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Visible Time's Key
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too aP: age Progression Ar: Age regression CB: clothes burst or rip RN: return to normal ST: Soul Transfer UC: undersized clothing


Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rinbukyoku

Anime TV series: Season 01; Episode #01:

Kirihara Aruto, a student/writer whose favorite story is Alice, sees a costumed girl jumping across rooftops. Identifying her as Alice, he chases after, all the way to the school library where he finds her battling another girl. The apparent victor, Alice sticks her blade - a key - into the other girl’s chest. Alice explains that she’s opening the girl’s heart so that she can read the girl’s story. Indeed, pages appear and form a book in Alice’s hand. After Alice tears a few pages out, which in turn tears the other girl’s clothes, the book and the girl both disappear. Aruto starts to question Alice, but a bell’s ringing signals that it’s time for her to make her escape. Confused, Aruto goes back home and finds his sister Kiraha, who waited outside for him to come back. (Minor aP)

-- TomH

Kagihime Monogatari Eikyu Alice Rondo

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01?; Episode #04:

Kagagiri Kirika is a tall well-endowed genius high school senior with her own research lab at the school. When she transforms into her "Alice User" form, she ARs from 18 to about 8. She loses no mental ability and can fight in her chibi form as well as her other teenaged form. Kirika transforms again in ep 5 and likely in later episodes as well. I love the bunny-eared "Alice" forms of Arisu and Kiraha too. I think there is minor AP/BE when they transform. (AR, RN)

-- Tuxedo Will

Kaguya A.K.A "Taketori Monogatari"

Japanese Movie: "Princess from the Moon" (1987)

(AP, ?excellent GTS/CB scene?) Kon Ichikawa. (Kaya: Miho Nakano). Toshiro Mifune plays a 9th century bamboo cutter who comes across a curious glass capsule, housing a tiny baby girl. Once released, the infant instantly becomes a 5-year-old; the astonished Mifune, whose own child has recently died, decides to adopt the girl. It isn't very long before the child Kaya becomes a beautiful adult, the Princess Kaguya (Yasuko Sawaguchi, b. 1965). The girl is constantly courted by eligible bachelors. The crystal begins to emit a strange sound, alerting the girl that she must return to the Moon, whence she came and where she will reign as princess. Not the same as the original legend, in which the girl was a fairy from the moon and was finally taken back, the film ended with the girl taken back home by a spaceship.

- Taketori Monogatari 1960 short directed by Kazuhiko Watanabe.

-- Visible Time

Kamen Rider Den-O

TV Show: ()

The actress who played female lead Hana quit unexpectedly in the middle of the series, but her character was too important to the story to write out. So the producers replaced the twentysomething actress with an eight-year-old. A subplot was added in which Hana was de-aged due to a time anomaly...and stayed that way. In a further subversion, none of the characters, including Hana herself, seemed to have much of a problem with this, and hardly any effort was made to find a cure..

-- Jeffr_2bya

Kamen Rider W

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode ??: (07/18/2010)

2 children competed for the theatrical company's leading part. The mother of the girl not elected throws hatred at the winning girl. She paid the psychic Ager to turn Miyu elderly overnight. Next week the 2nd-place girl will be changed by the winner's mother in retaliation. The tale expressed the egoism of 2 mothers changing each others' daughters into old women. Kamen Rider W was also transformed into an elderly person. (AA old age, no size increase, male old aged)

-- Akira

Kami-chu (AR) AKA "Kamisama wa Chuugakusei"

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode 07: (2005)

A schoolgirl is a goddess. Yurie ARs her parents to teens to visit an old haunt from their school days.

-- Tuxedo Will

Kamisama Kazoku

Anime Series: Season 01; Episode #06: "Tenko's Baby" aka "Tenko no akachan" (06/22/2006)

A mysterious baby appears before Tenko and Samatarou, and the duo decides to take care of her.

-- Visible Time

Kamisama Kazoku

Anime Series: Season 01?; Episode #07: "Growing Girl" aka "Hatsuiku shoujo" (06/29/2006)

Ai keeps growing faster and faster, and unwillingly gives lots of trouble.

-- Visible Time

Kamisama Kazoku

Anime Series: Season 01?; Episode #08: "Important Friend" aka "Taisetsu na otomodachi" (06/07/2006)

After solving the mystery of Ai and the wheelchaired girl, things start heating up between Samatarou and Tenko.

-- Visible Time

Karate Kid, The

Cartoon Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: Unknown

this series aired during the early-to-mid 80's. In one episode, Daniel-san and Mr. Myagi travel to snow-covered mountains, where they encounter a group of youthful adults living in a village, kind of like Shangri-La. Daniel falls in love with a local young woman, who keeps having to end their conversations quickly for some reason, running out of site. Myagi thinks something is weird, and drinks from the village well, only to become younger! It is later revealed that all the villagers are young, due to drinking the water. During the end of the show, the well is covered in rock during an avalanche, cutting the village off from their water supply. It ends with all the villagers, now aged, accepting their lives as elderly people. Daniel-san says goodbye to his sixty-something "girlfriend," and he and Myagi leave the village.


Karnatake Temples


The story goes that Mahasadhvi Anasuya's fame as chaste woman nonpareil spread to the worlds above. The Trimurthinis hearing it felt floored as they were treated inferior to mortals; a degradation that cannot be stomached; much less heard as the talk gained reverence from one and all. Bitten by the jealousy bug, they brought their heads together to put an end through a strategy to her powers, like purging of the sins of pavana Gangamata by sprinkling of water, commanding the movements of planets with a mere utterance, boiling the pieces of steel grains into edible luscious tiny soft flakes etc. They requested their lords to dislodge her from the pedestal by depriving her chastity. Somehow! What a descent! How powerful art thou 0 power of jealousy grown too powerful to overpowering the super powers! The loyal Trimurthis set out at once on the sacred mission of polluting chaste Anasuya. Somehow!! They changed themselves into brahmins and stood near the portal of Atri's hermitage with bowls, uttering Bikshandehi. Ah! fate what sports could thou demonstrate! Givers turned beggars!! somehow!!! Due to the prevalent custom, Sadhvi Anasuya invited them for food. Just before serving, they with one voice laid a dishonorable condition -she should serve them naked. Woeful! Awfully woeful!! Being the gem of a women of impeccable chastity approaching undressed she sprinkled her lord's Padodakam! Look! the Trimurthis turned into toddlers and started crying. She suckled them each with milk of divine knowledge. Atri was surprised to finding the infants playing on the lap of his wife. Seeing all what happened with his inner eye; he felt elated when the Vanquished Trimurtinis appealed to the mercy of Matrumurthi Anasuya for Patibiksha. She restored the three to their original form. Before disappearing, the Trio blessed the couple with a son, partaking their amsas represented by three heads. And he was called Dattatreya and fulfilled the purpose of his incarnation -building of a new mission of Dharma on the ruins of ruinous sampradayas prevalent then. Though this account differs with the first one, the ultimate end fulfilled Lord Mahavishnu's birth in the world. Some other legends have many anecdotes, but they converge at this point.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #01: "What!? I'm the Tenth Generation Mafia Boss!?" (10/7/2006)

Lambo with his Ten-Year Bazooka, turning him from a five-year-old Bratty Half-Pint into a suave 15-year-old Bishonen. In one instance, he does it twice during a battle and turns 25 — and is a veritable powerhouse, to boot. However, the transformations only last for about five minutes. I-Pin has been hit by the bazooka more than once as well, and in one notable misfire, Gokudera actually became younger after accidentally being hit. One can only imagine the utter hilarity that occurred during the five minutes the adult Gokudera where his younger self used to be.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Katie and Orbie

Cartoon Series: (1994)

There was an age progression scene in this preschool show. (AA AP)

-- Teknoman01

Keroro Gunso A.K.A. Sergeant Keroro

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #09: "Hinata Aki, A Dynamite Woman" (05/29/2004)

Natsumi's mother Aki is ARed from adult to preteen. One of the frog aliens is ARed from adult to baby. Aki is nostalgic about her school days and decides to go to her son and daughter's school wearing one of her son's uniforms. Apparently her daughter's school uniform was too big or unavailable. At school she is oddly enough mistaken for her own son Fuyuki. Aki addresses one of the girls familiarly (Momoka-chan), who assumes it's a confession from Fuyuki. Aki also plays some killer soccer against her daughter Natsumi (a top soccer player at the school) and wins! The real Fuyuki is confused by the acclamations after Mama leaves. Aki is APed back at the end of the episode. The AP RN scene is wonderful according to Tacostar. In #18 APed Natsumi looks kawaii in a bikini. (AR, AP RN)

-- Tuxedo Will

Keroro Gunso A.K.A. Sergeant Keroro

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #18: "Natsumi Is Hilarious! Coast Story of An Adult" (07/31/2004)

Fuyuki and Natsumi want to hit the beach, but their mother is too busy to go with, so it's Kururu to the rescue with his "What if I can do it all over again" Gun. Reversing the gun ages Natsumi to an adult... with some unintended consequences. Summer beauty burst of laughter! It is the coastal story of the adult ". At the seashore, the "swimming wear beauty comic dialogue contest" is held. (aP)

-- Akira

Keroro Gunso A.K.A. Sergeant Keroro

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #04: "Fuyuki, Swimming Carp Flags!" (04/22/2005)

Keroro Gunso A.K.A. Sergeant Keroro

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #43: "Karara & Taruru Receive Pekopon!" (01/27/2006)

Taruru returns with Karara, intent on helping Tamama and the rest of the platoon conquer Pekopon. Natsume is ARed by the kururu´s gun (that´s used on episodes 9 and 55)

Keroro Gunso A.K.A. Sergeant Keroro

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 04; Episode: #41 "Natsumi, I Said "I Want to Ski, Too"!/Keroro, Hot Spring, Tiring Tennis Match!" (01/19/2008)

Kururu's AP gun shows up again to allow Keroro-tachi to go to a ski resort after Natsumi's mom Aki says they must have adult supervision. Natsumi was once again "conscripted" (i.e. age zapped) to perform that role. The AP process and return to normal were not shown. We find out there is one sport that Natsumi is not good at. In the manga ski trip, there was reportedly an explosion and a naked grown up Natsumi. (APed AA aftermath)

-- Tuxedo Will

Keroro Gunso

Manga Comic Book: Vol #03:

Aki AR, Natsumi AP (AR, AP)

-- NinjaBunneh

Keroro Gunso

Manga Comic Book: Vol #04:

Natsumi Oni Girl Transformation (AR, AP)

-- NinjaBunneh

Keroro Gunso

Manga Comic Book: Vol #06:

Momoka AP and Aki Oni Girl Transformation (single pictures in back) (F/aP)

-- NinjaBunneh

Keroro Gunso

Manga Comic Book: Vol #08:

Momoka AP/Transformation into Aki (F/aP)

-- NinjaBunneh

Keroro Gunso

Manga Comic Book: Vol #09:

Fuyuki (male) AR. (m/aP)

-- NinjaBunneh

Keroro Gunso

Manga Comic Book: Vol #11:

Natsumi AR, Aki, Fuyuki, and Angol Moa Oni Girl Transformations.

-- NinjaBunneh

Kevin and Kell

Funnies: Comic "Back from college" (05/27/2006)

A short bit of Ar.

KFC hot wings

TV Commercial: (??/??/??)

In which the guy wishes he had thought of the idea twenty years ago, and turns himself into a baby.

Kids Only Weekend

TV Commercial: Nickelodeon Commercial:

An scientist takes his youth potion so he can watch cartoons. (Adult man into baby)

-- Thomas

Kikou Sennyo


Rouran Girl becomes a woman entity.

-- Fonzie

Kim Possible

Cartoon Series: Season 04; Episode #20: "Nursery Crimes" (08/12/2007)

When a new villain that goes by Nanny Nane begins turning rebellious teenagers into babies, Kim must use her natural baby-sitting skills to save the day.

-- Steven


Kim Possible: A Stich in Time

TV Movie: (28-Nov-2003)

What's the stitch in Kim Possible's first TV movie? A downer: Ron (voiced by Will Freidle) is moving to Norway, meaning an end to civilization as we know it--or at least an end to the Possible-Stoppable team. That's bad news for Kim (Christy Carlson Romano). Losing your trusty sidekick is so not the way you want to tackle a cadre of bad guys trying to use mystical monkey powers to alter the universe's time stream for unspeakably evil purposes. To stop them, Kim has to take a wild ride to her pre-hero past and a dystrophic future, but just when things are looking grim, remember that anything's possible for a Possible. Particularly Kim Possible, who's still tough, witty, and refreshingly free of any saucy teen attitude. Guest voices include Michael Dorn, Michael Clarke Duncan, Freddie Prinze Jr., Vivica Fox, and Elliott Gould. (Ar/RN)

-- David Horiuchi

Kimagure Robot

Season 01: Episode #10: "The Drug" (12/30/2004)

Kimagure Robot is a series of ten 2-minute shorts that were sponsored by Yahoo! as a free promotion for Yahoo! Japan. From episode ten: In a bid for the Nobel Prize, the doctor invents a youth-restoring pill. He accidentally swallows it, causing himself to become younger and younger. He quickly tries to build a time-machine robot to accelerate time in his laboratory before he reverts to infancy. He completes the robot, but is now too small to hold the remote-control to turn it on. The pill finally transforms him completely into a baby, but the day is saved when his assistant enters the lab and accidentally steps on the remote, causing the robot to activate. The doctor returns to normal, but now the assistant has become an old woman. (Male Ar/RN, Female aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Kimama Ni Updown #1

Manga Comic Book: (08/10/1986)

A short series from the early to mid 80s about a middle-school girl and her super aging pills. (Female aP)

-- Visible Time

A Kind of History

Book: author; Goodman, Mark

Paired pictures of the same subject some six to nineteen years apart.

-- Visible Time

King Dodo

Play: Musical Comedy: (05/27/1901)

A king is ared into a child. (Male Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones

PC Game: by www.tierraentertainment.com

Wrong order of gems in the "The Door of Destiny" can make you a baby again or a skeleton. There also some minor flashbacks and look into the king's future as he takes a test. (Also if you drink the youth potion; it be a while before your be interested in girls again.)

-- Jeffr_2bya

King's Quest VII-The Princeless Bride


A cartoon game from Sierra, the main weapon at the end of the game is a Hand held Rejuvenator. You use it on the main villain at the end turning her into a baby.

Kinney Shoes

Radio Commercial: "Ponce de Leon Endorsement"

I wonder if anyone might have a recording of a radio ad from a few years ago where "famous Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon" endorses Kinney Shoes? As I remember, the announcer interviews Ponce on his discovery of the Fountain of Youth. Having trekked through Florida in bad shoes, the first thing he did was put his feet in the Fountain and declared his made them feel "like new." The announcer says that if he had bought Kinney shoes, his feet wouldn't have been so soar. "At'sa good! Were'd I get them?" Ponce says. And after noting the local address of a Kinney shoe store, the announcer asks, "If the water makes your feet feel rejuvenated, what would happen if you drank some?" Ponce agrees, and after an audible slurp: (Male Ar)

Announcer: "So how do you feel?"

Ponce: "Goo!"

Announcer: "Goo?"

Ponce: "Goo!... Goo goo goo! Gah!... Whaaaaaaa!" as his voice cracks down to that on an infant.

-- Pixchick2

King Dodo


The King accidently drinks from the magical fountain and regresses to a child. The queen rejects him as a child and he drinks from the fountain to return to normal where the queen falls in love with him. (Male Ar/RN)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Kingdom #1

Comic Book: "Son Of The Bat" (02/01/1999)

I was just browsing over some comic books where the greatest superheroes go to war. There is some unexpected ar in the storyline. Lex Luthor gets turned into a baby.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Kino's Travels

TV Series?: Season 01; Episode #04" (Friday Jun 17)

In episode four of the anime it goes into flashback about where the main character originated from. It turns out she was from a country (more like city-state) where on every child's 12th birthday they are taken away to the hospital on the hill where overnight a machine ages the child to an adult (and brainwashes them to be good hard workers). While the main character is explaining this it shows images of another child being walked to the hospital, laying in the machine before it closes over them, and then a bunch of laboring adults implying that they were all APed from children into laborers. kind of eerie.

-- Anonymous

Kirikou et la Sorcière

French Animated Movie: (1998)

Kirikou grows up mighty fast: barely born, he asks for a kiss that turns him into an instant marriage partner.(male aP)

-- Visible Time

Knight Life

Book; Novel: by Peter David

(male AR) Arthur and Merlin are magically locked inside a cave where Merlin’s magic keeps them from aging or dying. Part of the anti-aging spell has backfired on Merlin, causing him to actually lose age. After being locked in the cave for nearly 500 years, Merlin now looks like a very irate 12 year old boy.

-- Visible Time

Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated #14

Comic Book: "Hack-a-Bye Baby" (Kenzer and Company -- Aug. 2002)

A mysterious spell has turned what was once an incredible fighting force into a trio of terrifying toddlers. (AR, RN)


Ko-Ko The Kid


(cartoon) In live-action, Max and Dave Fleischer give Koko the Clown a beard; in trying to lose it, he seeks the Fountain of Youth, and sprays the entire city with its magic waters.



TV Commercial: "Kids Age" (1999)

(AP, flash forward) Kids are showed in cuts growing up.

-- Visible Time

Kokoro Connect

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #13: "As Long as the Five of Us are Together" (19/30/2012)

As Taichi is forced to tell the others what he had been hiding, the second Heartseed reminds them of the consequences, making the age reverts random and including Taichi amongst those who can turn younger. As the gang are forced to stay at the building to avoid others discovering themselves, Iori becomes stressed when she believes her mother to be in danger from her violent second husband, who wants to get back together with her. After briefly turning younger for a short period and regaining memories of that age, Iori tries to head off on her own but the others stop her, asking her to let them help. As Tacihi, Iori and Himako reach the house and hear violent noises, they are forced to retreat after Iori turns into a baby. Just then, the first Heartseed approaches them, ending the age revert phenomenom and offering Iori the opportunity to go back in time and rectify some of the bad decisions she made in her youth. After some encouragement by Taichi and Himeko, Iori declines his offer, saying her past mistakes have allowed her to become the person she is now. Afterwards, everyone goes with Iori to see her mother, where they both realise they had both made mistakes trying to make the other happy. After Iori's mother gains the encouragement to turn her ex-husband away, Iori gives thanks to everyone who made her who she is whilst Yui apologises to Chinatsu, promising to meet her at the next karate tournament. As winter vacation comes to an end, Iori starts to question if she truly loves Taichi.. (Physical and mental AR)

-- Mikewolfskin, Thomas

Kolchak, The Night Stalker

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #19: "The Youth Killer" (3/14/75)

In the old underground environs of Seattle, a vampire stalks, staying vital by stealing youth.


Kong: The Animated Series

Cartoon Series; Season 01: Episode #28; "Dangerous Melody" (8/25/01)

A time-controlling talisman (one of the 'Primal Stones'), coupled with magic, creates a situation that causes AR to whoever hears notes played on a mystical musical instrument. Multiple characters get AR'd.


Konga #21

Comic Book: Charlton: "The Portrait of Youth" (02/29/1965)

A man is restore to his youth temporary. (Male Ar)

[No Reprint is Known at This Time]

-- http://www.comics.org

Kool Aid

TV Commercial: (04/23/2005)

Girl is aged to adulthood. (aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya


TV Commercial: "Outgrow" (2004)

Easy Mac Big Packs; male AP commercial(UC)

-- derydan & lilbigme

Krazy Comics vol. 1 #9

Comic Book: Jest Publishing Co, Inc. (Timely) (July 1943)

In the "Skinny Bones" short story, the wacky li'l 'ace of the Unintelligence Service' invents a youth formula that invigorates a bearded Goofy lookalike (AR).


Kronos (a.k.a. "Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter" - "Vampire Castle")


Vampire hunter and expert swordsman Kronos finds himself in a small village where several of the local young women have been found in an advanced state of age, their youth drained from them by a vampire's kiss. Kronos' search leads him to the Durward estate where he is met by the effete children of the apparently aged and sick Lady Durward.


Krypto the Super-dog

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #20: "Puppy Problems" (29-Apr-2005)

The Dog Star Patrol are turned into Puppies.

-- Tazz

Kung Fu Hustle

China Movie: (2004)

There was an AR scene in this popular movie. The kung fu hero met the woman from the lemonade sales in front of the candy shop, who was a childhood friend. He returned to a boy. And the woman who seemed to be an acceptable love returned to a girl wearing the same skirt and white shirt and pink bow as the beautiful woman. Two people entered the candy shop hand in hand. (AR)

-- Akira


Kung Phooey

Asian Movie: (2003)

Apprentice monk Art Chew must set out to find the "ancient peach", which grants whoever eats it eternal youth. No TF is shown, but the evil owner of a Chinese restaurant, who is obsessed with wanting to look younger, eats the peach and becomes a little girl of about 5. Joyce Thi Brew: Helen Hu. Sophie Oda: Young Helen. (F/Ar)

-- Metamorphose.org

Kyoran Kazoku Nikki

Manga Comic Book: "The Fallen Princess" (09/06/08)

(looks like OA'd) , Ep 22 Young woman Oasis from Neptune often dehydrates into a shriveled old mummy. When she's properly watered, she returns to looking like a cute teen girl. It resembles old age, but is really just emaciation.

-- Crash Ichimonji

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