingly takes us on the journey of a 15 year old girl during a 3 year period. Her acting ability extends to the language of her body as well, often changing her posture or movement to convey the development of a young girl growing into a woman. She even looks as if she's grown taller by the time Astrid turns 18. (aP?)

-- Visible Time

Whiz Comics #13

Comic Book: Fawcett: "Sivana's Fountain Of Youth" (02/30/1941)

Crafty Thaddeus Bodog Sivana makes Billy Batson too young to pronounce 'Shazam.' Many IBs also regressed [Reprinted in DC Comics' Shazam Archive Volume 1 as "Captain Marvel - The World's Mightiest]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Wicked Science

TV Series: Season 01; Episode 20: "Nanna" (07/09, 2004)

Toby repairs the MFE machine and uses it to test the strange rock, concluding that they could both be mysteriously linked to the genius transformation. Toby hpyerfunctions and creates a wormhole generator, thinking he can go back in time and discover the missing piece to the puzzle.

Toby’s Nanna, visiting for her eightieth birthday, gets sucked into the wormhole. She is transported back to 1931 while her younger self, Amelia, is transported to the present—smashing the wormhole generator. Toby and Russ are forced to take Amelia to school where she is caught by Tesslar and tells him the whole, fanciful story. Toby manages to get Amelia home and swap her back with the old Nanna just in time for her birthday party.

-- Ricky

The Wiggles

TV Show: Season 01; Episode #16: "History" (04/03/2001)

The Wiggles find an old video of themselves when they were six years old. Jeff and Murray lie on the green grass looking at the sky, and ponder the age of the earth and the sun. Anthony eats a bunch of bananas that Greg wanted to use in his latest magic trick. In this episode the Wiggles are aged down to when they were kids. (Ar/RN)

-- Aeron

Wigwag Magazine

Magazine: Short Story: (1990)

In the morning, when daisy woke up, she found herself in Zoe's Crib. Her toes, her legs, even her nose were all very little and, she couldn't help noticing, extremely cute. Sometime during the night, Daisy had turned into a baby, and of course this meant she had to stay in the crib (like a lump).

Wild Magic: The Immortals 1

Audio Book: by Tamora Pierce (Sep 2003)

When Daine comes down from the mountains, she carries with her two things: a dark secret about her own past, and a strangely powerful magic that even she doesn't understand. Soon Daine has a job working for Onua, the queen's horsemistress, who is astonished at the girl's way with animals. It's almost as if she can speak to them. Daine and Onua travel to Pirate's Swoop, where Daine finds herself swept into a war that threatens all of Tortall, a war where magic is one of the main weapons. The wall between the worlds is cracking. The magical creatures are returning. Now Daine must master her own magic, and face her own dark memories, if she is to save her new home from destruction. Magical creatures never grow old or die of sickness. (Magical creatures are immortal unless killed (AS))

-- Jeffr_2bya

Wild Magic: The Immortals 1

Book: by Tamora Pierce (09/30/2003)

When Daine comes down from the mountains, she carries with her two things: a dark secret about her own past, and a strangely powerful magic that even she doesn't understand. Soon Daine has a job working for Onua, the queen's horsemistress, who is astonished at the girl's way with animals. It's almost as if she can speak to them. Daine and Onua travel to Pirate's Swoop, where Daine finds herself swept into a war that threatens all of Tortall, a war where magic is one of the main weapons. The wall between the worlds is cracking. The magical creatures are returning. Now Daine must master her own magic, and face her own dark memories, if she is to save her new home from destruction. Magical creatures never grow old or die of sickness. (Magical creatures are immortal unless killed (AS))

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Wild Mother

Book: by Elizabeth Cunningham (10/01/1995)

The delicate relationship growing between Adam Underwood and Eva Brooke is nearly destroyed with the reappearance of his former wife, Lilith (Dream Ar)

[His face grew younger, harder, emptier. She recognized it as teh face she had known. Then it grew younger still and softer. she had seen this face before. As she wondered at it, his body began to change, too, growing smaller, smoother, suppler. She glimpsed for a moment a child that looked very much like Fred. Then even the child dissolved. In the water she saw a tiny infant. ]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa

Cartoon TV Series: Season 02; Episode #09: "Skull Duggery Rides Again" (11/13/1993)

Risen from the undead, Skull Duggery and his super-natural posse head to Cowtown to wreak havoc and disrupt the Halloween celebrations. Skull Duggery returns to Cowtown and creates a gas which turns people into older people. (male anthro bovine AA AP, anthro bovine adult to old age, anthro adults to OA, RN)

-- April

The Wild Wild West

TV Series: Season 01; Episode 16: "Night of the Steel Assassin" (01/07/1966 )

(AR) Man mentally changes an intellectual woman back to a showgirl-type child. Sue Ann Langdon is the actress. Very good, but a bit slow.

-- Time

Will You Take Care of Me?

Book: by Margaret Park Bridges, Melissa Sweet (12/30/1999)

Possible Minor Ar in this children's book

-- Jeffr_2bya

Winning Colors (The Heris Serrano Trilogy Book 03)

Book: by Elizabeth Moon (08/01/2013)

Winning Colours concludes Elizabeth Moon's "Serrano Legacy" adventure-SF trilogy, whose previous novels are Hunting Party and Sporting Chance. Captain Heris and her cranky but highly acute patron Lady Cecelia are in their tightest corner yet, visiting a planet that's due to be torched by a raiding fleet from the villainous Benignity of the Compassionate Hand. Only their lightly armed space-yacht Sweet Delight stands in the way: the official defence force is commanded by traitors. Of course resourceful Heris contrives a daring last-ditch scheme, but still seems doomed ... Another storyline features the various young, foolhardy offspring of merchant princes and clones of royal scions who repeatedly risked their necks in previous books, and here tangle with revolutionaries enraged by the concentration of galactic power in the hands of repeatedly rejuvenated oldies. En route there's a fair bit about horse-breeding, and a tongue-in-cheek justification for sound effects during space-battles in vacuum. After subjecting her characters to nail-biting peril (with one small mystery frustratingly unresolved), Moon dishes out happy endings with a touch of sentiment that goes down well--since we've come to like most of these people. And, just as in P.G. Wodehouse, the prime motive force in the galaxy turns out to be aunts.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Winter of Magic's Return

Book by Pamela Service

In which we learn of Merlin's 'affliction.' (see also "Tomorrow's Magic," above)


Winx Club

Cartoon TV Series: Season 05; Episode #09: "The Empathy Gem" (11/04/2012)

With Tritannus on their tail, the Winx travel to Zenith to obtain the Gem of Empathy. Musa and Flora stay back to watch over a very temperamental Stella. Time is running out for the Winx to complete their quest. Stella gets turned into a 3 year old by an Age Changer Spell on a gem.

-- Steven

Wish Kid

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #10?: "A Grand Ol' Time?"

A kid has a magic baseball glove (which a wishing star fell on it) . Whatever he wishes for comes true, but the wishes never last too long either. In one show his grandpa wishes he was young again and becomes a little younger then his grandson and starts playing tricks on bully next door.

Wish upon a Star

Movie: (2005)

Disney heavily censored scene where 16 y.o. Katherine Heigl discovers her taller older body. (Soul Transfer)

-- Visible Time


Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies

Movie: (1999)

Quick ar past death in the beginning

- Jeffr_2bya

Witch Hunter Robin

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #03: "Dancing in Darkness" (02/19/2004)

A dried corpse found in a dark tunnel leads the STNJ on a hunt for a witch who can control insects. Two previous victims found in the same condition point to a similar rash of deaths leading back hundreds of years and the dead are all witches. Is the STNJ dealing with an immortal?

-- Dragoniade & Stonegate Shadowlord.

The Witch Switch

Book: By Anne Harler (09/26/2006)

A witch trades places with her baby sister.

-- Visible Time

The Witches

Movie: (1990)

Movie based on book by Roald Dahl, with Anjelica Huston, Mai Zetterling. Little girl in painting ages to old age over the years. (painting AP, AA)

-- Visible Time

Witches Tales #9

Harvey Comic Book: "Fatal Steps" (04/01/1952)

A man is aged after making a few wishes. (Male/aP)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Witches Tales #14

Harvey Comic Book: "The Devil's Own" (09/01/1952)

A woman ages after she uses a few spells. Later she is transform into a old witch. (Female/aP)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Witches Tales #19

Harvey Comic Book: "The Pact" (06/01/1953)

A man makes a deal with the devil to live forever in a young man's body. (Ar/AS)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Witching Hour #4, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Disaster in A Jar" (09/30/1971?)

A man invents a youth cream called "Magic Youth", but it has some unexpected side effect for his customers. (Minor F/Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Witching Hour #8, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty" (05/30/1971?)

A old man switches bodies with a young man. (M/ST)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Witching Hour #9, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The Lonely Road Home" "The Last Straw" (07/30/1970)

This issue contains 2 AS/aP related stories. One about never growing old and the other a cursed magic broom.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Witching Hour #10, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: (09/ 1970)

There is an AR at the end. In the issue, young witch Cynthia and older witches Mildred and Mordred compete in a contest of stories that have to do with time. The old witches win, so Cynthia gets her revenge with her "little pocket-size scientific Fountain of Youth goodie," which turns both older witches into babies (still in their adult-size costumes). Cynthia promises that the AR may wear off by dawn, but if it doesn't, the two older witches would next month be transferred to "Sugar and Spike."

-- ARthur

Witching Hour #18, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The Face Behind The Mask" & "When Satan Comes A-Creaping!" (01/30/1972)

A con woman fakes she is over 300 years old in order to swindle money out of a man she loves in "The Face Behind The Mask". (F/aP)

A man's beautiful wife turns into a ugly old witch in "When Satan Comes A-Creaping!".

-- Jeffr_2bya

Witching Hour #19, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Stop Beating, Heart! You're Killing Me." (03/30/1972)

A man grows old after having a heart transplanted from a man he killed. (M/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Witching Hour #51, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The Phantom Theater" ((02/30/1976)

Two crimnals hide in a theater only to be terrorized by the movie. When they arrested by the police they aged from young men to old men. (M/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Witching Hour #69, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Five Fatal Fingers" & "The Girl Who Grew Younger" (03/30/1976?)

Anything a man touches with his bare fingers ages to death in "Five Fatal Fingers". (Female & Male aP)

Impiled Ar in "The Girl Who Grew Younger". (F/Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Witching Hour #73, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Don't Dare Pick Up a Stranger" (09/30/1976?)

After a stranger patted a heifer it ages till its nothing but bones. (aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Witching Hour #74, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Death Can Be Contagious" (10/30/1976?)

A 75 year-old witch has a anti-aging potion. (Female, Male/aP. Minor Female/Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Witching Hour #76, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The Man Who Bought Death" (01/30/1976?)

A man buys off death, but still ages and he is now 153 years old. (aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Without Mirrors

Contemporary Play:

(Bez Zerkal): Nikolai Klimontovich's parable play about love, youth and death. When a 40-year-old woman confuses the son of her former lover for his father, the boy gives her a youth potion that works until morning.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Wizards of Waverly Place

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #09: "Wizards vs. Werewolves" (01/22/2010)

Juliet is scratched by Mason, which strips her of her vampire powers, and rapidly ages her into a white-haired old hag. Because of this, Justin and Juliet are forced to break up for good. Justin says he will accept her no matter how old she looks, but Juliet knows that this will ruin Justin's life. She reveals that she is indeed 2,193 years old. (young adult age disguised to old age acceleration morph, AA TF)

-- MySpecialFX

Wizards Of Waverly Place

TV Series: Season 04; episode #05: "Back To Max" (03/11/2011)

Professor Crumbs is coming to check on how well Justin's class is doing and Justin and Alex try to hide Maxine from him while Maxine wants to have Professor Crumbs turn her back into Max. Meanwhile, Harper is the star of the School Show but, Maxine may be taking her spotlight. The Russo Parents must help to Decorate for the play and Jerry doesn't want to do it but, his wife wants to prove they can. Soon Alex and Justin's plan backfires when they accidentally turn the Professor into a young boy. (Male Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Wolf Speaker: The Immortals 2

Book: by Tamora Pierce (09/30/2003)

Veralidaine Sarrasri, a.k.a. Daine, is on the road with her mentor and tutor, the master mage Numair Salmalin; her faithful pony, Cloud; and Skysong, the dragon kit she is raising. They are answering a summons from the Long Lake wolf pack that was once Daine's only family. Help is urgently needed to oppose the "two-leggers" who are despoiling the pack's home, but as they enter the valley, Daine and Numair learn that more is amiss. High treason is afoot, and only extreme efforts-natural and magical-can save the Kingdom of Tortall. Orphaned Daine, now 14, has always been able to mind-speak with animals, but now she is also learning to heal their wounds magically, to enter their minds and see with their eyes, and to change temporarily into animal form. New readers may have some trouble believing the premise of this book, lacking the background information so carefully presented in Wild Magic. Wolf-Speaker is more of a simple adventure than the exploration of characters, feelings, and relationships found in the earlier title. Wild Magic is a powerful fantasy, and its readers will clamor for, and probably not be disappointed by, this sequel. It resolves its conflicts quite satisfactorily, but there is still room for further adventures for Daine and her friends. Magical creatures known as Immortals never grow old or die of sickness. (Magical creatures are immortal unless killed (AS))

-- Susan L. Rogers

Wolverine #61

Marvel Comic Book: (09/01/1992)

Wolverine is dreaming; Sliver Fox, Sabretooth, and John Wraith are trying to kill him but are then fired upon. Then, Wolverine is awakened by Jubilee. Their flight to Los Angeles has been diverted to a S.H.I.E.L.D. heli-carrier. Nick Fury tells Wolverine that a man wants to speak to him, so Fury takes a helicopter to the man’s location. The man meeting Wolverine is John Wraith and isn’t to trilled that Wolverine brought Jubilee along. Wraith aims a gun at Jubilee. Wolverine has a flashback to a time when he was on mission in Southeast Asia with Wraith and Creed. Wraith found a woman spying and Creed kills her because Wraith won‘t. Wolverine and Creed argue over killing the woman. Wolverine knows Wraith won’t kill Jubilee. Wolverine also remembers a mission in Berlin to steal the carbonadium from Omega Red. Wraith stayed behind so that Wolverine, Maverick, Sabretooth, and Janice (dead) could get away. Wolverine saw Wraith vanish from Omega Red’s coils. Wraith gives Wolverine a Shiva head which makes him remember a mission in Cuba where Silver Fox betrays the team and captures Wraith. Jubilee snaps Logan back to reality and Wraith takes Logan to meet some one. Wraith approaches his house and realizes that some one broke in. Wolverine warns him that the burglars are armed. Wolverine charges in and is faced with gun-fire. Wraith holds the two teens at gun-point and lets them have the TV they were trying to steal. Wolverine finally meets the man Wraith was going to show him, Mastodon. Except, Mastodon was old and dieing; not the way Wolverine remembered him. Wraith explains to Wolverine that Mastodon’s age suppression was wearing off, so Wraith gathered all the old team members to investigate. Wraith tells Wolverine that he even found Silver Fox and has Sabretooth locked in the basement strapped with explosives. (Male/aP)

-- Comicvine

Wolverine #62

Marvel Comic Book: (10/01/1992)

Sabretooth is chained to a wall in John Wraith’s basement but breaks free and attacks Wolverine. Wraith is going to blowup the explosive that is strapped to Sabretooth but Jubilee shoots fireworks at Wraith. Jubilee was trying to protect Wolverine, but Wraith tells her that the explosive would only hurt Sabretooth. Silver Fox arrives wearing a Hydra uniform; Wolverine still doesn’t believe she has been alive all this time and Sabretooth though he had killed her. Wolverine has a flashback of Sabretooth killing Silver Fox and to two fighting. Silver Fox takes Wraith, Wolverine, Jubilee, and Sabretooth outside to talk to Carol Hines, a doctor from the beginning of Weapon X, who my have answers. Suddenly, Jubilee cries out for help as Mastodon turns to mush. Later, the group use Ornette Higgenbotham to hack into NSA’s database for some names and answers. Ornette finally pulls up a screen with a list of names from Weapon X: Wolverine, Silver Fox, Kestrel (John Wraith), Vole, Mastodon, and Wildcat. Wraith is familiar with al the names except Vole and Wildcat. Then, Ornette finds another list of names: Professor, Cornelius, Hines, and Ferro. These people were behind Weapon X. Ferro is a new name to the team. Hines finds an address to a private island and the group heads to Aldo Ferro’s castle. A missile takes down Silver Fox’s ship. Wolverine and the rest of the group takes out Ferro’s guards. They find Ferro and his bodyguard, Maverick. . (Male/aP)

-- Comicvine


Movie: (07/18/2011)

A woman's consuming love forces her to bear the clone of her dead beloved. From his infancy to manhood, she faces the unavoidable complexities of her controversial decision.

The film commences with a pregnant woman (Eva Green) telling her unborn child that the father has departed for good, but that together they will start a new life. A love story is then told between two children, Rebecca and Tommy, who swear each other eternal love. When Rebecca departs suddenly for Japan with her mother, the two are separated. Twelve years later Rebecca returns as a young woman to find that Tommy (Matt Smith) not only remembers her, but still cares deeply for her. The two begin a new relationship.

Tommy is a political activist fighting against the biotech corporations, who plan to open a new natural park populated by artificial animals created by cloning. Tommy plans to spoil the inauguration ceremony by letting loose rucksacks filled with cockroaches. Rebecca, herself a geologist finding for corporations new sites of natural resources, insists on accompanying Tommy.

Driving to the site of the new natural park through a lonely wilderness, Rebecca asks Tommy to stop the car so that she can pee. While Rebecca looks for a place, Tommy leaves the car and is struck and killed suddenly by a passing vehicle

Rebecca and Tommy's parents are stricken with grief. Rebecca wants to use new scientific advancements to have Tommy cloned and thereby bring him back to life. She offers to be impregnated with Tommy's embryo and give birth to him. Though Tommy's mother objects, his father agrees to give Rebecca Tommy's cell material, urging her to carefully think through her decision. Rebecca, however, continues and gives birth to a new Tommy via Caesarean section.

Tommy is now raised as Rebecca’s son, and the two have a close relationship. Rebecca presents to him a toy saurian, an artificial living animal created using new biotechnology. Tommy and his playmates do not want to play with a neighbourhood girl because she is a clone. The neighbourhood mothers also display prejudice against “copies”, telling Rebecca not to let her son associate with them. Rebecca, though horrified, gives in in order not to isolate her son. Eventually rumours about Tommy spread, and Tommy is forced to celebrate his birthday alone with his mother, his playmates being barred from his company by their mothers.

Rebecca moves to a more remote location with Tommy. Tommy begins to ask questions about himself and his father, wanting to know how his father died. He kills his living toy saurian by burying it alive. His mother finds out and gives him back the dead saurian, which has now become an ordinary, inanimate toy animal.

Years later, Tommy has grown as old as he was when he died in his first life. He is now the adult son of still-youthful Rebecca. When Tommy brings a girlfriend home to stay with them Rebecca behaves jealously, to Tommy's bewilderment and his girlfriend's. Tommy struggles with what seems to be sexual tension between he and his mother. Tommy's real mother, now an old woman, arrives unexpectedly and stares silently at Tommy, who feels he recognizes the stranger. Frightened and frustrated over being provided no explanation, Tommy lashes out at Rebecca and ignores his girlfriend, who leaves shortly thereafter.

Tommy angrily demands answers from Rebecca, who gives him an old laptop - his own, from his first life. On it he finds pictures of himself with the old woman and with his former father. Tommy and Rebecca make love for the first time. The next day Tommy packs his things and leaves - the pregnant Rebecca of the film's first scene is carrying Tommy's child. (Male aP/FF)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Wonder Bread

TV Commercial: (?)

Male AP (Boy to Mature Teen)

-- Visible Time & TBTC

Wonder Showzen

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #01: [Fake Kids Show] (07/22/2006)

Drill instructor orders girl to stop thumb sucking and grow up. (aPed AA)

-- NinjaBunneh

Comic Book Cover

Wonder Woman v1 #113

Comic Book: DC Comics; "Invasion Of The Sphinx Creatures" (04/1959)

WW 113: The first Silver Age appearance of Wonder Tot, though it's Diana as a kid. We see how every year disaster befalls Diana's birthday cake.

Comic Book Cover

Wonder Woman v1 #122

Comic Book: DC Comics; "The Skyscraper Wonder Woman" (05/30/1959)

Wonder Tot debuts in Wonder Woman. (F/Ar)

-- Tazz

Comic Book Cover

Wonder Woman v1 #129

Comic Book: DC Comics; "Return of the Nuclear Villain Multiple Man" (04/30/????)

Possible Ar. (F/Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Comic Book Cover

Wonder Woman v1 #132

Comic Book: DC Comics; "Wonder Tot And The Flying Saucer" (Aug.)

Several of the adventures of the classic Wonder Woman had her regressing to childhood or infancy. In issue #132 [according to "Ambush Bug Miniseries #3], WW gets shot with a regression ray which turns her to Wonder Teen, then Wonder Girl, then Wonder Tot, and finally Wonder Infant. As an infant, she can understand the babbling of an infant boy who was the only witness to a spaceship landing.

Comic Book Cover

Wonder Woman v1 #133

Comic Book: DC Comics; "The Amazing Amazon Race" (10/30/????)

Possible Ar.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Comic Book Cover

Wonder Woman v1 #175

Comic Book: DC Comics; Startler! "Wonder Woman's Evil Twin" (04/)

A trip to a parallel dimension shaves years off Wonder Woman and Col. Trevor (AR, RN).


Wonder Woman v1 #266

Comic Book: "The Perfect Crime" (04/30/1980)

Perfection reveals that her capture of Mr. Jupiter was only a cover for her true goal--capturing Wonder Girl and getting her to reveal the Amazons’ secret of eternal youth.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Wonder Woman

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #22: "The Man Who Could Not Die"

A man can't die no matters what happens to him. Perhaps even old age will have no effect on him.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Wonder Woman Hardcover Volume 4

Comic Book: DC Comics:

Which has the Wonder Woman in Grow Down Land issue in it.

-- Anonymous

Wonder Woman v2 #151

Comic Book: DC Comics:

(AR) Doctor Poison (Princess Maru) Succumbed to her own poisons; reverse-aged herself to nothing.

Well Issue 151 was a bust - just a reference to the character going bye-bye and no issue sidenote -- John L.

-- Visible Time

Wonder Woman v.2 #183

Comic Book: DC Comics:

Wonder Woman (AR) Queen Clea of Atlantis. Presumed deceased; reverse-aged.

-- Visible Time


TV Series: Season 01; Episode #04: "Pink Flamingos"

Flash forward to old age (Jeffr_2bya)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Wonderful Journey to the Human Body, The

CD-ROM; Hamasa Hamufla El Guf Ha'adam (Israel, Center for Educational Technology, 2000)

Watch a child's milk teeth fall out and be replaced by his permanent set; the x-ray of a baby's hand turn into an adult one; and fingernails grow. See a little girl's face morph gradually into that of an old woman wearing glasses.

-- Visible Time

Book Cover

The Wonderful Adventures Of Phra The Phoenician


Tracks Adventures Of A Man In England As He Is Reborn Through Many Incarnations, From The Time Of Julius Caesar, To Elizabethan England. (Rebirth)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Wondering Repair

Game: [Hentai game] (2008)

Boy lives with his grandfather who runs a watch/clock repair shop. When a little girl shows up at the shop, he tries to repair her clock himself. Once fixed, he gives it back to the little girl, and when she puts it on she transforms into a teenager. It looks like she can transform from small child to a full grown adult at will. (AP AA, RN)

-- DQ5

Book Cover

Woody Woodpecker Giant Size #1

Harvey Comic Book: "Air Mail", "Dangerous Water", "Stranded on Kua-Kua", "Remedy for a Dragon" (10/01/1992)

The main characters are stranded on an island divided by a steep mountain range where one side has water that makes you younger and the other has potatoes that make older. So, if you're living off the land on that island, you need to balance these foodstuffs to maintain your true age. Unfortunately, the one pass through the mountain range gets blocked and the characters on both sides realize that they are in terrible danger of eventually overbalancing on one of the materials and dying or disappearing as a result unless they can each get to the other side.

-- Jeffr_2bya


TV Series: Season 01; Episode #11: "The Littlest Pathologist" (un-aired)

One of the only surviving post-holocaust group is being affected strangely by the radiation - he's getting younger. (This episode was never aired, the show having been canceled the week previous.)


World of Darkness: Truth Until Paradox

Book: 2nd Edition: Short Story "Waiting for Yesterday" by Brett Brooks

A woman use magic it backfires on her and makes her older. at the end she regresses. [Page 150]

-- Brat

World of Fantasy #14

Marvel Comic Book: "The Three Dead Flies!" (10/01/1958)

A man loses his chance to use some youth serum.

-- Jeffr_2bya

World of Fantasy #18

Marvel Comic Book: "The Clock Strikes Never!" (06/01/1959)

A man becomes younger after using a time machine to travel back into his own time. (Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The World God Only Knows

Anime Cartoon Series: (07/04/2012)

While a boy is dreaming he sees a girl turned into a baby. (Female Dream AR)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Worlds of H. Beam Piper ED.

Book by John F Carr (p. 9)


World of Quest

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #09: "No Way Out" (11/20/2013)

Spite gets a gun which can "babytise" anything. During a fight with Quest and his crew, Spite accidentally (due to Nestor) hits Way, and she becomes an egg. The gang must find her family so that her mom could hatch her. (Male/Female Ar/RN)

-- Stonegate

Worlds Unknown #4

Marvel Comic Book: Lost...One World (11/01/1973)

A time travel finds himself young again, but no memory of his older self.

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk


The Wotch #01

Online Comic Book: "Enter The Wotch" (11/ 22, 2002)

Evan/Lilly is introduced into the comic. (TG/Ar/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya


The Wotch #03

Online Comic Book: "Abra-cat-dabra" (01/uary 6, 2003)

Minor ar with an cat transformation. (TG/Ar/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya


The Wotch #05

Online Comic Book: "Angelique the Defective Djinn" (03/ 28, 2003)

Few wishes are granted on some students. (Ar/ST)

-- Jeffr_2bya


The Wotch #07

Online Comic Book: "What's My Age Again" (06/ 23, 2003)

Lilly was temporarily age-progressed near the end of the "What's My Age Again" chapter. (TG/Ar/aP)

-- Visible Time


The Wotch #09

Online Comic Book: "Myths and Legends" (August 11, 2003)

Lots of transformations.

-- Jeffr_2bya


The Wotch #10

Online Comic Book: "Revenge of Ishtarru" (04/ 23, 2004)

Evan still turns into Lilly. (Ar/TG)

-- Jeffr_2bya


The Wotch #17

Online Comic Book: "Adventures in Babysitting" (03/27/2006)

The newest cover posted tonight indicates that the upcomming story arc will contain a hefty dose of age changing and TG...ing. . (Ar & aP / TG)

-- Master_E1a

Wrestlemania 23 Ad


(The superball of wrestling) will be shown live on PPV from Fords Field Detroit, MI. To the ap part, this year's theme is All Grown Up (Last year was the Big time, year before that was Wrestlemania goes Hollowood and the year before was Where it all begins again). Well anyway in the commercial they show kid versions of popular wrestlers (John Cena, Batista, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and King Booker), they show them one at a time, first as a kid then them as grownups. They mostly talk about when they were kids they dreamed of headlining wrestlemania but now they are Grown Up.

-- Tazz


TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: "?" (10/30/????)

In October in the WWE (use to be WWF) they had a gay wedding between 2 male wrestlers. There were 2 brands (tv shows that are like leagues). While the boss of the show attended the wedding which wound up being a publicity stunt and boss of the other show was thee wearing great makeup to look like a 100 yr old priest. He would take it off and attack everyone with his backup. I have posted a before and after pictures of him on that day.

-- ArFreak


Book by Orson Scott Card [SciFi] (07/01/1987)

A baby boy is born then grows up too fast and dies at the end of the book. This part is NOT shown in the comic book series. (Male aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

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