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Hey! My breasts have gone!
(9 years old) I lost my sock...
(5 years old) I'm afraid I can't wear this sweater any more.
(3 years old) Help me! I don't wanna be BABY!
(2 years old) But it is comfortable. I'm sleepy....
(10 month)
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AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too aP: age Progression Ar: Age regression CB: clothes burst or rip RN: return to normal ST: Soul Transfer UC: undersized clothing



H.R. Pufnstuf

Kids TV Series: Season 01; Episode #11: "Dinner for Two" (11/15/1969)

Jimmy, Freddie and Pufnstuf are summons to Grandfather Clock, he tells them he has fixed the Time Machine and is able to set it to the day before they arrived on Living Island. Jimmy says a quick goodbye and locked in the Time Machine. (Male aP/Female Ar)

-- Doctor Anguish

Hades Project Zeorymer

Cartoon Anime Series: Episode 04; OVA (1989)

With giant mecha destruction action had nude AP experiment of a young girl in a chair. The AP happens in a flashback in the last episode. Very jittery and kinda goes in "spurts". (aP)

-- Sucht17

Hakaba Kitaro [Graveyard Kitaro]

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #11: "Foolish Man" (0/0/)

Kitarou is a youkai boy born in a cemetery, and aside from his mostly-decayed father, the last living member of the Ghost tribe. He is missing his left eye, but his hair usually covers the empty socket. He fights for peace between humans and youkai, which generally involves protecting the former from the wiles of the latter.

It wasn’t the best episode of the series, but most definitely not the worst. Nezumi Otoko makes some kind of youth-serum out of his whiskers, while Kitarou sells the manga-artist of last week and others some kind of special holidays to the underworld (of course, with one-way tickets). I’m still surprised at the ease at which this series is able to kill off its characters, with as little melodrama as possible. In the first case, an old mafia-boss gets rescued by the medicine, and grows younger again (with whiskers added). He then gets greedy and starts searching after Nezumi Otoko. When he tries to capture him (in a locked safe, of all things), Nezumi Otoko releases his usual gasses and takes back his whiskers, killing off the guy. (ST)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Hanamaru Kindergarten

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #12: "A Hanamaru Christmas" (03/28/2010)

It's Christmas time and everyone is going to Anzu's house for a party. But during preparations Anzu falls asleep, asking Santa to grant a wish for her. In her dream she becomes an adult and heads off to meet Tsuchida, but gets distracted along the way and forgets what she came there to do. In the midst of her distraction she is directed by an adult Hiiragi and Koume to board a bus that Tsuchida would board later. They both end up getting off at the same spot and dancing in the snow together before sharing a kiss. While kissing Anzu wishes to be able to actually be with Tsuchida one day. (Female aP)

-- www.Metamorphose.org

Hand Of Fate #10

Humor Publications Comic Book: "Lure of The Zombie Diamonds" (04/01/1952)

A man returns from a forbidden area and loses a great deal of weight and appears over 70 years older.

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

The Hangover Part II

Movie: (06/30/2011)

The guys go to a monastery and meet the monks. To help them remember they are told to try and meditate. It doesn't work for Stu and Phil, but Allan sees some of the events from earlier in the film and some they can't remember - except the actors are replaced by boy actors. Only the main cast and Mr. Chow are shown to be kids, while everyone else remains normal. (male ARed dream sequence)

-- Tazz

Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child

Cartoon Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: "King Minus"

One of king's men bring back water from the fountain of youth. Pouring it on a old man in a puff of smoke the old man is turn into a baby. The King of course did not care for water.

Book Cover

Happy Birthday to Me (Birthday Trilogy Book 1)

Book: by Brian Rowe (04/13/2011)

Seventeen-year-old Cameron Martin has a huge problem: he’s aging a whole year of his life with each passing day. High school is hard enough; imagine rapidly aging from seventeen to seventy in a matter of weeks, with no logical explanation, and with prom, graduation, and the state championship basketball game on the horizon. That’s what happens to Cameron, a mischievous pretty boy who has never had to face a day looking anything but perfect. It starts with a slowing metabolism, followed by gray hair, wrinkles, and heart palpitations. Within days his girlfriend dumps him, his plastic surgeon father forces him to get a facelift, and his terrifying high school librarian seduces him to have sex with her. All he wants to do is go back to normal, but no one, not even the best doctors, can diagnose his condition. When he finds love with a young woman who may or may not be an all-powerful witch, he realizes that the only hope for his survival might be with the one person who instigated his condition in the first place...

-- Visible Time

Book Cover

Happy Birthday to Me Again (Birthday Trilogy Book 2)

Book: by Brian Rowe (09/22/2011)

Cameron Martin has a huge problem: he’s aging a whole year of his life with each passing day… again. And this time... he's going backward! When Cameron proposes to his beloved witch of a girlfriend Liesel, he thinks life can’t get any better. But when he reluctantly breaks off the engagement just days before the wedding, Liesel angrily unleashes another curse on the unlucky guy, this time making him age backward, from eighteen, all the way to zero. Making matters worse, Liesel mysteriously disappears, leaving Cameron with no options, except watching himself rapidly shrink into a helpless child. Will Liesel be able to save his life again? Or will Cameron ultimately fall prey to his girlfriend's wicked spell?

-- Visible Time

Book Cover

Happy Birthday to You (Birthday Trilogy Book 3)

Book: by Brian Rowe (12/04/2011)

Newlyweds Cameron and Liesel Martin aren't able to celebrate their wedding bliss for long. Not only is Liesel unexpectedly pregnant... they're also facing the end of humanity! Liesel's evil witch sister Hannah has cast a spell to make all humans on Earth age a whole year with every day. It's up to Cameron and Liesel to stop her... and save the world! Who will survive? And who will perish? Here it is at last... the third and final epic chapter of the Birthday trilogy... Happy Birthday to You!

-- Visible Time

Happy Days

TV Series: Season 07; Episode #02: "Chachi Sells His Soul" (09/17/79)

Chachi makes a pact with the bedeviled Melvin Scratch to be transformed into a debonair older guy.

-- Visible Time

Harpy Thyme

Book: by Piers Anthony

With this fairly predictable but nevertheless amusing tale, Anthony ( Alien Plot ) returns to the magical world of Xanth, a place where "appearance counts for most of reality" and nearly everyone has some magical talent, even if it is only the ability to change the color of popcorn. In this installment, Gloha, the only goblin-harpy crossbreed in Xanth, attempts to find a male goblin-harpy to mate with and thus become a member of the Adult Conspiracy. After seeking advice from the Good Magician Humfrey from whom she receives a non-commital answer, she embarks on her quest alone, eventually joining up with a rejuvenated magician, a sultry demoness, a walking skeleton and a formerly invisible giant, among others. The magician Trent finally solves her quest by effecting a transformation. Trent surely could have come up with this solution at the beginning of the tale, but then Gloha would never have learned the meaning of true love nor would Anthony have been able to string out all his puns and jokes (he tells of a painter in the Mundane world who killed himself; named Van Go, he was one of the few there who actually believed in Trent). Fans of the author's trademark humor will relish this latest jaunt through the wacky world of Xanth; (Ar/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Harry & His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode: #18 "I Wish It Were Yesterday" (09/10/2013)

Harry's funfair day yesterday was the best day ever, but Harry wishes today would be yesterday, so he and the dinosaurs go to Dino World. They go on rides and play games, but catastrophe strikes when they find themselves shrinking and getting younger, so it's up to Steggy to save the day.. (Male Ar/RN)

-- Entropic

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Book Series; 4th Book

Toad gets ared to a tadpole and twin boys grow a beard while trying to pass a age line.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix

Book Series; 5th Book (June, 2003)

Death Eater's head gets regress to a baby's head.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Audio Book: By J.K. Rowling (Read by Jim Dale) (05/19/2005)

There are plenty of reasons to love Rowling's wildly popular series--no doubt you have several dozen of your own. Our list features favorite moments, characters, and artifacts from all five books. Keep in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive (what we love about Harry could fill five books!) and does not include any of the spectacular revelatory moments that would spoil the books for those (few) who have not read them. Enjoy. (Minor TG/Ar)

-- Grennd

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Book: Series; By J.K. Rowling (05/19/2005)

There are plenty of reasons to love Rowling's wildly popular series--no doubt you have several dozen of your own. Our list features favorite moments, characters, and artifacts from all five books. Keep in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive (what we love about Harry could fill five books!) and does not include any of the spectacular revelatory moments that would spoil the books for those (few) who have not read them. Enjoy. (Minor TG/Ar)

-- Grennd

Harry Potter And The Order of the Phoenix

Movie: In production, (07/13/2007)

5th Harry Potter movie. Nymphadora Tonks (Natalie Tena) is a metamorphmagus who can make herself any age she wants. In the book she made herself taller and old. (possible height growth, old age)

-- Visible Time

Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #10: "Mindless" (09/23/05)

Mentok swaps Spyro's mind and loses it. His body ends up flipping between a dog and a 4 year old for most of the episode, while Mentok tries to remember where he put his mind. (ST)

-- Lady Sekhmet

Harvey Comics Classics Volume 2: Richie Rich

Book: [Harvey Comic Classics]

Move over Uncle Scrooge! The richest character in comic book history is about to get his due. Harvey Comics' original creation Richie Rich, the Poor Little Rich Boy, represented the fantasies of every comic book-loving kid growing up in the 1960s and 70s. Now, Dark Horse is delighted to present the ultimate tribute to the boy who has everything - and we mean everything! This mega compilation of the essential Richie collects his earliest and most substantial stories for the first time ever. Created by Sid Jacbson and Warren Kremer as a back-up feature in Little Dot comics in 1953, Richie Rich went on to become Harvey's biggest money maker, appearing in over fifty different spin-off titles over the next 40 years. In addition to the magnificent comic art of Warren Kremer, Richie was also drawn by animation great Steve Muffatti and comics legend Ernie Colon.

-- Doctor Anguish

Harvey Wiseguys #4

Comic Book: Harvey: "The Fountain Of Youth" (November 1989)

Possible Ar/ap in This Comic book

-- Jeffr_2bya

Haunt of Fear #15

EC Comic Book: "Horror House"

A woman is aged by 20 years after being scared. (Female/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Haunt of Fear #18

EC Comic Book: "The Black Ferris" (April)

Some male Ar to aP to death.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Haunt Of Fear #24, The

An Entertaning Comic: Comic Book: "...Only Sin Deep" (April)

A woman's face is aged beyond her normal years. (F/aP)

Haunted #50

Comic Book: Charlton: "The Scarab" (07/30/1980)

The Baron learns that he should not have broken up the set of scarabs. (Male aP/AS)

[Reprinted from Midnight Tales #13]

-- http://www.comics.org

Haunted Tales #43

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Forever Young" (12/30/1980)

Edith Du Prey trades her immortal soul for regained youth. (Female Ar)

[Reprinted From House of Mystery #287]

-- www.comics.org

Haunted Thrills #17

AJAX Comic Book: "Mirror of Madness" (10/01/1954)

A woman is believe she is aged into a old woman. (Fake aP)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

The Haunting

Movie: (1963)

Robert Wise. Scene where a little girl Ages into an old woman. With faces in the wall paper and breathing doors, the pounding and crying voices, the creepy nursery and "my God, who was holding my hand".

The Haunting of Morella

Movie: (1989)

Morella strangles a blacksmith and steals his youth, causing him to age rapidly and die.

-- Visible Time

Hayate no Gotoku

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #03: "Hayate the Combat Butler" (2007)

Anime villainess returns to original, younger form. Pretty fast tf, no proccess, only baggy clothes aftermath. (AR RN, APed)

-- Suning


Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #09: "The Dragon Invasion" (09/08/1983)

Skeletor transports dragon's eggs into Royal Palace. With their special growth enhancer, the dragons soon hatch and grow, attacking the Palace. (Animal AP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

He Made Them Young Again

Book: Author House: by Stephen L. DeFelice (2007)

An idealistic young medical doctor, Giancarlo Avellino, inspired by a radical colleague, Sigismondo Malatesta decides that the biological hands of time can be scientifically reversed in the elderly, making them young again! Convinced that a combination of pharmaceutical compounds and nutraceutical dietary supplements may be one of the keys to the fountain of youth, he boldly decides to prove it, clinically treating five aging physicians and a sixth surprise volunteer. The results of the treatment at first seem promising, but then a mysterious death occurs, jeopardizing the program. The police and the FDA become involved, paving the way for the U.S. Congress to enter challenging the will of the young doctor to continue his couragous endeavor. Primarily conversational, the bulk of the story is concerned with addressing how people deal with this bold effort, describing their thoughts and their individual reactions to the turning back of their hands of time.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Headline Comics Volume 2 #6

American Boys' Comics, Inc Comic Book: "Fountain of Youth" (04/30/1946)

Two guys come across Ponce De Leon forcing people to pay for a single drink from his Fountain of Youth. (Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Heartbreakers: "Bust Out"

Anina Bennett Comic Book:

(possible growth?) Paul Guinan, Therese Sorenson used herself as a guinea pig for her experimental rapid-growth cloning techniques. She's now surrounded by full-grown genetically identical dopplelgangers! Sorenson's Delta-series clones are research assistants, and her Beta clones - AKA. the Heartbreakers - are loyal bodyguards who kick butt like nobody's business. Each of these clones has her own personality and purpose: Delta's a scientist, Queenie's a soldier. The Biovac corporation uses her discoveries to create a slave caste of clone laborers.

-- Visible Time

The Heathen woman's friend Volumes 10-11

Magazine: The Little Old Woman by Mrs. Flora Best Harris

Male and female Ar Story within this

[ She was there, however: no longer the "little, old woman," but a little, young baby. Baba had drunk and drunk of the youth-giving spring, till through her own folly she had become, instead of a bright young girl, a helpless baby, far worse off than if she were still an old woman. ]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Heaven's Gate

Game: (????)

Kurara has several age forms. (AA aped, RN)

-- Visible Time

Heavy Metal


A scientist tries to scam an insurance policy with a aging/youthening machine with his partner.


Greek Goddess: Goddess of Forgiveness and Youth (Youthful Bloom)

Hebe is pronounced Hee-Bee. The name ‘Hebe’ came from Greek work meaning ‘youth’ or ‘prime of life’. Hebe above all others symbolized youth - vivacity, élan and beauty which characterize the tender period of human life. Her chief duty was to offer nectar and ambrosia to the gods.

Ambrosia was the food that kept the gods eternally young and protected them from the attrition of time. Thus the gods remained strong and beautiful, while Hebe was the personification of eternal youth. She lost her position as cup-bearer of the gods, however, as the result of a fall which exposed her to the eyes of all in a rather indecent posture. Her nakedness shocked the gods, and this unseemliness being considered ill-matched to the manners of the Olympians, she was henceforth deemed unfit to perform her former duties. She was soon replaced by Ganymede, distinguished among mortals for his extraordinary beauty, who charmed even Zeus himself. Zeus is said either to have ordered an eagle to seize Ganymede and bring him to Olympus, or else to have carried the youth off himself, in order to take him into his service.

Hebe, of course, continued to live with the gods after being replaced by Ganymedes. She, together with Ganymede, the Graces, Harmony, Aphrodite and possibly Artemis, was one of the Olympian dancers. The dance was accompanied by the music of the Muses and Apollo's lyre. Hebe's relationship with her mother was very strong; indeed, she helped Hera with all her chores. When her mother had to depart, Hebe prepared her chariot. She also attended to her brother, the warlike Ares, whenever he returned from battle.

Hebe also marked the reconciliation between Hera and Hercules, who was of course Zeus' son by another woman. When on his death the hero was admitted to Olympus as a god, Hebe was first betrothed to him and later married him. From this union were born two children, Alexiares and Anicetus. This marriage guaranteed Hercules' eternal youth, safe from all ills, thanks to the ambrosia Hebe fed him. Legend has it that Hercules intervened with his wife to have his nephew Iolaus restored to youth.

Juventas was the name of Hebe's Roman counterpart in mythology. In art Hebe was also portrayed as a young girl wearing a sleeveless dress.

-- Ricky


UK TV Commercial: "Birthday Party" (2007)

Ketchup Man ages 2 young girls into adult lifeguards. (AP AA)

-- Aprilchange

Hell Teacher Nube

Manga Comic Book:

Magic seeds cause rapid growth. (BE, AP)

-- Process

Hell Teacher Nube

Manga Comic Book:

Apparent aging until teacher captures demon in kaleidoscope. (old age)

-- Anonymous

Hellboy: Weird Tales, Vol. 2

Dark Horse: Comic Book: "Curse of the Haunted Doily" by John Cassaday (2003)

Kate Corrigan, paranormal researcher and one of the sidekicks in Mike Mignola's Hellboy comics series, stars in this short story done by guest cartoonists. Here, she's relaxing at home when she gets an unexpected visit from her dead mother, who promptly begins chiding and lecturing her. As she does so, Kate physically regresses, first into a young teenager, then into a small child. She tries to reach the phone, but her mother's spirit has basically taken over the apartment. She throws a temper-tantrum. At the end she's grown again, telling her co-workers how she solved the situation.

-- JoeEngland

Helter Skelter #0,1,2,3,4,6

Comic Book: Antarctic Press: Jun. Sep. Nov. 1997 (#1 reprint from ?)

Manga-style story. High school boy cursed by witch to randomly become an 8-year-old until he's kissed by his true love. A girl nearby when the curse is cast is also affected


Fred Hembeck's DC Universe Cartoons: Web Comic (2006)

Captain Marvel parody. male AA APed (male AA AP)

-- lbh & Metamorphose.org


Her Majesty's Wizard (Wizard in Rhyme Book 01)

Book: by Christopher Stasheff (11/05/2001)

Matt didn't know the scrap of parchment was a trap. So he read the runes - and found himself on a world where reciting poetry verses worked magic. His first effort got him locked in a dungeon by the evil sorcerer Malingo. Trying for light, he brought forth a fire-breathing, drunken dragon, who told him Princess Alisande, rightful ruler of Merovence, was also held in the dungeon. Naturally, he had to free her, himself, and the dragon, using poetry lifted from Shakespeare. And because she was young and beautiful, he swore to serve as her wizard. Then he learned that his job as wizard was to fix it so the three of them could overcome all the dark magic and armies of Malingo! The addition to the party of a lust-witch and a priest who became a werewolf now and then didn't seem much help. Matt figured he had got himself into quite a predicament. Magic spells for aging people are used by wizards. (Female/Male aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Herbie #21 (ACG)

ACG Comic Book: “Yay, Team” (October/November 1966)

There are actually several ARs in the story, which has Herbie at Hassenpfeffer High trying to save football coach Bumpo from being replaced by Muratroyd Wimpus. Wimpus does get the coaching job and, to start with a win, tries to bribe the opposing coach at Wahoo Prep. The Wahoo coach (an Indian) conjures up a bear that chases Wimpus into a spring, where we see the Wahoo coach and the bear emerge as much younger. Herbie falls in too (the tree branch he was sitting on caved in under his weight) and he emerges from the spring in a diaper. He is RNed back by a lollipop labeled "This week's special for people shrunk to infancy as result of falling into Fountain of Youth." At a later school hearing, Herbie gets Bumpo reinstated by noting "can't send boy to do man's job" and then producing the boy Wimpus in a Little Lord Fauntelroy suit.

- ARthur & Pixchick


Movie: (1983) 98m

This one I do have. Italian film dud with a dubbed Lou Ferrigno. Old sorceress drinks Hercules blood and becomes young again (through stop-motion, I believe). Not too bad of a scene, lass about 5 minutes, the rest not so good.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

TV Movie: First Movie: "Hercules And The Amazon Women" (05/05/94)

Herc encounters Amazons who blow out a candle in his face and he turns back into a baby. (Excellent morphing)

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??:

A young girl drinks a potion and Ages.

-- Visible Time

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

TV Series: Season 05; Episode #06: "Norse by Norsevest" (November 7, 1998)

Loki, the Nordic God of Tricks, transforms himself into an 8 year old girl in order to trick Hercules.

-- Metamorphoste.org

Here Come the Big People #1

Comic Book: Event Comic Book: by Beaulieu -- Sep. 1997 - (2 covers)

Conner & Palmiotti. The main character Austin Milscop is a Bill Gates type head of a computer corporation who invents a computer system to take care of all his needs before he asks. He wants to program it with a maternal personality. The computer thinks he wants a mommy and invents an artificial mother from alien elements. He wakes up to discover this giant pink woman standing over him. She treats him like a small child and he thinks is wonderful. The computer stars making more of them for the staff and then the world. Men are treated like babies then the aliens actually start to regress them. A female employee who has a crush on Austin is the only one that can save the world. Before she can the computer creates a Daddy figure for her. In the end all Earth's populace are left as little kids when the 'moms' and 'dads' go back to their home planet.

(It is short and they could have explored the AR more but it is worth the price. It came out last October and may be still available That's it for now,)

Herman's Head

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #25: "Twisted sister" (May 10, 1992)

Little girl turns into Jennifer Aniston.

-- Visible Time


TV Series: Season 01; Episode #19: ".07%" (04/23/2007)

Candice Wilmer, our mistress of illusion, plays with Mr. Bennet by taking on the form of his adoptive daughter, Claire. Mr. Bennet sees through this disguise. (kinda younger adult ARed morph)

-- Metamorphose.org


TV Series: Season 03; Episode #09: "It's Coming" (11/17/2008)

Nathan learns of his father's plans, while Flint and Knox launch attacks on Hiro, Ando, Peter, and Claire. Meanwhile, Matt tries to revive Angela, Sylar meets with Elle, and Mohinder begins testing of his newest superpower formula.

The character Hiro has his mind reduced to 10 years old by the character Arthur Petrelli. Though, it is really just a very short part of the episode.

-- Mummy2000_10016

Heroes of Might and Magic III

Card Game

There is a Fountain of Youth in this game.

"Hey, I've played that game before; believe me, it's tough enough without Queen Catherine and her First Division bEcoming babies."

-The Pizzadude

Heroes of Might and Magic; Clouds of Xeen,

PC Game

In there is a ghost town, literally. Contact with the ghosts Ages your characters by ten years each time. The wilderness map is divided into the four seasons. If you visit each of the standing stones in the heart of each season in sequence, then all premature aging gets removed.

Your characters start the game at age 18. By hacking the stats, I found that dropping the Ages below 18 has a profound effect on the stats - about minus 10 on every stat for every five years removed.


TV Show: Season 02: (11/06/2005)

Malachi goes from an infant to a teenager in a year, due to being half-demon.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #05: "Time Off" (07/15/2010)

Yumi is tired of Ami always waking her up early, so Yumi sets Ami's clock backwards. The clock affects Ami as she loses her sense of timing. Yumi attempts to fix the clocks causes Ami to mentally age. Yumi messes with Ami's clock several times, frequantly mentally regressing and progressing her. First, she messes with it and makes her mentally progress five seconds(seriously). Next, she tries to set it back and mentally regresses Ami into a baby. Then, she progresses her to an old woman. This is followed by a regression into a little girl and a progession into an older teen. (Minor Mental Female Ar/aP/RN)

-- Yogizmo330 & Jeffr_2bya

High Adventure #80

Magazine: "Dwindling Death" by Lew Merrill (originally from Spicy Mysteries) [Reprints classic Pulp Stories]

The premise is that a mad scientist (for some reason specifically identified as Armenian) has developed a serum that regresses the victim by seven years with each dose. He runs an orphanage to explain why he has so many children about, but suspicion arises because his assistants keep disappearing, and the children never seem to be the same ones he had a few months ago.

The serum seems to simply erase the last seven years--the victims don't even remember getting the injection. Dr. Karian uses hypnosis to addle the children and his assistants, as well as to induce past-life regression.

For it seems that Dr. Karian's motivation for developing the serum is that he believes in reincarnation. His latest assistant is his true target, a girl that he loved in a previous lifetime, but who spurned him then. By taking themselves "back through the gates of birth" at the same time using the serum, Dr. Karian believes they will reincarnate together and finally fulfill their destined love. It, uh, doesn't work out that way.

Notably, the story doesn't indicate whether the clothes shrink with the victim. Logically they wouldn't, but no mention is made of clothing being oversized, or the victims needing to change clothing, and when regressed past conception, there's "nothing" left at all.




--not exactly AP or AR, but the Highlander character is an immortal who marries a girl in medieval times, only to watch her grow old over the years as he stays eternally young. This is a small part of the film, but the only really good part. .



Cartoon Anime: Season 01; Episode #08:

Himeji has turned into a little girl! Someone is putting a youth potion into the girls one by one. They only have little metabolisms and get quite sleepy. The bad guy was disguised as the nurse. (Ar)

-- Visible Time

Himechan No Ribon (Hime-chan's Ribbon)

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #01: "I can do magic" (10/02/1992)

Himeko frequently uses the magic ribbon to appear as an adult..

-- Jeffr_2bya

Himitsu A.K.A "Secret"

Japanese Movie: (1999)

Yojiro Takita, Ryoko Hirosue. Wife's spirit transferred into daughter after bus accident. (ST)

-- Visible Time

Hinog Sa Pilit (Sobra Sa Tamis)

Philippines Movie: "Unnatural maturity it is too sweet"? (2002)

(AP movie) Tagalog / Filipino. Paolo Rivero, Sydney Segovia. 8-year old Laila was confused by her parents and older sister's trysts. She was so curious about womanhood that it led her to make a wish at a wishing well. The magic well granted her wish and she wakes up the next morning as a fully developed 18 year old (Monina Perez). Ske keeps the secret from everyone except for her older sister, Diana (Halina Perez). Before long, Laila meets and falls in love. Things get complicated when she encounters difficulty in adjusting to adult life and passions.

-- Akira

Hiper Hiper Disney #36

Portugal Disney's Comic Book: "There's No Fool Like An Old Fool" (10/30/1994)

Feeling old, Donald Duck looks for a scientist who invented a youth elixir. (Possible Ar/RN)

[Reprinted in Donald Pocket #154 and O Pato Donald #2043]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

History of Chinese Daoism, Volume #01

Book: by David C. Yu (12/20/2000)

Elixir of youth restores a old man and old woman's youth.

[The old man is turned into a budding youth and the old woman has become a young girl. ... The foregoing passages boast that taking the elixir, ie, the transformed liquidized gold, can change the old man into a young lad. ...]

-- Jeffr_2bya

The History of Jean-Paul Choppart; or, The surprising adventures of a runaway

French Book: by Margaret Park Bridges, Melissa Sweet (03/21/2010)

A man's wife is regressed into a baby. The husband puts her in long clothes and gets a wet nurse for her.

[She was imprudent enough to take some of the elixir in secret — she made a mistake in the dose — and relapsed into infancy ! When I left Austria, her illustrious husband had been obliged to put her in long clothes, and get a wet-nurse]

-- Jeffr_2bya

History of the Salaryman (Salaryman Chohanji)

Asian TV Series: (10/01/2011)

During the cover of night, Yoo-Bang (Lee Beom-Soo) enters a dark villa with a flashlight. Yoo-Bang finds a man Ho-Hae (Park Sang-Myeon) dead, slouched over on a chair, and a woman Yeo-Chi (Jung Ryeo-Won) hiding behind a curtain. At Ho-Hae's funeral, detectives enter and arrests Yoo-Bang and Yeo-Chi for the murder of Ho-Hae.

3 months earlier. The president of Chunha Group, Jin Shi-Hwang (Lee Deok-Hwa), orders his granddaughter Yeo-Chi to take business administration training. The grandfather doesn't believe his son Ho-Hae is good enough to run the company. But, Yeo-Chi isn't interested in taking business administration or running a compnay. Yeo-Chi is arrogant and doesn't care about other people.

Chunha Group has been developing a new medicine and it is now in the trial testing stage. Meanwhile, the president of Jangcho Company, Oh Ji-Rak (Kim Eung-Soo) hears that rival Chunha Group is developing the new medicine. In order to steal information on the new drug, a director from Jangcho Group, Hang-Woo (Jung Gyu-Woon), goes undercover and applies as a candidate for the trial drug test.

Yoo-Bang graduated from college, but he can't find a decent job. While working part-time jobs, Yoo-Bang continues to send his resume to big companies every year. When high level executive Ho-Hae from the Chunha Group enters a room salon that Yoo-Bang works as a waiter, Yoo-Bang begs the man for a letter of recommendation. To get this letter of recommendation, Yoo-Bang is told he has to take part in a medical drug trial test and then steal information on the new drug. Yoo-Bang is to look for a piece of gum that will be placed discreetly on a toilet at the drug trial tests and chew the gum immediately after taking the drug.

30 applicants are on a bus ready to be taken to a secret location where the medical drug test will take place. Chief Researcher from Chunhha Group Woo-Hee (Hong Soo-Hyun) boards the bus and takes the applicants cellphones for security reasons. Once the 30 applicants arrive at the secret laboratory, they will be shut off from the outside world for 10 days (the amount of days the experiment is to take place). During the drug trials, Yoo-Bang notices a suspicious act done by Hang-Woo. Yoo-Bang and Hang-Woo stay in the same room during the tests. Hang-Woo attempts to steal the medicine from the drug trials, but it's extremely difficult due to the heavy level of security used. Suddenly, Yoo-Bang begins laughing and can't stop. The other applicants also begin to show abnormal behaviors. Researchers conclude that unusual behaviors are a side effect from the new drug. The director of Chunha Group Jang Ryang gives an order not to let the company president Jin Shi-Hwang know about the strange side effects. Meanwhile, Hang-Woo records the strange behaviors with a video recorder attached inside of his eye glasses.

One day, one of the guys taking part in the drug test discovers the special gum on the toilet before Yoo-Bang can get there. The applicant chews the gum and leaves the bathroom. Yoo-Bang can't find the gum, but when he leaves the bathroom he sees Chief Researcher Woo-Hee chewing a piece of gum. Yoo-Bang thinks maybe she is the one leaving the gum on the toilet for him and takes the gum from her mouth and chews it. An employee spots transparent tape covering a cctv camera. The employee stops all the applicants from taking the medicine, but the employee finds an applicant chewing a piece of gum and takes the applicant in for questioning.

The medical test is stopped which prevents Yoo-Bang from stealing information on the new drug. Yoo-Bang keeps calling Ho-Hae, but Ho-Hae doesn't answer. Yoo-Bang leaves a text message that he will wait for Ho-Hae at a hotel coffee shop. Meanwhile, Yeo-Chi also meets her boyfriend at the same hotel coffee shop. Her boyfriend tells her he wants to breakup with her. Meanwhile, Yoo-Bang talks on his cellphone, while twirling a red thread around his finger. Yoo-Bang doesn't realize the red thread is from Yeo-Chi's red dress. When Yeo-Chi is about to leave the coffee shop she notices all the stares she is getting and then looks down to see her skirt becoming shorter and shorter. She follows the thread from her skirt and sees Yoo-Bang talking on his cellphone while wrapping the thread around his hand. A Christmas tree is about to fall on Yeo-Chi, but Yoo-Bang saves her by pushing her into a water fountain. In the hotel Hang-Woo is also there and watching them ... (Male Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Hit Comics #55

Comic Book: (0/0/19)

A pair of female con-artist use a fountain to trick people in paying to bath in a fake fountain of youth. (Fake Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Holy Fire

Bantam Spectra Book by Bruce Sterling (09/01/1997)

The 21st century is coming to a close, and the medical industrial complex dominates the world economy. It is a world of synthetic memory drugs, benevolent government surveillance, underground anarchists, and talking canine companions. Power is in the hands of conservative senior citizens who have watched their health and capital investments with equal care, gaining access to the latest advancements in life-extension technology. Meanwhile, the young live on the fringes of society, ekeing out a meagre survival on free, government-issued rations and a black market in stolen technological gadgetry from an earlier, less sophisticated age.

Mia Ziemann is a 94-year-old medical economist who enjoys all the benefits of her position. But a deathbed visit with a long-ago ex-lover and a chance meeting with a young bohemian dress-designer brings Mia to an awful revelation. She has lived her life with such caution that it has been totally bereft of pleasure and adventure. She has one chance to do it all over. But first she must submit herself to a radical--and painful--experimental procedure which promises to make her young again. The procedure is not without risk and her second chance at life will not come without a price. But first she will have to escape her team of medical keepers.

Hitching a ride on a plane to Europe, Mia sets out on a wild intercontinental quest in search of spiritual gratification, erotic revelation, and the thing she missed most of all: the holy fire of the creative experience. She joins a group of outlaw anarchists whose leader may be the man of her dreams...or her undoing. Worst of all, Mia will have to undergo one last radical procedure that could cost her a second life.

In Holy Fire, Bruce Sterling once again creates a unique and provocative future that deals with such timeless topics of the human condition as love, memory, science, politics, and the meaning of death. Poginant, lyrical, humorous, and often shocking, Holy Fire offers a hard unsparing look into a world that could become our own. (Possible Ar)

Speculative work about the impact of an aging population and life extension on society. Wealth and power is concentrated with the very old, leaving the young in society marginal. The main character is a very old woman who undergoes a treatment which leaves her in her early 20's, and she essentially has to start over. (Ar)

-- Visible Time

Home Improvement

TV Series: Opening Credits

Late season opening credits shows the three sons growing up.

-- Visible Time

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #11: "Honey, You're Living in the Past" (12/15/97)

the mom gets mental AR.

-- Time

Honey, I shrunk the kids

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #06: "Honey, We're Young at Heart" (11/7/98) ( Episode #207)

In a selfless effort to help the aging Mr. and Mrs. McGann, Wayne and Diane offer to transfer some of their youthful energy to the old couple through the Szalinski Zip Enhancer (patent pending). The experiment, however, works a little too well. Wayne and Diane actually speed up their aging process, while Mr. and Mrs. McGann get younger by the minute. As Wayne and Diane grow older and more senile, Amy and Nick chase after the increasingly youthful McGanns in a race against the clock to save their parent's. They finally catch the evasive kid-sized couple and bring them home just in time to reverse the process.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #20: "Honey, Growing Up Is Hard to Do!" (5/6/2000)

The son takes a aging potion to be a adult.(Big movie type theme)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Honey, We're Killing The Kids

BBC Documentary Series: Presented by Dr Kris Murrin (2005)

Each week experts use cutting-edge technology to show parents how their children may look at 40 if they don't change their lifestyle. At the end of each show viewers see an alternative morph image of the children if they stick to Kris's new lifestyle regime. (aP)

-- Greg

The Honorable Urashima Taro

Book: (01/01/1999)

A book based on a pair of Japanese fairy tales. A good portion of the book takes place under the sea, in the royal court of an ocean princess whose kingdom is besieged by a gigantic, malevolent sea scorpion. The title character is a simple fisherman who, in the beginning of the book, saves a talking turtle from a group of vicious boys tormenting it on the beach. Struck by the man's kindness, the turtle asks Urashima Taro to accompany him down to the undersea kingdom, where the turtle serves as a sort of majordomo/prime minister to the princess and her sea-creature subjects. Taro is able to slay the scorpion and save the ocean kingdom, but afterwards, missing his home, he refuses the princess' offer of spending the rest of his life in their fantastic world.

But as the Turtle ominously tells Taro just before he leaves, "in the sea, we measure time differently then men do on the earth." Taro finds out what the Turtle meant when he arrives on shore and discovers that more than 50 years have passed since he rode on the Turtle's back to the bottom of the ocean. His son, a boy when Taro left, still lives in their village, but is now old enough to have children and grandchildren of his own—Taro himself is an old, old man. When he's reunited with his son and realizes that he spent his entire life beneath the waves, Taro says that he would do it over again, that the adventure he had and the opportunity to save the undersea world he had long heard legends of was worth the sacrifice. (aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Honus & Me : A Baseball Card Adventure (Baseball Card Adventures)

Book: Novel: by Dan Gutman

...gray to blond. She grew a few inches, and the shape of her body became like an hourglass. She was turning into a young woman before my eyes. A beautiful young woman, the young woman in the photo ... She began to fade away..." (ghost AR)

-- Visible Time


PC Game:

aP of some sort.

-- Stonegate & Dragoniade

Hoshin Engi #1 [Soul Hunter]

Manga Comic Book: (02/02/2010)

Once, there were two worlds that existed on this earth. In the sky where the deities lived was the Senninkai. On the ground where, of course, the people lived was Ningenkai. In the novel adaptation by Ryu Fujisaki, Houshin Engi follows Taikoubou on his mission to rid the Ningenkai of the evil immortals that have resided there. (Immortailty)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Hourman #1

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Through the Hourglass" (04/01/1999)

Hourman arrives in the present, with a myriad of time-based powers. Some villians are turned into babies. Later on Beth is turned into a baby. (F/Ar)

Hourman #2

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Tomorrow Never Dies..." (05/01/1999)

Hourman accidently turned a woman into a baby in issue one. He must return her to normal before his power hour is up. (F/Ar,RN)

Hourman #4

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Showdown With The Lord Of Time" (07/01/1999)

Hourman ages his friend to a old man and later on ages a villian into a prenatal state. (M/aP,RN & M/Ar)

Hourman #18

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Kickin' It Old-School With The JSA" (09/01/2000)

Hourman turns Hawkgirl into a baby to save her from danger. (Minor F/Ar,RN)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Hourman #21

Comic Book: DC Comics: "It's Psycho-Therapy For Hourman" (12/01/2000)

Hourman turns his psychiatrist into a young woman after he discovers she was greedy and likes inflicting cruelty. Hourman hopes the young woman seeing the records of what her old self as done will change her to good when she reverts back to normal when the hour is up. (Minor F/Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

House Of Anubis

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #51-52: "House of Status / House of Laments" (02/13/2012)

The dollhouse tells the Sibunas the tune for the task: an ancient Egyptian song (Song of Hathor). But no one still alive has heard it... Meanwhile, Amber agrees to be the face of the school in a new commercial - despite aging in fast forward - and Mara hears that Mick has a new girlfriend and decides to make him jealous. The Sibunas are shocked as Alfie's curse accelerates. Jerome finds out that Mick doesn't really have a girlfriend, but hides the information from Mara. Meanwhile, Patricia accidentally stands Eddie up while Victor and Vera hatch a plan to steal an exhibit from the library and pin it on Sibuna. (Female aP/Male Ar, Boy to younger child)

-- JayTee

House Of Anubis

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #53-54: "House of Heists / House of Alibis" (02/14/2012)

Vera steals the ox bell from the exhibition; She escapes without getting caught, leaving Fabian framed. Meanwhile, it's Jerome's turn to babysit Alfie while Nina is forced to ask Senkhara for help with the task. Jerome and Mara's fake relationship comes to an end. Nina makes a terrifying discovery in her bedroom. Fabian's memory loss leaves him unable to give Trudy an alibi. Then he finds his note predicting Vera's theft. Can he convince Trudy? Eddie is shocked when Patricia tells him she never kissed anyone before him. And just as Nina is getting over the speed at which Amber is aging, Alfie turns into a baby... (Male Ar, Boy to baby)

-- JayTee

House Of Anubis

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #55-56: "House of Oblivion / House of Snoops" (02/15/2012)

Fabian is now unable to remember his own name - he even forgets who Nina is. Vera plants the ox bell in his room, and the Sibunas use it to complete the task, curing them all. But their celebrations are short lived as Victor and Vera hatch their plan, leaving Nina and her friends to walk into a trap. Victor and Vera's plan backfires, leaving the Sibunas to return the Ox Bell to the Library. And while Alfie, Fabian and Nina explore the next task tunnel, Patricia has to admit to her friends that she has been keeping a big secret. Patricia, Joy, Mara, and Amber must keep the secret of Victor that Piper is staying at the Anubis house. Piper moves in. Upstairs, Trudy gets closer to the truth about Vera. But has she gone too far? (Male aP, baby to Boy)

-- JayTee

House of Clocks, The (Casa del tempo, La)


A young gang of thugs break into the house of an elderly couple, terrorize, and brutally kill them. Suddenly, the clocks carefully collected and cultivated by the old man of the house begin to run backwards.


House of Dreams

Text Game (SUDS Player)

Main Character and daughter can be age regressed.

-- Jeffr_2bya

House of Many Ways

Greenwillow Book: (06/10/2008)

Twinkle appears to be a child, but really is an adult.

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

House of Mystery #36, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The Fearsome Fountain of Youth!" [National Periodical Publications] (March 1955)

Cover only (no AR or AP in story).


House of Mystery #113, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: [National Periodical Publications] "The Man Who Was Doomed By Time!" (Aug. 1961)

Spaceman must remove alien that's implanted itself on a planet, causing time changes (AP, AR, RN).


House of Mystery #159, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: National Periodical Publications

Robby Reed's Hero dial changes him to a child, one of whose 'milk bottle' weapons can regress. Really. (AR, RN)


House of Mystery #197, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: [National Periodical Publications] "Ghost Ship" (Dec)

After a encounter with The Flying Dutchman two 14-year-old boys are suddenly aged 40 years. (Male aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

House of Mystery #201, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: [National Periodical Publications] "Million-Dollar Magic" (April)

A man spends millions of dollars searching for a way to be young again. (Male Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Book Cover

House of Mystery #221

DC Comic Book: "He Who Laughs Last..." (12/30/1973)

Two circus owners murder a clown so they can get his share of the business. He comes back as a ghost to wreak his vengeance. A man is aged to death while riding a Merry-Go-Round. (Male aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

House of Mystery #223, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Upon Reflection" (March)

Vanity is a strange and potent thing. Because of it John Marsh was willing to risk damnation without a second throught. And that was pity. Because he just might have been wise enough to refuse Satan's offer... (AS)

-- Jeffr_2bya

House of Mystery #224, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: [National Periodical Publications] "House Of Endless Years" (May)

A cursed house ages anyone who enters it. (Female & Male aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

House of Mystery #239, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Day Of The Witch" (March)

Shh...Enter quietly it's...A place no mortal knows. Darkness and Glimmering shadows. The Rustle of paper and the Rustle of Leathery Wings and hushed expectant silence... (aP/Young woman to Old Woman)

-- Jeffr_2bya

House of Mystery #275, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: [National Periodical Publications] "Bugaboo" (Dec)

After a man marries a girl she ages to a old woman after a few weeks.

-- Jeffr_2bya

House of Mystery #283, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "One Last Beautiful Swindle" (Aug.)

In the afterlife a old swindler gets his young back. (Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

House of Mystery #287, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Forever Young" (12/30/1980)

Edith Du Prey trades her immortal soul for regained youth. (Female Ar)

[Reprinted in Haunted Tales #43]

-- www.comics.org

Comic Book Cover

House of Mystery #302, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: "House Odds!" (Mar. 1982)

Broke young man bets against a elderly casino owner in a special roulette game, with Death as the croupier (multiple AR & AP).


House of Secrets #83

Comic Book: : "The House of Endless Years" (01/30/1970)

Two girls, Judy and Peggy, in search of Peggy's lost brother Neal, enter an old house where lives an old hag who warns them to leave for their own good. They don't and find out that the evil house drains the life from those in it by leeching on their fear of death, condemning them to an endless eternity.

[Reprinted in in House of Mystery #224, DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #24, Welcome Back to the House Of Mystery #1, Showcase Presents: The House of Mystery #3, and Showcase Presents: The House of Secrets #1]

-- Jeffr_2bya

House of Secrets #120, The

Comic Book: DC Comics: Jun. 1974 "To Never Grow Old!"

Revenge story against corrupt business partner (AR).

How a baby grows

Book: by Arnold Gesell

A story in pictures, . Over 800 photographs arranged and interpreted with the assistance of Katherine Gesell Walden.

-- Visible Time

How Sam Grew

Book; by

Male Growth (aP)

-- Visible Time

How to Build a Human


old age - male old age AR

-- Visible Time

Howdy Doody

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: Unknown (Feb, 1957)

Chief Thunderthud's Indians were the protectors of the Fountain, but that an evil character named Prospector Pete seized it from them by filing a claim on the Indian land. Late on the Friday episode, Pete finally got around to sipping a ladle-full of the Fountain's water. According to the old guys, what happened next was several camera shots of other program characters with shock/awe looks on their faces (overdone). Then the camera provided a shot of a baby. No, the kid wasn't sitting in Pete's oversize clothes. The kid didn't even wear Pete's adult-size hat.

It was a shot of some stagehand's baby sitting in a 1950s baby carrier dressed in a snowsuit, as any mother would dress a child during a New York winter. With time running out on the show (it was broadcast live), Buffalo Bob added insult to injury by trying to wrap up the story in two sentences. He reportedly said, 'And they had to feed him frog soup to make him grow up again. So, kids, let that be a lesson to you.' apparently frog soup is a good antidote, as Pete was providing villainy again the following Monday. If anyone knows where a kinescope of this program is, I'd like to view it, if only to confirm the accuracy of the story. The fellow who related the above data brags that he never forgets anything (and he's 52).

- PixChick

Howl's Moving Castle

Anime Movie: by Hayao Miyazaki. (Fall, 2004)

An eighteen-year-old girl, Sophie, is transformed one day by the evil Witch of the Waste into an old woman. Determined to get turned back to her normal self, Sophie seeks out the help of the Wizard Howl. (old age AP)

-- Visible Time


Howl's Moving Castle

Book: by Diana Wynne Jones

Sophie Hatter reads a great deal and soon realizes that as the eldest of three daughters she is doomed to an uninteresting future. She resigns herself to making a living as a hatter and helping her younger sisters prepare to make their fortunes. But adventure seeks her out in the shop where she sis alone, dreaming over her has. The wicked Witch of the Waste, angered by "competition" in the area, turns her into a old woman, so she seeks refuge inside the strange moving castle of the wizard Howl. Howl, advertised by his apprentice as an eater of souls, lives a mad, frantic life trying to escape the curse the witch has placed on him, find the perfect girl of his dreams and end the contract he and his fire demon have entered. Sophie, against her best instincts and at first unaware of her own powers, falls in love. So goes this intricate, humorous and puzzling tale of fantasy and adventure which should both challenge and involve readers. Jones has created an engaging set of characters and found a new use for many of the appurtenances of fairy talesseven league boos and invisible cloaks, among others. At times, the action becomes so complex that readers may have to go back to see what actually happened, and at the end so many loose ends have to be tied up at once that it's dizzying. Yet Jones' inventiveness never fails, and her conclusion is infinitely satisfying.

-- Sara Miller

Howling II: Stirba - Werewolf Bitch (My sister is a werewolf)

Movie: (0?/0?/1985)

After countless millennia of watching, waiting and stalking, the unholy creatures known as werewolves are poised to inherit the earth. Legendary horror icon Christopher Lee faces off against lusty cult favorite Sybil Danning in this terrifying descent into a world of nightmares that turns out to be all too real! After newscaster Karen White's shocking on-screen transformation and violent death (in the original The Howling), her brother Ben (Reb Brown) is approached by Stefan Crosscoe (Lee), a mysterious man who claims that Karen has, in fact, become a werewolf. But this is the least of their worries... To save mankind, Stefan and Ben must travel to Transylvania to battle and destroy Stirba (Danning), the immortal queen of all werewolves, before she is restored to her full powers! (Female Ar)

-- Visible Time

Huckleberry Finn Novelty

Song: ((1917) chorus evokes AR))

"Huckleberry Finn/If I were Huckleberry Finn song I'd do the things he did/I'd be a kid again..."


The Hugga Bunch

Live-action/puppetry Movie: (1985 special)

A girl (Gennie James) goes into Huggaland to seek the magical apples of youth. She visits the Hugglets nursery/garden (Hugglets are baby Hugga Bunches, and the adult Huggas look like human babies, so Huggaland is like the Island of the Alive in "It's Alive! 3", but toothless). In a scary scene the witch queen gets her hand stuck underneath the glass and she turns grey. She gets about 80 years older in only a few seconds because of apple withdrawal. (old age)

-- Visible Time

Hulk #5

Zenith Publishing: Comic Book: "Beauty and The Beast" (01/01/1963)

Tyrannus stays young thanks to the Fountain of Youth. (Age Stasis )

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Hulk Hogan's Rock N' Wrestling

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #08: "Small But Mighty" (05-Oct-1985)

The Hulkster and his friends are regressed to little kids, stop some bad guys for some reason (Goonies style), and return to normal. Good AR, but lousy animation.

The Human Body

Book: "Line of age"

Each segment opens with a slow pan of a long line of humans, each representing a year of life from the Ages of 1 to 102. Also a nude, pregnant woman is filmed in profile at three-week intervals for nine months, so that, through time-lapse morphing, we see her swelling like a human soap bubble.

"Raging Teens" looks at the boiling hormonal stew of puberty through the eyes of Beatrice, a young Brit, and a group of California boys. Beatrice wishes she could just grow up overnight. (Bedroom, line-up, X-ray, photo-booth, blurry nude and park bench time lap tests)

-- Visible Time

Human Instinct

Documentary: "Deepest Desires" (live action AP scenes, not confirmed)

This shows girls stretching and swelling into women with great sound effects.

-- Visible Time

The Hunger


the controversial vampire flick, with a man (David Bowie) and his wife as yuppie vampires. Bowie stars aging mysteriously, and so his wife turns her romantic affections to Susan Sarandon in a rather infamous scene. Makes no sense, even though the aging effects are good. Mature audiences only, kids.

-- Zietgiest

Human Body, The

UK Movie: (1998) Director: Christopher Spencer

Presented by Robert Winston, 'The Human Body' takes us on a journey from birth to death using time-lapse photography, computer graphics and various state-of-the-art imaging techniques to explore every aspect, every nook and crevice of the human body in its various stages of growth, maturity and eventual decay. Conception, toddler hood, the awkward growing pains of adolescence, the incredibly complex workings of the brain (which burns up more energy than any other part of the human body, viewers of daytime TV included, apparently) and finally death are vividly depicted and explained. (aP)

-- Amazon.co.uk

Human Wife Princess

Hentai Manga Comic Book: [2007]

Couple adopts baby girl from bamboo who grows up. After sex, another baby appears. (Female APed, male APed)

-- Process

Hus (House)

USA/N Experimental short: by Inger Lise Hansen (1998)

A "live" animation that takes place in the California desert. Time-lapse trick film about time and development, about decay and growth.

-- Visible Time

The Hygienic Room

PS2 adventure game: PrincessSoft BunBun(06/2006)

The pupils who consult the hygiene teacher are changed with the medicine of magic. The study of love develops. (AR/AP)

-- YU-1

Hyper Police

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #20:

The gang get's trapped in an alternative world, where all dreams get fulfilled. Batanen changes back into a little boy and Natsumi get's her family back. But soon they both begin to forget and Batanen even starts acting like a little boy. (M/Ar)

-- Chica

Hyper Police

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #21:

The gang get's trapped in an alternative world, where all dreams get fulfilled. Batanen changes back into a little boy and Natsumi get's her family back. But soon they both begin to forget and Batanen even starts acting like a little boy. (M/Ar)

-- Chica



Book: by Dan Simmons (1999)

A takeoff on the Canterberry Tales where a group of traveler met on an interstellar flight and tell there stories. One story is of a man who is taking his daughter to a certain planet for a cure. She was is aging backwards and is now a new born infant. Both mental and physical ar.

Very sad story

-- Time

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