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Hey! My breasts have gone!
(9 years old) I lost my sock...
(5 years old) I'm afraid I can't wear this sweater any more.
(3 years old) Help me! I don't wanna be BABY!
(2 years old) But it is comfortable. I'm sleepy....
(10 month)
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Visible Time's Key
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too aP: age Progression Ar: Age regression AS: Age Stasis CB: clothes burst or rip RN: return to normal ST: Soul Transfer UC: undersized clothing


La Bande à Ovide (Ovide and the Gang)

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #62: "Second Childhood" (05/14/1989)

The show stars a blue platypus named Ovide who lives on a non-descript South Seas island, where he has adventures with his friends and thwarts Cy and Bobo, the show's villains. (Animal Ar/RN)

-- Jeffr_2bya

La petite bete est Morte

Play: (12/30/1881)

the pseudo saint has an inordinate appetite for youth, empties the elixir vial at a gulp, and is a baby again — when even danseuses cannot make love to one.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Lab Coat Girl & the Amazing Benjamin Bone


Something strange happens whenever Trudie and Benjamin get together. Not just kind of strange -- really, truly, amazingly strange. Everybody knows it, so how could Ms. Hicklemeyer make them partners on the class project? Trudie can't believe her bad luck, and swears to get through the project with as little weirdness as possible. But then Benjamin eats a plate of carrots and suddenly develops Superman vision. A jar of baby food turns him into a blubbering, cranky baby. What WILL a few bites of cat food do? It's up to Trudie, Lab Coat Girl, to find out. 97 pages. (mental ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Laffy Taffy

TV Commercial: (2003)

Chewing "Wonka" brand candy takes a long time. (UC, excellent Boy AP)

-- Visable Time

The Lake House

Movie: (2006)

A lonely doctor (Sandra Bullock) who once occupied an unusual lakeside home begins exchanging love letters with its newest resident, a frustrated architect (Keanu Reeves). When they discover that they're actually living two years apart, they must try to unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary romance before it's too late.. (tree AP in trailer)

-- Visible Time


Lake of Fire

Book: Novel: "Lake of Fire, A Fire in the Heart & Jupiter's Hills" By David White (2004)

The books are experimental in nature, surreal, stream-of-consciousness and satirical. 4th grade teacher has a big surprise in the classroom.

Page 326: "...and were no longer eight or nine years old. They were both about fifteen or sixteen. They were bursting out of their clothes that were now too tight for them. One had a rip up the right side of her dress all the way from her hip to her underarm. She looked at me and blushed. She had a crush on me I could tell. The other one did too. I could see the line of her young breasts through a tear in the front of her dress (and both girls dresses rode much of the way up their thighs). I turned away, afraid to look at them. I started to blush at their blossoming beauty.

I fumbled at the blackboard to avoid eye contact and listened to the sound of what must have been a man on the roof going up and down, up and down over and over again in compulsive action, never stopping or slowing down. I'd have to go outside soon and investigate why this was happening.

It was unavoidable. I was going to have to turn and look at the girls again at some point, look at the girls and their bright and beaming faces full of love for me. I turned and was terribly startled and frightened. I could now see into them, into their flesh and see their internal organs, their bones.

I could also see into their wombs, see the bones of their feet in their thin undersized shoes...

It was at this time I decided I'd better do something so I stopped my lesson (I guessed I had been rambling on about something or other) and asked, "Would one of you girls put some more wood in the stove. I'm going outside to see what all that commotion is on the roof." They raced each other to the wood pile. They were both eight years old again and snug inside their dresses and shoes." (excellent AP scene, dream sequence)

-- Visible Time

Land of the Lost

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #01: (1974 - 1977)

Two kids and their dad got trapped in the past and wore the same clothes every week. After a few years Holly started to fill out, but her clothes always fit. Holly met herself as an adult with the help of a Time Doorway.

-- Visible Time

The Last Continent (Discworld)

Book: By Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett's 22nd Discworld novel, The Last Continent, is a lighthearted tour of the fantasy land of Fourecks, a very Australian sort of place, with brief courses in theoretical physics and evolution thrown in for good measure. Pratchett returns to his first Discworld protagonist, the inept and cowardly wizard Rincewind, who habitually runs into trouble as fast as he flees. Rincewind's arrival in Fourecks has distorted the space-time continuum, and he has to sort it out before the whole place dries up and blows away. The situation is complicated because the actual problem is located 30,000 years in the past--just where the Faculty of the Unseen University currently are. Pretty frightening, given "the true wizard's instinct to amble aimlessly into dangerous places," and then "stop and argue ... about exactly what kind of danger it [is]." (Ar)

-- Entropic

The Last of the O-Forms

Book: Short Story: by James Van Pelt (2002)

Caprice might look 2 years old, but she's really 12, with the soul of a middle-aged tax attorney. She will never look any older, and pretends to be the last normal, non-mutant child. (age stasis)

-- Visible Time

The Last Home Run


A older guy living out his Fantasy because he had a stroke.....

The Last Man on Planet Earth

Sci Fi Movie: (09/18/2004, 03:00 AM)

In order to end a devastating war, the Y bomb was created, so called because it carries a virus that kills only men. The point was to kill soldiers and not civilians, however there are unexpected repercussions. The end result is that, at the time the story takes place, the only men remaining are very few and aging. They are the small percentage that had a natural immunity and live in a militant group that dreams of taking back their world.

Society is made up entirely of women. This makes cloning necessary as a form of reproduction. Men are reviled as uncontrollably violent and dangerous. However, some of the female characters belie the stereo-type that only men are capable of such behavior.

A young female scientist creates a man with no violent tendencies in the lab. When he escapes, he becomes hunted even though he has harmed no one.

-- Zazandboo & Visible Time

Late for Dinner


a young man and his brother are cryogenically frozen in the late 60¹s and wake up in the early 90¹s. The man goes on a quest to find his now-much older wife, who looks to be in her mid-50¹s. A well-made film, with decent, if minimal, aging makeup for his wife.


Laurel & Hardy: Dirty Work

Short Movie?:

Chimney sweeps Stanley and Oliver go about their job, reducing Professor Noodle's living room to a shambles in the process, while the mad doctor works in his laboratory perfecting his 'rejuvenation formula.' Cackling with glee, the Professor demonstrates his success for the boys, dropping a duckling into the vat and winding up with an egg. There's a somewhat different type of regression, however, when Stanley accidentally knocks Oliver into the formula.



Children's TV Series: Season 02; Episode #06: "Little Sportacus" (09/26/2006)

Ziggy has trouble riding a two-wheel bike. He wishes he weren't so little so that he'd be able to do more, but Sportacus tells him he learns more when he's little than at any other time in his life. Robbie, who was listening in, hears this and comes up with a device called the Littlizer 3000 that causes people to become younger. He disguises himself as a bush and manages to make Sportacus into a ten-year-old child. (male AR)

-- Hazface

Le Journal de Mickey #1274

France Disney's Comic Book: "Un âge plus sage" ["The Fountain of Youth"] (11/28/1976)

Magica De Spell turns Uncle Scrooge into a baby. (Female Duck Ar/Bird Ar to Egg)

[Reprinted in Donald Duck #36 and Zé Carioca #813]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Le Journal de Mickey #1459

France Disney's Comic Book: "Le mot de la fin!" ["The Spring Of Instant Youth"] (06/15/1980)

Uncle Scrooges searches for The Spring of youth. (Implied Ar)

[Reprinted in Donald Duck #36 and Zé Carioca #813]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Leading Comics #5

DC Comic Book: The Golden Age Adventure (1942)

Fury makes some informal notes on the recent events surrounding the membership of the All-Star Squadron. The Vigilante and The Crimson Avenger are noted as being on an adventure with their fellow Seven Soldiers of Victory (with the British hero known as the Squire assisting), battling a madman known as the Skull. [Retold in The Young All-Stars #27]

-- Jeffr_2bya

League of Champions #1, The

Comic Book: Hero Graphics:

Olga is turned into a baby by a rejuvenation spell.(IND.)


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


Dorian Gray ages to death when sees his portrait.

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Leather worker's journal Volume 16

United Leather Workers' International Magazine: "Overdid It" (09/30/1909)

Short Story section there is a Ar story. (Male/Female Ar.)

[ No Kathleen did he see anywhere. but the wail of a babe's weeping brought him through the dark to the spring, and sitting there on the grass were a little baby girl, crying as if her heart would break. "What's happened ye, acushia?" says Michael. "Don't ye know me?" says the child. wringing her hands. "Faith an' I do not. " says Michael. "Who are ye." "I'm yer wife," sobs the baby. "My wife" cries Michael. "Yes," says the baby. "I'm afther drinkin' too much o' the wather." ]

-- Jeffr_2bya


Movie: (1985)

Annabelle Lanyon (Face close-up, blink transformation) The faerie Oona changes herself into an older looking woman.

-- Visible Time

Legend of King Arthur folk tale


Legend of King Arthur folk tale that ol' retrograde sorcerer, Merlin


The Legend Of Korra

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #10: "A New Spiritual Age" (11/09/2013)

In the sequel series to "Avatar: The Last Airbender" called "The Legend of Korra". The new Avatar Korra must travel to the spirit world with Jinora (Ang's Grand daughter) There both cannot use their powers. Eventually they get seperated and Korra calls out for Jinora. Korra who was 16 and now appears to be a little girl again around when she discovered she was the new avatar which was around 3-5). (Female Ar)

-- Tazz

Legend Of Legaia


Prince Cort at the end of Legend Of Legaia, after which he is promptly adopted by Noa. (Cut/Male Ar) [Very Hard to see]

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Legend of Snow White

Mondo TV; Italian cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode 01:

flash forward from birth. (AP)

-- Visible Time

The Legend of Snow White

Mondo TV; Italian cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode 02:

(AP) flash forward from birth.

-- Visible Time

The Legend of Snow White

Mondo TV; Italian cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode 31: "A Gift From Mary"

Mrs. Bauer and the children organize a big party. Little Mary gives Snow White her gift, but suddenly the little girl transforms into the evil Queen. Snow White wanders in the kingdom of the dead and is turned into a marble statue.

-- Visible Time

Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Game: Game Boy Advance: by Vivendi Universal

The evil female adult dragon reverts back to her younger more innconece self. (Dragon Ar)

-- Anonymous

Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Game: Nintendo DS: by Vivendi Universal

The evil female adult dragon reverts back to her younger more innconece self. (Dragon Ar)

-- Anonymous

Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Game: Nintendo Gamecube: by Vivendi Universal

The evil female adult dragon reverts back to her younger more innconece self. (Dragon Ar)

-- Anonymous

Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Game: PlayStation2: by Vivendi Universal

The evil female adult dragon reverts back to her younger more innconece self. (Dragon Ar)

-- Anonymous

Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Game: Xbox: by Vivendi Universal

The evil female adult dragon reverts back to her younger more innconece self. (Dragon Ar)

-- Anonymous

Legend of the Seeker

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #05:

Zedd falls victim to a mysterious spell that strips him of his memory - and his old age. Emboldened by his newfound youth, the once-wise wizard is convinced he must replace Richard with a new Seeker to find the Stone of Tears and save a town threatened by a rift to the Underworld. Now, it's up to Richard, Kahlan and Cara to rescue a powerful and arrogant young Zedd from a lethal showdown with Darken Rahl and the Keeper of the Underworld.

-- Metamorphose.org

Legends of Valhalla: Thor

Animated Movie: (05/24/2011)

In the animated movie "Legends of Valhalla: Thor" (No relation to the comic character but still the one from Norse Mythology). A teenage Thor goes to rescue his Earth mother and friends from the giants with his newly acquired magical talking hammer crusher. At the giant's kingdom he challenges the king. Since Thor isnt a king, he must face the giant's champion...a little old lady. Thor of course accepts and gets his but kicked and aged into an old man. He finds out in reality he was facing the one opponent no person can defeat, "Old Age". He is rescued by his friend who is also a girl. A few minutes later, he returns to normal for pretty much no explanation (maybe the spell was temporary or because he is a demi god) (Male aP)

-- Tazz

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Game: [N64] (2002)

In this game, a skull kid wearing the Majora's Mask is wrecking havoic on Clock town. One person he has fun with is Kafei. He changes this adult that is about to be married back to his young childish self. This makes Kafei run away, and latter makes him the target of a theif that steals his wedding mask.

-- by Guy

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Game; GameBoy Color

One of the bosses can turn Link into a baby. The Blue Stalfos - he is a mini-boss in the 8th dungeon, 'The Ancient Tomb'. The Death Stalfos, also the last boss, gah, what was her name? The one that possessed Nayru.... she can do it, too.

-- RedChocobo, Messenger of Pie

Legends of the Monkey King

Movie: "Journey to the West"

Dog changes his shape to a puppy.

-- Dragoniade & Stonegate Shadowlord

The Leech Woman


A classic 50¹s film in which a middle-aged woman tries to regain her youth by feeding off the blood of others. She regresses and ages many times during the film, and eventually her blood formula no longer works, aging her to death. Primitive makeup, but still quite good, and the film is excellent. Highly recommended. ..


Book Cover

Legends of the Dark Knight #61

DC Comic Book: "Knightquest: The Search - Quarry (Part III)" (07/30/1994)

Shondra Kinsolving was one of a pair of adopted children to a British family. Her adoptive brother, Benedict, found that Shondra had latent psychic powers and the two could combine their mental energies for enhanced effect, the two killing their abusive foster father (Her mother later speculating that her husband adopted a black child, despite his racism, in order to regularly beat something that he deemed evil). Although using her powers felt good, Shondra came to hate what she and her brother did, eventually fleeing from him. Later in life, Shondra is a trained physiotherapist who is treating Jack Drake, father of Tim Drake aka Robin, and neighbor of Bruce Wayne. Drake had been paralyzed during a kidnapping a few months earlier. When Wayne finds himself dealing with chronic exhaustion, Kinsolving becomes his caregiver and helps to look after him after he is injured by supervillain Bane. The two begin to develop a romantic attachment but before Bruce could fully commit to her she is kidnapped by her half brother Benedict Asp, who turns her abilities to evil uses. Asp reveals Shondra's healing powers and, along with his own psychic powers, uses her to telekinetically kill an entire village. Bruce eventually defeats Benedict, but the events traumatize Shondra, causing her psyche to regress back into childhood to escape the horror of what she has done in the present and revert to a happier time, the last of her sanity being sacrificed to heal Bruce's broken back. Bruce puts her in an institution. Shondra later is put in the care of a foster family and begins to slowly recover from her ordeal. (Female Mental Ar/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Legends of Valhalla: Thor

Animated Movie: (05/24/2011)

In the animated movie "Legends of Valhalla: Thor" (No relation to the comic character but still the one from Norse Mythology). A teenage Thor goes to rescue his Earth mother and friends from the giants with his newly acquired magical talking hammer crusher. At the giant's kingdom he challenges the king. Since Thor isnt a king, he must face the giant's champion...a little old lady. Thor of course accepts and gets his but kicked and aged into an old man. He finds out in reality he was facing the one opponent no person can defeat, "Old Age". He is rescued by his friend who is also a girl. A few minutes later, he returns to normal for pretty much no explanation (maybe the spell was temporary or because he is a demi god) (Male aP)

-- Tazz

Legion of Super-Heroes #17 (4th series)

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The Last Battle" (04/01/1991)

A villain named Glorith has the ability to change ages in objects at will attacks the Legion. Glorith uses her power to regress a man to death. (Ar)

Legion of Super-Heroes #42 (4th series)

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The Enemy Within!" (04/01/1993)

A villain named Glorith has the ability to change ages in objects at will attacks the Legion. (Ar/aP)

Legion of Super-Heroes #53 (4th series)

Comic Book: DC Comics:

A villain named Glorith has the ability to change ages in objects at will attacks the Legion. (This happens frequently in this list by the way.) (DC).

Legion of Super-Heroes #54 (4th series)

Comic Book: DC Comics: "A Moment in Time" "Time's Change" (Jan., Feb. 1994)

Glorith is back (multiple AR & AP).

[NOTE: Many issues of LOSH contain AR and/or AP scenes and/or story-lines.]

Legion of Super-Heroes #58 (4th series)

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Down to the Wire" (06/01/1994)

Glorith returns Mordru to his prime making him all powerfully again.

Legion of Super-Heroes #60 (4th series)

Comic Book: DC Comics:

A villain named Glorith has the ability to change ages in objects at will attacks the Legion.

Legion of Super-Heroes #75 (4th Series)

Comic Book: DC Comics: "2-Timer" (Dec. 1995)

Chronos needs youth to exist; the Legion, XS, and Lori want to stop him (IB/multiple AP, RN).

Legion of Super-Heroes #109 (4th series)

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Wish Fulfillment" (Oct. 1998)

Shrinking Violet's showdown with the Emerald Eye (AP, RN).

-- Zeitgeist.

Legion of Super-Heroes #113 (4th series)

Comic Book: DC Comics: (Mar. 1999)

Spark and Shrinking Violet enter the Anywhere Machine to save the life of their teammate Kinetix. While inside Kinetix' mind, they both age and regress repeatedly (AR, AP, RN).

--- Zeitgeist.

Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1 (4th series)

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Charade" (1990)

Short scene: Ultra Boy & his mentor, Marla, experience changes coming out of time-travel warp

Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #5 (4th series)

Comic Book: DC Comics:

A wizard of OZ story-line, where the cruel witch Starfinger has reduced the adults in a castle into children. (DC).


Legion of Super-Heroes

TV Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #04: "Chained Lightning" (10/13/2007)

Lightning Lad discovers that his sister, Ayla, long thought to be lost in the same Lightning Beast attack that gave him and his brother, Mekt, their powers, is really alive. However, Ayla is now in the form of pure electromagnetic energy. Lightning Lad must find a way to save Ayla before Imperiex can harness this energy for his own diabolical use. After Ayla is rescued it is clear she hasn't aged a day since she disappeared.

-- Jeffr_2bya


Legion of Super-Heroes

TV Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #04: "Chained Lightning" (10/13/2007)

Lightning Lad discovers that his sister, Ayla, long thought to be lost in the same Lightning Beast attack that gave him and his brother, Mekt, their powers, is really alive. However, Ayla is now in the form of pure electromagnetic energy. Lightning Lad must find a way to save Ayla before Imperiex can harness this energy for his own diabolical use. After Ayla is rescued it is clear she hasn't aged a day since she disappeared.

-- Jeffr_2bya


Legion of Super-Heroes

TV Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #10: "Trials" (03/15/2008)

The evil sorcerer Mordru has attacked the magical planet of Zarok, forcing the young and immature wizard Zyx to turn to the Legion for help. While the Legion battles Mordru, Zyx (assisted by Kell-El) must restore his own powers by passing a series of trials designed to prove his worth as a wizard. Timber Wolf is aged to old age by magic. (Male aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Legion of Super-Heroes Volume 2 #301

Comic Book:

Chameleon Boy tries to recover his powers on Durla, with the help of his father, R. J. Brande, but must face a council of enemies and a rejuvenating device to do so. (Possible Ar/aP)

-- comics.org

Legionnaires #40

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Emerald Violet" (09/01/1996)

Shrinking Violet becomes possessed by the Eye of Ekron, turning her leadership of the Legionnaires into a tyranny. The Legion tries to figure out a way to stop her, or more specifically, the influence of the Eye. (Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Lena Luthor

Comic Book Person: "?" ()

Lena Luthor First Appearance: Sup #131 01/1998. Lex Luthor flashback to youth in Superman Y2K #1 02/2000. Superman Vol. 2 #154 03/2000: Brainiac 2.0 uploaded his consciousness into Lena Luthor's (Lex's baby daughter) body. Lena was rapidly aged into an adult and became Brainiac 13's lackey. All grown-up and under the influence of Brainiac, Lena returned to taunt her father during the "Our Worlds at War" saga. (MOS #117) Somehow reverted back to her infant form (yet with the mark of Brainiac on her forehead), Lena was returned to her father after Brainiac was defeated.

Les Petits Hommes

Comic Book: #38 "Miss Persil" by (09/30/2010)

It is about a fifteen year old little girl who spent ten years of her life in a coma and awakes up with a body of large person and a spirit of a child about 5-6 years. Obviously, it is very difficult for her to be integrated into the population of Eslapion and to be accepted by the children of her own mental age. Thanks to an elixir of youth left by Dr. Hondegger the potion in question functions but changes the color of hair whoever drinks it. The girl drinks some to be phyically 6 years old, but when she arrivals at the school the bullies in her class tease her and she tricks the bullies into drinking the potion themselves regressing them to babies.

-- Vended

Les Visiteurs

Movie: (04/15/2010)

Les Visiteurs (French pronunciation: [le vizitœ?]; English: The Visitors) is a French film directed by Jean-Marie Poiré and released in 1993. In this comedy, a 12th-century knight and his servant travel in time to the end of the 20th century and find themselves adrift in modern society. (Minor Female Ar)

-- Visible Time

Less Than Jake

Music Video: "The Rest of My Life" (2006)

Adult situations acted out by children. Two men in a car accident, a married couple fighting, a hooker being arrested. Toward the end, the characters act on their better natures, and we see them as adults. The Married couple begins to fight again, and the last shot shows them as angry children once more. (Ar & aP)

-- lbh

Let's Begin

Music Video: Bad Ronald

Somewhat messed up version of Mr. Rogers. Teen girls dress as little girls.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Létající Cestmír AKA "Der fliegende Ferdinand"

TV Show?: 16 episodes?: [Czechoslovakia, Germany] (1984)

Ferdinand is on his way to school when suddenly he finds himself on the planet of the flowers. If he smells one flower, he briefly becomes an adult, looking precisely like his father. The other flower lets him fly. At the end of the series Professor Langmeier becomes a child. Ferdinand changes himself into his father and adopts the youthful professor. (Live-action male AP, male AR)

-- Michael Binary

The Librarian The Curse Of The Judas

Movie: (12/07/2008)

Is the third in The Librarian franchise of movies starring Noah Wyle as a librarian who protects a secret collection of artifacts. It is a sequel to 2004's The Librarian: Quest for the Spear and 2006's The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines. breif Ar toward the beginning.

-- Jeffr_2bya


TV Series?: Episode?

The nasty Hoo-Doo AP's the human and fedora-like inhabitants of Lidsville, who manage to effect a cure, but when Hoo-Doo tries to reverse his spell, they'll all be AR'd!



Magazine: Author; Marion Chadwick "TimeLapse Boy"

Starting with the first day of her life, a photographer photographed his daughter every day for the next 364 days in the exact same position, wearing nothing but a diaper. At the end of the year-long period, he laid all of the photos out in calendar-style order. If you looked at the baby from day to day, you could not discern any change. If you looked at photos taken a week apart, you still could not notice any significant change. But if you started looking at photos that were taken three and four weeks apart, the change in the baby was markedly apparent. Photos taken two months apart were amazingly different, and the change that took place between day one and day 365 showed what appeared to be two entirely different babies.

-- Visible Time


Movie: (1985)

(involuntary old age transformations)

-- Visible Time


The Life and Age of Woman: Life from the Cradle to the Grave

Painting: by Currier & Ives (1850)

AP painting

-- youthdra1n

Life and Times of Juniper Lee, The

Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #09: "Little Big Mah" (11/10/2006)

While trying to get to an Ascension Ceremony where June is getting promoted to Kanji, Ah-Mah is getting younger after fighting a Darnock Demon which plans to steal the power of the Elders. Juniper's grandmother Ah Mah first gets transformed into a young woman, then into an 11 year old girl by a goblin. At the end of the episode she returns to her normal age, after staying the night in Juniper's room and going to school with her. (AP RN, AR)

-- Steven, Dragonaide & Stonegate

Life in a Day (a.k.a. Antidote)

TV Movie: (1999)

Peter Hamilton (Michael Goorjian) is a researcher working with a scientist studying new techniques to escalate the growth of cells. Things go horribly wrong when his assistant steals a sample and inoculates his pregnant girlfriend with it, unaware she is pregnant. The unborn baby grows at an alarming rate. Peter's private experiment goes horribly wrong when his girlfriend gives birth and the child begins to grow at an alarming rate and explodes from the mother, killing her. The father leaves the baby with Peter who watches her grow from an infant to an intelligent young woman in a matter of hours. Faced with this race against time and the investigation surrounding the death of the mother, Peter must find a way to stop the accelerating ageing or she will die of old age before the end of the day. (Aging effect was done with cuts)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Life Is Journey

Short Movie:

Short art film. (flash forward to old aged, male flash forward, AA)

-- Visible Time



Book: By M. John Harrison

Seria Mau is a 12-13 y.o. girl who refused to grow up and has become mad as a result.

-- Visible Time

Light Fantasy 2

Game: Japanese RPG for SNES: "Tonkin House" (10/27/95)

Main character gets turned into a baby (with blanket and pacifier) by witches, and is saved by a bunch of strange people. The baby actually fights in battle. Some times you'll grow a little more in age. Some options might reverse your aging process, but your character will eventually age back to normal over the long run.

-- Visible Time

Light in the Forest, The

Book? by Michael Scott

A woman finds a pillar that makes you younger.

-- Brat

The Light of Other Days

Book: Arthur C. Clarke, (12/08/2009)

The Light of Other Days follows a soulless tech billionaire (sort of an older, more crotchety Bill Gates), a soulful muckraking journalist, and the billionaire's two (separated since birth) sons. It's 2035, and all four hold ringside seats at the birth of a new paradigm-destroying technology, a system of "WormCams," harnessing the power of wormholes to see absolutely anyone or anything, anywhere, at any distance (even light years away). As if that weren't enough, the sons eventually figure out how to exploit a time-dilation effect, allowing them to use the holes to peer back in time.

[David wrapped his fingers around a small joystick control, and pressed it forward. Hiram's face smoothed out, growing younger ... He pressed at the joystick, and the rattle of days and nights resumed. The face grew girlish, its changing ...]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Lights Out

Old Time Radio Show: "The Fast One" [a.k.a "Speed"] (01/05/1943)

A doctor creates an elixir that speeds up his physical and mental processes, which he uses to commit robberies. But like any cutting edge drug, it eventually exhibits some nasty side effects. (aP to Death)

Lights Out

Old Time Radio Show: "The Immortal Gentleman" [a.k.a "Live Forever"] (08/31/1943)

A man obsessed with the idea of death finds himself transported to a future where his longed-after immortality is the norm, and a revolution is underway to overthrow the elderly.

Lights Out

Old Time Radio Show: "Live Forever" [a.k.a "The Immortal Gentleman"] (08/31/1943)

A man obsessed with the idea of death finds himself transported to a future where his longed-after immortality is the norm, and a revolution is underway to overthrow the elderly.

Lights Out

Old Time Radio Show/Play: "Nobody Died" (12/09/1936, 12/16/1939)

A woman invents a Fountain of Youth Formula.

-- JohnDee

Lights Out

Old Time Radio Show: "Speed" [a.k.a "The Fast One"] (01/05/1943)

A doctor creates an elixir that speeds up his physical and mental processes, which he uses to commit robberies. But like any cutting edge drug, it eventually exhibits some nasty side effects. (aP to Death)

Like father Like Son


A teenage son and his father switch places.

-- Visible Time

Lilo & Stitch

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #35: “Baby-fier” [Experiment #151] (Monday, January 12, 2004)

Lilo is grumpy because Nani says she’s too young to go to a scary movie. So when she and Stitch catch an experiment that turns adults into babies, Lilo is thrilled. But she quickly learns that being the “responsible adult” in the family is tough work, and wants nothing more than to return everyone to their proper age. (Ar/RN)

Recipe to turn babies back into adults:1 cup of milk,3 mashed bananas, 1 teaspoon of applesauce, 1 dollop of 100% Kona Coffee

Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Cartoon Series: Season 02: Episode #06: "Skip" [Experiment #089] (Friday February 11, 2005)

Lilo's hurry to grow up is immediately satisfied when Skip aka Experiment 089 arrives and ages her up to a 17-year-old and then a 27-year-old. Lilo soon realizes she wants to be age 7 again and must figure out how to "reset" herself. 7 year old Lilo moves forward 10 years and becomes a curvy adult. Stitch is jealous he didn't grow too. Big sis Nani is first relieved, and then angry. Then Lilo skips another 10 years. Leaving a 7-year-old mind in an adult body. 7 to 17 then 27 (AA/AP)

-- Visible Time

The Lin Carter

Book: (1973)

A group of man take certain people hostage and then discover a hidden valley. When they discover the pool of life a globe comes out of it and touches the female scientist. She is restored to innocence (read virgin) and her memories of her sexual abuse by her brother are removed. Other members of the group are touched. One is turned into an infant.

-- Time


Iinari!! Kyuuketsuhime (Lackey!! Princess Miyu)

Manga Comic Book: Volume 01; Chapter #01: "Lucrezia's March" (2012)

Lucrezia is a vampire from outside of Japan. She is only in the are to seek the "Supreme Blood." But that blood is in a workaholic girl who can only think about making enough expenses to help her family out. But when they meet and a brawl breaks out with the help of a charm Lucrezia loses a majority of her powers and grows younger. So now to recover her power and have the supreme blood, Lucrezia must work to earn that blood. But what how will someone who doesn't know a lot of worldly knowledge and does things on her own do?. (Female Vampire Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Linus And Boom

French CGI series: Season 01; Episode #46: "Cure de Jouvence" (2009)

Kids protect their alien friend from an organization. Agents infiltrate their classroom after making themselves younger. At the end, hot female Chase returns to normal to attack the Astronomy clubhouse, apparently losing her child sized shoes. (ARed, male ARed to baby, APed revert)

-- Teknoman01

The Little Captain

Movie: (VHS/NTSC 29 Min. (English))[Jeske, Uwe; Egenolf, Jürgen 1985 Inter Nationes]

The adventures of three children who meet a little captain and travel with him to the island of "Grow-up-and-get-big". There it's possible to become grown-up overnight and then there's no need ever to go to school again. Our friends grow, but not quite in the way they imagined they would.....

Book Cover

Little Fears: The Roleplaying Game of Childhood Terror

Book: by Jason L Blair (12/30/2001)

In the game, players take on the personae of children, aged 6 to 12, who are being hunted by the minions of a place called Closetland. Closetland is ruled by the Demagogue and his Seven Kings.[1] Each King is the personification of one of the seven deadly sins. The most well-known of the Kings is the Bogeyman, King of Greed. Other creatures include the Closet Monster, the Monster Under The Bed, werewolves, vampires, and much more. The children are not entirely powerless: They have Belief, a special kind of magic that can turn the impossible into the real. Through Belief, pictures of deceased relatives can call forth their protective spirits while teddy bears can spring to life to defend children. Belief also has disadvantages: Stepping on a crack really can break your mother's back and mirrors really can capture souls. A tenth anniversary edition of the original game was released in summer 2011. Titled Happy Birthday, Little Fears, it collects the original text, revised rules, author commentary, and all the official supplements into a single volume. A child that comes into physical contact with a ghost ages at a rate of 1 year per 10 seconds of contact. (aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Little Girl Who Didn't Want To Grow Up, The

Book: by Veronique Tadjo (2010)

Traumatized girl decides to stop growing until she realizes she needs to catch up (age stasis, AP spurts)

-- Visible Time

Little House on the Prairie

TV Series: Season 04; Episode #14: "The Rivals" (01/09/1978)

Laura, who is love with Jimmy Hill, must compete with somebody else for him. Laura puts apples in the front of her dress to make herself look older and more developed. (Sorta Female aP)

Little Lulu

Cartoon Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: 'Bored of Education' (1945).

At the end of Lulu's American History dream, she is at the Fountain of Youth and gets splashed with a bucket of the water. Okay, Lulu is maybe 10 years old and she regresses into a baby. But there is thought in the animation. The features on her face contract as they would in reverse growth. Her skinny arms and legs shorten into baby-fat-like limbs. Her dress, shoes and socks shrink to nothing, while her frilly panty takes on the look of a diaper. In the end, she looks both confused and innocent as she takes baby form, loses balance, hits bottom and cries. (Episode can be also found on Little Lulu: Cartoon Time 1 hour)


Little Nemo in Slumberland (The Complete ...) Volume. 1

Comic Strip: Slumberland Productions: -- 1993 -- (reprints Little Nemo strips for 1905 - 1907) [newspaper strips - not applicable]

New Year's 1906 strip: Father Time takes Nemo to a room wherein each year of the 20th century has its own file drawer. Nemo has but to touch a year and he becomes the age he'll be then.

Little NO a.k.a Nicking the Never

Flash web art: by Marina Zurkow (2004)

Feminist interactive installation, Animated fairy tale based on the Buddhist cosmology of the Wheel of Life. Set in a 1960's New York City apartment against a backdrop of endless cocktail parties, "Little NO" traces multiple pathways through the story of a young girl on the Wheel of Life, who struggles in her conflicts with her martini-handed parents. Like a psychological "Alice in Wonderland" story, she grows and shrinks in age and desire, projecting into her grown-up future, retreating into her child-like past. (ARed, APed)

-- Visible Time

Littlest Pet Shop

Cartoon Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: Are You my Mumsy?

Dragon Age Progressed,

A Little Princess

Movie: (1995)

(changing camera angle) The scene with Sara Crewe (Liesel Matthews) confronting Headmistress Minchin looks like AP.

-- Visible Time

Little Rascals

TV Series: Season 13; Episode #04: Shrimps for a Day (08-Dec-1934)

Little Rascals short. Rich couple holds a party for the nearby orphanage. During the party they find a lamp and wish they were small again. They become the same age as the orphans and are mistakenly taken back to the orphanage. After escaping they are restored to adulthood. (Considering the age, some really good ar special effects.)

Little Witch's Diary

Manga Comic Book: (12/30/2003)

After ticking off the "Fairy God Mother" of many children stories, Pozsi, a 16 year old witch of FairyLand, turns into a small child. However, Pozsi's lover, Prince Yvrin, still loves her no matter what she looks like. As Pozsi stays like a small child, she stars in stories of children's books. Know how princes and princess get together because of Pozsi. Like the Frog Prince, Snow White, and others fall in love. And the romance between Pozsi and Prince Yvrin. (Female Ar/AS)

-- Visible Time

Living and growing

Book: Girls at puberty (1995)

Cataloging physical and emotional transitions. A group of 11 to 16 year old girls show how they have developed physically and discuss the emotional changes.

-- Visible Time

The Living Body

BBC documentaries

The physical changes that take place after age 11.

-- Visible Time

Living for the Day After Tomorrow [Asatte no Hoko]

Manga: (2012)

Asatte no Hoko follows the lives of Karada Iokawa, a young girl who is set to join junior high school after summer is over, and Shoko Nogami, a young woman who has just returned from studying abroad, who also happens to be the former girlfriend of Karada's older brother. The day Shoko returns, she is dragged by Karada to the beach with her brother and a couple of their friends since she used to know Karada's brother Hiro several years before.

After becoming irritated with Hiro for leaving her alone in the United States, she purposefully tells Karada that her ribbons are childish. This upsets her greatly because she doesn't like to be treated as a child. Later that same day, Karada is found by Shoko praying at a shrine, wishing to become older. Amazingly, Karada's wish becomes true and she instantly transforms into a young woman. Incidentally, Shoko then has her adulthood taken away from her and she reverts back to about eleven years old.. (Switch Ages)

-- Visible Time

Lizzie Mcguire

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #09 "Those Freaky McGuires"

Lizzie and her younger brother wake up in switched bodies. (TG, mind transfer, RN)

-- Visible Time

Lloyd in Space

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #04: "Lloyd changes his mind"

I'm not sure if this quite counts or not, but there is an episode of Lloyd in Space (Episode #15: "Lloyd changes his mind") in which he and his little sister swap bodies. I'm not sure if this counts, but the Episode. does focus on the age differences between them..

-- Elding

LO vol 74

Manga: "Mama is a 30 year old grade schooler" (01/30/2006)

A little AP scene with a little girl drinking some kind of special drink which causes her to age. There is a little TG at the very end. (Female aP)

-- EvilConsumer

Locked in Time

Book: by Lois Duncan

I stumbled upon this book at work and the title grabbed me... for obvious reasons. While I'm not a rabid fan of teen mystery novels, I felt it was incumbent on me to make mention of it here. The story involves a young woman and her new youthful stepmother, Lisette, who seems to have no sense of time.

Cut to the AR: Lisette and her family stay young because of a potion. Her two children, however, are not so enthused about the deal. Josie in particular is miffed that her mother's eternal bargain means she will never age past 13. Ar, so it seems

-- Sumner

Logan's Run

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #08: "Fear Factor" (11/14/77)

A hidden society is kept going by slaves who are AP'd from childhood to adult in minutes by means of lost technology.


Lois & Clark : New Adventures of Superman

TV Series: Season 04; Episode #05: "Brutal Youth" (10/20/96)

A woman invents a machine that steals the youth of other people and transfers it to others. She tries to use it on Superman, and the receiver is transformed into an infant.

Lois and Clark

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??:

Tempus ages Lois.

-- Visible Time

Comic Book Cover

Lois Lane Annual #10

Comic Book: DC Comics; [reprinted] "Baby Lois Lane!" (Summer 1962)

Lois is worried about looking older, and a scientist's experimental ray just might do the trick.

Loli Loli no Mi

32 page hentai: by Kurione Sha

Nami and another girl get regressed and get too small for their clothes, too! (AR)

-- Process Forum

Long Shot #5

Comic Book: Marvel Comics Group: "" (Jan 5, 1985?)

Female aP.

-- John L.

Looney Tunes #7

DC Comic Book: "There's A Hare In My Stew" Warner Bros. (10/01/1994)

Bugs and Daffy go trick or treating, and stop at Witch Hazel's house. Unluckily for them, Witch Hazel is after Bugs' tail to add to her potion of eternal youth

-- Jeffr_2bya

Looney Tunes #96

Comic Book: "Oh, Baby" (????)

Daffy Duck tries to help run the daycare center along, but ends up reverting back to early childhood. (Ar?)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Looney Tunes

Cartoon Series: Season 0?; Episode #0?: "Broom-Stick Bunny" (1956)

It is Hallowe'en, and Witch Hazel is busy brewing a magic potion. As she goes about her business, she pauses at her magic mirror and asks of it who is the ugliest of all. The genie in the mirror replies that she, Witch Hazel, is the ugliest (as an aside to the audience, Witch Hazel says that she is "deathly afraid of growing pretty", a fear which will be fully justified at the end of the short).

Meanwhile, Bugs Bunny is out trick-or-treating dressed as a witch, his face hidden by an ugly green mask. He calls on Witch Hazel who, seeing his disguise, mistakes him for a real witch. She dashes to her magic mirror and asks it again who is the ugliest, to which the mirror-genie replies he finds Bugs far uglier. The jealous Witch Hazel hatches a plot.

She invites the disguised Bugs in for tea, and prepares a brew containing various beauty ointments and treatments. Bugs is about to drink the tea when he remembers he is still wearing the mask, and removes it. Seeing her "rival" is in fact a rabbit, Witch Hazel dashes off to consult her potion book. Sure enough, the last ingredient for the potion she was brewing earlier is a rabbit's clavicle (a bone in the shoulder). While she is gone, Bugs begins to suspect trouble is afoot and makes to leave, but he is stopped at the door by Witch Hazel brandishing a meat cleaver. Bugs flees, with the cackling witch chasing him through the house, she even gets to her magic broom closet to get her flying broomstick, but she comes out with her sweeping broom, "Crazy me. That was my sweeping broom!". Witch Hazel finally traps Bugs using a carrot on a fishing line.

Back at her cauldron, Witch Hazel prepares to kill Bugs and use him in her potion. She is about to bring her cleaver down on the trussed-up rabbit, but Bugs tries to play to her sympathies, gazing back at her with tear-filled doe eyes. Witch Hazel bursts into tears, claiming Bugs' innocent face reminds her of Paul, her dear departed pet tarantula. Bugs tries to comfort her by bringing her the cup of beauty potion/tea, which she drinks. She instantly changes into a young and shapely woman. She dashes to the magic mirror once again to ask who is the ugliest one of all. The genie in the mirror, seeing her sexy new appearance, gives a Bob Hope-like "ROWR, ROWR" and lunges to grab her. Witch Hazel flees on her flying broomstick, with the genie chasing her on a magic carpet. Bugs is left at the house, and promptly telephones the local air raid headquarters to report "a genie with light brown hair chasing a flying sorceress"! (Ar)

Looney Toons

Cartoons: 'Goofy Groceries' (1941) [Warner Brothers]

One of those 'toons in which characters on product labels come to life. A gorilla off a package of animal crackers is threatening the rabbit off a bottle of Bre'r Rabbit molasses when Superguy (i.e.: Superman) flies off a box of Superguy soap chips and orders the gorilla to 'Unhand him, you ape.' The gorilla turns around and says 'What?' as his thrusts his face into Superguy, whose body retracts with the forward motion of the face. This leaves Superguy as small as, and looking like, a baby. And he then cries like a baby. I think the idea here was that Superguy was scared out of 20 years growth.

- PixChick

Looney Toons

Cartoons: "?" (?)

Has a bit where a homely gal mans a kissing booth ($1). She accidentally ingests some tabasco sauce, so when an old man finally antes up the dollar, he finds the kiss so invigorating that he throws away his crutch and dances the jitterbug. As he dances, his beard shrinks, and then he shrinks, until he becomes a little boy tooling around the room on a scooter. All the other men quickly line up at the booth waving their dollars!

- PixChick

Looney Toons

Cartoons: "The Impatient Patient" (1942) cast Daffy Duck (Warner Brothers)

As a telegram delivery boy sent to the castle of Dr. Jerkyl, who uses a formula to turn himself into a big goofy monster named Chloe, who is the recipient of the telegram. After being chased around the castle by Chloe, Daffy dumps some bubbling liquid into a flit gun and squirts it into Chloe's mouth. After a burst of smoke, we find the formula has reduced Chloe into a baby, complete with baby gown, bonnet and a pram to sit in. As Daffy pushes the pram off camera, the baby and Daffy both pick up mallets, which we hear used off camera.

- PixChick

Looney Toons

Cartoons: "Injun Trouble" (1938)(Warner Brothers)

Features villain Injun Joe, the Super Chief, who is incredibly strong. When a bear sneaks up behind him and growls, Injun Joe returns the growl, causing the bear to shrink into a crying cub.

- PixChick

Looney Toons

Cartoons: "Porky's Garden"' (1937)(Warner Brothers)

Concerns a county fair contest in which the prize will go to whoever raises the biggest farm products. Porky Pig is raising giant vegetables. His neighbor is raising big chickens, who get big eating Porky's produce. At the fair, before getting to the judging stand, the neighbor's chickens eat a huckster's 'reducing pills.' But on the judging stand, the chicken's AR into chicks, and then eggs, assuring Porky the prize for his giant pumpkin.

- PixChick

Looney Tunes Show, The

Cartoon Series:s1ep7 "Casa de Calma" (06/14/2011)

Bugs and Daffy go on vacation to a resort where they spot a beautiful bikini-clad human celebrity. Daffy pursues her with too much zeal only to get repeatedly beaten up by her bodyguard while Bugs charms her. Bugs and Daffy decide to take a Mineral Bath which revitalizes you and makes you look younger, with a warning not to exceed 10 minutes. Daffy claims he is going to stay in longer so he will look super young and handsome. Bugs goes back to find a baby duckling floating in the water, asking Bugs if he looks younger. Bugs pushes baby Daffy in a stroller humming Rockabye Baby and pulls up to the hott celeb who compliments Bugs on being good with children. The bodyguard gets in Daffy's face and Daffy says "even you wouldn't hit a baby" and the bodyguard puts a pacifier in his mouth. The episode ends with Bugs leaving Daffy on the doorstep of his duck uncle's hick trailer wrapped in a blanket and with the pacifier still in his mouth. He then gets in the limo with the girl and says "they get a baby and I get a babe," and they drive off laughing. (male avian AR)

-- Babyrc

Lord of The Rings; The Two Towers, The

Movie: (12/11/02)

In the movie; Aragorn the Ranger, Legolas the Elf, Gandalf the Wizard, and Gimli the Dwarf meet Theoden the King who is under Saruman's control. As a result the king looks like he is 110 years old. But Gandlaf breaks the spell and the king returns to his regular age of 50 years old.

(aPed) (RN)

-- ArFreak


TV Series: Season 02 Episode 12: "Fire + Water" (01/25/2006)

The episode starts with what appears to be a flashback, but after one of the children turns into a grownup version of Charlie?s band mate, Liam, we realize it must be a dream. In another flashback we see Liam and Charlie doing a commercial or music video - they are in diapers in an oversized crib. Liam continues to mess it all up. (male APed dream sequence)

-- Visible Time

The Lost Children

Book: By Carolyn Cohagan (02/09/2010)

Twelve-year-old Josephine, ignored by her father and scorned by classmates, is lonely until she meets Fargus, who appears (and disappears) from her garden shed. Josephine follows, and is magically transported to the Higgins Institute where Fargus and Ida are orphans. Threatened by beasts (the Brothers) who are controlled by a villain (the Master), the trio escapes, setting in motion a far-flung adventure. Cohagan’s first novel is a time-slip fantasy set in a world in which childhood is threatened yet infinitely prolonged in order to satisfy the Brothers’ hunger and the Master’s desire for total domination. The main characters are well developed, particularly the spunky and plain-spoken Ida, the laconic but loyal Fargus, and Josephine, whose journey uncovers hidden strengths and helps her to understand her enigmatic father. Although the story is wrapped up a little too neatly, Fargus’ secret will especially intrigue. Share with fans of Mary Downing Hahn’s Time for Andrew (1994) for another look at solving family problems through time travel.. (Male Ar)

[The Master's hair turned black once more, the wrinkles disappeared, his body grew smaller, and he quickly became the boy they had all known. But it didn't stop there. He was an eight-year-old boy. then seven. then six. "Make it stop Seaworthy! I order you to help me!" Then he became an innocent toddler, sucking his thumb, and then, finally, he became a small baby, curled into a ball, playing with his feet.]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Lost Girl

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #03: "Oh Kappa, My Kappa" (9/26/2010)

Bo and Kenzi open a private investigation office, and on their first job they go undercover on the local college campus to find a missing coed, digging into the mysterious underbelly of the school's sorority system and discovering a surprising Fae connection putting both their lives in jeopardy. (Age Stasis)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Lost in Oz

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #01: "Pilot" (2002)

Cyclone hurls Alexandra Wilder into Land of Oz. A mysterious hooded man has not aged for 60 years. Loriellidere motions to a little girl on a bed, saying that she enchanted Ozma into a child. She sees Alex is the new Dorothy Gale. There is no scene where Ozma grows back to her normal age. (Ared AA, age stasis)

-- Visible Time

Lord of The Rings; Return of The King, The

Movie: (2004)

(Bilbo has aged a great deal over a few years since the lost of the ring.)

Lost Horizon


One woman and three men find mythical Shangri-La in Tibet - where one can stay young and live forever, provided you don't ever want to leave.


Lost in Space

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #28: "A Change Of Space" (4/20/66)

Eight-year-old Will Robinson visits an alien ship, and returns with his IQ increased incredibly. Dr. Smith likes what he sees and goes to the ship himself. When he returns, he has been aged to well over 100 years.

Lost in Space

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #03: "Kidnapped In Space" (9/20/67)

The Robinsons encounter a group of aliens with limited control over time. Dr. Smith (who sure doesn't learn from his mistakes!) gets ideas of how he could use the device for his gain, and sets one gizmo to take him far back in time. Immediately he changes into a seven-year-old version of himself.

Lost In Space

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #19: "The Promised Planet" (1/24/68)

The Robinsons encounter a group of space teens who have turned their planet into a round-the-clock party. The make a proposal to Will Robinson: He can join in their party planet forever if he gives up his ability to grow older: The teens have no ability to age, and they want to know what it's like to grow. The Robinsons head off, with Will in tow. As they leave, the aliens' secret comes out... they are not "non-aging", they are regressing. And if they don't find someone to give them the ability to age soon, they will regress to their origins and cease to exist.

Lost King of Oz (Wonderful Oz Books, No 19)

Novel: by Ruth Plumly Thompson, (1925)

(excellent AP scene, CB, RN)

page 112: "...The Lost King of Oz girl, clutching herself about the waist. At each word she shot up another inch, for Dorothy, who had lived in the Fairy Land for many years, was suddenly growing up. In Oz, no one ever grows up, but in America Dorothy would be quite a young lady by this time and, removed from the magical influences of that magical land, she was growing all at once and finding it, as most of the rest of us do, an exceedingly uncomfortable business. Her screams as she grew taller and taller were so piteous that Humpy fell off the log. "Help! Help! Help!" wailed the dummy, beating his flimsy arms up and down among the leaves. "oh, oh, oh, oh," panted Dorothy desperately. "I can't stand this another minute. I wish I were back. I wish I were Back!" Next moment there was not a sound in the ravine, nor a person, nor even a dummy. Only a startled squirrel ran up and down the log, chattering with fright and annoyance. Certainly he had seen two people on that log. Well, where were they now? He frisked his tail, he wiggled his..."

page 114: "The Lost King of Oz size this minute and another size the next is all..." - "...we got here?" - "Little again!" groaned the dummy, just lifting his head long enough to look at her, and then letting it drop back among the leaves. "Little again!" - "Oh, am I?" Dorothy jumped up in great excitement and began measuring herself as best she could. Her stockings were stretched and torn, her dress was ripped in several seams and minus all of its buttons. But outside of this she was her old, or rather her young, sweet self again. "Why we must be back in Oz," - ... or are you going to shoot up into a young lady again? Don't shoot," begged the dummy quickly. "It makes me nervous!" - "Well, I don't know," said Dorothy doubt- fully. To tell the truth the little girl had not had time to think at all, nor did she quite realize that she was one age in Oz and another age in America. "I'll have to ask the Wizard about . . ."

page 227: "...up the mysteries. "If you had lived in America as long as you have lived in Oz, you would be quite a young lady by now, so of course, when you reached California, you resumed your proper age." - "Then I'm never going back," decided..."

-- Visible Time

Louise Anna Kubelka

Catalog: by Friedl Kubelka, (1980-1998)

From Austria; Weekly photography from birth to age 18. Catalog: 30x38 cm, 36 pages, text by Anette Michelson.(face close-ups)

-- Visible Time

Love and other games of chance

Book: by Lee Siegel (02/10/2003)

The story follows Isaac Schlossberg, a swindler, circus performer and entertainer. As Schlossberg travels around the world (and across the board), his stunts-from childhood appearances in sideshow acts with his Jewish immigrant parents at the turn of the century to his attempts to beat Sir Edmund Hillary to the top of Mount Everest-are woven together into one exceptionally tall tale.

[she sneaks drinks behind his back, guzzling so much of the rejuvenating waters that, instead of merely remaining youthful, she actually becomes younger and younger until she was young enough to be played by Shirley Temple. The diminutive star wears a petite nun's habit in her song and tap dance number "You're Only as Old as You Think You Are" The cute little bride of Christ continues to tipple so voraciously from the Fountain of Youth that she turns into a baby. Crawling up onto the edge of the fountain to slake her thirst, the infant nun falls in and disappears. ]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Love Hina

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #08: "Kendo Girl and the Legend of the Dragon Palace: Is This a Dream?" (09/28/05)

During meditation, Motoko enters a dreamworld where everyone is living in an RPG. Keitaro is a knight on a quest to save Naru from the Dragon King and the silliness of it all turns off Motoko. But as she continues to meditate further, she finds a lesson in the dream. There are two age transformation. The first one is you see Keitaro looking like a much older version of himself, which is very brief and occurs before Motoko enters the videogame. Brief. The second one occurs throught the show. Keitaro and the rest (other then Motoko) are little kids, and Shinobu is a baby which transforms into her real self, then turns into a little kid. There is also a brief size transformation; Mitsumi becomes a small fairy; make that two small faries.

-- ThatOneGuy

Love Hina

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01 Episode #10: " Who Is the Beautiful Women Wandering in the Moonlight? Transformation"

Ranba constantly told Kaolla Su to grow up faster, and that she would be beautiful when she was grown. This caused her to have an age-complex because she wanted to stay a kid and enjoy her childhood, but she also wanted to grow up for him because she loved him so much. She ran away from her problems so she could live a normal life. However, this didn't seem to solve Su's problems because she still struggled to decide whether she wanted to be a child or adult. As a result of this, when she saw the red moon she transformed into Adult Su and chased after Keitaro, who bears a resemblance to Ranba. The constant transformations were straining on her body though, so Amalla dropped by and managed to snap her out of it.

-- Visible Time


TV Series: Season 01; Episode 18: "Girls’ Day! Introducing Ran / Ran’s Invitation" (2011)

This time it’s the final of Lum’s school friends, Ran. Ran is a “burikko“, which is something I’ve not actually heard since this episode and the Scottish band Urusei Yatsura’s song “Burikko Girl”. She deliberately acts cute and girlish to appeal to men, but that is all it is – an act. Her true personality is vengeful and vindictive, and here she interrupts the Moroboshi’s Girls Day celebrations to lure Ataru away and seduce him. This is in revenge for what she sees as Lum’s stealing of Rei from her (though we shall see in future episodes that Ran has a lot to be mad at Lum for). Not only does she intend to seduce Ataru, she also plans to drain his youth with her kiss (this being her ET power). Both Lum and the Stormtroopers try to stop this, culminating with Megane receiving a kiss from Ran, and ageing terribly. This, of course, doesn’t dampen Ataru’s libido one bit…

In the second story, Ran claims she is leaving Earth and wants to spend her last night on Earth with Lum and Ataru at her “house” (actually an UFO). The interior of Ran’s “house” is a little unusual – everything appears to be alive, from the vase to the stairs. Ran bakes some cookies, which Lum is suspicious of. Rightly so as when Ran leaves to fetch the cake, Lum feeds the vase the cookies and it falls asleep…Lum volunteers to do the dishes so she can catch Ran trying to seduce Ataru, but it all appears to be Ataru doing the seducing. Soon however Ataru falls face first in the cake and Ran kidnaps him while Lum’s back is turned. Lum and Ran start reminiscing together, but it turns sour when Ran remembers Lum “stealing” Rei from her. She then reveals that she has Ataru and shall beat him up as revenge. She sends Lum into some weird space full of moons, where Ataru is also. Then she pulls a fake Ataru out of the oven to trick Lum with…Which leads us into a nice musical number where the four float around on moons chasing one another. Ran then sends Lum home with an Ataru. However, when Ran kisses the remaining one, it turns out she got mixed up too, and the baked Ataru deflates…

-- agetheater.webs.com

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