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Hey! My breasts have gone!
(9 years old) I lost my sock...
(5 years old) I'm afraid I can't wear this sweater any more.
(3 years old) Help me! I don't wanna be BABY!
(2 years old) But it is comfortable. I'm sleepy....
(10 month)
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Visible Time's Key
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too aP: age Progression Ar: Age regression CB: clothes burst or rip RN: return to normal ST: Soul Transfer UC: undersized clothing


I Got A Rocket

Children's Animated TV Series: "Father To The Prof!"

I Got A Rocket is an animated series about a boy named Vinnie who was given a rocket for his 13th birthday. The rocket is built with a personality and acts as a friend to Vinnie. It can also perform all sorts of tasks and tricks similar to a robot. When Prof Q is accidentally turned into a baby, Vinnie finds himself forced to babysit his own father! But the baby is a huge handful, and despite everyone's advice, the responsibility of looking after an infant proves too much for Vinnie and Rocket. However, they rise to the challenge and succeed, only to discover that all their friends have been babyfied, and they must babysit them all.

-- Jeffr_2bya

I'm Gonna Be An Angel

Cartoon Anime Series: Season 01?; Episode #??: "Farewell to Mankind"

Due to the effects of radiation from a magic shitaki mushroom, Hanagi becomes a little anime girl with cat ears and paws. Hanagi is thrilled with the change. (AR)

-- Lady Sekhmet


In the Country of the Young

Book: Novel: by Lisa Carey [Based on Irish fairy tale] (2005)

The artist Oisin McDara lives as a recluse on the island of Tiranogue, Maine, haunted by his twin sister Nieve's memory. Every year for the last 30 years, on the night of Halloween, he leaves a lit candle in his window and the door open for his dead twin - in case she wants to come home. A restless spirit is drawn to the flickering candle, and perhaps, to Oisin's longing. When Nieve died, during their teen years, he lost the gift of sight - but now he sees the wee ghost of the girl-child Aisling Quinn, clear as day. A child in rags, Aisling's will to live gives her the power to come back. She has an opportunity, though brief, to live some of the life she lost when she was so young. Oisin begins to care for her, and the little girl starts to grow up at a frantic rate, aging years in a matter of weeks. The two must face their pasts and origins, who they were and are, as well as the special relationship between them. And one day she is a teenager, looking like a beautiful grown woman, and Oisin is disturbed by his new feelings for her. Oisin acts obnoxiously hormonal, but there's a reason for it--he's getting his youth back. The relationship between Oisin and Aisling was dealt with in a way that made it romantic rather than sleazy. A sensual and entrancing novel, the story builds inexorably, carried along by its own brand of otherworldly eroticism. "Oisin's eyes adjust, and the pale twilight reveals the shadow of a small person facing the sink. The gulping, gasping noise of a desperately thirsty person guzzling water. The figure drains a large glass, taking only three loud breaths between swallows. The gulping ends and then there is a gentle, charming little sigh. Then a child-sized belch. Oisin pulls the ceiling light chain. A girl is there. Dressed in a dirty rag of a dress, turning to look at him with the large, gold eyes that have studied everything from the rafters. She is there in vivid detail, down to a mustache of beaded water above her generous mouth. A dead girl, looking more real and more alive than anyone he has ever seen." (AP)

-- Visible Time

It's A Gas

Comic Book:

Mystery Man shows up and gives a a little girl a canister of gas that affects people's Ages. (Ar/aP changes last forever)

It's Punky Brewster

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #05: "Call Me Ms."

Punky bristlets when Henry hires baby-sitter, so she wishes that she was older and later, in a panic, her magical friend Glomer transforms her from adult to infant. (AP, RN, AR)

I Was A Sixth Grade Alien

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #18: "Gro-Gro-Grown-up Dementia!" (11/14/99)

Pletskit's alien Hevi-Hevi technology includes the 'Growthuptor,' a yo-yo-like device his race tests to AP in order to find out in advance what their hat size will be. For Pletskit, the effect is instantaneous, but apparently there is a delayed recarnation for humans. For when his friend Tim Thompkins tests it, he goes from 6th grader to adult, and has to pose as a teacher! Both Tim's AP and subsequent AR start with his voice, then his right arm experiences the change, signaling that the full-body process isn't far behind.


I Was A Sixth Grade Alien

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #10: "McNally the Menace!" (11/15/00)

Pletskit's alien 'plunklefort' rewinds McNally into a pint-sized 8-year-old with a penchant for mischief. [This episode was only aired on YTV in Canada.]


I'll Be That Girl

Music Video by Barenaked Ladies

a woman in her 20's setting on a swing getting younger as she swings back and forth.

I'm Growing

Children's book: by Aliki (2004)

Boy tells how he growning up.

-- Visible Time

I Am Weasel

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #20; "I Am My Lifetime" (February 24, 1998)

Not really a direct AR/AP episode, but it does show both Weasel and Baboon - the two main characters of the show - develop from diaper dependant infants into diaper dependant old timers. A good episode!

I Am Weasel

Cartoon Series: Season 4; Episode #02: "I Am Clichéd " (?)

Another semi-AR episode. Nothing direct, but we get to see both Baboon and Weasel pretend to be babies when their director decides to try a Muppet Babies-Rugrats approach to increase the ratings. The funniest I Am Weasel episode ever, in my opinion. =)

I am Weasel

Cartoon series: Season 05 Episode #3: "Drinking Fountain of Youth" (07/22/1999)

There is a little Ar at the end of this episode.

-- Jeff

I Dream of Jeannie

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #30: "My Master, the Swinging Bachelor" (04/17/67)

When Doctor Bellows invites himself and his wife to dine at Tony's, Roger and Tony know it's a trap. Tony asks Roger to bring a date too and tries to get Jeannie out of the house but she hides in a teacup. Jeannie sees Kathryn, Tony's date, preparing a delicious Italian meal and is furious. Jeannie blinks and the meal becomes inedible. When she collapses the soufflé, Tony tells the invisible Jeannie in the kitchen that she's gone too far. Doctor Bellows hears Tony apparently talking to the stove and decides to investigate. To make amends, Jeannie produces a delicious cake. Mrs. Bellows demands the recipe but Tony protests on the ground it's an old family secret. She takes some cake home. After everyone except Tony eas the cake, they all revert to childhood. The next day, Mr. Fakeling of the National Food Bureau repors that the cake Mrs. Bellows brought to be analyzed contains an ingredient similar to a drug that restores youth. At home, trying to visualize Tony as a little boy, Jeannie blinks him into a Buster Brown outfit, just as Doctor Bellows and Fakeling arrive. Fakeling makes an enormous offer for the secret ingredient, but Tony maintains it got into the cake at the lab. Tony orders Jeannie, who never follows a recipe, to duplicate the cake. She produces one that resembles the first one, but Tony tastes it, and becomes a bearded old man. Jeannie pops out to look for her cookbook.

-- Zietgiest

I Dream of Jeannie

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #04: "My Turned-On Master" (10/03/1967)

In order to prove that she can live without her powers, Jeannie transfers them to someone else for twenty-four hours. Unfortunately, the person she transfers them to is Tony. Major Nelson unknownlying gets genie's magic powers for a day. At one point he changes Roger into a baby. (brief Ar)

-- Metamorphose.org

I Dream of Jeannie

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #24: "Have You Ever Had A Genie Hate You?" (3/12/68)

Jeannie's wicked sister gives her two flasks of magic lotion – a white one for love, a blue one for hate. She direcs Jeannie to sprinkle a few drops of the white on Tony for herself. A few drops make Jeannie hate Tony and she pops him into the oven. As the flames roar, Roger stops by and dabs some of the blue. Jeannie throws herself into Roger's arms, declaring her love for her new master. Roger makes her pop Tony out of the oven but she warns she'll put him back if he even speaks her name. She blinks him under a guillotine, then relens, but freezes his blood. Tony disrups a conference by complaining of cold and frostbite, although it's 90 degrees. He explains it's Operation Deep Freeze to Doctor Bellows. Roger makes liss of luxuries. Tony speaks to Jeannie again and is encased in ice. Jeannie II promitests to make Tony the world's most famous playboy. He learns how she made Jeannie hate him but Jeannie II switches flasks again. At Roger's apartment, lavishly decorated, and filled with pretty girls, Roger is about to marry Jeannie. Tony tests some lotion and is shocked to land under a swinging scimitar. Roger dabs some on and joins him. Tony tricks Jeannie into pouring the other lotion on him. At once she loves him again. He rescues Roger, empties the flasks and tells Jeannie her sister's plans. Jeannie II is horrified to find Tony an old man, and leaves. Tony asks Jeannie to change him back, but she feels he won't be bothered by other women this way.

-- Zietgiest

I Dream of Jeannie

TV Series: Season 05; Episode #05: "Jeannie's Beauty Cream" (10/14/69)

Doctor Bellows tells Tony of a promotion but warns that he must impress Gen. Whether by with his stability. Then Jeannie gives Mrs. Bellows a jar of face cream which turns her into a gorgeous teenager. Unaware, Mrs. Bellows goes to NASA where Roger falls in love with her. Tony finds her identity badge and tries to keep her out of sight. He seems to be embracing her in a closet as the General and Doctor Bellows come by. Jeannie too draws the wrong conclusions. Doctor Bellows is confused when the beautiful girl, who sounds like his wife, throws herself into his arms. Jeannie learns what happened and blinks up an antidote. At home, Doctor Bellows tries to hide the girl from his wife. Roger breaks all the mirrors to keep Mrs. Bellows from seeing herself. Sure everyone is crazy, she acceps Tony's story of an experiment. As he prepares to use the antidote, Roger mixes up the jars. In a cloud of steam, they try all kinds of creams. Mrs. Bellows suddenly smears some on Tony, who wishes he were 10 years younger so he could better have more energy to deal with Jeannie's shenanigans, turning him into a 16-year-old. Jeannie laughs but restores Tony as the General pounds on the door. Meeting Jeannie, the General is convinced of a misunderstanding, as Doctor Bellows begs for his wife's forgiveness.

-- Zietgiest

I Never had a Flying Dream

Paucity of Flying Dreams, A

Tobu yume wo shibaraku minai

Movie: (1990) This movie is listed in Thomas Weisser and Yuko Mihara Weisser's Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: Horror/Fantasy/Science Fiction. Thomas Weisser also publishes the magazine Asian Cult Cinema. This is what's described in the book:

A middle-aged married man, Toshiyuki Hosokawa, is hospitalized. During his stay, he befriends an elderly woman (Eri Ishida) in the bed next to him. They talk through the curtains, sharing ideas and idle chit-chat, but she protests to tell him about her illness, or treatment. Then, after a few days, the old white-haired woman is discharged. But a short time later, she returns to visit him. Now Eri looks completely different, like a 40 year old lady. Sensual and charming. Toshiyuki can't believe his eyes and soon finds himself devouring her sexual charms in the hospital bed. Afterwards, the woman confestests that she's really 67. She has a disease which reversed her biological clock, making her grow younger as time passes. When they meet next, Eri looks like a woman in her 30's. And then, one day, Eri stops coming to see him. When Toshiyuki is released from the hospital, he looks for the woman. She is a teenager now. He asks her to move into an apartment with him. But then, after a bout in the sack, he's arrested on child moletsting chargets. Toshiyuki lootests his family and the girl after being sent to prison. When he gets out of jail, the man goes looking for his woman/child once again. By now she is a young toddler. They spend the night together (in obviously the film's most controversial scene). She's dead by morning.

I Was a Teenage Robot

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #12; "Good Old Sheldon" (01/13/2006)

Jenny did not realize from "Teen Idol" that when she sent the aliens back to space, she sent Sheldon back as well. When he comes back he is old, Jenny tries to turn him back to normal. Will she succeed in turning him back to 16 years old? [Sheldon is aged due to traveling at light speed. Sheldon is regressed into a baby toward the end.]

-- Dragonaide & Stonegate


I Vampiri

Movie: DVD: (2002)

old age. (aP)

-- Visible Time

Iams 1990s Commercial

TV Commercial: "What if people grew as fast as your pets?" (1990s)

Late 90's commercial. Little girl running up stairs calls "Come here, Casey." She grows in stages to a young woman and Casey ages in 30 seconds from a puppy to an old dog. (AP cuts, flash forward)

-- Visible Time

Iams 2003 commercials

TV Commercial: "What if people grew as fast as your pets?" (2003)

Old woman sews sweater for preteen granddaughter. When she looks down the granddaughter is in her early teens, so she keeps sewing, and when she looks down again her granddaughter is in her mid to late teens, then the third time she looks down the grand daughter is in her late teens, and she holds up the sweater to the granddaughter who is now obviously way too big for the sweater. Plus the late teen is on the attractive side =) No process, more a frame to frame change... No clothes ripping or tightening either =(

-- Greywolf

Ice Pirates, The


Aging sequence

Idun, Idunn, Idunna


In Norse mythology, Iduna was the wife of Bragi, the god of poetry. She kept golden applets in a box which the gods ate to keep themselves young. Goddess who is married to Bragi and is the keeper of the applets which keep the gods eternally young. The storm giant Tjasse abducts her and the gods start to age until Loki kills the giant and retrieves Idun. Goddess of youth, her name means "The Rejuvenating One". Idun, Goddess of Eternal Youth. She has a large basket of applets known as Idun's Applets or the Applets of Immortality. Annually, the Gods eat from her basket to stay young. Her basket is eternally full. The flaxen-haired goddess who supplies the Æsir with the applets that grant eternal youth. She is featured in the story of Idunn's Applets.

-- Jeffr_2bya & ANONYMOUS

If Heartaches Had Wings

Music Video:by Rhonda Vicent (2004)

As the women in video steps into the car to leave she shown as child, teen, and young adult before they fade into her current self. (Not really aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Immortal

TV Series: Season 01 Episode 01: "Pilot" (1970)

Through a genetic fluke, test driver Ben Richards was born with natural immunities to every known illness. Barring a fatal accident, Ben should live longer than anyone has ever lived. When an elderly billionaire discovers that periodic transfusions of Ben's blood can cure diseases, rejuvenate and extend life in others, the old man becomes obsessed with caging Ben, to use him as a personal fountain of youth. Ben escapes his captor, and is forced to stay on the run to avoid the billionaire's goons while also searching for his long-lost brother, Jason. Jason Richards may have the same kind of blood as Ben, and may face the same kind of danger. (Male aP/Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Immortal

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #04: "Not So Dead" (10/28/2000)

A demon body-jumper is the Immortal's newest threat: immune to his sword, it jumps bodies with impunity, including the body of Sara's romantic interest: a detective investigating the series of bizarre murders it leaves behind. Ultimately the trio track it to a hospital where it plans to take over the body of a senator and spread chaos from such a high position. Raphael discovers that the demon is vulnerable to electricity, and weakens it long enough to use his sword to send it back to Hell. (ST)

Iinari!! Kyuuketsuhime (Lackey!! Princess Miyu)

Manga Comic Book: Volume #01 "Lucrezia's March" (2012)

Lucrezia is a vampire from outside of Japan. She is only in the are to seek the "Supreme Blood." But that blood is in a workaholic girl who can only think about making enough expenses to help her family out. But when they meet and a brawl breaks out with the help of a charm Lucrezia loses a majority of her powers and grows younger. So now to recover her power and have the supreme blood, Lucrezia must work to earn that blood. But what how will someone who doesn't know a lot of worldly knowledge and does things on her own do?. (Female Vampire Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya



State of existence that cannot be ended by death, or the continuation of spiritual existence after bodily death; varians of this belief found in numerous cultures; subject of continuing religious and philosophical debate; ability to obtain immortality is sometimes linked to moral virtue and sometimes independent of it; many philosophers postulate the continued existence of reason or collective consciousness after death rather than the continued existence of the individual.

The Impossibles

Cartoon TV Series: Season 01 Episode 32: "The Fiendish Doctor Futuro" (12/24/1966)

The Impossibles are a Rock and Roll Group who become crusaders against crime with a battle cry of "Rally-Ho!" The Trio are summoned by their chief, Big D in a screen located right inside the bottom of Coil-Mans' guitar. Each possess their own super powers, Fluid-Man turns into liquid, Multi-Man becomes multiple bodies of himself, and Coil-Man becomes a human coil. Traveling in their "Impossicar" these undercover Secret Agent Men do battle with most evil doers whoever come their way! Dr. Futuro: A villain from the 40th century, who travelled to the 1960s in order to steal a gold brick to finance his crimes. He accidentally ran into an age-reversing machine, and was turned into a baby. (Male Ar)

-- agetheater.webs.com


Netherlands: Unscripted: http://www.impromptu.nl.com

Unscored musical theatre at Amsterdam's Theater de Cameleon. Ralph de Rijke, Hans Kuykens. In one hilarious scene all the musicians become babies playing with the instruments, their overworked father trying to both control the children and protect the instruments. The babies magically grow up, can suddenly play a perfect salsa, and when the amazed father remarks to the audience "spooky!" the children proudly reply: "We've been practicing, Dad!" We travel in time, looking into the future to see the boss, now an old man, mourn the loss of his wife who never saw her son become famous. A moving moment of loneliness and old age. (kinda like AR)

-- Visible Time

Impulse/Atom Double-shot #1

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Roll Back" (Feb. 1998)

The Atom's attempt to regain his actual age backfires - on himself and Impulse (AR, RN).


In Living Color

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??:

"Milk, it does a body good" skit.

-- Visible Time

In Time

Movie: (08/30/2011)

When Will Salas is falsely accused of murder, he must figure out a way to bring down a system where time is money - literally - enabling the wealthy to live forever while the poor, like Will, have to beg, borrow, and steal enough minutes to make it through another day. (M/F AS)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Incredible Hercules

Comic Book Series: ()

Zeus gets reverted back to childhood, both physically and mentally, by drinking from the river Lethe.

-- Jeffr_2bya


The Identity Matrix

Book: by Jack L. Chalker (0//)

If some alien should need your body in which to transport its jellyfish self, don't fight it. Chalker describes these body snatching aliens and also invents another black-budget FBI type organization, the IMC, to combat the aliens. Hoorah! The IMC develops computized techniques for placing one's identity on a matrix-cube for future use. Furthermore, the matrix-cube might be modified to control how a person thinks.

If you can follow and remember the body switching that goes on in this story you are a Chalker fan. The author was obviously just having fun when he switched the identity matrix of his adult lesbian character into the body of a 13 year old Indian gal.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Immortal Rain

Tokyopop Manga:

Rain Jewlitt, known as the Methuselah, is a spaced-out, immortal, 624-year-old man dressed in priest's clothes. He's got eternal youth and a large price on his head ... put there by those questing after the secret of his immortality.Machika Balfaltin is a tomboyish, energetic 14-year-old girl who, upon the death of her grandfather, sets out to kill Methuselah, the one bounty her assassin grandfather, Zol the Grim Reaper, couldn't kill. Instead, however, Machika ends up being saved by Rain again and again.. (Age Stasis)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

Game: PC Format (2001)

A major quest in the game is to get the 'treatsure' for an old tibetan mystic. You find the treatsure is a plant that restores the woman's youth. Is a major quest but a kind of minor TF in that it is a poof and is done type. She then singlehandedly moves a giant wooden beam that even Indy couldn't move.

-- Indy Jones

Indiana Jones and the Fountain Of Youth

Game: PC Format (2006)

Possible Ar/aP in this game. Still in the works.

-- Indy Jones

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade: Chapter 4

Comic Book: Marvel Comics: "The Cataclysmic Conclusion!"

Drink from the holy cup and enteral life is yours. Drink from any other cup and death is the price. (AS/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade


the villain and Indy race to discover the Holy Grail, which provides anyone who drinks it with eternal youth. The villain drinks from the wrong cup, and Ages quickly and horribly into a rotting corpse. Indy and his dad drink from the right cup, and they appear slightly younger in the final scene.

-- Zietgiest

Comic Book Cover

Infinity, Inc 18

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Helix Goes To Hollywood" (Sept. 1985)

Baby Boom back story is explained. Baby boom stops growing after 5-years-old. (AS)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Initiation of Sarah

Movie: (2006)

The story centers around two competing covens of witches, both set up as rival sororities on the same college campus. The "good" coven is comprised of natural-born witches - those who derive their power from Mother Earth - while the "bad" coven must occasionally feed The Eternal Flame with the blood of a very powerful natural-born witch ("The One") in order to maintain their powers. Believing newly arrived freshman pledge Sarah (Mika Boorem) to be The One, both sororities try to lure her and her fraternal twin sister, Lindsey (Summer Glau) to their side in the battle between Good and Evil.

Injustice: Gods Among Us #19

Comic Book: (05/21/2013)

The Justice League are battling Black Adam, who can transform by saying Shazam. When forced to do so, he turns into a really old man. He eventually turns back into Black Adam to join Superman's side in the video game. (male adult to old age)

-- Tazz

Inner Sanctum

Old Time Radio Show: Radio Play: "Quicked" (1948)

An immoral scientist discovers a formula that speeds up one's metabolism so one can move faster. In that quickened state, he sees everyone else moving slower. Teaming up with a thief, he tests the formula to speed both of them up to 10 times normal, allowing them to get rich by being too fast to bestopped when robbing banks and jewelry stores. But when the scientist makes an improved formula so the two can move 100 times as fast, the two instead end up watching each other quickly age to past 100 years old and turn to dust. Superb voice work gives impression the two men are gradually turning older, and more feeble.

-- Metamorphoste.org

Inside story with Slim Good body

TV Series: Episode #07; "The little giant the inside story of your glands"

(cut) Girl walks toward camera and is replaced by older girl, still wearing similar costume.

-- Visible Time

Inside the Living Body

Movie: Documentary: [09/16/2007]

(face close-up AP to old age, 3D morphs) National Geographic Channel 2-hr documentary about internal evolution and requirements of human body throughout the life cycle, and the changes of aging. A female slowly gets older while riding the elevator. Tv commercial features a vocal AP of a girl talking from childhood through young adulthood, middle-age and into her 80's. At the end of the commercial, girl's rotating head against dark background rapidly ages to 80.

-- Pikachu


Book: Novel: by Stephen King (1994)

(old age to middle age AR)

-- Visible Time

Instant Teen: Just Add Nus

Manga Comic Book: by Haruka Fukushima (August 2004)

Translation of Otonani nus. Nasumi Kawashima, an energetic fifth-grader, is obsessed with her fantasy of being the ideal, sexy woman. Rejected at every advance by the cute guys that she fawns over, she finally gets a break when she picks up a package of mysterious pink nus that are adults only. Eating these nus causes her to morph into a voluptuous adult, and she's offered modeling opportunities and suddenly becomes noticed by guys who wouldn't have given her the time of day before. But, she's still a kid inside and is about to learn that things don't always work out exactly as you hope they will

-- Visible Time

Intel Commercial

Commercial: Japanese (2007)

An adult black man and japanese boy switch places while they slept.

International Science Fiction

Magazine: Short Story: "Victims of Time" by B. Sridhar Rao, M.D. (07/30/1968)

Age reverse story. [Galaxy Publishing Corporation]

-- Jeffr_2bya


Into the Woods

Stephen Sondheim Musical: "The Witch"

(AR) Mezzo (age 99 and 25). An evil and ugly old woman who places a curse on the baker and his wife preventing them from having children. By the end of the show, she has turned into a young and beautiful woman.

-- Visible Time


Anime Cartoon Parody:

Fan parody of the "Milk It Does A Body Good" commercials (AA AP)

-- omafancom


Anime Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #06: "Fifty-Year Curse of the Dark Priestess" (12-Jun-2004)

As a aged dark priestess completes her curse on someone, Kagura appears behind her to recruit her and asks about her grudge against Kikyo. In the present, Kagome is utterly lost in all of her lessons, due to that fact that she's missed so many classes. After school at WcDnalds, Kagome's friends assume that she's upset about her jealous boyfriend (see episode 38) she tells them that it's about classes. They chit-chat for a while and Kagome heads for home. In the past, Kagura takes the priestess to meet Naraku. Naraku asks the priestess, whom he calls Tsubaki, if she'd be interested in doing him a favor. Tsubaki doesn't seem interested, but when Naraku offers to give her the Shikon no Tama, she quickly changes her tune. Tsubaki reverts into her younger self, Naraku figures that she sold her soul for a demon for eternal youth. In the present, Kagome packs her bags and heads back to the past. An impatient Inuyasha rushes to well to see what the hold up on Kagome's return is. As Inuyasha rushes off, the others sense something strange in the air. As soon as Kagome makes it out of the well, she is bitten by a snake which is Tsubaki's shikigami). Inuyasha arrives and sees Kagome tending to her leg and runs of to find what bit her. Inuyasha just finds a strange piece of paper. Nearby, the Shikigami returns to Tsubaki having successfully collected some of Kagome's blood. Kagura takes Tsubaki to her temple, where Tsubaki begins the next part of her plan. Later, Kagome gives the others her gifts from the present and suddenly she notices that her Shikon shards have turned black! The shards break out of the jar and impale themselves into Kagome's neck, causing her to faint. Kaede realizes that this must be the work of a dark priestess. Miroku and Sango go off to find the priestess. Naraku checks up on Tsubaki and warns that she seems to be underestimating Kagome as a reincarnation of Kikyo. Tsubaki then laments about Kikyo and how fifty years ago, when Tsubaki made her move for the Shikon no Tama because Kikyo's heart was in love with a half-demon (Inuyasha), thus weakening her powers, and her Shikigami was deflected back at her, by Kikyo's bow, which scared Tsubaki's right eye. Back with Kagome, Kagome is receiving orders from Naraku to kill Inuyasha! Inuyasha, restless, goes to follow Sango and Miroku to find this priestess. Just as he's about to leave, Kagome fires and arrow at him. As she draws another, she weakly tells Inuyasha to escape. Elsewhere, Naraku tells Tsubaki to use the curse to kill Kagome. Naraku is pleased with the results, which are causing Inuyasha much pain. Sango and Miroku find Tsubaki's general location, but due a convenient barrier they're progression is prevented. Elsewhere, Kikyo approaches the barrier and senses a familiarity from it. Kagome, with an arrow still pointed at Inuyasha, once again tells him to escape…

-- Stonegate & Dragonaide


Anime Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #07: "Kikyo & the Dark Priestess" (19-Jun-2004)

Tsubaki and Naraku look over the Shikon no Tama, blackened from corruption, with delight as Kagome's arrow remains drawn at Inuyasha (see episode 60). Kikyo enters Tsubaki's barrier (see episode 60) as Sango and Miroku look on, still unable to penetrate the barrier. Kagome once again orders Inuyasha to escape (see episode 60), Inuyasha refuses and charges towards Kagome. Suddenly, Kagome fires her arrow at Inuyasha. Naraku is pleased, however he soon falls to pieces as Kikyo shoots him, revealing that it was just a puppet (see episode 25). Tsubaki is shocked to see that Kikyo is there. Elsewhere, Inuyasha (who wasn't shot by Kagome's arrow) cradles the collapsed Kagome, who has regained her senses because Tsubaki is know distracted by Kikyo's appearance. Inuyasha and Kagome rush of to find Tsubaki. Tsubaki, thinks back to her failed attempt to steal the Shikon no Tama from Kikyo, who's heart was distracted by her love for Inuyasha, in order to make her beauty everlasting. After Kikyo reflected Tsubaki's Shikigami back at her, Tsubaki was angered by the scar it made and she sold her soul to a demon to prolong her beauty eternally. Tsubaki criticizes Kikyo for appearing in front of her unchanged, Tsubaki soon realizes that Kikyo is dead. Inuyasha and Kagome make it to Tsubaki's barrier, where Miroku and Sango are, Kagome breaks it with her arrow. Tsubaki is surprised to see that Kagome missed, again, and let Inuyasha live.

Angered by this, Kikyo fires warning shots at Tsubaki. Kikyo then grabs a chunk of Tsubaki's hair and pulls at it, Kikyo tells Tsubaki that while she doesn't care about what she does to Kagome but if she does anything to Inuyasha, she will her. With that, Kikyo disappears. Inuyasha and the others arrive at Tsubaki's shrine are greeted by Tsubaki and her Shikigami. Miroku and Sango ask Tsubaki where Kikyo went, which shocks Inuyasha. Tsubaki explains that she was there about Inuyasha. Inuyasha puts Kagome down and charges at Tsubaki, as he is about unsheathe Tetsusaiga, Tsubaki pulls out the blackened Shikon no Tama and tells him that if he draws that sword she'll have to kill Kagome, who is still under her curse and is only mobile due to Kikyo's distraction. Inuyasha is disgusted by such deplorable tactics. Tsubaki releases a three tailed demon to attack Inuyasha and warns him that if he draws Tetsusaiga she'll kill Kagome!

-- Jeffr_2bya


Anime Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #08: "Tsubaki's Unrelenting Evil Spell" (26-Jun-2004)

Inuyasha continues his battle with Tsubaki's demon (see Season 03, Episode #07) and receives a gash in the gut from the monster's claws. Inuyasha manages to slice at the demon's right eye with his Blades of Blood (Hijinketsou). Angered, Tsubaki ups the dose of curse on Kagome. The demon regenerates and resumes its attack. Trying to eliminate what they believe to be the source of the curse, Miroku and Sango try to kill Tsubaki's shikigami but are unsuccessful. Sango rushes back to Kagome's side only to find that she's falling deeper under the curses thrall. Kagome suddenly awakens in her own time and is shocked to see that her family doesn't remember anything about Kagome's adventures in time and her friends also have no memory of her "two-timing boyfriend". As Kagome walks home, she passes a couple that looks strangely like Sango and Miroku and when she arrives home she sees a grandmother and grandson (who look like Kaede and Shippo) buy one of her grandfather's Shikon no Tama replicas (see episode 1). She feels a pain in her neck and collapses. The next morning, Kagome finds that she can't remember a chunk of her past and is baffled by the frequent pain in her neck and distant voices she sometimes hears. After school and her and Hojo are leaving, she follows an impulse she had and goes to where girls are learning archery from a teacher who bears a resemblance to Kikyo. "Kikyo" asks Kagome to shoot an arrow, she does and missed the bull's eye. Kagome asks who she (the instructor) is, and instructor just turns back and asks Kagome is. Kagome says that she is her (the instructor) and the instructor just turns it around saying yes she (Kagome) is her (the instructor). The instructor then asks if she still wants to kill Inuyasha and that she has to choose who she is. Kagome then re-awakens in the past. She then shoots an arrow at Tsubaki, but misses. Tsubaki laughs and dismisses her as a cheap substitute for Kikyo. Angered, Kagome fires her arrow again but misses Tsubaki. Tsubaki's demon then attacks Kagome, but Inuyasha saves her. Enraged, Inuyasha kills the demon with his Iron Reaper Soul Stealer (Sankontessou) and then manages to behead Tsubaki's shikigami. Tsubaki shows the group that has done nothing to alleviate the curse. She then releases several more demons from her eye (see episode 61) at Inuyasha, Miroku and Sango. As the three are fighting of the demons, Tsubaki's regenerated Shikigami attacks Kagome. Kagome uses her arrow and deflects Tsubaki's shikigami into her right eye, the same way Kikyo did 50 years prior. The force from the deflection knocks Tsubaki back and causes her to drop the Shikon no Tama, which purifies itself. Kagome is. now free from the curse. Tsubaki grabs the Shikon no Tama and flees on her few remaining demons. Elsewhere, Naraku observes this through Kanna's mirror and decides to give Tsubaki another shot at Inuyasha. Tsubaki, who is now drained of her powers, looks at the Shikon no Tama and vows to use it's endless power to kill Inuyasha and Kagome. As Inuyasha carries an exhausted Kagome and apologizes for the trouble being around him brings. Kagome, in return, tells Inuyasha she likes being around him. The group then reunites with Kaede and Shippo.

-- Jeffr_2bya


Anime Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #09: "The Red & White Priestessess" (03-Jul-2004)

Tsubaki laments over her recent defeat (see episode 62) as she approaches her old priestess training school. At the gates to her school she is stopped by two young priestesses, Botan and Mimiji. Not sure of if she's a demon, they threaten to attack. She tells them she's a priestess and they welcome her. While she's at first unsure of what to them, when they offer to help she tells them of demon that's out for her life. At Kaede's village, after Kagome and the rest wake up, Kagome senses Tsubaki's Shikon no Tama and the group (Kaede included) takes off. Back at Tsubaki's alma mater, Botan and Mimiji pack their Priestess accessories and march off to face the demons. Inuyasha and the others come across a barrier that was erected by priestesses. Soon, the two priestesses emerge and size up their enemies. However, they accuse Kaede of being a demon and are instantly attracted to Kirara and Shippo's cuteness. They soon imitate an attack on the group with little paper shikigamis. The shikigami soldiers are no challenge to the group who effortlessly exterminates all but two. Those two manages to collect strands of Kagome and Inuyasha's hair. With those strands, Botan and Mimiji manage to make giant dolls that resemble Inuyasha and Kagome. Elsewhere, Tsubaki approaches a tower that, according to her late master, houses a strong ogre. Tsubaki is then approached by Kagura, who has come to collect the jewel (see episode 60). Inuyasha soon discovers that the two dolls have the same abilities as he and Kagome. After some debacle, the two dolls are finally defeated and the blast from the destruction of the two sends Botan and Mimiji flying. Miroku lecherously volunteers to stay behind and explain the situation to the now incapacitated priestesses. In order to keep Miroku on his best behavior, Shippo and Kirara stay behind as Kagome, Inuyasha, Sango and Kaede forge ahead to deal with Tsubaki. Tsubaki, with the help of a spell, opens the door to the tower. Kagura scoffs at Tsubaki's plan to use the Shikon no Tama to control the ogre within the tower. As Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango and Kaede make into the school, they see massive demonic energy emanating from the distant tower…

-- Jeffr_2bya


Anime Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #10: "Giant Ogre of the Forbidden Tower" (10-Jul-2004)

As Sango, Inuyasha, Kagome and Kaede arrive at the Priestess Training Ground (see episode 63), Kaede realizes that the Tsubaki they're dealing with today is the same one that Kikyo crossed paths with 50 years ago. Suddenly, Kagome detects Tsubaki's Shikon shard (see episode 62) coming from the tower (see episode 63). As the group rushes towards the tower they must fend off some Shikigami. Elsewhere, Shippo and Miroku convince Botan and Momiji (see episode 63) that Tsubaki has become a dark priestess, and they agree to help the others deal with her. After taking car of the rather weak Shikgami, Inuyasha and the others proceed to the tower. Kagura emerges from the tower. Sango sees this as proof that Naraku and Tsubaki were in league together. Kagura sicks a zombified warrior on the four. Inuyasha eventually defeats the demon, despite some intervention from Kagura. Kagura is driven off by Kagome and Kaede's arrows. Meanwhile on back of Kirara, Miroku, Shippo and the priestesses close in on the tower. Inside the tower, Tsubaki manages to free the ogre sealed with in (see episode 63) and absorbs into her eye (see episode 61 and 62) by luring it with the Shikon shard within it. As Inuyasha and the others arrive on the scene, Tsubaki transforms into the recently absorbed ogre. Now a giant ogre, Tsubaki attacks the group. Miroku soon arrives on the scene with the others. As an ogre, Tsubaki proves to be quite a challenge. She is eventually forced back into her human form by Inuyasha, who causes the devolution with the Bakuryuuha (The Backlash Wave). Tsubaki is remains confident as she still has the Shikon no Tama in her possession. Suddenly, one of Naraku's Saimyousho flies out of her eye, with the Shikon no Tama. Not wanting to loose the Shikon no Tama again, Sango hurls her Hiraikotsu at the insect. The insect is obliterated, however, Kagura swoops in and reclaims the precious jewel. With all of her power drained, and the demon retaining her youth death, a withered and dying Tsubaki, laments about what could she have done wrong to end up like this. Later as Botan and Momiji say their goodbyes to the group, Kikyo walks off into the trees. (aP to death)

-- Jeffr_2bya


Demon: Anime Person

Fox-demon child, Shippo, transforms himself into the Anime's heroine, Kagome, to fool an evil demon.

-- Visible Time

Invader ZIM

Cartoon Series: Season 01: Episode #18: "Plague of Babies"

Band of baby looking aliens are mentally ared by the alien Zim to match their looks.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Invincible #3

Image Comic Book: (03/2003)

Alien empire of Flaxan suddenly age when they enter our world to invade. (aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Invincible #9

Image Comic Book: (02/2004)

In this issue we see Monster Girl; A beautiful and spoiled young woman attending a private school in Europe was cursed by a witch whose grandson she had been having an affair with. Later, on a flight home, she turned into a yellow skinned monster. Whenever she transforms, her monster form becomes larger and stronger. But when she changes back, her human form becomes younger! She currently appears to be pre pubescent, and an active member of a super hero team. As the result of a curse, Monster Girl has the power to transform into a large, powerful monster; however, every time she does this (and then reverts to human form) she is physically younger than before. At the time the Invincible stories are set, she is mentally 29 and physiologically 12. She is a member of the new Guardians of the Globe. Monster Girl is known to be attracted to her teammate Bulletproof.

She is currently spending time with her teammate Robot, who has put his consciousness into a pre-teenage clone of Rex Splode. He has indicated that he is using his intelligence to devise a cure for her reversed aging.(AR)

-- CaseScenario

Invincible #14

Image Comic Book: (06/2004)

Alien empire of Flaxan returns.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Invincible #25

Image Comic Book: (08/2005)

Monster Girl secret origin is revealed and The Immortal back ground is briefly touched. (AR/AS)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Invincible #33

Image Comic Book: (06/2006)

Invincible gets left in another dimension where time moves differently. (AS)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Invincible #34

Image Comic Book: (07/2006)

Invincible is found by his team mates. His rescuing team mates appeared to age by 15 years. A villian is given a new body. (aP/AS/ST)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Comic Book Cover

Invincible #93

Image Comic Book: (07/04/2012)

More secrets about Robot's and Monster Girl's time spent in the Flaxan Dimension are revealed. Meanwhile, in the present - things go to hell, and the new Invincible has to prove if he's worthy of the mantle in the face of... INVASION. (AS)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Invisible Man, The

TV Series: Season 01: Episode #06: "Impetus" (7/14/00)

The Keeper's failed experiment from years past is revealed to haunt her, and her work on the Quicksilver effect cure might provide some help to set things right. Project Gloria, a bio-weapon experiment goes wrong, aging a 39-year-old woman to her 80's, and instantly affecting Darien, as well.



Book: Irina

Photos of daughter Eva through the years.

-- Visible Time

Iroiro Kairakuen(?)

Manga Comic Book: Rigai Moriss Manga? (2006)

Girl drinks special drink which causes her to age. There is a little TG at the very end. (aP)

-- EvilConsumer

Isabelle #4

Belgian Comic Book: "Astragalus Cassiopeia" [L'astragale de Cassiopee] (03/01/1994)

In the Belgian comic Isabelle (1980, drawn by Will and written by Franquin, Delporte and Macherot), the evil witch Calendula undergoes a ritual to temporarily make herself young and beautiful. She does this so she can marry and manipulate the powerful and good wizard Hermes, and thereby steal him from his fiancée, who is Calendula's own great-great-great(etc...)-granddaughter, a good witch who also bears the name Calendula (green hair).

Here Hermes has reforged the magic belt of Cassiopeia, his engagement present to Calendula the Younger. Wearing it will make him fall hopelessly in love with her (kinda weird present if you already love a person, but just roll with it), so it becomes a very useful item for Calendula the Older when she wants to control him. (Female Ar)

-- Bstgate

It [sovyet] to the literature Issues 7-12

Random House Book: Disney: by James Thomas (0?/0?/1986)

Possible Ar.

[... daughter-in-law ceased growing up and, on the contrary, got smaller and smaller till she turned into a baby,]

-- Jeffr_2bya


Roman Goddess: Goddess of Youth

An early Roman goddess of youth, equal to the Greek goddess Hebe. Boys offered a coin to her when they wore a man's toga for the first time.

-- Jeffr_2bya

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