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Hey! My breasts have gone!
(9 years old) I lost my sock...
(5 years old) I'm afraid I can't wear this sweater any more.
(3 years old) Help me! I don't wanna be BABY!
(2 years old) But it is comfortable. I'm sleepy....
(10 month)
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Visible Time's Key
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too aP: age Progression Ar: Age regression AS: Age Stasis CB: clothes burst or rip RN: return to normal ST: Soul Transfer UC: undersized clothing


Radiata Stories

Game: RPG for the PS2:

Young girl Cornelia is a kid during the day. At night she casts a spell on herself to become an adult so she can work as a singer. She desperately tries to keep her secret. (AP, AR)

-- Visible Time

Radio Mystery Theater:

Old Time Radio Series: Episode: "Stephanie's Room" ( 12/??/70)

One show was "Stephanie's Room, from December 1974. The plot involves a married woman who relocates with her husband to her home town, where after she visits the house where she was raised and becomes friends with its occupant, Mrs. Lanning. Gradually the two submit to subtle coos from within the walls of Stephanie's old room for Stephanie to "come back"; Mrs. Lanning and the room all begin to change with each visit -- the room gradually taking on the appearance of Stephenie's childhood and ultimately her nursery, and Stephenie and Lanning ultimately becoming baby and mommy. This was the best AR that I've ever encountered in the popular media. I recently noticed that the CBS Radio Mystery series, including "Stephenie's Room," is offered at www.xminusone.com/.


Radio Mystery Theater

Old Time Radio Series: Episode: "Sacrifice of Blood" (1974)

In the 1974 series of cbs radio mystery theatre ,there is another instance of regression in the episode entitled "Blood Sacrifice". Its is exactly at the end and although it is total and substantiated by the narrative,and even has much better infantile vocalization than Stephanie's room ,it is very unsatisfying and may not be worth the effort of listening to 50 minutes of bad story along with the old commercials that were entertaining the 1st time but are getting to me.

-- JohnDee


Music Video: "Whap-pa" (2006)

Moldovan former member of O-zone (famous for Numa Numa song) sings about a childhood love. You can see Radu regress to a small boy and AP back into an adult but you don't see him regress again until near the end where he regresses twice, then he's APed back into an adult and the song ends. (M/Ar)(male flashback, male flash forward)

-- Ararchive

Raelians UFO & cloning religion

Group of People

Claude Vorilhon, known as Rael to his followers, said that within 25 years, group scientists may develop technology to create a full-grown human clone in just hours and the mind of the cloned adult would receive instant knowledge via the ''uploading'' of information directly from the brain of another person.

-- Visable Time

Book Cover

Rage of a Demon King

Serpentwar Saga Book 03: by Raymond E. Feist (02/01/1998)

At the opening of the novel Erik Von Darkmoor is helping to train soldiers for The Kingdom's armies while Rupert, at the height of his trading success, is coerced into financing the war. Meanwhile the forces of the Emerald Queen are approaching Krondor, and it is discovered her target is the "Lifestone", the legendary device discovered by Pug and his cohorts in A Darkness at Sethanon. (Male/Female Ar).

["Nakor, you look younger."

Nakor grinned. "Am I handsome yet?"

"It's the Lifestone," Said Pug.

"It's Rejuvenating us."

Miranda's forehead furrowed. "That explains it," She said as put her hand on her stomach. ]

-- Jeffr_2bya


Anime Cartoon Series: ()

Haruka and Ayato were the same age in the past; at the time of the series, Ayato is 17 and Haruka is 29 due to time passing differently inside and outside of Tokyo.

-- Jeffr_2bya


French commercial: (2008)

Parkour baby grows up. [male AP AA, vehicular TF]

-- Unknown

The Random House Book of Science Fiction Stories

Book: Story; "The Children" by Chester S Geier (p. 279)

A group of colonists land on a planet that has a ore that regress them

-- Brat

Ranma 1/2 OAV Series: Like Water for...

Ranma 1/2 OAV Series: Like Water for...Ranma 1/2 Oav Vol. 02:Like Water for Ranma

Ranma 1/2

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: Like Water For Ranma

A young girl is able to drain other peoples life force and temporally age herself it to a busty beauty, but it's very temporary and soon regressed to a little girl again.

Ranma 1/2

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: unknown

Ranma and Ryouga eat mushrooms that change them into kids.

Ranma 1/2

Anime Character:

Miss Hinako Ninamiya has child and adult forms.

-- Visible Time

Rattikarn Yord-Rak

Movie? (Thailand)

A playful little ghost likes to make himself into a grown man named Jook.

-- Visible Time

Raven's Strike

The Raven Duology Series: Book 02: By Patricia Briggs (07/26/2005)

Willon gets younger? (Male Ar)

[When he was three centuries old he stopped aging and began to get younger. It was good, until he began getting too young. when I last saw him he look...]

-- Jeffr_2bya


Ray Bradbury's novel Something Wicked This Way Comes


Never read it but I can guess its like the movie.


Ray Bradbury Theater, The

(TV Series: Season 04; Episode #10: "Hail and Farewell" ((9/29/89) from 'The Vintage Bradbury' based from a short story.)

After his parents die a boy named Willie stops aging at 12 years old. The kids he hangs around with all begin to grow taller, towering over him, and people begin to wonder what's wrong with him. So he goes from town to town, getting 'adopted’ by parents who recently lost a son close to his age range and after a few years, when the 'parents' wonder why he doesn't grow, he moves on.

(side note: 1. In a weird way he helps the parents, this way they can say goodbye. 2. He has a crush on a neighbor girl when he turned 12, She is now a adult and he is just a preteen boy.)


Ray Bradbury Theater, The

TV Series: Season 05; Episode #04: "The Black Ferris" (08/10/90)

Two friends think there's a connection when a carnival brings an old man and a young boy to town.

Ray Bradbury Theater, The

TV Series: Season 05; Episode #11: "The Long Years" (11/16/90)

A space crew returns to Mars to find a scientist and his family unaffected by their 20-year stay on the planet.

Read or Die AKA "R.O.D"

Manga Comic Book: by Hideyuki Kurata (2000)

Jean Henri Fabre has the power to control insects. Every time he is killed he simply molts his old skin and emerges in a new, more developed form. In his first appearance, he resembles an old man. When he is smeared against a wall by Yomiko he sheds his skin and emerges as a child. Later, when shot, he sheds his child form and transforms into an adult. Because he spends most of the series in the form of a child, Fabre's personality is very chipper and cheerful. (male AR/AP)

-- Visible Time

Reader's Digest

Magazine (February 2003)

(old age AP, same clothing, simulated) A couple is shown at various ages from 18 to 65. (JB)

-- Visible Time

Real Ghostbusters, The

Cartoon Series: Season 05; Episode #2: "Three Men and an Egon" (16-Sep-1989)

Egon gets nailed in a particle beam with a ghost, and begins to act unlike himself. Over the next two days, he regresses toward infancy while the ghost withers.

The Real Story: The Gap into Conflict

Book: by by Stephen R Donaldson (06/01/1992)

Davies Hyland is force-grown from a fetus to a 16 year old teen. Of course, he's also implanted with the mind of his 22 year old mother.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Realm of Magic

Game: Any platform w/ internet

Viagara is a quest item that temporarily reverses the aging process 10 years or so... open telnet and connect to rom.mud.de port 4000 to see...

-- by BloodLust

The Realms of the Gods: The Immortals 4

Book: by Tamora Pierce (May 31, 2005)

In this final installment in the series, Daine and her mentor, Numair, are about to be killed when Daine's parents, both of whom are minor gods, sweep the pair up into their domain. Their lives are saved, but both Daine and Numair desperately want to return to mortal regions to help their country, Tortall, fight against the deadly foes introduced in the earlier volumes. The only way for them to do so is to seek the help of dragons, who owe Daine a favor for raising one of their young. Although the young woman is able to shape-shift and communicate with animals, and Numair is a powerful magician, the journey to the Dragonlands is fraught with dangers. Along the way, they discover unlooked-for allies and their love for one another. Arriving in Tortall at last, Daine faces her bitter enemy, Ozorne, with whom she struggled in Emperor Mage (Atheneum, 1995). A bloody battle wraps up both the series' earthly struggle and the divine battle at its root between the evil Queen of Chaos and the other immortals. Daine, now 16, can look forward to a normal existence, at last. She is an ideal heroine-adventurous, intelligent, and gifted with magical powers, yet down-to-earth and kind to anyone who is not an open enemy. Some of the animal characters are a little precious, especially the young dragons. However, the dream sequences, in which Daine is able to see what's going on in mortal lands, are intriguing. Fans of the earlier titles will appreciate this satisfying conclusion. Magical creatures known as Immortals never grow old or die of sickness. (Magical creatures are immortal unless killed (AS))

-- Mary Jo Drungil



Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #10: "The Great Brain Robbery"

With the help of Mouse, a hired mercenary, Megabyte intends to send a heavily compressed ship into Bob's head to take control of his brain. However, things don't go exactly as planned...[Enzo has a little mental Ar trip.]

-- Jeffr_2bya


Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #04: "Game Over"

Having Megabyte sealed inside firewall gives a long needed reprieve. But the virals are still scheming, and Enzo and AndrAIa face the user in a dangerous tournament style fighting game alone..

Enzo beleives that this is the oppertunity he needs to prove his capabilitys and resourcefullness as a gurdian on his own terms, but the ensuing fight does'nt go his way, will the User win?

-- Jeffr_2bya


Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #05: "Icons"

After getting stuck in a game, Matrix, the hardened and cynical warrior once known as Enzo, and AndrAIa have been wandering the net for a very long time, moving from system to system through the games, searching for a way back to Mainframe. This time they arrive in a barely functioning system, devastated by virals and constant lost games.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Recca no Houno

Manga Volume 29:

Kirito asks Joker: what is your age? He answers 25. Kirito escapes another of his attacks, and stands on the ceiling. "14 and 25, how nice." Kirito asks the 2nd question: how old do you think I am? Kaoru guesses 14, and then Kirito transforms into her 24 year old body and apologizes for asking an unanswerable question. A madougu changes her body's age at will. She then transforms into an old woman. Joker and Kaoru are bewildered by the madougu's power. Changed into a 9-year-old body, Kirito continues to explain that there's the side effect of changing her mental age as well. Joker relates this to a multiple personality disorder. Kirito has no memory of her life before Rinne, thus she has no clue about her real age. Mori told her that if she kills Hokage, he will tell her what her true age is. She asks the boy if he knows her true age. Kirito gets a message over her radio to tone down the blasts since it's disturbing everyone in Hell and Heaven. Shiguma refuses, and Kirito has to change into her old body. (AR, old age, AP)

-- Sumeragi

Red Dwarf

Book Better Than Life by grant naylor (p. 269)

Rimmer has a series of flash backs

-- Brat


Red Dwarf

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #01: "Backwards" (11/14/89) by Robert Grant {ISBN 0-670-84574-4)

Dave Lister has finally found his way back to planet Earth. Which is good. The crew are forced to spend ten years on a reverse planet, waiting for the chance to escape. If he doesn't get off the planet soon, he's going to have to go through puberty again. Backwards. Still, his crew-mates have come to rescue him. Which is good. What's bad is that they consist of a robot with a hyperactive guilt chip, a creature who evolved from cats, and a dead man. And if they fail, Lister will carry on growing younger until he becomes a baby, then an embryo.

Red Dwarf

BBC TV Series: Season 05; Episode #2: "The Inquisitor" (2/27/92)

He roams through time, weeding out life's wastrels and deleting the worthless - the Red Dwarf crew are in big, big trouble. (Lister gets AR'd & AP'd.)

The red-eared ghosts

Book: by Vivien Alcock (03/30/1998)

Since infancy, Mary Frewin has seen ghosts with red ears but no one believes her. Things change when a couple of teachers take an interest in her. One of them is a believer in "alternate worlds" and thinks Mary may actually be seeing people from a parallel universe. He turns out to be right, as halfway through the novel she crosses over to this other world, where she is mistaken for her own great-grandmother who had journeyed there decades before. As she tries to find a way home and learns more about this new place, Mary's story bogs down a bit. The friendships she develops here are not as vividly realized as her relationships with two friends in England. The rather complicated details about the nature of the parallel universe detract from the initially intriguing plot. A much needed author's note is included to explain the relationship between the two worlds. Despite the actions of a menacing and manipulative "ghost," the novel never becomes suspenseful. However, Mary is a fascinating character and most readers will persist through the sluggish moments. She takes risks and places herself in danger because she is determined to convince others that the figures she sees are real. Her feisty personality carries the novel along, and her ultimate success in convincing her friends and parents is satisfying. (Ar/aP)

[One false step may transform you instantly into an old man or a pile of bones. One false step and you may dwindle rapidly into a howling baby, or go screaming into the darkness before you were born. ]

-- Jeffr_2bya

A Red Heart and Blue Roses

Book: by Mildred Clingerman? (Page; 101)

A friend of the family regresses; at the end it is inferred that he would regress all the way back and become the baby of the mother?

-- Brat

The Red Lion & The Elixir of Eternal Life

Book by Maria Szepes

Recounts the adventures, over a span of four centuries, of Hans Burgner, a 16th-century alchemist's apprentice who murders his master in order to possess a potion rumored to confer the gift of immortality. Having drunk this elixir, Burgner is condemned to be repeatedly reborn, century after century, as a cursed visionary who sees, but is powerless to prevent, the injustices and cruelties awaiting his fellow men. Eventually purified by his sufferings, Cornelius (Hans' final incarnation) fulfills his destiny: to prophesy, to a world ravaged by war, the reappearance of the Messiah.


Red Moon and Black Mountain

Book: Novel: by Joy Chant (1971)

English children are magically transported to a world called Vandarei, including the messianic oldest brother Oliver. He rapidly transforms into a grownup warrior who inexplicably forgets his origins. The female characters like the little girl Penny, the motherly Princess In'serinna, and the romantically frustrated teenager Mneri are more strongly developed. (male flash forward AP)

-- Visible Time

Red Robin #19

DC Comic Book: (01/30/2011)

When Red Robin and his friends are trapped in the unknown world of the Unternet by the Calculator's fail-safe program, it's Batman and Robin to the rescue - but which Batman and Robin is it? If the Unternet is a telepathic communications gestalt where the villains' dreams come true, can Red Robin become its waking nightmare? (Female Ar/RN)

-- Sixsodacola

Red Rube #1

Comic Book: Roly Poly Comics: "?" (1945)

Reuben Reuben, a cub reporter for the Daily Sun, can call upon the powers of his ancestors by simply shouting "Hey Rube", which causes him to transform from a child into the all powerful adult super-hero Red Rube. (male/aP)

The Red Skelton Show

TV Series: Season 09; Episode #26: "Clem's Fountain Of Youth" [CBS] (04/14/1959)

In this episode, Red portrays his stupid rustic character Clem Kladiddlehopper, whose farm's well in discovered to contain water with rejuvenating properties. Naturally, Clem is hired to give Hollywood starlets mud-packs that use water from the well as the main ingredient. His client is an aging leading lady who insists on playing romantic leads, even though she has been in films since the late 1920s. Her plastic surgeon refuses to give her another facelift because she'd end up 'breathing through her toes.' The first mud-pack turns the actress from a plump frump into a beautiful blonde in her early 20s.

She gets cast in movie that is a Middle Eastern version of 'Pocahantas.' The scene being shot has the sultan condemning a British officer to death, only to have the actress, dressed in a harem costume, run up and yell, 'Don't kill him, father. I love him.'

Between takes, the actress decides that her wrinkles are returning, so Clem very messily gives her another mud-pack. When work resumes on the scene, instead of the blonde coming out to shout the 'I love him' line, we get a 5-year-old girl in costume shrunk to her size. She turns to the director and crew to yell, 'Now what did I do wrong. And how did you guys get so tall?' End of sketch

- PixChick

The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith

Book: The Dead Lady of Clown Town by Cordwainer Smith (06/25/1987)

"The Dead Lady of Clown Town" is a science fiction short story by Cordwainer Smith, set in his Instrumentality of Mankind future history. It was originally published in Galaxy Science Fiction in 1964. It was included in the collection The Best of Cordwainer Smith and most recently in The Rediscovery of Man short story collection. The major character D'joan (later Joan) is force-grown from age five to age sixteen in one night.. (Female aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya


The Reincarnation of Peter Proud

Book: by Max Ehrlich (p. 72)

A doctor hypnotizes a man and he learns about his past lives

-- Brat

The Reincarnation of Peter Proud

Movie: by max ehrlich

A doctor hypnotizes a man and he learns about his past lives

-- Brat


Newspaper Strip?: (Before 1938)

Woman try's some Uzit medicine which makes her 10 years younger each time. (AR/past birth).

The Rejuvenation of Miss Semaphore

Jarrold and Sons Book: A Farcial Novel; Seventh Edition: by Hal Godfrey (1897)

Humorous novel of a woman changed into a baby.

-- Jeffr_2bya



Pronunciation: ri-"jü-v&-'ne-s&n(t)s, "rE-Etymology: Medieval Latin rejuvenescere to become young again, from Latin re- + juvenescere to become young, from juvenis Date: circa 1631 : a renewal of youthfulness or vigor : REJUVENATION - re.ju.ve.nes.cent /-s&nt/ adjective

The Rejuvinator


An aging actress takes an experimental formula that allows her to regain her youth, but turns her into a grotesque monster occasionally. The makeup effects look astounding from the photos



Relic Hunter, The

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #01: "The Put Back'" (23-Sep-2000)

Answering the call of old friend and fellow Relic Hunter Ross Crawford, Sydney drags Nigel to Africa on a completely atypical mission. Instead of hunting down a fabled treasure, they must return one to its original hiding place. After Ross 'liberated' an idol from the Temple of Woot, an African god of regeneration, he began degenerating at an alarming clip. Syd and Nigel will have to locate the Temple and put back the hexed idol before the Winter Solstice - or risk unleashing a curse of epic proportions.


Movie: (07/24/2007)

It's 2054 Paris and the city lives in the shadow of corporate giant, Avalon, which sells the irresistible promise of "ageless beauty." The sudden kidnapping of a gifted young scientist draws a tough-as-nails cop into a twisted underworld of corporate espionage, genetic research and organized crime. (AS)

-- Jeffr_2bya


Book by Ken Grimwood

Jeff Winston, age 43, didn't know he was a 'replayer' until he dies and wakes up twenty-five years younger in his college dorm room; he lives another life. And dies again. And lives again ... and dies again - in a continuous but ever-shortening cycle - each time starting from scratch, but with all memories of each life intact. Is he the only one whose life replays?


Requiem - Chevalier Vampire

Comic Book: (11/01/2000)

Vampires age backwards.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Resident Evil 2

TV Commercial: Movie Trailer (2003)

Woman appears to be ared then is aged to a zombie.

-- Stefano

The Restless Years AKA "Teach Me How to Cry"

Movie: (1957)

In that first role, Sandra Dee was shown aging from 12 to 18.


Retro Lives

Book by lee grimes

The whole book has ar in it, a man lives 60 years, then he lives and forgets 35 more. leaving him 25 years again. all his male and female kids do the same.

-- Brat

The Return Of Hanuman

Movie: (05/18/2000)

Hanuman reincarnated as Maruti rapidly ages into an elementary school student in three months in order to quickly help an elementary school boy from being bullied. (Male aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

A Return to Innocence

Book: by Melvin L. DeFleur (03/01/2006)

Is the Fountain of Youth a Holy Grail? Michael Corey, a 70-year-old professor in Boston, is about to retire. But his plans are derailed when his wife dies and when he has a severe reaction to an inoculation, is struck by lightening, and receives an overdose of x-rays while undergoing a CAT scan. He recovers and returns to teaching, but his friends and colleagues are puzzled by his changing appearance. As the days pass, he looks younger and younger. His doctor and medical lab conclude that one or more of the traumas have altered the DNA in his bone marrow. Undifferentiated stem cells are replacing tissues in his body that cause aging. When a major pharmaceutical firm and the U.S. Army find out about the reverse aging, Michael becomes the target of a botched abduction. He changes his identity and goes on the run. For Michael, youth has its advantages, including more sex. But as he becomes younger and associates with more younger people, he confronts a dilemma he never anticipated: people seem to be more shallow, poorly informed, and boring. Will Michael want to reverse what is happening to him? Can he find a way to reverse it?A Return to Innocence explores these and other questions in compelling story that will make you reconsider getting that next plastic surgery.

-- Jeffr_2bya



Book: Novel: by Terry England

A recent novel where a group of aliens mysteriously make a group of adults into children. The ar part is minor, but the ramifications of the act are gone into great detail. Worth getting if it is still in print (Feb 1997)

Richie Rich #62

Comic Book: "The Butler Of Youth" (10/30/1967)

Cadbury goes for a drive on the estate and finds a mysterious spring. (Male Ar)

[No Reprint Known At This Time]

-- http://www.comics.org

Richie Rich and the Fountain of Youth


After drinking from a fountain, Richie's family (sans Richie) find themselves rejuvenated to children.

Richie Rich Show, The

Cartoon Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: "Youth Maker" (10/26/82)

Professor Komoto invents a Youth Maker. The bad guy Dragon-man steals it and uses it on several people including the Prosser in order to steal treasures. Richie Rich gets the device back and returns ared Komoto back to normal. (Male/Ar/RN)

Rick Cook: Wizard's Bane Series

Book 3

In the end, the enemy hacker programmer thought by all to be destroyed, finds himself reincarnated.

Richie Rich Vault of Mystery #?

Comic Book: Harvey Comics: "The Baby-maker"

A camera-like regressing device


The Ripping Friends

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #05: "Ovulator"

Chicken man reverts back into a egg.

-- Dragoniade & Stonegate Shadowlord

The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire

Comic Book: by Mike Butterworth & Don Lawrence "The Three Princes" (1968)

(Male Ar/RN)

-- Scanned and translated by Gunther (Visible Time)


Sci-Fi Movie: DVD: (2003)

Hale, an American astronaut (Johnson) dies and is reincarnated with other persons who have lived throughout all of human history and end up on a mysterious planet called 'Riverworld'. The humans are left to their own devices and create tribal fiefdoms and succumb to brutal wars and raids. A mysterious race of hooded 'beings' oversee them - sometimes intervening, but their motives are unknown. Anyone who has ever lived and died on Earth comes here rather than 'the afterlife', even an extra-terrestial call Monat, who had the unfortunate luck of dying on Planet earth in 2039. Hale leads a revolt and joins with others on a large boat to explore this mysterious new world. (Male Ar/Female Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Rizelmine (A.K.A. Rizerumain)

Anime TV Series: Season 01; Episode: #01 "Suddenly? Young Wife!?" (2002)

Tomonori Iwaki is a 15-year-old boy in junior high. On a day that could not get any worse, it, as expected, does. Upon reaching his home, he is greeted by a strange yet extremely happy and energetic cute 12 year old girl, Rizel (Rizeru). He is informed they are legally married. How this has happened is beyond Tomonori's understanding. Will Tomonori ever stop treating Rizel so horribly? "My first time being spun around by Danna-sama! My first time being thrown through the window with Danna-sama." She is genetically engineered by the Japanese government and can turn into an adult for about three minutes, so they can dress her up in adult costumes. (AS,aP)

-- Visable Time

Rizelmine (A.K.A. Rizerumain)

Anime TV Series: Season 01; Episode: #02 "Monopoly! Adult's Time!?" (2002)

Rizel tries to appeal to Iwaki by becoming an ideal girl that suits his taste, based on a secret photo she found in Iwaki's books. (AS,aP)

-- Visable Time

Rizelmine (A.K.A. Rizerumain)

Anime TV Series: Season 01; Episode: #12 " The Door To Adulthood! First Time Reaching C!?" (2002)

The race for the legendary flower on the Kissing Rocks begins! (AS,aP)

-- Visable Time

Rizelmine (A.K.A. Rizerumain)

Anime TV Series: Season 02; Episode: #01 "Hafuun! The Transformation With "Adult Goods"!?" (2002)

The Papas give Rizel capsules that can transform her into an adult (with big breasts). Rizel uses these capsules to her advantage by asking out Iwaki on a date as an adult. (AS,aP)

-- Visable Time

Road to Nowhere

Music Video (The Talking Heads, 1985?).

In one of the running routines in this video, an elderly man climbs into a cardboard box. Amidst lots of other happenings, we see the box shaking rapidly. After a minute, the box opens -- and an obviously very happy baby climbs out.

Rob Horton Montage Poster

Poster: "It is a joy to finally fit into my britches."

AP showing a baby finally able to fit into adult clothes.



Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #05: "Zap! You're Old" (2007)

Constantine attempts to blast Tommy with an Aging Ray designed to make him grow up and lose interest in his Robot toy. Instead, he succeeds in blasting everyone except Tommy - including Robotboy himself. As Robotboy, Gus and Lola speed-age towards the end of their lives, Tommy must find an antidote before it's too late.

-- Gumbyx84

Rocko's Modern Life

Cartoon Series: Season 2; Episode #08: "Cruisin'" (1/1/95)

A cruise through the Bermuda Triangle plays havoc with everyone's age.

The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

Cartoon Series: Season 03?; Episode #24?: "Bull's Testimonial Dinner"? (January 08, 1962)

Mr Peabody and Sherman travel back in time to meet Ponce De Leon and find out that his fellow travels discover the fountain of youth.


Book: by Robert J. Sawyer (02/05/2008)

Astronomer Sarah Halifax, who translated the first message from aliens and helped prepare humanity's response, is 87 when the second, encrypted message arrives 38 years later. To aid the decoding, a tycoon buys rejuvenation treatment for Sarah and Don, her husband of 60 years; however, only Don becomes young again. While coping with the physical indignities of old age, Sarah tries to figure out the puzzle of the second message. The bond between Don and Sarah continues, even while Don is joyfully and guiltily discovering the pleasures of living in a young body again. They want to do what's right for each other and the rest of humanity—for the aliens, too—if they can figure out what "right" could be. By its nature, a story about moral choices tends to get talky, but the talk is intelligent and performed by sympathetic and believable people.

-- Sci Fi Essential Books

Ron Hubbard writers of the future XIII

Book? by S. Seaport (p. 45 recursion?)

Alexander is able to reverse time for himself when he makes a mistake at the end he erases himself.

-- Brat

Roots of the Swamp Thing #1

Comic Book: DC: "" (07/30/1986)

Possible Ar/ap in This Comic book

-- Jeffr_2bya


Music Videos: "Ciao Bella" (2007)

(flashback/flash forward AA)

-- Laurent, LezloShig


TV Series: Season 03; Episode #13: "Panacea" (2/12/02)

Max Evans, at gunpoint, is forced to try to 'heal' a dying old man. But Max is the one who ages - apparently beyond his physical limit.


TV Series: Season 03; Episode #14: "Chant Down Babylon" (2/26/02)

Clayton Wheeler, the recipient of Max's energies in episode above, undergoes a startling change, and develops a crush on young Liz.


Round the Twist Graphic Novel

Book: by (03/30/1993)

Two stories, "Pink Bow Tie" and "Nails", from the TV series, "Round The Twist", told in graphic novel form. (Male/Female Ar, Male aP)

-- Entropic

Round The Twist

Australian TV Series: Season 02; Episode #04: "The Pink Bow Tie" (1993)

It concerned a machine that is stolen by two dim witted thugs. While on a ferry eluding the police the machine is used a number of times. First time one of the thugs regresses into a teen-ager, then back again. Then and elderly couple use to turn into their 20's. Then while the two thugs fight over the machine they grow regress into children (4 - 5 years of age) then forward to elderly men and then skeletons! Later another at a school the head master regresses into a baby, wearing a pink bow tie.

-- Unknown Fan

Round The Twist

Australian TV Series: Season 04; Episode #05: "TV Or Not TV" (02/28/2001)

Pete, Bronson and Linda are sucked into the TV and discover the truth behind their "heroes" (Mental Ar M/F)

-- Unknown Fan


Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #13: "Angelica's Birthday" (19-Dec-1993)

It's Angelica's birthday and she's excited, until Grandpa Lou tells her what it's like to be old. So, she decides to become a baby again, but soon finds it's not as great as she thinks.

-- Jeffr_2bya



Cartoon Series: Season 08; Episode #16: "All Growed Up" (21-Jul-2001)

The Rugrats travel 10 years in the future. Then they are all grown up, so Angelica won't boss them around anymore and they can attend the Emica concert.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Rugrats in Paris

Music Video: "Chuckie Chan" (2000)

Disney music video (male/aP)

-- Visible Time


Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode: #04 "Rupert in Timeland" (????)

When Rupert and Podgy find themselves unaffected by a sudden freeze in time, they visit Father Time in order to set things right but both end up on a journey into the future and age with each leap of time. (aP/RN)

-- Soltiger

Russian fairy tales

Book: by Moura Budberg

Possible Ar/aP

-- Jeffr_2bya

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