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Hey! My breasts have gone!
(9 years old) I lost my sock...
(5 years old) I'm afraid I can't wear this sweater any more.
(3 years old) Help me! I don't wanna be BABY!
(2 years old) But it is comfortable. I'm sleepy....
(10 month)
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Visible Time's Key
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too aP: age Progression Ar: Age regression AS: Age Stasis CB: clothes burst or rip RN: return to normal ST: Soul Transfer UC: undersized clothing


M. Rectitude Et Génial Olivier #10

Comic Series: "Un Genie Ingenu" By Jacques Devos (12/30/1999)

A young boy invents a youth elixir and tests it on his uncle. The elixir works too well turning his uncle into a baby again. (Male Ar/RN)

[No Reprint Known At This Time]

-- Jeffr_2bya

M.I. High

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #08: "Forever Young" (02/19/2007)

A former beautician's youth potion ends up turning the school's teens into toddlers. (Mental Ar Only)

-- Jeffr_2bya


TV Series: Season 03; Episode #11: "Kill Zone" (1/4/88)

Female scientist exposed to aging virus grows old rapidly.



TV Series: Season 07; Episode #14: "Mountain Of Youth" (5/21/92)

Mac and Jack search for a mythical Fountain Of Youth in a land of paradise.


The Macmillan Book of 366 Bedtime Stories

Book: By Gianni Padoan "Fountain of Youth"

A collection of 366 fairy tales, one for each day of the year including one extra for leap year, ranging from popular classics like "Cinderella" to original tales by Dickens and Andersen.

-- Jeffr_2bya

MAD #?

Comic Book: E.C. Comics: (reprinted in paperback: Episode - ?)

Spoof of 'Gasoline Alley' strip. Skeezix, as a kid, is attracted to an older girl. Through force of will, he solves his problem.


TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: 11/18/00 #607 includes "Girly Time" (BE)

Parody of a 1954 B&W sex education film. Pepper (Alex Borstein) is jealous of her friends because the boys ignore her. Suddenly, in the girls' bathroom, the onset of puberty is represented by a ray of light extending out towards the girl's crotch. She starts growing taller - and out - and even starts ovulating! Her parents appear to explain the changes. All the guys are lining up outside the bathroom (despite pimples and hairy legs).

-- Visible Time

Madame Sin

TV Movie

At the time the most expensive made-for-TV movie ever, Bette Davis chews the scenery as a Fu Manchu-type villain, whose arsenal includes age manipulation techniques.


Madame Xanadu #6

DC Comic Book: (12/01/2008)

Nimue is trapped in a cell during the French Revolution. Unable to get to her youth-restoring potions, she’s growing older and older by the minute. Desperate to save herself, she casts a spell to summon Death herself — as in Morpheus’ uber-cool goth sister from Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” series — to persuade her that it’s not actually her time to die.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Madballs #08

Star Comics: Marvel; Comic Book: "Madball Babies" (Feb 0?, 19??)

Fountain of Youth Plot storyline with the Madballs

-- Jeffr_2bya


TV Commercial?: (2002)

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (female to female TF) (ST?)

-- Visible Time


Movie: (1998)

(the growth was done by digital warping) A boy's wish comes true.

-- Visible Time

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Book: Story: "Aunt Jennie's Tonic" by Leonard Tushnet (N° 247 - December 1971,)

Ar? aP?

-- Ricky


Manga Comic Book: by SHIMIZU Reiko (04/09/2012)

Set in the futuristic 2200's in the edge of the galaxy. Super model Kana has died in a space ship accident when she traveled to a planet on the edge of the galaxy. Her daughter was found 3 years after the magnetic storm has rested. A distant related cousin of Kana adopted the young child (he was also an old boyfriend of Kana!). Years later, Kana's child has grown up to be a teenage girl... (Male/Female Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Magic: The Gathering

Card Game: Card

There is a Fountain of Youth card.

Magic: The Gathering

Book: "Tapestries" (p. 109)


-- Brat

Magic 101

Commercial: "" (01/25/2006)

Boy to baby? (ARed)

-- Grim

Magic by the Lake

Book: by Edward Eager (03/31/1999)

The protagonists are four siblings (three girls, one boy). Two of the girls wish themselves into teenagers and go on a double date, and their brother and sister have to chase them down and undo the wish before the date goes too far.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Magic Circus

DVD shows: (2003)

The final Special opens with the television debut of the "Growing Illusion", in which son Greg Wilson magically "grows up" into internationally renowned magician Mark Wilson. (Male aP)

-- Visible Time

The Magic Key

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #25: "Fountain Of Youth" (03/12/2001)

The gang discover a magic fountain that makes them younger.

-- agetheater.webs.com

Magic Spring

Book: A Korean Forktale

A poor woodcutter hears a bird sing and he follows the bird to hear more and finds the magic spring that restores youth. His wife soon joins her husband. A greedy old man notices that they are young again and ask where it is at. After drinking too much water he lays down for a nap under a tree and falls asleep. The couple worried that he didn't come back and look for him. They find a baby in the old man's clothes and take him as their son.

The Magical Adventures of Pretty Pearl

Book: by Virginia Hamilton (1986)

A legendary god-child travels to America 'within' Pearl. Once there, when Pearl needs the wisdom and experience of her 'future' adult form, Mother Pearl emerges (a future self-within-a-self adult role) to serve as both personal and communal Great Mother. Then Pearl has a parental form to fill her with stories, and she is able to assume her own future role as griot.

-- Visible Time

Magical Drops 3

Video Game: (Neo Geo)

While surfing for video game endings, I found a previously unknown video game with AR in it. The game is called Magical Drop 3, for the Neo Geo video game console/arcade unit. As the pictures at the site portray, the villainess regresses to a baby after you beat her.

-- ?????????

Magical Fairy Persia

Cartoon Series: Season 01: Episode #01:

A young girl is given magical powers so that she can bring spring back to the frozen land of dreams. One of her powers is the ability to change into an adult. In the first episode she becomes a police officer when she gets lost. There is also a strange gender transformation tied to her powers. If she fails in her mission or she is seen using magic, the men she loves will turn into women. When this is explained to her, she gets a quick vision of two of her friends becoming women.

-- by Paul

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

Anime Cartoon Series: Episode #23: (2007)

A series set 10 years later. A shot of Nanoha's adopted daughter Vivio being APed (AP)

-- ZodiacX

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

Anime Cartoon Series: ()

Anime Vivio, near the end. The villains do this to have her fight Nanoha; presumably she couldn't access her powers as a child. She eventually reverts to her younger form, after being defeated by Nanoha.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Magical Maple Syrup

Manga Comic Book: (2005)

Hentai style comic book. Little girl is aged to a teenager. (aP/Ar Nudity)

-- Guestx

Magical Nurse

Manga Comic Book: [2007]

aP Nudity (AA AP)

-- Process

Magical Project S

Cartoon Movie: Volume 5: Love Soldiers - Magical Escalation!

From a giant bully to being turned into a baby, Sasami's troubles with Pixy Misa keep getting bigger! Now it is time for the real troubles to begin! Ramia has recruited frustrated women to back up Pixy Misa as Team Sexy Madam! Sammy doesn't have enough power to defeat five grown ups. Will these wicked Soldiers of Love give Sammy her first loss?

Magical Treasure

RPG hentai game:

female Ar (Ar/aP)

-- Sutibaru, bellda

The Magician

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #06: "The Prophecy"

A new element called strontium which as the power to bring dead cells back to life is made. A crime boss named Blackjack wants it to be young again. Sonny Boy a rival crime boss as other plans.

The Magician

Cartoon Series: Season 01: Episode #25: "Junior" (08/07/99) by Gaumont Multimédia.

A man plans to transfer his mind into new body. A nurse takes the created baby to the Magician so he can help him. The baby ages to toddler to young boy while causing a lot of trouble. They only have two days to save him before he dies of old age.

The Magician's Show Box and Other Stories

Book: by Caroline Sturgis Tappan, John Andrew (08/24/2009)

Collection of stories (female/male Ar/female aP)

[Then her old grandmother and grandfather implored her, with tears in their eyes, to wish they might be young again. Floribel thought that would be delightful, for then they could all go blackberrying together; so she said in commanding voice "I wish my grandmother and grandfather to be young again;" but she did not think to say how young, and the next moment was surprised to see two little babies, lying among the violets, kicking and crying with all their might. ]

-- Jeffr_2bya


Movie: (07/22/2010)

"Magika" tells of Ayu (Diana Danielle) and Malik (Fimie Don), two siblings who are in mourning after the death of their mother. Malik feels guilty as he thinks he caused their mother's death. One evening, after a fight with his sister, Malik goes walking in the woods until he gets lost in a magical world called Magika. The Nenek Kebayan (Ziana Zain) and her follower Awang Kenit capture Malik to be the main ingredient of their youthful herbal medicine that can only be made using children's tears. Ayu tries to save her brother but also gets trapped in Magika. There, Ayu and Malik meet Malay mythical characters such as Badang (Mawi), Naga Tasik Chini, Puteri Bunian (Maya Karin), and many more. (Minor Female Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya


Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode 05:

Ayumi, Maika, Yuri, and the witchunter girl AR after a bad interaction of spells meant for Haruo hits them instead. Nice AR to kindergartners, and their JHS uniforms are way too big. AP back to normal at end of episode.(F/Ar, RN)


Magilla Gorilla Show

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #0?:

An old witch is ared

-- Time

The Magnificent Six And A Half

Movie Series: Third series; Part 5: "Time Flies"(1971)

Time machine tale. Without an age stabilizing drug, the trip can be hazardous.


Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala:

Anime Cartoon Series

The main character is a 9 year old girl Shinohara Miho who suddenly gets a magic pen which enables her to transform into a 15 year old girl, Fancy Lala.

Mahou Sensei Negima!

Anime Cartoon Series: ()

Negi's Non-Human Sidekick Chamo produces a jar of candies that alter one's age (specifically, the red ones for older, blue ones for younger). Of course, when he uses them, several of his students notice that He is All Grown Up without actually recognizing him.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01?; Episode #09: "Near End" (2005)

Takamachi Nanoha had been a normal 3rd grader until she happened to obtain the magical power. (AA AP)

-- Raychaiz

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha dj

Doujinshi Hentai Manga: "Little Witch Harassment"

Two witches are magically made younger. (Female Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sammi

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01?; Episode 15:

Sammi APs from 10 to adult, then ARs to a toddler. Same happens later to Pixy Misa, all courtesy of Prof. Washu. (AP, AR)

-- Tuxedo Will

Maho Tsukai Sally AKA "Sally the Witch"

Anime Series?: Season 0?; Episode #0?: (1966-68, 1989)

Approx. 200 total eps. Sally has a mischievous little brother named Kabu with shape shifting powers that allow him to become any human or animal of either sex or any age.

-- Metamorphose.org


Comic Manga Book:

Main character's mother visits in the form of a child, and wants a piece of the wimpy male lead. She transforms herself into her adult form to have a shot at him. (AA AP)

-- Sucht17

The Makropulos Case

Movie: (1995)

Recorded at Glyndebourne's renowned new opera house and directed by Nikolaus Lehnhoff, this production of The Makropulos Case hones in on the many pros and cons of living for over three hundred years, as is the case with the mysterious Emilia Marty. A prima donna who has literally seen and done it all, Emilia continues to explore her condition, while an astounding series of circumstances ensue after a young clerk discovers the life-preserving potion for himself. (Age statis)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Mamas and the Papas Stage

Play: by Carey English (2000)

"I won’t get undressed, I won’t have a bath and I certainly won’t have my hair washed!" The anti-bath-time antics of 4 year old Harry are driving his mother crazy! When a game of hide and seek slips into a magical parallel universe down the plug hole, Harry’s mum becomes a little girl who wants to remember how to play while Harry turns into a grown-up with a whole lot of new responsibilities. After much mirth, mayhem and mystery, Harry and his mum come to a new understanding of each other.

-- Visible Time


Man-Thing Giant-Size #1

Comic Book: Marvel Comics: (Aug, 1974)

The tale of Goom is retold in this comic book. Goom has a time machine which can de-age people to infants.

-- Monster Blog & Visible Time

Man-Thing v1 #7

Marvel Comic Book: (07/01/1974)

When the Man-Thing wandered too closely to la Hacienda, the Capitan sent out a squad of Conquistadors to capture it and bring it to the village. Alejandro, Diego, and two others netted the swamp creature and began to drag him back to the village. However, the net eventually pulled through the bog beast, and he attacked the startled Conquistadors. One of them knew fear and burned at the touch of the Man-Thing, but the others fled back to the village. However, the stress and exertion exhausted the life-preserving energies within them and they ages rapidly and died before they could return to the Fountain. The Man-Thing had followed them and wandered into the village. The Capitan attempted to slay him with bullets, which of course failed. The Man-Thing forced its way into the village, despite the efforts of the other Conquistadors, until one of the villagers, Lorena, threw an urn full of the Fountain's waters on it. In terrible pain, the Man-Thing fled, the hand exposed to the waters returning to human form.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Man-Thing v1 #8

Marvel Comic Book: (08/01/1974)

Recovering from its agony, the Man-Thing's curiosity brought it back to la Hacienda--where it was followed by FA Schist and Professor Slaughter, seeking to reap great wealth by discovering the legendary Fountain. Lorena succeeded in calming the Man-Thing, and he was brought to the heart of the village, where the waters were infused into the swamp creature's substance, slowly returning it to human form. The process was interrupted by Schist and Slaughter, and Slaughter fell to his seeming death while trying to avoid the Man-Thing. Schist attempted to bargain with the Fathers (hidden in the shadows) for financial rights to the waters. Disgusted, the Fathers gave Schist a flask of the waters "as a show of good faith." Schist, of course, drank the water and was also transformed into an ogre. Enraged, Schist attempted to kill Lorena (the others would be next). The Man-Thing attempted to stop Schist, but its mostly human form was dramatically decreased in power, and Schist battered the weakened creature. However, Schist unwittingly shattered the vat containing the swampy material siphoned off of the Man-Thing, returning its power. The restored Man-Thing grabbed the mortified Schist, who burst into flames and quickly burned to ashes. The Fathers decided against trying to transform the Man-Thing again, as they no longer wanted any more outsiders to join them. The Man-Thing wandered back into its swamp.

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Man in Half- Moon Street

Movie: 1940's

There's also a great old, 1940's film. A scientist discovers that he can live forever by receiving gland transplants every ten years. Unfortunately, the unwilling donors must be killed for him to survive, something that doesn't bother the scientist until he falls in love. The girl, innocent of his grisly secret, falls for him too. Unfortunately, he is due for a new transplant and the endocrinologist who has been doing the operation gets a guilty conscience and refuses to help him any more. Desperate to remain young, the scientist finds someone else. This time though, Scotland Yard gets wind and begins investigating. The girl finds out, and remains true to the scientist causing him to abandon his mad quest for eternal youth.

-- Time

The Man Show

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #22: #319 1/27/02 "Wife Disguise Kit"

looks just like AR. Jimmy’s mom also explains "the birds and the bees".

-- Visible Time

The Man Who Could Cheat Death

Movie: (1945)

A remake of "The Man in Half Moon Street" Dr. Bonner plans to live forever through periodic gland transplants from younger, healthier human victims. Bonner looks about 40; he's really 104 years old. But people are starting to get suspicious, and he may not make 200.

The Man Who Folded Himself

Book: by David Gerrold

The whole book has ar, and ap a man finds a time belt that allows him to travel in time; he can go to any time, and use the belt make copies of himself.

-- Brat

The Man Who Grew Young

Book: by Daniel Quinn

Adam Taylor lives what seems to him an ordinary life in an ordinary world, where the sun just happens to rise in the west, and people begin their lives when they are taken from their graves and end them in a 'uniting' with their mother. But unlike everyone else, Adam doesn't seem to have a mother.


The man who grew younger, and other stories

Book: by Jerome Charyn (1967)

(Possible Ar/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Man Who Turned to Stone

Movie Short: (0/0/1988)

When a new psychiatrist (William Hudson, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman) is hired at a women’s reform school/prison, he and social worker Carol Adams (Charlotte Austin) begin to puzzle over some recent suspicious deaths among the young inmates. The prison warden (Ann Doran) and doctor (Victor Jory) seem to be behind a centuries-old evil plot to steal the life force of young women to extend their own unnaturally immortal lives. A bizarre and diabolical sci-fi premise has an extremely creepy crew exploiting the bodies of their young charges, but as always, the more flesh the scientists consume, the more they need!

-- Jeffr_2bya

Mandrake Magician #29

Sunday Comic: Funny Pages: (0?/??/19??)

Suggested Ar or Age Stasis .

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk


Book: By Lin Carter (12/19/1987)

Man is ared into a baby

-- Jeffr_2bya

Margaret Middle


Margaret Middle age portrait series.

-- Visible Time

Maria de Buenos Aires

Dance Opera: Theatre de la Jeune Lune, Minneapolis

Director Dominique Serrand. A woman grows to enormous lengths under a red tablecloth. A batch of bread dough is shaped into a pregnant belly -- and later, fitted with arms and legs, becomes a baby. A child flashes into a full-grown woman with a twist of cloth. Maria is played simultaneously by Christina Baldwin and Jennifer Baldwin Peden. Nora Epp gives life to Maria the child. (AP)

-- Visible Time

Married With Children

TV Series: Season 05; Episode #10: "one down, two to go" (flashback AP scene ( 1990 #90, 510))

Peg takes it hard when Kelly moves out after Al keeps beating up her boyfriends, and Al takes it hard when he sees her great new place.

-- Visible Time

Martin's Super Markets

TV Commercial: (2007)

Boy in shopping cart grows up, while his dad regrets not going to store with faster cashiers. (male AP, male old age)

-- Visible Time

Marvel Aventures Avengers #34

Marvel Comic Book: "Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos" (2009)

In this issue, several Avengers start slipping "randomly" through time, meeting up with Sergeant Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos from WWII. Eventually, they learn the time anomalies are caused by a pair of Ancient Egyptian sorcerors. Seems the pair (one male, one female) were trying to make the Pharoah immortal by stopping the flow of time around his body. While the sorcerors are powerful, they're not particularly competent, and thus caused all the time weirdness. Finally, the pair attempts to summons a massive burst of time magic to destroy the heroes, lose control of it, and turn themselves into babies.


Marvel Family #69

Comic Book: Fawcett: "The Menace of Old Age" (Apr. 1952)

No info on this.

Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Tales of Suspense #2

Comic Book: Marvel: "I Lived A Million Years!" (06/30/2008)

An Asian tyrant bleeds his subjects dry to build a suspended animation machine and avoid nuclear war. He sleeps for a million years, but when he emerges humanity has abandoned Earth and he faces a harsh and primitive world.

[Reprinted from Tales of Suspense #13]

-- http://www.comics.org

Marvel Mystery Comics #1

Comic Book: Marvel: "The Aging Plague" (12/30/1999)

(Possible aP)

[Reprinted from Comedy Comics #9]

-- http://www.comics.org

Marvel Science Stories

Magazine: "A Mechanical Fountain of Youth" (April-May 1939)

Ar, so it seems

-- Jeffr_2bya

Marvel Spotlight #31

Marvel Comic Book: "Death Hunt" (12/01/1976)

Nick Fury's secret is reveal on why he been alive for so long thanks to the infinity formula.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Marvel Super Hero Squad v2 #01

Comic Book: "Baby on Board" (03/01/2010)

When Iron Man tries to wreck Dr. Doom's time machine, it changes the Squad and their enemies into babies.

Marvel Tales v1 #118

Comic Book: Atlas Comics: "When A World Went Mad" by Gene Colan (??/??/1956)

A scientist gives the world a serum which grants immortal life, but without the fear of death, atomic war breaks out and ruins civilization. (Male AS)

[No Reprint is Known at This Time]

-- http://www.comics.org

Marvel Tales v1 #128

Comic Book: Atlas Comics: "The Man Who Meddled!" by Jay Scot Pike (0?/0?/1956)

A researcher looking to accelerate the life span of mice succeeds, but because he was exposed to the process as well, his son is dead from old age two weeks after his birth, and he is aging rapidly too. (Male aP)

[Reprinted from: Where Monsters Dwell #33]

-- http://www.comics.org

Marvel Tales v1 #137

Comic Book: Atlas Comics: "King of the World" by Stan Lee (08/30/1955)

A physicist wants his youth back so he can use his knowledge to lord it over people and drinks a youth serum that regresses him to infancy. (Male Ar)

[No Reprint is Known at This Time]

-- http://www.comics.org

Marvel Tales v1 #149

Comic Book: Atlas Comics: "The Thief" (08/30/1956)

In the year 2095 an immortality serum is developed and stolen by a ruthless man. He is pursued off planet by the authorities but then his rocket runs out of fuel on a lifeless asteroid. He decides that eternal life would be a curse on this barren asteroid so he swallows fluid from a bottle marked poison in order to end it all, but when he reads through the theft victim's notes, he's shocked to learn that the serum developer hid the serum inside the poison bottle. (male/AS)

[No Reprint is Known at This Time]

-- http://www.comics.org

Marvel Tales v1 #151

Comic Book: Atlas Comics: "A Phantom In The Sky" (??/??/1956)

A Nazi pilot crosses a dimensional barrier into another world pursuing a dirigible with the intent to capture it. When he succeeds, and crosses over back to his Germany, he finds he has aged thirty years. (Male aP)

[No Reprint is Known at This Time]

-- http://www.comics.org

Marvel Team-up #31

Comic Book: Marvel Comics: "For A Few Fists More!" (05/1975)

Man lives life in reverse (AR).

Marvelous Melmo

Anime TV series: DVD; Volume 01 to 05 by Tezuka Osamu (1971)

This was a TV series produced by Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd., a new company founded by Tezuka Osamu following his retirement as president of Mushi Production. More than just a sex education story, it incorporates far-reaching themes about the dignity and mysteries of life. In this story, a girl named Melmo learns the meaning of being a "woman" through countless adventures in which she grows up and returns to being a baby with the help of miracle candies. Other transformations take place as well. Using the magic candy in different combinations changes her into a different animal when she grows back. [Also known as Mysterious Melmo and Fushigina Melmo]

-- StevenB

Mary Marvel #16

Comic Book: Fawcett: "The Youth Pills" (07/30/1947)

Old Doc Younger is released from prison after 40 years at age 75, but has a scheme to regain his youth. But in his haste to outsmart Mary Marvel, the plan backfires on him, and he returns to prison, now age 90. (Ar/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Mask

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #03: "Shadow of a Skillit"

The Mask battles Skillit, an evil youth-stealing immortal child, Skillet's supposed to be a parody of Peter Pan.

The Mask

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #01: "A Comedy of Eras?"

The Mask fights a evil time villain name Chronos. In this one it is the first time he meets her. She uses her time device on the dog changing him into a puppy. Later the mask gets the device and uses on Chronos aging to a old woman then a baby. In the end she gets changed back to her old age.

The Mask

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #13: "What Comes Around Goes Around" (9/19/96)

The Mask fights a evil time villain name Chronos. Almost at the end of the show she becomes Time. During her transformation two joggers get affected the effects. The man ages to a old man and the woman gets aged back into a baby.

The Mask

Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #01: "Little Big Mask" (3/1/97)

The Mask invents and uses a youth cream. Stanley wakes up in the morning as a teenager and youthens during the day until he is return to infancy. The Mask uses the cream on Stanley's female friend at the end.


Masked Rider

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: Masked Rider Agito AKA Kamen Rider Agito Nazo? (Akira)

An enemy's boss appeared in the form of a child dressed in black. He grew to 20 years old. (Akira)

-- Visible Time

Masked Rider Black RX

TV Series: Episode #14; ("Hitomo chan Yuukai" - "Hitomi-chan's Kidnapping"? (02/05/1989))

Princess Garonia is killed in an accident. From the earth, a similar 10-year-old girl is kidnapped. Her memory is operated on, and she is made to grow to age 20 (same as the princess) with the Water of Growth. Her 12 year old brother goes to help her together with a Masked Rider. Can he still boss her around? (Akira)

-- Visible Time

Masked Rider Kiva

TV Series

There are 3 subordinates in Kiva. They have Frankenstein (strength), fish creature (swimming), and werewolf's combat ability. They unite and give Kiva further power. They usually disguise as a man's appearance. The young boy of 13 years old and 156 centimeters in height wears a sailor blouse and short trousers when transforming to Hangyojin. It is a man who has fish scales and body. Kiva has a meaning of "Fang" in Japanese, by which Doracara breathes in blood. (male TFs, costume hero aging)

-- Akira

Master of Mosqiton

Cartoon Movie

The vampire Mosqiton's assistants are a guy and a girl who can only reveal their true ages for short periods when they use their powers. Most of the time they are stuck as kids.

Masters of Time A.K.A "Recruiting Station", "Earth's Last Fortress"

Book: by A.E. Van Vogt (1942 novella.)

Norma Matheson was trying to kill herself when a mysterious man offers her a job. When she tries to escape, she finds that a machine used by Dr. Lell can control her mind, and even more, her age. He is a "Master of Time". He offers her a deal. In return for her cooperation, he will make her young again. (old age, AR?)

-- Visible Time

Master Comics #74

Comic Book: "The Fountain of Age" (Dec. 1946) [Fawcett]

Sivana, Jr. uses aging water on Capt. Marvel, Jr. & IB

Matantei Loki Ragnarok #11 to 26

Manga Comic Book?: "Destination Ragnarok"

Loki loses and regains his adult form.

-- Visible Time

Matantei Loki Ragnarok #11 to 26

Manga Comic Book?: "Destination Ragnarok"

Loki loses and regains his adult form.

-- Visible Time



Mara Wilson. (2 aP fades)

-- Visible Time

Maury Povich

TV Series: Season 04; Episode #67: "MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS OR SISTERS…CAN YOU TELL?"

Some of MAURY's guests are mothers and daughters, some are sisters—others are twins. They are here today because of their looks—they look identical to one another and they are tired of people mixing them up! They say it's high time they looked completely different and they want makeovers! MAURY's transformation team is up for the task—and before the show is over these look-alikes will look nothing alike!

-- Visible Time

Mauvais Esprit (Mauvais Spirit)

French Movie: (Nov 21, 2004)

French comedy about a man named Simon who has his architectual design stolen from him by a man named Porel. To make matters worse, Porel accidentally hits him with his car. But Simon is reincarnated as Porel's baby and does everything in his infant power to make life miserable for Porel.

-- by TheGuy

Maximo: Ghosts to Glory

PlayStation2 Game: by Capcom

Maximo: Ghosts to Glory's dynamically changing and beautifully constructed 3D environment all loaded with creativity and interactivity. The hero's abilities and skills develop as the game advances. Over 40 power ups andspecial abilities can be found throughout the game. Maximo can use his shield to defend himself or throw it like a weapon. His shield can also be powered up in many ways including everything from attracting lightning to creating tornados. His sword can also be powered up, from a simple increase in size, to calling a meteor storm from the sky, to transforming it into a flaming blade to slice through enemies. A unique character progression system enables players to customize and upgrade their character with new skills, abilities, and weapons based on player preferences. As Maximo ventures out on his quest, his appearance changes as the game progresses. At different times, Maximo may be outfitted to wear a helmet or earn new armor, be magically transformed into "old man Maximo," "baby Maximo," or even find himself stripped down to his underwear after losing his armor. Inspired by one of Capcom's most heralded series ever, Ghosts'N Goblins, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory players will recognize many features from the classic games. As Maximo progresses through his journey he will encounter familiar looking bone towers, red gargoyles, and if he's not careful, Maximo can even lose his armor as he tries to complete an area with nothing but stylish boxer shorts to keep him warm. The game features intense game play, and also injects a clever sense of humor keeping the game entertaining and light-hearted. (Ar/aP)

-- Unknown

Mayonaka ha Dame yo

Japanese Comic Book: Manga: "It is useless at midnight" (2006)

Sho-Comi girls' manga has boy AP. The boy's height is 15 centimeters lower than the hero girl. By taking a medicine he grows up only in the middle of the night. (male AP)

-- Akira

Mazaa Mazaa

Hindi musical movie: (2005)

15-year-old Jassi feels that she's not good looking or happening. She always complains of being too young and not being able to do things that are done by her elder friends. Their dresses are jazzy, they are seen at all the in-places having fun, and they do all the things prohibited for a girl of Jassi's age! She feels bored confined in her private world. Jassi's only sympathizer is her fat, ever-loving friend Rocky. Monica, her smart and manipulative rival in school, is modern in her outlook and can make things happen her way. Due to some magic dust, Jassi's dream of growing big and beautiful comes true when time moves on overnight. She, her rival Monica (now a successful model), her friend Rocky, and the entire world become older by 10 years, hence giving Jassi ample opportunity to hit back. Jassi (Payal Rohatgi), a youngster with the body of a 25 year old, enters a world of adulthood not yet armed with the experiences of growing up. She has a figure to die for, while her age permits her to do all that she dreamt of. She goes to discotheques and clubs, hangs around with friends, and wears everything that she could only imagine earlier, but she still has the perspective of a child. (flash forward, mental ARed)

-- Visible Time

The Maze

Movie: (1953)

A Scotsman abruptly breaks off his engagement and moves to his uncle's castle in the highlands. Kitty and her aunt discover Gerald has suddenly aged. Mysterious things happen in an adjoining maze. (male adult old age)

-- Arkhamdrivein


Commercial: (2007)

Shows middle-aged woman turn into a teenager. (AR)

-- Riana, metamorphose

Me and Miss Mandible

Book?: Short Story: (1964)

A thirty-five-year-old man is placed by some inexplicable error in a sixth-grade class. Included in the collection Come Back, Dr. Caligari.


Mean Spirit (Mauvais Esprit)

French Movie: (Nov 21, 2004)

French comedy about a man named Simon who has his architectual design stolen from him by a man named Porel. To make matters worse, Porel accidentally hits him with his car. But Simon is reincarnated as Porel's baby and does everything in his infant power to make life miserable for Porel.

-- by TheGuy


Book: Hellen Van Children, pre-pubescents, teenagers and twenty-something's

Meene’s subjects range in age. Sometimes a girl is photographed over time, and we see her growing up in front of the camera. Always washed in a natural light, no attempt is made to disguise the physical imperfections of young girls becoming young women.

-- Visible Time

Mefistofele II


(see Faust) Arrigo Boito's Il Mefestefele was first performed in 1868 and his most known work. In Ken Russell's modern interpretation presented by the Genoese Opera, it has Faust as an aging hippie. He smokes marijuana and is tormented by his lost youth. Mephisto makes a bet with God that he can turn anyone to pagan life, even someone as innocent as Faust. From then on it is a battle of good against evil in a flamboyant, surreal display of primary colors, PVC costumes, nurses with swastikas, rocket trips, love and even characters dressed as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.


Mega #345

Italy Disney's Comic Book: "A fonte da juventude" (09/30/1985)

Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pflip looking for Fountain of Youth in Florida and meeting the Gneezles (Possible Ar/ap)

[Reprinted in Almanaque do Mickey #1, Mega #345, Mickey #348, and Super Picsou Géant #37]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Mega #375

Italy Disney's Comic Book: "Pena das Selvas Uma Fonte De Confusões" (03/30/1988)

Jungle Fethry is hired by old men to find "fountain" of youth (Possible Ar/ap)

[Reprinted in Peninha #20, Peninha #7, and Disney Jumbo #2]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Mega #451

Italy Disney's Comic Book: "De Volta À Infância" ["Back To Childhood"] (07/30/1994)

A ball hits Donald Duck and he starts acting as a child. (Mental Ar)

[Reprinted in Donald Duck & Co #31, Mickey and Friends #32, and O Pato Donald #2043]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Mega #481

Italy Disney's Comic Book: "The Wee Dram From Scotland" (01/30/1997)

Donald Duck, Flintheart Glomgold, Huey Dewey and Louie, Uncle Scrooge search in Scotland for a drink of youth (Possible Ar/ap)

[Reprinted in Mikke Mus #03]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Meggan Braddock

Comic Book Person: a.k.a "Captain Britain"

Meggan Braddock. Goblin Princess can change her form and apparent age, usually 5'7" tall, 5'10" in true form. Weight: usually 120 lbs., 130 lbs. in true form. Meggan of Excalibur fought Jamie Braddock and took on the form of one X-man after another, mimicking their powers and their fighting style exactly.


Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, The

Anime Cartoon Series: (2007)

Although there is no process, a character returns from the future obviously older and hotter. Link to the series dubbed: (APed)

-- Yobnoge


Music Video: By Within Temptation (10/10/05)

At the very start an old women morphs and becomes the lead singer (young and stunning)

-- Seamus

The Memory Palace

Book: Novel: by Gill Alderman (1996)

The man Archmage, looks old but a vigour belies his greying beard, his bent back. And he grows younger and stronger as he opens the door into the Memory Palace.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Memory Run


The year is 2015, and Big Brother is everywhere. The search for immortality is over. Science has finally achieved the impossible, undermining the most basic aspect of life: that Mind, Body, and Soul must be one, Those who benefit from this new technology will wake up to a new and youthful beginning - the rest of humankind must live a bad dream and wake up to a living nightmare.


Men In Black

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #06: "The Neuralizer Syndrome" (11/15/1997)

While trying to stop alien thieves known as Chop Shoppers, Jay's accidental use of the Neuralizer erases Kay's memories and makes him think he is sixteen.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Men In Black

Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #12: "The Baby Kay Syndrome" (3/25/2000)

The Stellairian leader comes to Earth for peace talks and Jay and Kay have to watch over his daughter, Kima. When she is kidnapped by Frostifarians, her age regressing hypo-spray breaks loose. Now as Kima grows older, Kay begins turning into a baby. [Note: Agent Kay still drives the car with the help of a unique baby seat.]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Men of Mystery Comics #79

Comic Book: AC: "The Elixir of Youth" (05/30/2009)

(Possible Ar)

[No Reprint Known At This Time]

-- http://www.comics.org

Men will be boys a.k.a. Messieurs les enfants

Movie: (1997)

You wake up one morning and you notice that, in the night, you have changed into an adult. Absolutely panic-stricken, you rush into your parents' bedroom. They have been changed into children. Say what happens next. This essay topic which Daniel Pennac set for his pupils twenty years ago, became, dealt with this time by the literature teacher himself, the publishing phenomenon of the start of the French literary and academic year with 240,000 copies of Messieurs les enfants sold in a month.

Inspired by the novel "Kamo et moi"

-- Visible Time

Menace #3

Comic Book: Marvel: "You're Gonna Live Forever" (06/30/1953)

A gangster drinks a serum that will allow him to live forever and goes to hide out in the bayou where he falls into a pit of quicksand. Devoured by worms forever.

[Reprinted: in Weird Wonder Tales #8 and Mitico Thor, V1 #131]

-- http://www.comics.org

Mephisto Waltz, The

Movie: Horror (1971)

A classical piano player who’s on the rise befriends another famous player who's at death's door. Unknown to him, the guy is a satanist who arranges to have their souls switch places at his death, so that he can become young again and continue to play the piano.

-- Jeffr_2bya



Merlin (Sam Neil) and his girlfriend have grown quite old by the end of the story, and Merlin tells her he has one magic trick left. With a wave of his hand, both of them revert to their younger selves in a nice display of morphing. A quick, but well-done scene. ..


Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders

Movie (1996)

Adult man turned into a baby by his own magic potion. (Cut)

-- Michael Allison

Merumo Stamp(s)

Stamp: Japanese (2004)

Set of stamps with pictures of Ar/aP.

-- Visible Time

MeruPuri Meruhen Princess

Manga Comic Book: Lala Magazine; by HinoMatsuri "Kurumi Turns Into An Adult" (2002)

(male AP, CB, male AR RN) Regular girl Airi drops a mirror from her grandmother. On her way home she runs into a young boy waiting to give it back. Aram seems a bit arrogant but very cute. She brings him home with her. At night, he's feeling alone, so Airi lets him sleep with her. Airi wakes up in the morning and feels a man's arms around her. Startled, she looks up and sees Aram's face, all grown up and exploded out of his clothes! Aram's had a spell put on him by his older brother, so that when it's dark he turns into a grown up and can't do magic, even though his mind is still a boy's. To lift the curse, Aram has to kiss his first love. His brother thought that since he's so young, he wouldn't have a love yet. Aram announces that he has to kiss Airi! Airi doesn't want her first kiss to be with someone she doesn't love. He tries to get Airi to agree to kiss him, and Airi struggles with growing feelings for Aram, romantic or sisterly or both, since he is a child, though a lovable one. Even if Airi and Aram like each other, Aram is 1) way younger than Airi, and 2) a prince of another world.

-- Visible Time

Messieurs les enfants

Book: (1992)

You wake up one morning and you notice that, in the night, you have changed into an adult. Absolutely panic-stricken, you rush into your parents' bedroom. They have been changed into children. Say what happens next. This essay topic which Daniel Pennac set for his pupils twenty years ago, became, dealt with this time by the literature teacher himself, the publishing phenomenon of the start of the French literary and academic year with 240,000 copies of Messieurs les enfants sold in a month.

Inspired by the novel "Kamo et moi"

-- Visible Time

Messieurs les enfants a.k.a. Men will be boys

Movie: (1997)

You wake up one morning and you notice that, in the night, you have changed into an adult. Absolutely panic-stricken, you rush into your parents' bedroom. They have been changed into children. Say what happens next. This essay topic which Daniel Pennac set for his pupils twenty years ago, became, dealt with this time by the literature teacher himself, the publishing phenomenon of the start of the French literary and academic year with 240,000 copies of Messieurs les enfants sold in a month.

Inspired by the novel "Kamo et moi"

-- Visible Time

Michael Canfield

Short Story: "Is You Is/Is You Ain’t?" (2004)

Man stuck in a baby's body describes his problems. "I don’t think the folks who come in to window-shop for orphans know I’m bio-engineered and not a real baby like the others warehoused here, row by row. They don’t want a bio-freak becoming a tourist attraction in the ward. They’d chuck me out if they could, but it’s state-run so they have to keep me. I’m on a waiting-list: re-engineering surgery for the destitute. Been on it fifteen years." (male age stasis, male AB)

-- Visible Time

Mickey #307

Netherlands Disney's Comic Book: "The Fountain of Youth" (05/25/1977)

Spring of youth and old sailors. (Possible Ar/ap)

[Reprinted in Donald Duck #12]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Mickey #348

Brazil Disney's Comic Book: "A Fonte Da Juventude" ["Fountain of Rejuvenation"] (10/30/1981)

Looking for Fountain of Youth in Florida and meeting the Gneezles. (Possible Ar/ap)

[Reprinted in Almanaque do Mickey #1, Mega #345, Mickey #348, and Super Picsou Géant #37]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Mickey #630

Brazil Disney's Comic Book: "O Raio Da Juventude" (10/30/2000)

Youth gun makes Black Pete a baby again. (Male Ar/RN)

[Reprinted in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #654 ]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Mickey and Friends #32

UK Disney's Comic Book: "De Volta À Infância" ["Back To Childhood"] (08/07/1993)

A ball hits Donald Duck and he starts acting as a child. (Mental Ar)

[Reprinted in Donald Duck & Co #31, Mega #451, and O Pato Donald #2043]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Mickey Mouse #6

Turkish Disney's Comic Book: "Archimede e l'inversione del tempo" [Archimedes and the time reversal] (11/30/ 1995)

Possible Ar/ap in this comic book

[Reprinted in Donald Duck #478 and Mickey Parade #35]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Mickey Mouse #66

Dell Disney's Comic Book: "The Secret of the Swamp" (06/30/1959)

Two crooks want "water of youth" from swamp native. (Chicken Ar)

[Reprinted in Mickey Mouse #154]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Mickey Mouse #154

Gold Key Disney's Comic Book: "The Secret of the Swamp" (02/30/1975)

Two crooks want "water of youth" from swamp native. (Chicken Ar)

[Reprinted in Mickey Mouse #66]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Mikke Mus #03

Norway Disney's Comic Book: "The Wee Dram From Scotland" (01/30/1997)

Donald Duck, Flintheart Glomgold, Huey Dewey and Louie, Uncle Scrooge search in Scotland for a drink of youth (Possible Ar/ap)

[Reprinted in Mega #481]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Micky Maus #04

Germany Disney's Comic Book: "Der Jungbrunnen" ["Fountain of Youth"] (01/26/1969)

Uncle Scrooge is looking for Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth. (Possible Ar/aP)

[Reprinted in Donald Duck & Co #13]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Mickey Parade #30

France Disney's Comic Book: "Le mot de la fin!" ["Picsou perd... mais gagne 30 ans !"] (06/15/1980)

Uncle Scrooges searches for The Tree of youth. (Possible Ar/RN)

[Reprinted in Le Journal de Mickey #1459]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Mickey Parade #35

France Disney's Comic Book: "Archimede e l'inversione del tempo" [Archimedes and the time reversal] (03/08/ 1992)

Possible Ar/ap in this comic book

[Reprinted in Mickey Mouse #6 and Donald Duck 478]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Midnight #2

Comic Book: : "Forever and Ever" (07/30/1957)

(Possible Ar/aP/AS)

[No Reprint Known At This Time]

-- http://www.comics.org

Midnight Tales #1

Comic Book: Charlton: "The Doll" (12/30/1972)

A little girl spends 43 years in suspended animation until a cure for tuberculosis could be found. (Female AS)

[Reprinted in Professor Coffin #19]

-- http://www.comics.org

Midnight Tales #5

Comic Book: Charlton: "Honeymoon in Hell!" (09/30/1973)

A couple spend their honeymoon in hell and they aged 40 years for their experience. (Male/Female aP)

[No Reprint is Known at This Time]

-- http://www.comics.org

Midnight Tales #13

Comic Book: Charlton: "The Scarab" (06/30/1975)

The Baron learns that he should not have broken up the set of scarabs. (Male aP/AS)

[Reprinted in Haunted #50]

-- http://www.comics.org

Mighty Ducks The Animated Series

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #11: "Bringing Baby Down"

A alien baby ages into a giant monster like alien.

-- Dragoniade & Stonegate Shadowlord

Mighty Man


Tiny super-hero and dog with bag over head encounter the "Baby Man" who, after squirting people with a baby bottle, makes them act like babies.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #39: "Rangers Back In Time" Parts 1

Ms. Appleby assigns the class to bring in pictures of themselves when they were younger. Lord Zedd has a very complicated plan in mind, inspired by this trip down memory lane. Using the Rock Of Time, he reverses the Earth's rotation, causing everyone on the planet to revert in age by about 10 years! This includes the Ranger Teens, who instantly become Elementary Schoolers (attending 2nd grade in the High School, but ignore that). They have no memory of ever being Rangers, but luckily, Alpha 5 & Zordon do. They work on a plan to return time to normal, but while they do that, Zedd sends down his Putties to attack the Powerless Kids. Despite their lack of experience in fighting, the six kids, plus younger Bulk & Skull, take out the Putties once they discover how to aim for the 'Z'. Zedd creates the Photomare monster out of a Polaroid camera. She snaps a shot of the Powerless Kids, imprisioning them inside the picture!

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #40: "Rangers Back In Time" Part 2

Trapped in Photomare's picture, the Rangers turned little kids are helpless. Young Bulk & Skull come to their rescue, stealing the picture and evading Goldar. They try to convince Mr. Kaplan (who has HAIR in this reverted time period) of their story, and he throws them into detention. Alpha 5 knocks the two little bullies out, takes the picture, and removes the Powerless Kids from captivity. After convincing them of the truth, the six children allow Alpha to use a device to restore their ages to normal. Back to their normal ages, the Ranger Teens morph, fight Photomare (who makes a copy of the Red Dragonzord during the Megazord battle), and race to destroy the Rock Of Time. When it's destroyed, Earth's rotation returns to normal, time flows properly again, and the world is saved.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #33: "Rangers In Reverse" (11/27/95)

The Rangers are turned back into kids. (This story continues in the "Alien Rangers Of Aquitar" 2-parter (2/5 & 2/6/96).


Milk commercials

TV Commercials

Several commercials have preteens looking into a mirror and seeing their future selves.

Mikey Turns Three

Book: by Merete Kruuse

doctors give children pills thet stop them from growing, at age 2, or 3.

-- Brat

Mikhalkov Documentary

TV Show:


-- Visible Time

Mind Field #13 Volume 3

Comic Book: (2006?)

Starfox is on trial for the improper use of his powers. The villian Thanos appears with damning testimony. She-Hulk has the psycic Moondragon put her directly into his mind. There she has the physical form of a time when Thanos fought the Avengers, a teenager in her first year of college, before she had her powers. As she moves deeper into Thanos' mind, she takes the form of herself at her graduation, and finally returns to being She-Hulk. (adult ARed dream sequence, adult APed RN)

-- lbh & Metamorphose.org


TV Commercials

I think there's a total of three Mini-Wheats commercials: two of the kids flipping into adults, adults flipping into kids, and the one with kids in oversize clothes with print on screen saying they are lt ages and names.

Mi Pequeña Mama

Spanish TV Series: (1998)

Much to my surprise, I find that the Spanish language network Telemundo has a comedy program that incorporates AR and AP as part of the plot. "Mi Pequena Mama" (My Tiny Mother) involves a family of witches with maid who, to avoid being burned at the stake in the early 17th Century, propel themselves forward in time to 2001. But the trip mixes up their ages. The mother Ursula ends up 8-years-old while her two daughters Chantall and Kassandra become grown women. The maid Merlina stays the same. The jokes come from Ursula working to maintain her authority as Mother, while the daughters (Kassandra acts very childish) try to assert themselves as women. And they all have supernatural powers used primarily to make comic messes. In the few episodes I've viewed (Sundays, 7 p.m. CST), the inappropriate ages play against each other. In home, Ursula (despite being 8) dresses like a matron with her hair in a bun. Yet she at times is seen wearing girl's clothes, including a school jumper (the program originates in Columbia), and apparently is enrolled in school. Ursula also has forsaken her broom for a levitating skateboard, and wears a helmet as she glides. The daughters are into dating, but cannot handle it because they are immature. But mostly, the AR and AP in the plot line is ignored for slapstick involving things like exploding washing machines and Kassandra sneezing away her clothing. Shame they couldn't do more AR and AP beyond Episode #1, or explore the humor in the age revisions more.

-- PixChick

Miraculous Melllops, The

?: ?

The Mellop children learn that someone in their household has been chosen to be the new Grand Baby, ruler of the Moon. On the Moon you see people age backwards - adults are the babies, while the younger people look the smarter and older they are. With the help of two moonlings it is up to them to find all the pieces and determine who is the Grand Baby.


Mirage, Le


The story of a woman who believes she can recapture her youth by rediscovering love ... with no regard for the inescapable realities of life. Maria Tummler, still quite beautiful despite her fifty years, is suddenly possessed with a consuming passion for a young visiting American, a friend of her son. But neither Jeanne, her friend, nor Anna, her daughter and faithful confidante, have a right to know, even though the young girl can see the emotion in her mother's eyes and is delighted to witness the physical transformation seemingly taking place. Maria is prepared to live this miracle of resuscitated love to its very end, even as some signs of a strange physical weariness begin to invade her new-found sense of well-being.


Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary)

Anime Series: Season 01; Episode #25: "Reset" (?)

Yuki decides who he has to save. Yuno decides who she has to kill. Minene keeps her promises. And Murmur… There is even more to Murmur than anyone knew. And the fate of more than one world lays in the balance.

-- ttt47

Book Cover

Micro Maniacs

Video Game: Playstation (08/02/2000)

A racing video game developed by Codemasters for the PlayStation. It is a spin-off to the popular Micro Machines games, the main difference being that players control tiny characters where a few racetracks feature the use of vehicles. It was released in the October 2000 as Fox Kids.com Micro Maniacs Racing in North America and on November 2, 2000 as Denku Sekka Micro Runner in Japan. The game was later ported to the Game Boy Color. One ending as a Man turning into a baby. (Male Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Microne Magazine 10

Doujinshi Manga: (01/24/2013)

I'll shrink you and...educate you? The manga magazine for size fetishists! All original and new!. A girl spotted out her big brother masturbating with her socks and make him shrunk into 1 cm tall man. A delinquent student is paged for rehabilitation. The female counselor makes him shrunk. Due to a malady the girl's boyfriend became the size of her mobile phone. One day she invited him to her room... Kai is a female wrestler of nearly 3 meter height. Her manager also feeds her with...(Male Ar)

Mirror Mirror 2

Movie: Raven Dance

the cruel aunt of an injured girl tries to exploit her niece for money, until a haunted mirror takes it¹s revenge on the cruel aunt. As she looks in her mirror, the aunt starts to age quickly, her worst fears realized. She goes from middle age to extreme old age in three separate shots, screams, and is never shown again. Nice makeup, but a very quick scene.



Book: Novel: By Maasi J. Smith

Homeless woman becomes entangled between dimensions. Melissa Shelton is enticed by the gifts from the netherworld, as she becomes the unwilling participant in a plot by lost souls. Quotes: "Jackie's energy drains from her body. She pants and hyperventilates as her chest tightens. Grasping her mouth, she makes a desperate attempt to conserve energy, fighting to maintain strength. Her small size allows her to squeeze between branches that would prove impassable in her adult form. Spitting out the thick blood and cracked teeth, she rises and continues to run. The farther away from the carnival grounds she gets, she feels her adult strength returning. Her shredded clothing drapes along side as the strands sway with her every movement. (possible dream sequence aPed, Ar)

-- Visible Time


UK TV Series: Season 01; Episode: #02 (11/19/2009)

Nathan's mum won't let him come back home, so he's kipping in the community centre, where he meets Ruth (Amy Beth Hayes), an attractive volunteer. However their midnight drugs-and-boozy-snogging session goes awry. Nathan and Ruth have sex on a sluggish stair-lift on their way upstairs to the bedroom, where Nathan learns the awful truth mid-coitus. Youthful, buxom Ruth is transformed into a climaxing, wrinkled 83-year-old woman! It turns out Ruth was affected by the thunderstorm that rolled across town, and it granted her desire to be young again. Nathan then pegs it out of Ruth's house in a dressing gown. (adult rejuvenated, old age scene) s

-- Neonknight


UK TV Series: Season 05; Episode: #04 (11/13/2013)

Rudy awakens to find that Rudy two is gone. After confronting the group, Abbey suggests he may have killed himself. Whilst on community service, the group see an old man walking about. Rudy sees his tattoos and instantly recognises that it is Rudy 2. The group attend the power support group for information about the real Rudy two's whereabouts. The group meet a man who's power causes him to be a closet homosexual, literally. A young man approaches the Rudy Two(the old man) and threatens him. When the old man has a heart attack, an electrician called Helen with the power of electricity resuscitates him. Rudy and Jess take the old man to a home where one of the nurses recognises him and Rudy. Whilst Rudy is searching through Mr Johnson's(the old man) room, the young man returns and attempts to kill Rudy Two. Rudy One intervenes and the young man admits that he is the younger version of Mr Johnson and has the power to swap ages with people. The young Mr.Johnson swaps back ages with Rudy Two and everything goes back to normal. Rudy and Jess's relationship begins to blossom. Rudy Two shows Sam the jumper, and he suggests the missing person may be Rudy. (Male aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Miss Mabel's Magical Magnolia Tree

Kindle Book: by Christopher Setterlund (2010)

(adult rejuvenation) In her mind, Miss Mabel figured that her body was back to around age forty-five, it had been about forty years since ... First off though, she wanted to pay her skeptical friend, Hazel, a visit to show her what had happened overnight. What if the Fountain of Youth existed in your own backyard? That is the blessing and curse discovered on a warm spring afternoon by 85 year old Mabel Cottonstine. It flows beneath her majestic magnolia tree, filling the tree and all of its flowers with the magic elixir of life. After making a batch of a sweet tea using the flowers, Miss Mabel turns back into a vibrant 25 year old. She shares the gift with her best friends Hazel and Gertrude and they suggest she sell the sweet tea to other old people to give them a second chance at youth. It is a huge success and Miss Mabel rakes in more money than she could have ever imagined. But, what happens when the love of the money she's making overtakes the reality that the magnolia tree only has so many flowers that can be made into the magical drink? (Male/Female Ar, One Adult to Baby Ar)

-- Visible Time

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar

Book: by Ransom Riggs (06/07/2011)

A mysterious island. An abandoned orphanage. A strange collection of very curious photographs. It all waits to be discovered in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, an unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience. As our story opens, a horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. As Jacob explores its abandoned bedrooms and hallways, it becomes clear that the children were more than just peculiar. They may have been dangerous. They may have been quarantined on a deserted island for good reason. And somehow—impossible though it seems—they may still be alive. The children live inside a time loop. If they leave the time loop for too long they start to age rapidly. (Female aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Miss Victory

Comic Book Superheroine: Femforce: "Ms Victory" (????)

Dr. Joan Wayne developed the V-formula in the 1940s to increase strength/stamina. It also prevented her from aging, so she is still a young, attractive woman at over 80 years old. Published by Holyoke Comics. She is best known as a central character in the Femforce comic published by A.C. Comics. (old age rejuvenation, Ar)

-- Agemagic

Mission: Impossible (70's)

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #07: "The Elixir"

The IMF offers a "fountain of youth" to the vain and dictatorial widow of the late president of a small South American country in order to depose her. (cut)

Mission: Impossible (70's)

TV Series: Season 07; Episode #17: "The Fountain"

An underworld figure with access to the syndicate's top secret computerized records, who is convinced by the IMF that he has found the fountain of youth.


Mistborn: The Final Empire (Mistborn Trilogy Book 01)

Book: by Brandon Sanderson (07/17/2006)

In Luthadel, the capital city of the Final Empire, Vin, a scrawny street urchin, is recruited by a thieving group lead by Kelsier, the Survivor of the pits of Hatshin, a place where atium, the most valuable metal in the world, is mined. He has a plan to steal the rumored atium stash from Lord Ruler’s treasury and to free the oppressed Skaa in the process. When Vin learns that she is a Mistborn – a powerful Allomancer who can burn metals to gain special abilities, (just like Kelsier), she becomes part of this scheme.

[Vin attacks Lord Ruler and Marsh, thought to be dead by the crew, rushes to aid her as a Steel Inquisitor. In a fierce fight Vin manages to separate Lord Ruler from his bracelets that keep him from aging, thus making him age rapidly. Vin then rams a spear through Lord Ruler’s heart. ] (Old age to prime/aP to Death)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Mister Mystery #7

Aragon Magazines: Comic Book: "The Wedding Eve" (09/01/1952)

A man travels through a doorway and comes back aged. (Male aP)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Mister Mystery #9

Aragon Magazines: Comic Book: "Everlasting Life" (10/01/1952)

A man makes a deal with Satan for some wishing candles.

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Mister Mystery #16

Aragon Magazines: Comic Book: "Immortal Brain" (04/01/1954)

A brain is switched from body to body

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Mitico Thor V1 #131

Comic Book: Editoriale Corno: "Vivo per l'eternitˆ" (04/20/1976)

A gangster drinks a serum that will allow him to live forever and goes to hide out in the bayou where he falls into a pit of quicksand.

[in Weird Wonder Tales #08 and Menace #03]

-- http://www.comics.org


Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01?; Episode #10: [2007]

Her clothes fly off in the first second of the AP scene. (AP)

-- etopirika

Mon Colle Knights

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #08: "The Giant and the Steed"

A baby Pegasus ages itself into a adult Pegasus to win a race.

-- Dragoniade & Stonegate Shadowlord

Mona the Vampire

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #09: "Time Shift & Timeout" (October 18, 2000)

The town clock has broken down and the mayor hires a repairman, called Mr Kroner, to fix it. After witnessing a much younger Mr Kroner, Mona and company discover that Mr Kroner is using a 'Time Machine' to stop time for everyone outside the Clock Tower so that he can steal things; each time he uses the machine he has to give up some of his years and thus regresses. He has now regressed to a just pre-pubesent boy, locks Mona and co in the Clock Tower and goes to steal the money from the bank. Mona sabotages the machine, sending it hayway, and Mr Kroner regresses into a young child. The last scene of the episode shows a bawling Mr Kroner padding down the street in his too big shirt and being lead of by the mayor, who thinks Mr Kroner is a lost child.

-- Entropic

Mona the Vampire

Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #11: "The Baby Charmer" (Sunday November 25, 2001)

Mrs. Bryerson's daughter, Bernice, visits her and brings her baby with her. Mona and the gang notices that around the baby everybody acts like babies. (Male/Female/Ar & aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's revenge

Classic PC Game

the hero defeats the evil zombie pirate... but finds himself trapped in some sort of a curse, where he is a child again... and his parents are scolding him for running away... he tries to explain that he is a swashbuckling pirate and that he was fighting LeChuck, but they wouldn't believe... then he just loses his will and runs along playing.

-The Pizzadude

The Monkey’s Teeth

Animation Short Movie: Rene Laloux (1960)

Intro is a three-minute doc of a group-therapy institution for depressed people, what follows is an animation of the film they wrote together. Sad man has a toothache, goes to a dentist who steals his teeth to sell to rich people (I wouldn’t think the teeth of the poor would be worth much, but maybe in France everyone practices excellent dental care). When the monkey wizard bicycles by, I figured the dentist would be put in his place and the stolen teeth returned, and that’s just what happens but first the sad man gets chased into a high school by some cops who get turned into children. Hmmm.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Monster Girl

Comic Book Hero: Invincible Series: (2005)

A beautiful and spoiled young woman attending a private school in Europe was cursed by a witch whose grandson she had been having an affair with. Later, on a flight home, she turned into a yellow skinned monster. Whenever she transforms, her monster form becomes larger and stronger. But when she changes back, her human form becomes younger! She currently appears to be prepubescent, and an active member of a superhero team. As the result of a curse, Monster Girl has the power to transform into a large, powerful monster; however, every time she does this (and then reverts to human form) she is physically younger than before. At the time the Invincible stories are set, she is mentally 29 and physiologically 12. She is a member of the new Guardians of the Globe. Monster Girl is known to be attracted to her teammate Bulletproof. She is currently spending time with her teammate Robot, who has put his consciousness into a pre-teenage clone of Rex Splode. He has indicated that he is using his intelligence to devise a cure for her reversed aging.(AR)

-- CaseScenario


TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: "Grandma's Wish?"

a comedic episode about granny and her loud, rude, greedy family wanting to put her in a retirement home. Granny wishes secretly that her family would be old like her, and slowly they begin to lose their hearing, receive back, neck, and hip injuries, and find liver spots on their hands. When the people come to take granny to the retirement home, they find that her entire family has grown old, and are ready to join her in the home. A very funny episode, but horrible age makeup, which is only featured in the final shot for a few seconds. Amusing, but no real payoff in the makeup department.


Monsters vs. Aliens

Cartoon TV Series: Season 01; Episode #02: "Danger Wears A Diaper" (04/13/2013)

It's the President's birthday and he has been turned into a baby. (Male Ar/RN)

-- Steven


Music Video: by Charlotte Church (2006)

In her newest video she changes clothes and ages. At the end she changes gender for a second, but the man also changes age and his head becomes a pig head. (Female & Male/Ar/RN)

-- him

Moonchild Reiko Shimizu

Manga Comic Book: (1988)

During a full moon Jimmy's true form appears. She turns into a fully-grown woman, only her mind is still intact as a young tomboy.

-- Visible Time

The Moor's Last Sigh

Book: by Salman Rushdie (1995)

Moraes Zogoiby grows and ages at double-speed.


Mork and Mindy

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #10: "A Mommy For Mork" (11/16/78)

Mork becomes a baby so Mindy can see what it's like to be a mother. (Mental/Ar)

Mork & Mindy

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #12: "Old Fears" (11/30/1978)

(male/aP/RN) Mindy’s grandmother loses one of her best friends and becomes seriously depressed until Mork uses his Orkan technology to increase his age and become a fancy old man interested in dating the poor woman.

-- Visible Time

Mork & Mindy

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #22: "In Mork We Trust" (03/15/1979)

(male/Ar/aP/RN) Bickley thinks Mork’s Orkan age machine is a calculator and when he starts playing with it, he turns Mork into various different ages.

-- Visible Time.

Mork and Mindy

TV Series: Season 04; Episode #16: "Mork, Mindy and Mearth Meet MILT" (1981)

Mork gives birth to a baby named Mearth in a giant egg rolling downhill. He has the full-grown body of comedian Jonathan Winters and ages from elderly to infancy.

-- Visible Time

Morris: Iroiro Kairakuen

Manga: by Morris (07/30/2006)

A little AP scene with a little girl drinking some kind of special drink which causes her to age. There is a little TG at the very end. (Female aP)

-- EvilConsumer

Morris: Magiko Mama

Manga: by Morris (02/30/2011)

A mother who was a magical girl witch could revert into a teenager to go to school with her son. (Female Ar)

-- Crash Ichimonji

Morris: Meal

Manga: by Morris (03/30/2011)

Something's preventing a young wife from getting pregnant, so she makes a "meal" of other-worldly flora and fauna to help with male fertility. Initial Male AR is off-panel, but more happens at the end. Shotacon, fingering, femdom, fisting, unbirth (male AR, sudden pregnancy)

-- Crash Ichimonji

Mortal Kombat 2

Computer Game

All versions of these games have Babalities in them.

Mortal Kombat 3

Game: by Midway (PC)

All versions of these games have Babalities in them.

Mortal Kombat Conquest

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #04: "Immortal Kombat"

A very good episode, with Kung-Lao trying to save his friends from an aging potion given to them by an evil sorceress. Siro¹s age makeup is rather unconvincing and thin...he never really looks too old. Taja, on the other hand, is rather convincing. Her age makeup is quite extensive, even though she spends a great part of the episode wrapped in a shawl. The aging is drawn out over the entire episode, and is rather well done and very imaginative. A solid, recommended episode.


Mortal Kombat: Conquest

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #05: "The Essence" (10/31/98)

Kung Lao must save his cohorts, Siro and Taja, from an aging potion, intended for him, which they accidentally imbibed.


Mortal Kombat: Conquest

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #16: "Kreeya" (3/6/99)

At Kreeya's encampment, Kung Lao learns much more about Kreeya and her ways than he planned. He discovers a "hive" filled with thousands of incubating female warriors who will grow to adulthood in a matter of weeks - all spawned by Kreeya! When he confronts Kreeya, he and the others are given a choice: join them or perish. When they refuse, they are taken prisoner with Kung Lao being put in the cage where Shang Tsung is being kept. Kreeya, it appears, plans to 'mate' with each of them to create new legions of super warriors.


Mortal Kombat: Conquest

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #17: "The Master" (4/17/99)

Shang Tsung has escaped to Earth Realm and is enjoying his freedom when he comes upon Master Cho - the very Master Shang Tsung turned against many years ago to join forces with Shao Kahn. Master Cho has been waiting a very long time to settle the score with Shang Tsung, and in no time, physically beats him and then reverses his immortality, turning him into an ancient.

-- Visible Time

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Game: by Midway (Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Sega Saturn )

This version of the game has Babalities in them.

-- Tazz

MOS #117

Comic Book: "?" (03/2000)

Lena returned to taunt her father during the "Our Worlds at War" saga. (MOS #117) Somehow reverted back to her infant form (yet with the mark of Brainiac on her forehead), Lena was returned to her father after Brainiac was defeated. [Superman: War of the Worlds?]

Mostly Harmless

Book: by Douglas Adams ()

Trillian's daughter Random goes into an intergalactic daycare as a preteen and comes out past puberty. It turns out the daycare was also temporally displaced, and the time you come back is random.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Mound, The

Short Story: by Zealia Bishop? (2002)

An elderly man goes to investigate a strange Indian mound. He returns the next week forty years younger, his feet gone, and insane, and dies shortly after. Oddly, this inspires others to visit the mound.

-- D.B. Cooper

Mountain Dew

TV Commercial:

Wanting a Mountain Dew Michael Johnson runs around the world counter-clockwise to travel back in time to get a Mountain Dew when Freddy's market was open. He travels back to the 70s by accident and the four guys that watched him are aged back into little kids.

Mr F Is Mr F - J G Ballard

Short Story:

After a woman announces that she is have a baby, her husband begins to get younger and younger. He is finally absorbed into her and then, nine months later, she married another man.

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

Book: by Robert C. O'Brien, Zena Bernstein (Illustrator) (Reprinted March 1, 1986)

There's something very strange about the rats living under the rosebush at the Fitzgibbon farm. But Mrs. Frisby, a widowed mouse with a sick child, is in dire straits and must turn to these exceptional creatures for assistance. Soon she finds herself flying on the back of a crow, slipping sleeping powder into a ferocious cat's dinner dish, and helping 108 brilliant, laboratory-enhanced rats escape to a utopian civilization of their own design, no longer to live "on the edge of somebody else's, like fleas on a dog's back."

This unusual novel, winner of the Newbery Medal (among a host of other accolades) snags the reader on page one and reels in steadily all the way through to the exhilarating conclusion. Robert O'Brien has created a small but complete world in which a mother's concern for her son overpowers her fear of all her natural enemies and allows her to make some extraordinary discoveries along the way. O'Brien's incredible tale, along with Zena Bernstein's appealing ink drawings, ensures that readers will never again look at alley rats and field mice in the same way. (The injection the rats and mice are given slows the aging process) (AS)

Mrs. Pickering Goes to Oz

Book: Privately Printed: Vincent Ward (1975)

Note: Manuscript submitted in 1975 to Fred Meyer (then president of the International Wizard of Oz Club) was privately printed in 2006. Two children receive a magic wish which they discover has to be undone when their parents are inadvertently turned into children. With the help of Mrs. Pickering, they journey to Oz to find the solution. Well written story with the exception that the author once again forgets that Button Bright is no longer "a little boy in a sailor suit" (Chapter 10) who only speaks few lines (like "I don't know.")

-- Jeffr_2bya

Mujaki no Rakuen [Paradise of Innocence]

Manga Comic Book: (10/12/2012)

Shouta, a 25-year-old NEET, is mocked by his former female classmates who've all become successful, at their class reunion. A mysterious incident at the school pool throws him alone back in time and lets him deal with those same classmates back when they were fifth grade girls. Shouta remembers his adult life and deals with fantasies over the girls.

-- Unknown

Mummies Alive!

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #06: "High Nuhn" (09/23/1997)

While Scarab yearns to be younger (invoking water spirit NUHN to find the fountain of youth), Presley yearns to be older, to win an eighth-grade girl's heart.

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Mummy: The Animated Series

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #03: "Dark Medjai" (03/01/03)

Toth is in the desert performing a spell that returns his youth. Instead of looking like the old man he did at first, he looks exactly the same age as Ardeth.

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Mummy: The Animated Series

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #11: "Old Friends" (12/29/02)

An old friend of Evy's travels to Thailand but confronts a mummy - Evy and Rick go after her taking a rebellious Alex and Jonathan along with them. Getting to the temple, they discover the mummy is Anck Su Namun, who has escaped from the Underworld and drains the youth from the adults to replenish her own. Alex must battle her alone - he manages to hold her off long enough to grab the ring she is using and release its energies, restoring the adults and banishing Anck Su Namun back to the Underworld.

-- Stonegate

The Munsters

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #19: "Eddie's Nickname" (1/28/65)

Eddie wants to grow up, and Grandpa obliges him, but he stays the same stature, only he has a full adult beard.


The Munsters's Revenge

TV Movie: "?"

An attempt to return a mummy to life is botched by giving it too much potion and turning it into a living baby.

The Munsters Today

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #13: "Large"

The Munsters have to baby-sit a six old boy who is a trouble making. Grandpa has invented a device which it can make people older or younger. The six year old boy uses the device and becomes a adult. Later on, the Man-boy is to be reverse back to his old age. By mistake he is turned into a six month baby.

The Muppet Show

Children's Series: Season 02; Episode #7: "Edgar Bergen" (??/??/????)

Sketches/Songs: "Baby Face", "Consider Yourself", "Muppet Newsflash", Gonzo's Act, "Pigs In Space", "Show Me a Rose", Fozzie's Act, "Time in a Bottle", "Down at Papa Joe's", Edgar and Charlie perform.

Mortimer Snerd, a shy, slow-witted country bumpkin; and a Muppet scientist conducts experiments with rejuvenating drugs while singing "Time in a Bottle.".

My Babysitter's a Vampire

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #02: "Three Cheers For Evil" (06/30/2011)

Two boys discover their new friend is a Vampire, and help her fight other supernatural phenomenon around their school. There are other vampires at the boys' school. One of the boys has special psychic powers inherited from his grandmother, who is a witch. A new cheerleader named Stephanie is planning to cast a spell using the cheerleading squad to form a pentagram and using an incantation disguised as a cheer during a pep rally in an attempt to gain immortality by draining the souls of those at the rally. The boys infiltrate the cheerleading group in wigs and cheerleader uniforms, and discover that Stephanie is really a witch from their grandmother's high school days. She wanted to try out for cheerleading, but the other cheerleaders made fun of her. After defeating the witch, Stephanie transforms back into her older self, and ends up later at the school as the new school lunch cafeteria attendant..

-- Unknown

My Body to You

Book: by Elizabeth Searle

A girl grows into womanhood during a single family dinner that spans twenty years. (aP/flash forward)

-- Visible Time

My Favorite Martian

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #06: "Extra! Extra! Sensory Perception" (11/01/64)

Mrs Brown invites an ESP expert over to visit. Martin has to hide his ESP powers before he is detected. He does this in a plant. Somehow these powers are transferred to Mrs. Brown and she begins to de-age mentally. She becomes a teenager, a schoolgirl, a small child, a toddler, an infant, and finally a new born before martin can solve the problem.

-- Time

My Favorite Martian

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #27: "Uncle Baby" (04/04/65)

Ray Walston in "My Favorite Martian" had an AR episode where a rejuvenation ray turns the adult Martian (Uncle Martin) into an infant of approximately nine months in age. The rejuvenated infant "Uncle Martin" is taken to the hospital by Detective Brannigan (the suspicious erstwhile enemy of "Uncle Martin") as an abandoned baby. While trying to rescue his friend, the protagonist and reporter (who is the roommate and friend of Uncle Martin) restores the wrong infant to full adulthood with an AB scene of an adult in diapers nursing an entire tray of baby bottles.

there was one very good AR scene at the beginning of the episode when the baby "Uncle Martin" must crouch [he is unable to stand do to the weakness of the legs of his regressed body] on the carpet on his hands and knees while wearing nothing more than pinned cloth diaper. The regressed Uncle Martin proceeds to paternally instruct his adopted Earth "nephew" from his infantile position on the carpet how to use the Martian rejuvenation ray to restore him to his rightful age.

My Greatest Adventure #33

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Fountain Of Youth" (July 1959)

Possible Ar/ap in This Comic book



My Greatest Adventure #73

DC Comic Book: (10/01/2011)

There is a story about a man surveying a cavern. He discovers a pool which has a strange effect on him. He appears to age into a old man. He heads back to the nearest town, where he finds himself compelled to steal a carboy of heavy water. Once again the pool works its strange magic, and he returns to town to steal some radium. This time he discovers that an alien has controlled him. He steals the last item which is a gyroscope and the alien is able to leave Earth behind. (Male aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

My Gym Partner's A Monkey

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #07: "The Two Jakes" (07/13/1991)

In this episode Jake and Adam decide to create clones of themselves because they think it would make life easier for them. But the clones of them are mischevious troublemakers and age more quickly (E.G they start off as young ones in the middle, teenagers in another part, adults near the last part, and old folk in the end).

-- Metamorphose.org

My Hero

? "Big"

One of the character in this show is a talking baby (talking babies are never a good thing) one episode is about the baby (oliver) rapidly growing due to health problems, we see him at 6 months, 7 years, 10 years and 17 years. due to the medicine, oliver also changes sex and becomes oliva for a short while before turning back into talking freakchild baby oliver

-- by Desire

My Puberty

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: 406 "New Television" (1988)

Ilene Segalove plays herself in this dramatization of puberty. As "Little Ilene," she soaks up clinches about womanhood. She attempts to buy a bra, and begins to experience longing for boys. She outlines a rapid succession of crushes on boys (played by actual youngsters).

-- Visible Time

My Scene Growing Up Dolls

Ad: "Glam" (2007)

Adolescent dolls grow from 25cm to 30cm. They start as tweens. But with the twist of a dial, the dolls grow 1 inch taller, get curves and develop chests. Kids can change the dolls' clothing, accessories, and make-up to give them a teen look. (AP)

-- Chemahg77

My Tribe

PC Game:

Youth potion in the game allows you to turn old tribe members back into young tribe members. Using the youth potion just gives Tribe members memories of childhood, but no change.

-- Jeffr_2bya

My Year of Meats

Book: Novel: By Ruth Ozeki (1998)

Jane visits Dunn & Son, Custom Cattle Feeders, where she meets the family, and John and Bunny's daughter, Rose. It is revealed that Rose was so poisoned by growth hormones that at 5 years old her body has matured into that of a grown woman.

-- Visible Time

Mylene Farmer

Music Video: "Plus Grandir" [France] (1985)

5:30 minutes into the video she does an old age transformation dance. (F/aP, old age)

-- Visible Time

Mysteries Of Unexplored Worlds #4

Comic Book: Charlton: "The Forbidden Room" (07/30/1957)

A mirror makes people younger by aging other objects in its reflection. (Male Ar/aP)

[No Reprint Known At This Time]

-- http://www.comics.org

Mysterious Adventures #5

Story Comics: Comic Book: "The Pool of Eternity" (12/01/1951)

A young murderous couple drink from The Pool of Eternity to stay young. (Age Stasis )

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Mysterious Adventures #8

Story Comics: Comic Book: "Flowers of Death" (06/01/1952)

A monster feds on men to stay young. (Age Stasis)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Mysterious Melmo

Anime TV series: DVD; Volume 01 to 05 by Tezuka Osamu (1971)

This was a TV series produced by Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd., a new company founded by Tezuka Osamu following his retirement as president of Mushi Production. More than just a sex education story, it incorporates far-reaching themes about the dignity and mysteries of life. In this story, a girl named Melmo learns the meaning of being a "woman" through countless adventures in which she grows up and returns to being a baby with the help of miracle candies. Other transformations take place as well. Using the magic candy in different combinations changes her into a different animal when she grows back. [Also known as Marvelous Melmo and Fushigina Melmo]

-- StevenB

Mysterious Stories #2

Premier Comic Book: "The Man Who Wouldn't Die" (01/01/1955)

A man and a little girl are aged after getting too far from some magical water.

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Mystery Comics Digest #5

Comic Book: Gold Key: "The Man Who Stole Immortality" (07/30/1972)

A evil man discovers secret to immortality, but things don't turn out the way he imagined it.

[Reprint in Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery #86, Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery #07 and Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery Archives #2]

-- http://www.comics.org

Mystery in Space #?

Comic Book: DC Comics: [National Periodical Publications] (1960?)

Star Rovers story. Aliens are testing weapons to use against Earth. Two of the Star Rovers are affected

Mystery in Space #1

Comic Book: : "The Men Who Lived Forever" (05/30/1951)

(Possible Ar/aP/AS)

[No Reprint Known At This Time]

-- http://www.comics.org

Mystery In Space #92

Comic Book: DC Comics: [National Periodical Publications] "The Alien Archer" (Jun. 1964)

Space Ranger is affected by bizarre arrows (AP, RN).

Comic Book Cover

Mystery In Space #103

Comic Book: DC Comics: [National Periodical Publications] "The Billion-Dollar Time-Capsule" (Nov. 1965)

Space Ranger tracks a space-faring gang looting time capsules throughout the solar system. One capsule contains a device that can reverse aging, but, unless operated properly, can greatly increase age (AR, AP, RN).


Mystery of the Witch Who Wouldn't

Book?: Paperback: by Kin Platt (03/??/73)

Herk and Steve stumble onto the witch who wouldn't (for her own reasons), and a platinum blonde who looks older than she should.

-- Visible Time

Mystery Science Theater 3000

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #06: "Time of the Apes" (07/13/1991)

Tin the beginning host segment, Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank start a day care business in Deep 13 to earn extra money. Frank invent a miracle-growth formula, causing one of the babies to explode into a giant adult baby. Then at the end of the show, the Mads argue over who should change their miracle growth baby.

The premise continues into the next episode, Show #307, Episode "Daddy-O". The miracle-growth baby returns and the Mads now demo their alien face-hugger teething nook. At the end of the show, it takes about 8 times to get the credits rolling because the miracle-growth baby got strained carrots in the Mads' keyboard.

-- Cabby456

Mystery Science Theater 3000

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #20: "The Unearthly" (12/14/1991)

Movie Plot: The Unearthly A mad scientist creates havock when an experiment to stop the aging process goes awry.

-- Cabby456

Mystery Science Theater 3000

TV Series: Season 08; Episode #03: "Leech Woman" (02/08/1997)

Movie Plot: A sordid tale about the fountain of youth and a woman who wishes to be younger.

-- Cabby456

Mystery Science Theater 3000

TV Series: Season 10; Episode #13: "Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders" (09/12/1999)

Movie Plot: An old man tells his grandson a story about the magician Merlin.

Segment Three: Servo turns Mike into a baby.

-- Cabby456

Mystery Tales #30

Comic Book: : "Fountain Of Youth" or "Strange Meeting" (07/30/1955)

(Possible Ar/aP)

[Reprinted in Strange Tales #56 ]

-- http://www.comics.org

Mystery Tales #53

Comic Book: Marvel: "He Lived Again" (05/30/1957)

[No reprint this time]

-- http://www.comics.org

The Mystery Within Us

Colored (Black People) Magazine: Short Story: "Story The Doctor's Great Discovery" (05/30/1900)

The doctor finds the exilir of youth and becomes young again. When his friend visits him three years later the wife of the doctor leads him to a nursery then shows him the now infant doctor. The exilir turned him into a baby.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: "" (Sep 1998 to May 1999)

This show had an AR episode. Either that or it was flashbacks, but I'm pretty sure it was about them going back into time, and ARing into children.

-- AveRage Joe

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