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Hey! My breasts have gone!
(9 years old) I lost my sock...
(5 years old) I'm afraid I can't wear this sweater any more.
(3 years old) Help me! I don't wanna be BABY!
(2 years old) But it is comfortable. I'm sleepy....
(10 month)
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Visible Time's Key
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too aP: age Progression Ar: Age regression CB: clothes burst or rip RN: return to normal ST: Soul Transfer UC: undersized clothing



Game: (2007)

Alma reverted back into a girl after death, but sometimes grows back up. (ghost ARed, AP RN AA)

-- Visible Time



(male AP) You progress not only in levels and skills, but in physical appearence as well. Your character will become "Shwarzenegger-ish" if you fight all the time, and you become skinny and tattoo covered if all you do is cast magic. Your character starts off like a teen, and matures into a full grown adult. He does not age to an old, decrepit man.

-- Visible Time

Fables #4 (Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile)

Comic Book: Vertigo: Written by Bill Willingham "Remembrance Day" (12/01/2002)

In which everyone dresses up to the nines, old stories are retold and the wolf takes a swim. (AS)

-- comics.org

Fables #87 (Fables Vol. 14: Witches )

Comic Book: Vertigo: Written by Bill Willingham "Bufkin Chapter One of Witches" (12/07/2010)

The business office got lost somewhere when Fabletown collapsed into ruins. Now Bufkin, the meek and mild flying monkey, is trapped inside with the evil witch Baba Yaga - and she's in a really bad mood. How is poor little Bufkin going to survive her tantrum? At the same time, Frau Totenkinder and the witches upstate at the Farm prepare to deal with Mister Dark down in what's left of Fabletown. (AS)

-- comics.org

Fables #88 (Fables Vol. 14: Witches)

Comic Book: : Written by Bill Willingham "Totenkinder Chapter Two of Witches" (12/07/2010)

As Bufkin and Baba Yaga battle it out, Beauty and the Beast make a startling discovery that will greatly affect their future and the entire fate of Fabletown. Only Frau Totenkinder knows the truth about the horror that is to come...and she's not exactly telling. (AS)

-- comics.org

Fables Vol. #18 (Fables #114 to #121: Cubs in Toyland)

Comic Book: Vertigo: Written by Bill Willingham (01/22/2013)

When Snow and Bigby's cub Therese receives a Christmas gift from an unknown admirer, this red plastic boat magically takes her on a journey to a desolate place known as Toyland. Will Therese be their savior? Or their destroyer? As a preteen Therese becomes queen of Toyland, where time can flow faster. Toyland becomes a beautiful realm again. Therese goes home to explain to Snow White what happened. At first Snow didn?t recognize her due to her accelerated aging. (aP)

-- Conner

Fairy legends of the French provinces

Book: Story: "The little hunchback" by Martha Ward Carey

Dying King is given some elixir of youth and restored to health.

[He gave his father some of the water which restores youth; the king became young again immediately and got up out his sick-bed. ]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Fairy Mischief

Hentai Manga: (2012)

A guy is ared into a little boy. (Male Ar)

Fairy Musketeers (Otogi-Jushi Akazukin)

Anime TV Series: Season 01 Episode 25: "The Tiny Princess" or "The Little Princess" (12/16/2006)

Snow White gets turned back into a little girl due to a magic comb and Gretel has kidnapped mini Snow White! Can Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty rescue Snow White and turn her back to her normal self even though she's so kawaii as a little girl? (Female Ar)

-- Visible Time

Fairy Oddparent's, The

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #01: "The Big Problem! / Power Mad " (30-Mar-2001)

Series is about a nerdy kid named Timmy, assisted by two lively godparent's who take anything he wishes for absolutely literally. Other cast members are Timmy's parent's and his baby-sitter, Vicky. Timmy wishes to be a grown-up, but the godparent's turn him into a middle-aged man. Since their magic can only help kids, he can't be transformed back and has every nightmare situation an adult can face (no money, bad back, etc.)

-- Taz


Fairly OddParents, The

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #04: "Apartnership"

On their anniversary, the Fairly Oddparents have an argument and Cosmo returns to their native land. Wanda follows him to his mother's house and continues the argument. At one point Cosmo yells, "I am not a mam's boy!" Wanda waves her wand and replies, "You are now!" Cosmo turns into a baby, wearing diapers and a baby bonnet and sucking on a pacifier. Then the last part of Wanda's spell takes effect and... well, let's just say it was a good thing Cosmo was wearing diapers.

-- by Cobe

Fairy Oddparent's, The

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #04: "Action Packed"

The big nasty fairy steals all of the fairies magic and they all turn so old they turn into dust.

-- Taz

Fairy Oddparent's, The

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #18: "Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad / Knighty Knight" (06-Sep-2002)

Main plot in this episode is Timmy and his godparent's are going back to the middle Ages. At the beginning of this episode the male godparent't misunderstands Timmy and changes himself into a middle age looking man. (Minor aP, but thought I report it anyway.)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Fairy Oddparent's, The

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #17: "Totally Spaced Out / The Switch Glitch" (12-Jul-2002)

Timmy is upset because he is stuck with Vicky again for the day and of course she is forcing him to do her chores. I did not see the part but I figure he wishes that she was the kid and he was baby sitter. The scene I saw was when she was on the couch as usual and she begins to shrink into a 5 yr old. Timmy stays the same but he then treats her the same way she did. She has no memory of being 16 or being evil. Later in the episode Vicky gets Timmy's godparent's because she needs them the more. The rest of the episode she does what he used to do her. Of course at the end he gets them back, they don't show her turn back, instead at the end Timmy lets Little Vicky have a fun day and says that if Vicky was not his baby-sitter he wouldn't have godparent's since they are given to miserable kids.


Fairly OddParents

Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #17: "Chip Off the Old Chip" (Friday November 21, 2003)

The school's director is doing a play and needs the kid with the best voice to be in the play, Timmy feels that his voice won't work so he wishes he had Chips voice and all attention goes to Timmy and not Chip. There is a little ar/ap when Chip starts singing.

-- Jeffr_2bya


Fairly OddParents, The

Cartoon Series: Season 04; Episode #06: Baby Face/Mr. Right

Baby Face - Actually Timmy wishes to become a baby to get away Francais while staying at that play center he was sent too in 'Totally Spaces out' (I forgot the name.) The problem is that because Timmy is now a baby, Cosmo and Wanda can't understand him because he keeps talking baby talk all the time.

Mr. Right - Timmy tried to win the heart of his one true love, Trixie by wishing that he was the funniest guy on Earth but when he finds out that Cosmo's man eating plant he gave her is going to eat her at 12 midnight he tried to un-wish his wish but Wanda and Cosmo is too busy laughing to take Timmy seriously.

-- Tazz

Fairy Oddparent's, The

Cartoon TV Series: Season 05; Episode #01: "Love at First Height" (2004)

Timmy wishes to be 16 to go on a roller coaster and Vicky falls in love with him. Timmy AP's out of his clothes and grows muscular. (male AP, CB)

-- Furvect

Fairy Oddparent's, The

Cartoon TV Series: Season 05; Episode #02: "Go Young, West Man" (2004)

Timmy wishes Adam west could be a kid again, because he never had a childhood.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Fairly Odd Parents

Cartoon Series: Season 05: Episode #04: "Teeth for Two"

Timmy's tooth is loosed. The Tooth Fairy sees that Jorgen was trying pull Timmy's tooth out, and she gets mad at him. Now, his only friends are Cosmo and Wanda. (aP)

-- Stonegate & Dragonaide

Fairy Oddparent's, The

Season 07: Episode #11: "Wishy Washy" (08/14/2008)

Timmy's wish for a magical car wash that rejuvenates anything that goes through it so his father can restore his beloved Striker Z sports car, but fossils of dinosuars and cavemen also go through it causing them to come back to life and run amok in Dimmsdale, as do Cosmo and Wanda, turning them into rebellious teenagers.

-- RomeGirl8696

Fairy Oddparent's, The

Season 07: Episode #11: "Poof's Playdate" (08/14/2008)

Timmy wishes for some fairy babies to play with lonely Poof, turning Cosmo, Wanda, Jorgen, the Tooth Fairy, Juandisimo, and Cupid into fairy babies.

-- RomeGirl8696

Fairy Oddparent's, The

Cartoon TV Movie: 3rd Movie: "Channel Chasers" (July 23, 2004)

A Tom and Jerry like one with the Timmys and Wanda and Cosmo as mice run away from a cat version of Vicky, a loony tunes style channel, a simpsons show "This show makes all the adults even dumber". Then in the final batttle they battle with remotes that control what goes around the show and the themselves. Adult Timmy was defeated on the channel before so Timmy uses the remote to age himself to become future Timmy, he goes 10-13-16-18-20. But at 20 he forgot about everything from Wanda and Cosmo and the adventure and the fary people told Wanda and Cosmo that Timmy is to old to have god parents so Wanda and Cosmo try to turn Timmy back but end up turning him into a baby(like the on in Baby face) but he is mentally a baby as well, he sucks on the remotes and makes a messy in his diaper but he turns back in less then a minute :why do my pants smell". They defeat Vicky, and they show the future with adult Timmy with his kids and by the looks of it he married Toodi(vicki's anoying little sister) due to the girl has her glasses and the boy has black hair. It ends with a robo Vicki watching them and Wanda and Cosmo watching on "Like father like son"

-- Tazz

The Fairytaler

Danish Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #17-#18: "The Snow Queen" (2004)

t happened when the girl was trying to escape the magic garden, and when she got out she was older, making her dress look smaller. This was because while time stopped for her in the garden, years went by outside. (excellent limited preteen to teen APed)

-- Teknoman01


The Fallen Fortress (Forgotten Realms: The Cleric Quintet, Book 4)

Book: R. A. Salvatore ()

The war rages on. Cadderly, scholar-priest of the Edificant Library, leads the combined forces of Caradoon and Shilmista forest against Castle Trinity, stronghold of his enemy Aballister. But another mission calls him on a journey leading into the past. A past he would just as soon forget. (Dragon Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Family Guy

TV Series; Season 02; Episode #11: "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bucks"

The family takes Peter(Father) to a carnival for his birthday. He says buy it makes me feel like a kid without knowing that i would turn out a fat person and while saying this he is a kid but only for 5 sEconds. All he clothes are giant as well.

-- Tazz

Family Guy

TV Cartoon Series: Season 10; Episode #13: "Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream" (02/12/2012)

James Woods was restored to full vigor after stealing the adult youth of a teenager. (old age)

-- Visible Time

Family Guy

TV Series: Season 11; Episode #03: "Yug Ylimaf" (11/11/2012)

When Brian uses Stewie's time machine to impress women he meets at bars, he accidentally causes time to run in reverse causing serious consequences for Stewie. So the two must work together to set things right before Stewie is “unborn.” (Male Ar)

-- Tazz

Family Matters

TV Series; (TBS)

Mama Winslow (the little old lady) had a dream that she entered Urkel's transformation chamber and came out as a very hot 20-something. Sadly, I don't know when it will be rebroadcast.

-- Orion Pax

Family Portrait

Music Video: by Pink (2002)

Pink and a younger version of herself.

-- Visible Time

Famous Fantastic Mysteries Vol. IV

Magazine: Number #06 "Elixir of Hate" (10/30/1942)

A man grows younger and younger. (Male Ar)

[No Reprint is Known at This Time]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Fanboy and Chum Chum

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #5: "Crib Notes" (08/27/2011)

Kyle's spell to cheat on his Milkweed Admittance test turns him into a baby. And that makes Fanboy and Chum Chum the babysitters!

-- Jeffr_2bya

Fancy Lala

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01?; Episode #14: "Omocha no Kuni no Miho (Miho of the Land of Toys)" (1998)

(dream sequences AR) Pigu and Mogu tell 9 year old Miho to transform, as Lala has to go to work. After changing into Lala's clothes, Miho transforms herself to 15 years old. But then she suddenly faints. As Lala falls to the floor, she automatically transforms back to Miho (as well as the clothes disappearing). Chista opens the door just when Miho (probably naked) crashes to the ground. In the following fever sequences Miho is around 3 years old.

-- Visible Time

Fancy Lala

Movie: Vol. 01: "A Star Is Born!"

Miho Shinohara is an ordinary third grader who dreams of bEcoming a famous cartoonist--until she meets a mysterious man from the future and two cute dinosaur-fairies, Pigu and Mogu. The fairies give Miho the magic to transform into a lovely 15-year-old version of herself: Fancy Lala.

-- Charlets Solomon

Fancy Lala

Movie: Vol. 02: "Sharing the Spotlight"

From Studio Pierrot (Kimagure Orange Road, Fushigi Yuugi, and I Wanna Be an Angel) and character designs by famed illustrator, Akemi Takada (Kimagure Orange Road, Patlabor) - Fancy Lala is a fun filled adventure for girls who just want to grow up and have fun! When junior high school girl Miho is given the power to transform herself into the pop star, Lala - the world had better watch out! Life can be pretty scary as a star, but Miho can handle it - boys, concerts, and shopping! What more can a girl ask for?!

-- Jeffr_2bya

Fancy Lala

Movie: Vol. 03: "Taking Center Stage"

The boundaries of reality grow increasingly tenuous in the adventures of Miho Shinohara, the third-grader with the magical power to transform herself into glamorous 15-year-old Fancy Lala. In "Who Are You," Miho stumbles into an eerie alternate world distorted by "the Memories of Time," where her family doesn't rEcognize her. A discarded teddy bear triggers an elaborate dream that combines elements of The Wizard of Oz, Babes in Toyland, and The Nutcracker in "Miho in Toyland." Lala is hounded by the press when a tabloid suggests that she and pop star Hiroya are lovers (and Japanese tabloids are apparently much tamer than their Western counterparts). When Lala learns about baseball from handsome athlete Hoshizawa, Miho tests the knowledge to help Taro and the school team end a losing streak. Fancy Lala offers girls a fantasy-adventure that's wholesome without being sarcastic or smart. (Rated 7 and older: suitable for all Ages)

-- Charlets Solomon

Fancy Lala

Movie: Vol. 04: "Double Duty"

Third-grader Miho Shinohara has some problems with the trains when she visits her grandparent's in the country. She finally reaches their village and discovers that Soichiro, the boy who teased her three years earlier, has grown into a polite and handsome junior high school athlete. Her "dinosaur-fairies" Pigu and Mogu cause a their usual ruckus in the countryside. Miho transforms into 15-year-old Fancy Lala and co-anchors a TV show about the local "water imp" (actually a kappa, a dangerous water spirit in Japanese folklore) with heartthrob Hiroya. As Lala, Miho learns that Shoichiro's girlfriend Haruka lives next door to him and that he used to be as obnoxious as Taro, the boy who lives next door to Miho. These parallels offer the heroine a possible vision of her own future, and suggests that Lala is helping her grow up. (Rated 7 and older: suitable for all Ages)

-- Charlets Solomon

Fancy Lala

Movie: Vol. 05: "Rise to Stardom"

The first two episodes in this collection focus on third-grader Miho's relationships with her family. Continuing the time-travel theme from episode #16, Miho watches the way her older sister Chista treated her years ago. Emotional complications arise when 15-year-old Fancy Lala is booked on a TV show produced by her mother. As Lala, Miho learns that her mother's perfectionism has earned her the nickname of "she-devil." Switching identities enables Miho to resolve her feelings about her mother's career and improve their relationship. In the weakest story, a pair of obnoxious twins spy on Miho and almost discover Lala's true identity. Miho outwits them with some help from the "dinosaur-fairies" Pigu and Mogu, but Sayaka and Asuka Futasugi sound like Team Rocket in Pokémon when they speak in unison. (Rated 7 and older: suitable for all Ages)

-- Charlets Solomon

Fancy Lala

Movie: Vol. 06: "A Passing Dream"

Just when Miho thought she’s experienced it all, she finds out that her pretty sister might cheat on her boyfriend, and Lyrical Production informs her that Lala will be having her first concert! There’s also a rumor that having the first concert too early in one’s career can have a negative influence on the star. Will she survive the negative criticisms - not to mention the tough dance training? And what would happen if she lost her magic sketchbook and pen? Expect the unexpected until the very end!

-- Charlets Solomon

Fantastic Four #30

Marvel Comic Book: "The Dreaded Diablo" (Sep, 1964)

Immortality elixir used by the evil alchemist Diablo.

-- John Kaminski

Fantastic Four #206 (1st series)

Comic Book: Marvel Comics Group: "Death of...the Fantastic Four!" (May 1979)

Reed, Sue & Ben are effected by Skrull's aging ray (AP, RN).


Fantastic Four #212 (1st series)

Comic Book: Marvel Comics Group: "Battle of the Titans!"

Skrull's aging ray as started to effect Reed, Sue & Ben (AP).


Fantastic Four #213 (1st series)

Comic Book: Marvel Comics Group: "In Final Battle!"

Reed, Sue & Ben are in their old age. (AP).


Fantastic Four #214 (1st series)

Comic Book: Marvel Comics Group: "...And Then There Was One!" (Jan. 1980)

Reed, Sue & Ben succumb to a slow-acting Skrull aging ray (AP, RN). NOTE: This is the finale to the AP, which began in issue #206 (May 1979).


Fantastic Four #245 (1st series)

Comic Book: Marvel Comics: "Childhood's End!" (1980?)

Franklin Richards' powers enable him to obey to the letter when instructed to "grow up" (AP).

Fantastic Four World's Greatest Heroes

Cartoon TV Series: Season 01; Episode #23: "Johnny Storm And The Potion Of Fire" (10/13/2007)

After exposure to a potion during a battle with the alchemist Diablo, Johnny finds his powers greatly increased -- and his personality turning evil. At the end of the episode they defeat Diablo and Diablo ages into a old man. (Male Ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Fantastic Journey

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #09: "Riddles" (04/21/1977) NBC

A mysterious rider comes to the travelers with a riddle. The riddle tells of a stone which is a key to lead them home to Eviland. He says to follow the runner Kedryn for he will lead them to the house below and in a hall of echoes they will find the stone. But be warned. "Nearing you see with other eyes in holding things alter shape and size in giving you win the prize". The rider then quickly leaves just as they see a man running. Fred and Varian take chase. During this chase, Kedryn makes a rock slide happen with his mind. The chase leads to a house in a valley (the house below). They go back for the others and bring them to the house where Kedryn and Krysta welcome them. During dinner, a storm starts outside and when the lightning strikes, Scott sees an old man where Kedryn is sitting. He is unsettled and later tells the others what he has seen (approaching seeing with other eyes). The next day, Willoway plays sick. While Fred and Scott keep Kedryn and Krysta away from the house horse back riding, Varian and Willoway search the house and grounds. They all find their way to the hall of echoes: Scott and Fred when Scott's horse is spooked (Kedryn's doing); Willoway through a passage in the house; and Varian through a trap door in an out building. Willoway finds the stone but get's sealed in a block of ice. Fred and Scott meet up with Varian and they send Scott back to the house to look for Willoway. He doesn't find Willoway but finds that everything in the house has aged 50 years (in holding alter shape and size). Fred and Varian find Willoway in the block of ice and Varian uses his healing tool to thaw him out. They rush back to the house to find Scott and are amazed to find the state of the place. As they pack up their things, they each find themselves in their own nightmares. Varian realizes what's happening and yells to the others that it isn't real and to think only of each other to break the spell. It works and they leave the house. On the way out they meet the old Kedryn and Krysta and are told that the stone has given them the illusion of youth for that is what the people of their land valued most. But the travelers made them see that what they had now was real and when Varian offered them the stone back, Kedryn refused, saying it was their now (in giving you win the prize).

-- ARthur

Fantastic Journey

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #10: "Innocent Prey" (06/16/1977) NBC

It was probably the first AR story I remember seeing. The series was about a group of people stranded in the Bermuda Triangle, where time and space are a jumble. They form a family unit that included Roddy McDowell as a Doctor Smith stand-in trying to hinder the good guys for his selfish reasons. In the episode that ran March 24, 1977, a space ship transporting a criminal crash lands in the Bermuda Triangle. The two guards are killed, but the convicted murderer escapes. He terrorizes a colony in the Triangle populated by very innocent people (men in long white robes, women in white mini-skirts; all derivative of the Thermians in Galaxy Quest) who get everything they need from a glowing orb operated by their leader.

The criminal decides he wants the orb to use to commit additional crimes, kill off enemies, and feed all his pleasures. The colony protests. The criminal kills the leader's teenage son in an attempt to steal the orb, which is repelled by the regular cast of this series. The colony's people will not raise their fists in rage. In the end, the leader decides to give the orb to the criminal. On touching it, it blasts him to the ground and which watch him go through five stages of becoming younger (his shirt remains adult size). He ends up a baby, whom the mini-skirted women coo. It seems that to operate the orb, one must be totally innocent, and the only way to criminal could be made that innocent was to rewind his life. The leader tells the regular characters he will raise the regressed criminal to replace his son. Okay, that's what I remember, but the date came from checking old TV mags on microfilm in the library.

-- ARthur

Fantastici Quattro I #69

Comic Book: Editoriale Corno: "To Live Forever!" by Stan Lee (11/27/1973)

In a future where capital punishment has been abolished, the maximum sentence is 90 years imprisonment. A brilliant scientist decides to find a way to make himself immortal, so he may commit crimes with impunity, but turns himself into a rock.

[Reprinted from Journey Into Mystery v1 #103]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Fantasy Island 1998

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #08: "Handyman" (12/12/98)

The man had come to Fantasy Island to complain that because his fiancee had visited the island, she left him to move to New York to pursue a career as a dancer. The man is described as someone who couldn't hold a job, was a real screw-up, who lived over his parent't's garage and blamed everyone else for his misfortune. His badgering of Mr. Roarke (Malcolm McDoewell in this version) got an exasperated Mr. Roarke to give him his fantasy, a life in which he had no responsibilities and everyone else will do everything for him. The next scene pans the beds of newborns in a maternity ward and stops on the one with the man's name on it, and we see Mr. Roarke grinning back through the window. (cut(no more then a 2 sentences of dialog))

- ARthur

Fantasy Island

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #21: "Fountain Of Youth"/"Yesterday's Love" (3/17/79)

An old man on the verge of death hires a soldier of fortune to take him to the fountain of youth and after 35 years of marriage, a couple on the brink of divorce are sent to rekindle their love.

Fantasy Island

TV Series: Season 04; Episode #13: "The Man From Yesterday"/"World's Most Desirable Woman" (1/31/81)

42 yr.. old woman tests Fantasy Island to become young again (21yrs old) and then to break her soon to be Ex husbands's heart (He doesn't know she is his rejuvenated wife but she reminds him of her with the 'uncanny' resemblance)

-- Time

Fantasy Island

TV Series: Season 06; Episode #16: Eternal Flame / A Date with Burt (3/5/83)

A couple search for the fountain of youth and a file clerk from Salem, Oregon wishes to have a date with a movie star.


TV Series: Season 02; Episode #02: "Vitas Mortis" (3/24/00)

Rumors abound about an old Luxan named Nilaam. D'Argo is determined to find her. With the notable exception of Aeryn Sun and the Peacekeepers, instances of Moya's crew encountering members of their own race in the Uncharted Territories are so rare that each one warrants further exploration. At the very least, D'Argo could commune with one of his own people. Also, it is possible that this Luxan might protests vitally needed maps. The rumors about Nilaam has left out one important fact however: she is an Orican. These legendary Luxan holy women are revered throughout the Territories for their spiritual powers. But, despite all her mystical strength, the aged Nilaam is on the verge of death when D'Argo, Zhaan, and Crichton find her. She wants a fellow Luxan to assist her in her traditional "Ritual of Passing" to impart the additional life energy she needs in making her final ascension to a higher plane. For D'Argo this is the highest honor that a Luxan could receive and, after Nilaam's somewhat invasive interview of him, the ritual is performed. The ceremony has some unexpected results though. Instead of dying, the opposite occurs and Nilaam is rejuvenated. D'Argo, she says, is bursting with life energy; enough to perform the "Ritual of Renewal" instead of the "Ritual of Passing." Now she is completely transformed and can continue her life as a young, powerful, vibrant Orican. As thanks, Nilaam offers to use her immense spiritual abilities to assist D'Argo and the rest of Moya's crew in realizing all our wishes. The Leviathan's systems had mysteriously begun failing. Her amnexus fluid was freezing. Tremors were occurring on all her tiers. Her hull was starting to degenerate. Even Nilaam's awesome powers could not improve Moya's rapidly deteriorating health. In fact, the more the Luxan holy woman tries to help, the worse the Leviathan's condition got. Unless someone quickly figures out what is wrong, Nilaam's spiritual 'healing' could decay Moya's body beyond all repair.



TV Series: Season 02; Episode #16: "The Locket" (8/25/00)

Aeryn, while in an alternate dimension, has lived and aged 55 years in what is but a short time for the crew when she returns.


Far Side Comics

Comic Strip by Gary Larson

Young man gets hit by the old age truck.

-- Jeff

Fast Forward

SciFi Show: Exposure: (12/01/2006)

13 year old girl puts on magic age progression ring. When she looks in the mirror, she has turned into a 20 year old, still wearing oversized shirt, loose jeans, and sneakers. Her breasts grew about 2 cup sizes. Then her hair looks haggard. She tries to remove the ring but has become middle aged. Finally, we see the lifeless AA-clad body of an old woman from behind. The old woman who owned the ring then uses it to steal the girl's youth and becomes a young adult again. (AP, old age, AR)

-- Entropic

The Fat Spy

Movie: (1966)

Joseph Cates (Who Killed Teddy Bear?) directed this insipid, widely reviled musical-comedy featuring heavyset comedian Jack E. Leonard in his leaden screen debut as twins Irving and Herman. The plot concerns some teenagers searching for treasure on a tropical island owned by a cosmetics tycoon (Brian Donlevy). His daughter (Jayne Mansfield, a year before her death) heaves her bosom a great deal and sings (badly). The best singing is done by lead teen Jordan Christopher, making his own screen debut with some promising numbers backed by the Wild Ones. There are a number of subplots involving spies, mermaids, and the legendary Fountain of Youth, as well as some amusing interplay between Leonard and Phyllis Diller to keep things interesting. Woman and man eat the spotted black rose to regain their youth only to end up as kindergartners. (M,F/Ar)

-- Robert Firsching

A Fate Totally Worse Then Death


'A fate totally worse than death', mentioned in an earlier post by someone is perhaps the greatest piece of mainstream AP literature I have ever read. Do not be scared away by the fact that is categorized as 'young adult' It has a very dark humor to it that steers away from the 'silliness' of most young adult books I remember reading when I was younger. But it is very easy to read probably only taking an afternoon to read. The characters are so historically funny that I’ve had several friends of mine read it. Also there sort of an infantilist bit in it, one of the girls loses control of her bladder forcing her to wear adult diapers. The book very much felt like I was reading something off this board, and if Paul Fleischman isn't on here already I think someone should tell him about because I bet he'd love this board. Anyway you can pick up the book at amazon.com and most bookstores should be able to order it. And if your a fan of AP I say pick it up ASAP.

- -Chrono Eclipse

Fatman The Human Flying Saucer #2

Comic Book: "Mystery of the Moon Witch" (Lightning Comics -- Jun. 1967 )

Fatman's nemesis, Brainman, is a Martian whose weakness is water. Being drenched turns him into Brainbaby, until he dries out (AR, RN).


Faun & Games

Book: by Piers Anthony

Piers Anthony's most exceptional Xanth adventure ever reveals wnodrous new worlds of mirth and magic! The miraculous and mirth-filled land of Xanth holds many marvels. But now an extraordinary new aspect of this remarkable realm unfolds as young Forrest Faun's quest takes him to a tiny planet hidden in the heart of Xanth. There, with a delightful "day mare" as his constant companion, Forrest will find more marvels then he ever dreamed of. (Ar/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya



The original - man sells soul for youth. (re-adapted in may forms over the centuries)


Favorite Story

syndicated program Vice Versa: (1955)

a stockbroker father played by Adolphe Menjou receiving a crystal orb from India that supposedly grants one wish per person. While holding the orb, the broker's son enters his office to complain about being sent back to a boys' boarding school. The father gives him a lecture that ends, 'I wish I was a boy again and had the opportunity to go to such a fine school.' The father turns into a boy. He hands the orb to his son and asks him to wish him back to normal, but the son wishes to be a grown-up, then has his dad bundled off to the boarding school. The father gets the worst of the deal. He complains of being forced to wear only short pans, and gets caned twice by the headmaster for engaging in his favorite adult activities, smoking cigars and drinking brandy.

The grown-up son over-indulges in treats like ice cream, and shifts his dad's investments from steel mills and coal mines to toy manufacturers. In the end, the father has his secretary use the orb to return both to normal, but only after she blackmails him into doubling her salary. The changes in age are done strictly by changing camera angles in which new actors in age-appropriate clothing replace the old. The father and son retain the same voices throughout, which leads some to believe their mismatched voices to be the sign of a bad cold and force them to take a foul-tasting medicine.

- PixChick

Fear # 1

Comic Book: "What Was the Strange Power of Simon Drudd?!! " [Reprinted from Tales to Astonish # 10] (?)

The elderly Simon Drudd was a chemist trying to create a “youth serum”. Using all sources, from the legendary formulas of the ancients to the most modern medical findings, Drudd, and his assistant Bentley, struggled onward, despite the growing ridicule from colleagues and the public. One day, Drudd cried out in triumph that he finally had the correct chemical formula. Drudd ordered Bentley, at gunpoint, into the freezer. Drudd then revealed that he always intended to use the formula only on himself for his own selfish protests; planning to take the serum every twenty years, he planned to become immortal. Drudd drank the serum, bEcoming younger and younger. From old man, to young man, to teenager, to boy, to infant, Drudd continued getting younger. The police arrived and freed Bentley from the freezer; going into the lab, they found an empty pile of clothes, the only thing remaining of Simon Drudd.

Comment: Speculation - Drudd’s “youth serum” may have been an unstable variant of the immortality elixir used by the evil alchemist Diablo, first mentioned in Fantastic Four # 30.

-- John Kaminski

Fear #6

Comic Book: "The Black Ray" & "The Midnight Monster" (?)

"The Black Ray": A man travels back in time to become the riches man in history. [Printed from: Journey Into Mystery v1 #66]

"The Midnight Monster": A rich, handsome, but totally evil scientist created an immortality serum and drank it; he was instantly transformed into an ugly, monstrous, gray-skinned hulk. Seeking revenge upon the world, he went on a path of destruction until he was tricked by the Army into falling down the world's deepest hole. (AS) [Printed from: Journey Into Mystery v1. #79]

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Fear


a group of kids are stalked by a wooden dummy who knows their worst fears. One girl is afraid of growing old, so the wooden dummy makes her into an old woman. This is accomplished by fading the young actress out and replacing her with a poorly-made up stand-in. Extremely lame, and her fate is never revealed after that split-sEcond shot. Don't even bother with this one...the movie stinks too. Not rEcommended at all.


Feast of Demons

Book by William Morrison

Some men use maxwell's demons to become younger and older.

-- Brat

The Feline Wizard

Book: by Christopher Stasheff (12/30/1962)

A woman is changed into a baby by brownies to be care for by pair of woodcutters.

[She changed back into a baby]

-- Jeffr_2bya


Felix the Cat

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #10: "Felix Wakes Up" (9/15/1922 - silent)

After falling asleep on his way home from the nightclub, Felix dreams of meeting a doctor who's distributing a fantastic youth tonic. Upon taking the tonic, Felix heads to the jungle to capture a lion.

Felix the Cat

Cartoon Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: Baby-sitter

In the package of 'Felix the Cat' cartoons made in 1960-62 for TV syndication by Joe Oriolo, there is an episode called 'Baby-sitter.' In it, Felix is hired by his adversary in this series of toons, Professor Nutmeg, to baby-sit his brainy nephew Point Dexter. The instructions are that Point Dexter is to be in bed by 8:00. But Point dexter wants to continue working in his little lab. He makes a robot and programs it to be Felix's baby-sitter. It captures Felix, pus him in a baby bonnet, feeds him a baby bottle, burps him, then repeatedly tries to put Felix to bed. But Felix keeps escaping. So Point dexter decides to quiet Felix by force feeding him a pill that turns him into a baby. Half his normal size, baby Felix proves harder to control than when he was full grown. In a massive chase, the crawling baby wrecks Point Dexter's lab and robot. This all leaves Point dexter so tired, he falls asleep in his bed, to the delight of the returning Professor. Felix is restored to normal age by crawling into his Bag of Tricks and emerging his full-grown self in a second.

- PixChick

Felix the Cat

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #19: "Youth Water" (09/26/1960)

After twenty years, Felix is back! And now, he has a bag of tricks. This bag is the what the Professor and his assistant Rock Bottom are after, but Felix never fails in foiling them. [1960-1961 Shorts]


Femforce #3

Comic Book: AC Comics (12/30/1990)

Back in her Everglades sanctuary, Nightveil ponders her return to the outside world while Ms.Victory and She-Cat accept Tara's invitation to unwind on Jungle Island after their Amazon adventure. On their arrival, Janis tells Tara that some of the island's big cats have been poached. Unknown to them, the poacher is Randall Crowley, a young Oceanus One scientist who has fled the undersea Utopia with stolen equipment, to the dismay of Comm. Faraday, Captain Freedom, and Crowley's girlfriend Riot O'Rourke. The O-1 personnel know Crowley is acting on the whims of TV personality Stella Stargaze, but can't understand why. Meanwhile, Crowley's activities in Jungle Island's subterranean caverns have been detected, and the team splits up to investigate. Ms. V and Janis are attacked in the lagoon by a giant squid that overpowers Ms. V as the V-47 drug wears off. Joan is rescued by Captain Freedom and taken aboard his sub as Tara and She-Cat fight Crowley's gang in the caverns. Tara hangs onto Crowley's sub as he tries to escape, and the two are drawn into the maw of the giant squid. (Female Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Femforce #13

Comic Book: AC Comics (12/30/1990)

Colt is almost killed on Jungle Island by a She-Cat maddened by the increasing power of Sehkmet over her soul. Colt is still confused over the exact nature of She-Cat's affliction and is troubled by her announced intention to kill herself if she goes over the edge. Meanwhile, Capt. Tom Kelly visits the Burke home and tells Jen and David the secret behind Joan Wayne's long career as Ms. Victory. Jen quickly deduces that what Kelly is leading up to is for her to take Joan's place as the new Ms. Victory. Wanting nothing to do with the government, Jen throws Kelly out. Back on Jungle Island, Tara, against Janis's protests, goes to search for Rad and finds her in the Jungle Island lab safeguarding her last supply of V-45. Rad taunts Tara, breaking the jungle girl's heart by mockingly appealing to the darker side of Tara's nature. Later, Colt works back on the mainland tackling a gang of crooks when she receives some unwanted - and deadly - assistance form the Black Commando. Barton takes off, and Colt is captured by an enslaved Nightveil before she can pursue. Nightveil, still under Crimson's control, then shows up at She-Cat's apartment and captures Claudette, taking her prisoner. (Female Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Femforce #15

Comic Book: AC Comics (12/30/1990)

In the nether-realm of Alizarin Crimson, Tara awakens from a dream to the sound and image of Janis Lawson romping playfully through Crimson's fortress. She pursues the fleeing figure and runs into Colt, who is also free of her prison. Guided by a mysterious form of mental energy, Colt leads Tara to the cell where Nightveil's astral spirit is imprisoned. Crimson, who had been gloating over the fate of Dr. Pretorius at the hands of his own creations (which she controlled), spies the heroines' activity and moves to intercept. As she launches an attack on Colt and Tara, the mystical consciousness within Colt's mind leaves her and returns to its rightful owner, Nightveil. Free, and seething with vengeance, the sorceress decisively defeats Crimson and explains to Colt and Tara how she had created the image of Janis and planted the consciousness in Colt's mind that allowed she and Tara to free her. Nightveil's satisfaction turns to panic as she remembers Claudette and her imminent possession by Sehkmet. Her mystic vision sees that She-Cat has been transformed into a snarling, raging cat-beast. The young girl she menaces stands her ground and is able to help Claudette submerge the spirit of Sehkmet once again. Nightveil registers a shock of recognition when she learns that the young girl's name is Octavia.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Femforce #16

Comic Book: AC Comics (12/30/1990)

Mark, one of Claudette Meyler's students, shows up at her apartment and is brusquely rebuffed by a woman he doesn't recognize and who claims that Claudette no longer lives. The woman is actually She-Cat, transformed after her bond with Octavia Howard. Meanwhile, off Jungle Island, Nightveil comes aboard Janis and Tara's boat and tries to get Janis to open up her feelings after her recent reconciliation with Tara. They are soon joined by Colt, but as she, Tara, and Janis drive through the jungle in a jeep they are attacked by government agents who do not know that the Femforce have been cleared of the destruction of the Fremont Building. The outcome of the battle is uncertain until the odds are tipped by the unexpected arrival of the savage She-Cat. With the misunderstandings cleared up and the agents gone, She-Cat explains the nature of her bond with Octavia and why that bond will ultimately prove unstable - the youth formula Octavia developed is causing her to age backwards. Already a young child, she may not have much time left before ceasing to exist.

-- Visible Time

Femforce #23

Comic Book: AC Comics (12/30/1990)

At a top level government meeting, General Gordon plots with his staff to eliminate Rad by "untraceable means," fearing that her altered personality now poses a security risk. Capt. Tom Kelly, who objected to the plan and was thrown out of the meeting by Gordon, places an anonymous call to Colt to warn her of the plot. The Femforce agree that the only way to save Joan is to wean her off the V-45 and convince the government that she is no longer a threat. Stardust enlists the help of her old allies in the Sentinels of Justice and the two teams set out in search of Rad. Joan, meanwhile, has employed her still-formidable scientific skills to develop a youth formula she sells from the back of a health-food store she has opened. The Femforce and Sentinels track her down and a brawl erupts during which Tara and the Scorpion are severely injured. The group succeeds in cutting off Joan from her V-45 supply, weakening her enough to fall to a knockout punch from Paragon. Joan awakens in the hospital two days later, powerless but with her youth and Rad personality intact. She-Cat reaches out to her but is coldly rejected. Sorrowfully, She-Cat and Nightveil, Joan's two original comrades, slip away from the others and solemnly toast the memory of their old friend. (Female Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Femforce #24

Comic Book: AC Comics (1990)

Rad exposes several of the Femforce to a youth drug and turns the well endowed beauties into young teens. It stars off with great ar art and then turns into a fight between Rad and the other bad guys with the AR completely leaving the scene. Then in the last the pages it returns with the Femforce returning to adults and one of their female anniversaries being turned into a child.

-- Visible Time

Femforce #40

Comic Book: AC Comics (12/30/1991)

Black Commando, who continues his quest for vengeance by kidnapping the infant Octavia Howard. Later, Lady Luger offers Rad refuge form the government in return for the restoration of her youth. Joan, still unaware of the old woman's true identity, readily accepts, marking the beginning of the end of her life as Rad. (Female Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Femforce #41

Comic Book: AC Comics (12/30/1991)

In a dimension parallel to ours lies a world dominated by women and ruled by a fascist female counterpart of our world's Paragon. By a freak coincidence, scientists of both dimensions simultaneously activate dimensional transporters being tested by both Paragons. The Fem-Paragon arrives on our Earth where she discovers to her disbelief that women are still struggling to achieve full equality with men. She reacts violently, determined to impose her form of society on the world. The Femforce are called in to assist, and they arrive in Washington just after Fem-Paragon has confronted the president and launched a media blitz that soon has women rioting in the streets. The male heroes Paragon and Atoman are easily defeated, as are the Femforce, who fight in defense of their government. Even Rad, who had streaked up from Florida to protect her reputation, goes down easily, leaving only Synn to save the day. Using her illusion inducing mental powers, Synn creates the image in Fem-Paragon's mind that she has succeeded in conquering the world. In reality, she has been placed in a stasis chamber similar to the one in which Dan Barton was maintained for decades. The infant Octavia Howard regresses until she is dead.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Fiat Grande Punto

TV Car Commercial: "Boys"

Starts off with a bunch of young boys in car wearing oversized clothes. Boys step out of car and they are teenagers. Oversized clothes. (male Ar/RN)

-- Visible Time

Fiat Grande Punto

TV Car Commercial: "Girls"

Starts off with a bunch of young girls in car wearing oversized clothes that almost slip off shoulder. Girls step out of car and they are teenagers. (Female Ar/RN)

-- Visible Time

Field of Dreams


Moonlight Graham instantly Ages 50 years as he passes the chalk line that Ray Kinsella had chiseled into his Iowa cornfield.

-- Visible Time

Fierce with reality: an anthology of literature on aging

Book: by Margaret Cruikshank (08/15/2006)

A man's wife drinks from a magic spring too much and reduce to a baby.

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Fifth Galaxy Reader ED.

Book by H.L. Gold (p. 201)


-- Brat

Fifth Head of Cerberus

Book: by Gene Wolfe (2004)

The abos have the ability to shape-change. "In the bright daylight he could see fine wrinkles near her eyes; the girl was aging." He then asks her how old she is and she replies, "Twenty-one." Are the wrinkles genuine, or the result of minor shape-shifting? The same question can also be asked of Celetstine Etienne's youthful appearance. Is it real or like the acting abilities of Victor's mother, who "could talk to a man, and he would believe her a girl, a virgin, barely out of school. But then if she did not like him, she would become an old woman--a matter of the voice, the muscles of the face, the way she walked and held her hands."

-- Visible Time

Final Fantasy

Game Tactics:

(male) Guide your nation through a revolution while defending it from otherworldy forces. Turn Ramza to the age of 150, and he'll change into Sephiroth. To modify his age walk from one town to another until he changes.

-- Visible Time

Final Fantasy IV


One of your characters, Rydia, Is only 7 when she joins your party, however, when she gets accidentally swallowed by the monster Leviatan and taken to the Land of summoned monsters, She begins to age rapidly due to the difference in the flow of time there, By the time she returns to your party, she's fully grown.

-- by Rahal Stmin

Finnegan's Parish & Other Stories

Book: by John Dahlgren

Would you create a whole new world religion for a bet? What would you do if you stumbled upon the legendary fountain of youth but found – too late! – there was an unexpected side-effect? How would you react if you went for a job interview and discovered the interviewer was a bit, well, odd? Do your next-door neighbors have a secret so mystifying and enthralling that you're willing to risk your sanity to find out what it is? Filled with larger-than-life characters, unexpected twists and side-splitting satirical humor, these stories by John Dahlgren will leave you laughing, pondering and possibly outraged … and perhaps make you think twice before you next open your bathroom door... (Possible Ar)

-- Anonymous


The Fires of Heaven (The Wheel of Time Book 5)

Book By Robert Jordan (10/15/1994)

In Tel'aran'rhiod, where dreams are reality, Moghedien the Forsaken traps the hero Birgitte in the body and mindset of a toddler. (Female Ar/RN)

- Jeffr_2bya

First Five California Ad

Commercial: Public Service Announcement;

It's for the "First Five California" program. These deals with how the first five years prepares kids for the rest of their life.

A boy (darn it) is talking about how things earlier prepared him for his education and there are quick dissolves to younger boys. I think about four from teen to pre-schooler.

Sorry, it is for a program run by the state of California so it won't be showing outside the state. And no, I probably won't be able to capture it. I looked on-line and can't find it, either.

-- Capst

First Wave

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #05: "Elixir" (4/16/99) [Journal Entry 5]

Crazy Eddie tied this quatrain into the bizarre evens of May 16 in Kalkaska, Michigan. Customers say a beautiful young woman goes from 22 to 102 while doing the shimmy-shake at a local bar.

She was later identified as Miss Margaret Grant, resident of a local retirement home in town. Decided to start there. Eddie said rEcords indicated that this woman had a nephew in Anchorage, Alaska. It was time to say goodbye to Cade Foster, and hello to Ben Grant.

The home's administrator, Sarah, was quick to write off the stories of Margaret's death to the local drunks in the bar. I made myself acquainted with Margaret's friends, Patricia and Leonard, to see if they had any insight into the recent death. They were less than forthcoming, even secretive, but I was able to squeeze Leonard for some information. He pointed me towards "The Organic Source" health food store.

Leonard said the salesman promised to make them all young again.

Met Trevor Hyams at the health food store, a snake-oil salesman to the core. He was pushing a youth elixir on a group of seniors, an elixir he claimed that would magically reverse the aging process. Hyams was less than happy to pitch the potion to me.

I came back later that night and let myself in to the store. As I was taking the five-finger discount on the elixir as evidence, Hyams interrupted…and attacked. He revealed himself as an alien. I knew for sure they had come to Kalkaska.

Why would the aliens want to make the old young again? Why were they trying to exploit our need to stay young, beautiful, and strong? Maybe the aliens had plans to use the elixir after their sEcond wave invasion… for a vast labor force of perpetually young, strong, and renewable slaves.

First Wave

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #18: "Gladiator" (8/22/00 9:00 p.m.)

The Gua infiltrates the Human Genome Project to genetically engineer a super-warrior.

"On a computer screen you can see a embryo turn into a adult male."

- Jeff

Five Children and It

Book: by E. Nesbit ()

The older four get annoyed with how they have to chase their baby brother around all the time, so they wish him into a grownup. Unfortunately, he didn't learn all of the lessons associated with growing up, such as not being a total prat, and turns out to be even more annoying this way.

-- Jeffr_2bya


Flash, The

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #17: "Twin Streaks" (04/13/1991)

Barry's clone was "grown" from basic DNA to an infant, then aged into an adult all within an hour. The clone is physically perfect but emotionally it is still a child. (Male/aP)

Flash (1st series)

Comic Book: DC Comics:

Strange radiation in Blue Valley causes anyone Flash vibrates through to age quickly. First is his girlfriend, Iris West (AP). Flash purposely does the same to Iris' nephew Wally (a/k/a Kid Flash) -- (AP) -- in order to add his now adult-size strength to Flash's, enabling them to defeat the aliens responsible.

Flash V2 80-Page Giant #2

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The World's Oldest Teens" (Apr. 1999)

Homage to those 'hep' Teen Titans tales of the '60's. The four Titans and all the teens in a town are suddenly senior citizens (AP, RN). Mr. Methusaleh has been stealing their 'youthons'

Flash #157 (1st series)

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The Day Flash Aged 100 Years!"

Villain The Top apparently affects - The Flash (simulated AP, RN).


Flash, The #189

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The Death-Touch Of The Blue Ghost" (June)

A IB and Kid Flash get aged. (aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya.

Flash #193

DC Comic Book: "Captain Cold Blows His Cool" (10/16/1969)

It begins with a breakout at Central State Penitentiary, where Captain Cold helps five "old timers" escape by, get this, making them young. No explanation is given for Cold's miraculous power, which alone would make someone rich beyond any other crime they may commit, but I digress.

Cold explains that he is in love with old-time movie star Laura Lamont, who's heart he intends to win over by making her young and presenting her with magnificent gifts that he needs the ex-"old timers" to steal for him. Cold also tells us that he does not know where to find Lamont, but that Iris Allen has written an article and interview with Lamont and so he plans on getting here whereabouts from Iris.

In disguise as an estate attorney he visits Iris, explaining the Lamont has come into some big money. Iris will not tell Cold Lamont's location but agrees to pass along the information. Barry thinks the attorney looks familiar and notices him following Iris as she drives off to see Lamont. I already hate this story, but the next piece seals it for me. Barry hesitates "several seconds" before deciding to follow as the Flash and is unable to locate Iris or Cold. Horrible writing on Broome's part.

While searching though he does find some of the ex-"old timers" stealing a painting for Cold and he captures them. The next day he finds out that they have the same fingerprints as two of the old guys who recently escaped. He also finds out that there were a rash of robberies last night. Searching for clues he finds an old stump outside of town that is frozen and figures Captain Cold is behind it all. He traces the residual radiation from Captain Cold's "Cold-Gun" but it soon dissipates. He eventually picks up the radiation trail again and tracks it back to Captain Cold. Another digression here: if Flash has the ability to do this, why has he not done it in the past to quickly find and capture Captain Cold? Like I said, really bad writing by Broome.

Where was I? I yeah, Flash has found Cold but Cold hits him with an Absolute Zero Ray that blows Flash into pieces and embeds him into the wall of Cold's hideout. Cold places a picture frame around the broken Flash (this looks pretty stupid folks, which is why the Carmine Infantino cover was such a great idea). Having followed Iris the night before Cold goes to Laura Lamont's house, makes her young, takes her to his hide-out where he gives her the gifts and proposes to her. He then goes off to call a Justice of the Peace to marry them tonight, but dials Heat-Wave instead and invites him over to show him the frozen Flash.

Heat-Wave once to take on last crack at the Flash and blasts him with his Heat-Blaster, reversing the effect of Cold's gun and restoring the Flash, who quickly mops up the room with the two, now bickering, villains. Laura Lamont doesn't want to be young and uses her ability with make-up to make herself look old again and swears she will do that for the rest of her life.

Iris takes Barry by a theater where Laura sells tickets to her old movies. Later on Barry explains that while he was frozen by Captain Cold, his brain still functioned and that he concentrated on Heat-Wave and through some here-to-fore unknown and never-heard-of-again telepathic ability on Barry's part, got Cold to call Heat-Wave instead of the Justice of the Peace. (Possible Ar/aP)

-- comics.org

Flash, The

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #17: "Twin Streaks" (04/13/1991)

Barry's clone was "grown" from basic DNA to an infant, then aged into an adult all within an hour. (Male/aP)

Flash Comics #25

DC Comics: Comic Book: (01/01/1942)

Hawkman must rescue a man who has invented a youth serum that only works on animals. (Animal Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya



Vampire Novel: by Octavia Butler (2005)

The heroine is a young vampire who encounters a young man, whom she bites and then beds. The sexual politics of this are really creepy, since she appears to be an 11-year-old girl (she is much older, but vampires age more slowly than humans). What proceeds is a darkly erotic story of a family and race crisis. On the way, Butler masterfully handles the moral dimension of feeding from, and becoming symbiotic with humans.(age stasis)

-- Visible Time

Flight Of The Navigator


a Kiddie flick about a kid who sleeps for around 15 years, then returns, still youthful, to his now-older parent's and brother, enlisting their help to save a talking silver spaceship from the government. Not exactly AP or AR, but a good idea nonetheless.

-- Zietgiest

Flight Volume Eight

Gold Key Comic Book: "The Black Fountain" (?)

Possible Ar/aP in this comic book.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Book Cover

Flinch #16

Vertigo Comic Book: "A Temporary Life" (01/30/2001)

Vertigo's short-lived ongoing Horror anthology. Mean of comics top names have contributed to this series. Each issue traditionally contained three short stories that normally seemed unrelated outside the fact they were Horror themed. In one short story a man lives out his life in matter of days. (Male aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Flintstone Kids: The Adventures of Captain Caveman with his son

Kids Cartoon Show: Season 01; Episode #08: "I Was A Teenage Grown-Up" (10/25/1986)

Mr. Bad uses Grown Up Gas to make kids act all grown up. It soon affects Cavey Jr. making it difficult for Captain Caveman to stop Mr. Bad. (Male Mental aP/RN)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Flintstone Kids: The Adventures of Captain Caveman with his son

Kids Cartoon Show: Season 01; Episode #14: "To Baby or Not to Baby" (12/16/1986)

Mr. Sciencedome is tired of Captain Caveman's show taking away his television viewers, so he creates a Fountain of Youth formula which turns Captain Caveman into a baby. (Male Ar/RN)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Flintstone Kids: The Adventures of Captain Caveman with his son

Kids Cartoon Show: Season 02; Episode #07: "The Big Bedrock Bully Bash" (04/10/1988)

A bully grows to giant size when Captain Cavemen tricks him into drinking the antidote he shrinks down to a shorter size then before. (Kinda Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya


Cartoon Series: Season 06; Episode #10: "The Stonefinger Caper" (11/19/65)

This is a spoof of 'Goldfinger.' Barney and Fred are mistaken for scientists, and captured by Stonefinger. The magical 'Gazoo' comes to their aid, and rescues them. Gazoo tells Stonefinger, 'You started out wrong, so you'll have to start OVER!' With a snap of his fingers, Stonefinger turns into a tiny baby. When his henchmen come running to help their boss, they get turned into babies too.

-- Time

The Flintstones and the Jetsons #3

DC Comic Book: "Big Baby Spacely" (10/01/1991)

George's Boss is ared due to a prank.

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Flossie Teacake's Fur Coat

Book: by Hunter Davies (1982)

The eponymous 10 year old longs for the fun and independence of her older brother and sister. When she puts on her sister's fur coat and does up the magical third button, she becomes the 18 year old Floz.

-- Jeffr_2bya


Animated Movie: 8 mins (2002)

Marcy Page, Chris Hinton. In a house on a hill under a looming storm cloud, a squiggly family's life unfolds at breakneck pace. Seeds explode into plants in a split-second burst. One minute a daughter's blowing out candles on a birthday cake, (forcing her breasts to sprout) and in the blink of an eye she's moving out, just as her doofus suitor makes his appearance. His finger taps a pink blob attached to a network of ganglia associated with the thrill of teenage sexuality. They kiss, thereby setting into motion a mini-Rube Goldberg organism of slurpy procreation complete with sperm, egg and umbilical cord which becomes the rope of the swing which returns us to the opening episode. (AP, flash forward)

-- Visible Time


The Flying Ferdinand (a.k.a The Flying Cestmír)

German TV Show: Season 01; Episode #01: "A Strange Device" (1984)

On the way to school happened Ferdinand Trenkel an incredible thing: he is sucked by a meteorite and is suddenly on the planet of flowers. In school he is of course too late. The teacher Knobloch believes him not a word in his defense, and as Ferdinand is also still caught cheating with a strange hearing aid, she begs his father to himself. From the planet of flowers Ferdinand has however brought two flowers. Does he at one, he can fly. He smells the other, he is growing up - and looks exactly like his father, the manager of the Institute for perfecting humanity, Mr. Trenkel. This gives the boys the opportunity to go as his own father as a teacher. He also flies at night calmly into the staff room and brings the seized hearing. Wrongly the popular teacher Philip Janda is alleged to have brought the device itself. After extensive consultation with his friends Barbara and David Ferdinand admits the offense. However, it glosses over the existence of the magic flower, because - as much as he knows eventually the adults - he knows that he would give them. And so Ferdinand is once again because as tolidreister dreamer. (Male aP)

-- Michael Binary


The Flying Ferdinand (a.k.a The Flying Cestmír)

German TV Show: Season 01; Episode #02: "The Flight into the Classroom" (09/28/1984)

The boy Ferdinand Trenkel is one morning swallowed by a meteorite, promoted him to the planet of flowers. He gets there seeds from which two flowers grow. Does he can fly on one, he, he smells the other, he will temporarily grow and looks like his father. Even Ferdinand Philipp Janda teachers visited the planet of flowers. He brings from here to seed for miracles flowers with which he hopes to improve humanity: They cure diseases, increase intelligence, increase physical strength, make gracious and return the youth. The curious barber Blecher but steals the flowers from the "Institute for the general perfection of mankind" and uses them for his own purposes. (Male Ar/RN)

-- Michael Binary


The Flying Ferdinand (a.k.a The Flying Cestmír)

German TV Show: Season 01; Episode #05: "Blechers are Crazy" (1984)

The boy Ferdinand Trenkel is one morning swallowed by a meteorite, promoted him to the planet of flowers. He gets there seeds from which two flowers grow. Does he can fly on one, he, he smells the other, he will temporarily grow and looks like his father. Even Ferdinand Philipp Janda teachers visited the planet of flowers. He brings from here to seed for miracles flowers with which he hopes to improve humanity: They cure diseases, increase intelligence, increase physical strength, make gracious and return the youth. The curious barber Blecher but steals the flowers from the "Institute for the general perfection of mankind" and uses them for his own purposes. (Male Ar/RN)

-- Michael Binary


The Flying Ferdinand (a.k.a The Flying Cestmír)

German TV Show: Season 01; Episode #11: "Finally, a Brother" (1984)

The boy Ferdinand Trenkel is one morning swallowed by a meteorite, promoted him to the planet of flowers. He gets there seeds from which two flowers grow. Does he can fly on one, he, he smells the other, he will temporarily grow and looks like his father. Even Ferdinand Philipp Janda teachers visited the planet of flowers. He brings from here to seed for miracles flowers with which he hopes to improve humanity: They cure diseases, increase intelligence, increase physical strength, make gracious and return the youth. The curious barber Blecher but steals the flowers from the "Institute for the general perfection of mankind" and uses them for his own purposes. (Male Ar)

-- Michael Binary

Folk literature of the Chamacoco Indians

Book: by Johannes Wilbert, Karin Simoneau, José de Alarcón y Cañedo (09/30/1987)

Collection of Indian stories from the Chamacoco.

[ and finally he went as well. He passed very near the tree, rubbing hard against it. He ended up looking like a baby, with the legs of a baby. But as time passed he began to grow again, and the others began to age. ]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Folk literature of the Selknam Indians: Martin Gusinde's

Book: Martin Gusinde (1975)

Boy regresses into a baby.

[The boy became the size of a suckling infant again and took his mother's breast. The following day he quickly grew as ... the Selknam nor the Haus people used the big harpoon, precisely because they lack any means of transportation. ...]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Folktales from Northern India

Book: by William Crooke, Pandit Ram Gharib Chaube, Sadhana Naithani (07/30/2006)

A old man is made young again after eating some black rice.

-- Jeffr_2bya

For When the Veil Drops

Book: Short Story: “724” by Christian A. Larsen (10/12/2012)

Linnie saw something about Owen was strange? ...from baby to eighty plus years old in a day. (Male aP/Ar)

-- Visible Time

Forbidden Tales Of Dark Mansion #6

DC Comics Inc: Comic Book: "Diary of a Dead Woman!" (1972)

A woman makes a wish to be twenty years younger. (Minor Female Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Forbidden Tales Of Dark Mansion #7

DC Comics Inc: Comic Book: "The Immortality Thieves" (1972)

Couple are ared then something goes wrong as they aged to death. (Ar/aP to old age).

-- Jeffr_2bya

Forbidden Tales Of Dark Mansion #11

DC Comics Inc: Comic Book: "Generation Gap!" (1972)

A man discovers the Fountain of Youth. The effect is different for men. (Female AS/Male aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Forbidden Worlds #6

ACG Comic Book: "Somewhere I'll Find You!" (06/01/1952)

A man is ared after he finds his lost love. (Male Ar)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #9

ACG Comic Book: "Phantom Fountain" (09/01/1952)

Age Stasis , but all are turn into monsters.

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #10

ACG Comic Book: "Strange Machine!" (10/01/1952)

A few are age progressed into old age. One woman is age regressed into a little girl then return to normal. (Ar/aP)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #14

ACG Comic Book: "The Time Destroyer" (02/01/1953)

Not exactly Ar, but a man fools with the past and when he returns to his time his fiance is 15 years younger. (Point of view Ar due to time Travel)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #34

ACG Comic Book: "Day of Reckoning!" (11/01/1954)

A man is ap into old age after learning about a invasion.

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #39

ACG Comic Book: "The Davy Crockett Mystery" (01/01/1956)

Davy Crockett drinks from the Fountain of Youth, which allows him to survive the Alamo. He lives on to fight in all American battles through World War II, where he finally dies (mild AR).

Forbidden Worlds #42

ACG Comic Book: "The Man From Ancient Greece" (04/01/1956)

A man lives for a thousand years due to a youth serum. When the man finally dies a doctor learns about the serum and takes it. Ends up as a 5-year-old boy for a thousand years. (Ap/Ar)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #52

ACG Comic Book: "The Magic Mirror" (03/01/1957)

A man uses a magic mirror to age his wife into a old hag. (aP/RN)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #54

ACG Comic Book: "The Mystic Pentagon!" (05/01/1957)

A old man switches bodies with a younger man. (ST)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #58

ACG Comic Book: "My Strange Godfather!" (09/01/1957)

A woman is Ared and sent into another dimension because of a machine. (Ar/RN)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #70

ACG Comic Book: "Beyond The Reach of Time!" (09/01/1958)

A man doesn't age then he does after each explosion he lives through.

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #75

ACG Comic Book: "Somewhere I'll Find You!" (02/01/1959)

A man is ared after he finds his lost love. (Male Ar)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #80

ACG Comic Book: "The Answer Machine" (07/01/1959)

A young boy gets smarter then a accident leaves him with a innocent mind. (Mental Ar)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #84

ACG Comic Book: "The Edge of The Sea!" & "Things to Come!" (12/01/1959)

The Edge of The Sea: A man is Ar after reuniting with his lost love. (Male Ar)

Things to Come: A man is ap as part of his punishment. (Male aP)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #99

ACG Comic Book: "Look Three Times in The Mirror" (10/01/1961)

A man gets a strong young body every time he looks in a magic mirror. He warned not to look into it more then three times. (Male Ar/aP)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #105

ACG Comic Book: "The People From Afar!" (08/01/1962)

A group of aliens use a age ray to aP them into old age.

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #107

ACG Comic Book: "The Endless Rooms!" (10/01/1962)

A man goes to hell and relives the worst parts of his life, but a hellish version of it. (Ar/aP)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #109

ACG Comic Book: "The Mirror That Stole Faces" (02/01/1963)

Slight Ar whenever someone looks into a curse mirror. (Male/Ar)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #111

ACG Comic Book: "The Water Hole!" (06/01/1963)

A man gets 30 years younger after drinking from a water hole in death valley. (Male Ar)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #118

ACG Comic Book: "The Octagonal Planet" (04/01/1964)

A group of old couples are ared after landing on a paradise planet. (Ar)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #119

ACG Comic Book: "The Girl From Bald Mountain!" (06/01/1964)

A witch ages herself tempoary to scare off a drunk. (aP)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #121

ACG Comic Book "Back To Yesterday!" (August)

A con man discovers a magic grand father clock. (Male & Female Ar/RN)

-- Pixchick

Forbidden Worlds #136

ACG Comic Book: "Where Time Stood Still!" (07/01/1966)

A man rescues a woman, but she ages to death after they fly away. (Woman aP)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #143

ACG Comic Book: "The Gift Of Beauty!" (06/01/1967)

A plain woman makes a deal with a warlock to look beautiful. The morning after she gets older looking and must buy more cream from the warlock. (Female Ar)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Forbidden Worlds #144

ACG Comic Book: "Click Click Went The Machine!" (07/01/1967)

A man uses a mind switching machine to swap bodies with a few people and even a bug. (Soul Transfer)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Book Cover

The Forest in the Hallway

Book: by Gordon Smith (11/13/2006)

The afternoon of the day before her fourteenth birthday, Beatriz comes home from school to find her parents missing without a trace. After a brief, futile search, she is shipped off from her home in Des Moines to her uncle's New York apartment, where she finds a portal to a peculiar magical land, and the starting point of an even more peculiar journey. Beatriz forms unlikely friendships with Death, a family of people with wings, assorted innkeepers, and two nameless orphans. After hair-raising encounters with a malevolent witch and her unpleasant assistants, Beatriz discovers that she has been much closer to home—and to her parents—than she initially believed. With writing rich in wordplay, literary allusions, and deadpan humor, Gordon Smith's imaginative novel introduces an original fantasy world and its resourceful visitor. Perfect for readers who love stranger-in-a-strange-land classics like The Phantom Tollbooth and Alice in Wonderland, this enchanting story is certain to earn a new place of favor on their shelves. (Possible AR)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Forever Man

Book: by George M Greider

Forever Man is a dark, contemporary action-adventure wound around the central character's journey, beginning in Boston after being laid off from his job, that leads him into the center of a conspiracy that holds both allure and danger in equal pars. He has immortality to gain, if he can only live long enough.

Forever Young


Mel Gibson is cryogenically frozen during the 50's and wakes up in the 90's, still young and searching for his now-aged girlfriend from long ago. As his search progresses, Mel Ages more and more, and when he finally finds his old girl, they are the same old age. Most of this happens at the end of the film.

-- Zietgiest

Formerly Brandewyne

Book: Novel; Jude Liebermann

In the 20th century, Brandewyne Parker is a successful businesswoman struggling with being middle-aged and single. Over the years, she has gained more weight and wrinkles than she would prefer, and an unwavering devotion to her career. With the memories and experiences of a 39-year-old woman, Brandewyne finds herself in her teenage body in the year 2078.

-- Visible Time

The Formula

Book: by Don Viecelli

The Formula is a suspense thriller that starts with a brutal murder on Ares, a large space station orbiting Mars in the year 2094. Doctor Leif Johanson and his daughter, Ingrid, have discovered the 'fountain of youth'. It's a new anti-aging drug, each vial worth $5 million denom on the black market. The drug can regenerate living cells and make anyone young again. There's just one problem. A powerful and ruthless drug producer named Ivan Hellstrom wants the discovery for himself. He tries to eliminate all those who get in his way. He murders the doctor, kidnaps Ingrid and steals the formula. One man opposes him, Homicide Detective, Jack Helms. Jack has to rescue the daughter, bring the drug producer to justice and earn a second chance at life.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Fortress of Dragons

Book: By C. J. Cherryh (03/06/2001)

The fourth volume in Cherryh's Fortress cycle finds TristenAcreated by the wizard Mauryl to combat the power-crazed, undying spirit of the dark sorcerer Hasufin HeltainAsent back to Amefel as its duke, replacing the dishonored Orien Aswydd. Orien was cast into exile with her sister, Tarien, for betraying her oaths as duchess, and for colluding with Hasufin. But now Orien and Tarien, who is eight months pregnant with King Cefwyn's bastard child, are making their way through a supernatural storm to return to Amefel. Back in the capital, Cefwyn and his foreign bride, Ninevrise, are plotting a war, which is getting complicated by their many enemies and the kingdom's dual religious practices, as well as by the general populace's distrust of Ninevrise (because they believe she subscribes to the wrong religion and suspect that she may partake in heinous magical practices). Ninevrise, meanwhile, suspects she may be pregnant with Cefwyn's legitimate heir-but the child will be born after Tarien's illegitimate baby, who is already the subject of controversy, for the vile Hasufin plans to use the first-born as his conduit. As bitter winter winds blow throughout the kingdom, Tristen must battle for the souls of two royal children, while Cefwyn wages war to protect his inheritance and that of his wife against betrayal. The Fortress series (Fortress of Owls, etc.) generally devotes more attention to politics than plot twists, and this is true here.

[Tristen gripped the boy's shoulder, then his hand, and increasingly as he walked the hand he held was smaller and smaller, ... He found himself with a newborn baby in his arms, a wizened, bloody creature with tight-clenched eyes and ...]

-- Jeffr_2bya



(1994 - short story) Set in the Roman Empire, people start growing physically younger at 40.


The Fountain

Movie: [Historical Fantasy]

Rachel Weisz, historical fantasy movie in production about search for Fountain of Youth. (possible AP/AR or Immortality?)

-- Visible Time

The Fountain Of Rhooth

Book: by Robert James Warner [Sci-Fi]

Mike Greyson is hired to search for the Fountion of Youth across the length and breadth of the universe by a power crazy tycoon, who wants to live longer. Forty-three years later, Mike finds the fountain on the planet Rhooth. He takes a bath in the fountain losing 43 years of his age, regressing to the age of 30. He notifies Marlon the tycoon, who is now 151 years old to come at once, the fountain is waiting. Marlon and his staff of doctors, nurses, and goons speed to Rhooth where Marlon takes a bath in the fountain, saving his life. Marlon's head goon Gordon Terry, and his other goons sticks up the fountain manager. Marlon stays in the fountain while all of his people take a bath, then he comes out. Marlon stayed in the fountain longer than anybody in the history of Rhooth. Marlon and his people go back to earth. Mike goes with them. There are radical changes in Marlon and his people as they regress to an earlier age, loosing their hair and teeth and old skin. Mike begins to wonder what Marlon and Terry will do with the knowledge of the fountain? Will they use the knowledge for good or evil? He doesn't know, but he becomes suspicious. Marlon and his people decide to stay in space orbiting earth until they grow new hair and teeth. Marlon sends Mike to earth to get his other spaceship for more room for the people and for supplies. Mike leaves and gets the spaceship then he decides to steal it and run to Rhooth for safety, which he does, but Marlon is watching and shoots a missile at him which narrowly misses him as he jumps into Ultra space. Marlon follows Mike but can't find him in Ultra Space, the strange space which allows quick travel through the vastness of space. Mike goes back to Rhooth and take another bath in the fountain, regressing to age ten. A few years later Victor Marlon and his goons come to Rhooth looking for Mike and lots of revenge. Marlon wants to meet with Mike. They do so in the office of Lorth, the fountain manager, who has to shoot Marlon, knocking him down to keep him from attacking Mike. At this time Marlon learns that he will not stop growing younger and smaller. He rages around in a fury so the Rhoothians kick him off of their planet. Marlon leaves and goes back to earth where he sends paid killers to seek out and kill Mike. Mike sells his space ship and buys another one and goes trading throughout the universe, he has to make a living. Mike meets a girl of about 10, new age, they go together to test their compatibility, it's good so they trade through the spaceways then they get married. In the meantime, Marlon's killers keep looking for Mike, but they never find him. Years later Marlon, his nurse, and Gordon Terry, his chief goon bring Marlon back to Rhooth. Marlon has lost most of his enormous wealth except for his space yacht. Victor Marlon is now a baby in a crib. Will he stop growing backwards? Will he begin to grow forward again? (aP/Ar)

-- Entropic

Fountain of Weird, The (Eerie, Indiana #6)

Book by Sherry Shahan

Marshall and Simon find themselves at the Old Fogey's Farm, run by Doctor Beelzebug, who has discovered a way to stop people from aging. But he tests hormones from young people to do it - and he plans for the boys to be his next donors.


The Fountain of Youth

Audio CD: Baby Yaga Records: by Keith Bilderbeck (December 2002)

Timucuan, a young man who must journey to the Fountain of Youth to save his father's life after a hunting accident. On the advice of the Wizard Okoatlee, and accompanied by his raccoon friend, Timucuan sets out to steal a magic stone belonging to Maya, the witch of the Fountain. The good deeds he performs along the way, such as rescuing a heron from alligators, are rewarded, allowing Timucuan not only to save his father, but also to foil Maya's evil plans and find love with the Wizard's daughter. This album contains 24 songs performed by a 50-piece orchestra, 11 of which feature vocal tracks. The music blends Caribbean rhythms, Native American chants, and a variety of other musical styles. The pounding chant, "Soul of the Panther," sets the tone for the story, which often deals with dark topics, such as Maya's use of ancestors' bones to create an army of undead soldiers. (Very Minor Male/Ar, Female AS)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Fountain of Youth


A poor woodcutter finds the Fountain of Youth.

The Fountain Of Youth

Book: by Randall Hurlbut

A collection of short stories. (Possible Ar)

-- Anonymous

Fountain of Youth


The legend of the Fountain of Youth is associated with the exploration of America. Tradition placed the spring that gives eternal youth somewhere in India. Ponce de León had established a colony in Puerto Rico, in the West Indies. When he was told by the Indians of a miraculous spring in a northern region called Bimini, he thought it must be the Fountain of Youth. In his search for the fountain he discovered the Bahamas and Florida. (See also Ponce de León .)

The legend was known throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. It apparently originated in northern India and was brought to Europe by travelers and merchants as early as the 7th century AD. There are references to it in early Hindu writings. In the myths of ancient Greece and Rome there was no Fountain of Youth within the reach of people on Earth, but there was a spring of immortality in the spirit world.

The Fountain of Youth in time became confused with a Semitic legend of a River of Immortal Life, to be found in paradise. Alexander the Great was said to have searched for the River of Immortality in India.

Fountain of Youth

Japanese Movie: 20 mins (1957)

A woman drinks too much and becomes a baby. It runs around 20 minutes and is cited in a major reference book about SF and fantasy films.

-- Time2

Fountain of Youth


Orson Wellets used stills and stop-motion to tell his take on the Fountain of Youth.


Fountain of Youth (Disney)

Movie: (2008)

A man who has lived for centuries after discovering a Fountain of Youth now faces the fact that his well is drying up.

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Fountains of Youth (Emortality)

Book: by Brian Stableford (05/05/2000)

When Mortimer Gray, one of the first "emortals"--humans transformed into a state of near immortality--narrowly escapes a planetary disaster that kills millions of people, he decides to undertake a massive study of the history of death--a process that carries him through 500 years of his own life. This latest novel by the author of Inherit the Earth is less a plot-driven story than a grand meditation on the state of human mortality.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Four Color #339

Dell Walt Disney's Comic Book: "Donald Duck and The Magic Fountain" (07/30/1951)

Donald and his nephews find the Fountain of Youth. (AS)

[Reprinted in O Pato Donald #118 and One Shot #339]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Four Color #1267

Disney's Comic Book: "Fountain Of Youth Goof" (11/30/1961)

Gyro Gearloose invents a youth serum. Gyro Gearloose and Uncle Scrooge are ared. (Ar/RN)

[Reprinted in One Shots #1267]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Forever Man

Book: By George Michael Greider (?)

A computer consultant working for a Boston bank discovers that some of the bank's employees are centuries-old people who have found a way to rejuvenate themselves. When the group starts killing to preserve their secret, the consultant decides to bring them to justice.

-- ?

The Fox and the Crow

Cartoon Series: "Punchy de Leon" (01/12/1950)

Fox and Crow as Spanish explorers compete to bring water from the Fountain of Youth to the King to earn a chest of jewels. They find the coin-operated Fountain, but before bestowing the jewels the King wants to see if it works, splashing himself and the 2 characters. The King is pleased to turn into a handsome young man, only to experience a second flash reducing him to a homely little boy. The 2 animals turned into little kids wearing sailor suits in a flash. At that point the only value the 3 see in a long jewel necklace is its use as a jump rope. (Male AA AR)

-- FurryAR and PixChick

The Fran That Time Forgot

Book: (03/17/2010)

Franny K. Stein didn’t think the time would ever come when someone would realize what the K in her name stood for. And she REALLY didn’t think that same someone would say her middle name in front of the whole school! But that’s what happened at the Science Fair award ceremony, and all the kids and teachers burst out laughing. So Franny does what any respectable mad scientist would do—she goes back in time to change her name. However, things don’t turn out quite as she calculated, and Franny ends up having to face her teenage self in a warped, fourth-dimensional, kid-versus-teen, good-versus-evil, Franny-versus-Franny battle of the minds! (Female Ar/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya


Frank Herbert's Dune

Movie: (2000)

Maud'Dib's little sister Alia grows at a amazing rate after she was born because her mother. The Lady Jessica takes the water of life while Alia was still in her womb. (Cus)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Frankenstein: Prodigal Son

Book: by Dean Koontz (0/0/1988)

a character is using a variety of treatments and supplements to turn back his clock. This turning back of the clock was highly desirable, of course, but he reminded himself that he could youthenize himself too far. If he reversed himself to the condition of a twenty-year-old and stayed there for a hundred years, that would be good; but if he got carried away and made himself twelve again, that would be bad. (Male Ar)

-- Capst

Frankenstein Comics #4

Prize Publication: Comic Book: "Youth Restorer" (10/01/1946)

Minor woman ar with some aP. (Female Ar/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Frankenstein Comics #11

Comic Book: Prize: "The Fountain Of Youth" (Jan-Feb 1948)

Possible Ar/ap in This Comic book

-- Jeffr_2bya

Freaky Friday


Annabel Andrews thinks she has a tough life. She's got an annoying little brother named Ben (better known as Ape Face), her mom is always after her to clean up her room, and Boris, the boy who lives upstairs, doesn't like her a bit. Annabel wishes she had her mother's much easier life--and one freaky, and hilarious, Friday, she gets it. She learns how difficult life can be when the laundry spins out of control, she sis in on a horrendous parent't/teacher conference--about herself--and to cap it all, she loses Ape Face. Here is the original body-switching story that started a Hollywood trend. 

Freaky Friday

Disney Movie (1977)

Girl and mother switch bodies - not that much exploration of the age change.

-- Visible Time


Freaky Friday

Movie: (2003)

Daughter and mother switch bodies.

-- Visible Time


TV Series: Fox TV series (2000)

Derek teams up with Adam's ex-fiancee, Chloe, and together they discover a little girl who morphs into a scary-looking feral woman who resembles Grace Jones. (AP)

-- Visible Time

Freedom 55 Financial


It had a girl talking. Then her mother bottle feeding her and in the next shot she's a baby. (Commercial was run in the State of California)

-- Seth


CGI Animated Series: Season 01; Episode: #5 "Baby BB" (08/01/64)

Baby BB Mya is working on an age reversing potion, which only works when it's exposed to a blast of pure 13th note energy during a soundclash. BB regresses to a five-year-old girl when she has some anti-ageing potion spilled on her. (Female/Ar/RN)

-- MasterCyclonis1

Freddy Vs. Jason

Movie (2003)

When Jason is fighting Freddy in the dream world Freddy finds out that Jason is terrified of water (because in the 50s he died by getting drowned when he was a kid, so he creates a small waterfall. Jason eight away freaks out and then you see Freddy walk up to Jason but now Jason in a little kid (Naked but still has the mask on) Jason stays like that for 10 minutes until he wakes up.

-- Tazz

Friday The 13th

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #04: "Cup of Time" (10/24/1987)

An antique tea cup dEcorated with "borrowers' ivy" lets the user borrow youth and talent from a victim by taking their life. A senior citizen tests the cup to reinvent herself as a young rock singer, "Lady Die," but a young girl whom the cousins befriend witnesses her kill one of her victims, and is at risk herself. (cut)

Friday the 13th

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #11: "The Sweetest Sting" (01/21/1989)

A farmer sells youth to older men. Bees from a cursed hive sting selected people. If you eat the honey from that death, a person is changed into the physical double of the murdered person. People whose lives are stolen include a young married man, a highly paid executive and the farmer selling the honey. At the end, he is about to have his bees sting the beautiful young Micki to death, and he is gloating about what an old woman would pay for that great young body! Without the honey people revert to their original bodies. (male old age to young adult AR, RNed)

-- Metamorphose.org

Friday The 13th: The TV Series

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #14: "Face of Evil"

The compact lost in last season's "Vanity's Mirror" is found by the dead girl's sister, who is now working as a make-up artist. Inadvertently, the aging starlet she works for gets hold of it, and discovers it has a new ability: by flashing light from the compact into a victim's eyes, they die a horrible, disfiguring death but the actress looks are rejuvenated. Our intrepid trio manage to get hold of it, leaving the actress to suffer all the disfigurements she inflicted on others as the curse snaps back. (cut)

Friday the 13th: The Series

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #02: "Prophesies" Part 2 (10/7/89)

Micki and Ryan get word of Jack's injury at the end of the preceding episode. They travel to Marie-Mere with Johnny Ventura to investigate and try to rEcover Lucifer's Bible. Asteroth tests the Bible to take control of Ryan, who must then kill an innocent child to fulfill the final prophecy that signifies Satan's arrival upon Earth. Ultimately, Jack recovers and he, Micki and Johnny manage to thwart Asteroth. However, the ritual turns Ryan into a 10-year old permanently. He leaves with his mother, and Johnny takes his place.

-- Spectrum Analyzer

Fringe: Tales from the Fringe #4

DC Comics: Wildstorm Comic Book: (07/22/2010)

In the first tale, Nina Sharp must choose between her arm, her life...or something even more precious. In the second story, a beautiful young woman finds her youth drained away in a matter of minutes and is willing to do anything to get it back. (Female aP/Male Ar)

-- Visible Time & April


TV Series: Season 01; Episode #02: "The Same Old Story" (09/16/2008)

Olivia, along with Peter and Walter Bishop, investigates the strange death of a woman who had an even stranger child. The woman was pregnant for only hours, yet the baby she birthed was fully developed - and also aged eighty years in the span of a few minutes. Olivia asks Nina Sharp of Massive Dynamic for help. (Ar/aP)

-- Visible Time


TV Series: Season 02; Episode #14: "The Bishop Revival" (?)

An unseen killer targets a wedding with a toxin that targets specific individuals, and Walter discovers that the case may be tied to a branch on the Bishop family tree.

-- Jeffr_2bya


TV Series: Season 03; Episode #07: "The Abducted" (11/18/2010)

On the Other Side, Olivia tries to handle a series of kidnappings with connections to Colonel Broyles, while turning to a hidden ally to find a way back home. (little girl aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

From Beyond the Unknown (Super Size #9) March 1971

National Periodical Publications -- Apr. - May 1971 -- (reprints)

Reprint from an earlier comic The Man Who Aged backwards Spaceman lands on a small planet whose radiation cause him to Ages backward Some fairly good AR and worth looking for.

From Beyond the Unknown #24

Comic Book: Charlton: "The Man Who Lived Forever" (10/30/1973)

Possible Ar/AS in This Comic book

[Reprinted from Strange Adventures #145]

-- Jeffr_2bya

From the Dust Returned


From the Dust Returned chronicles a community of eternal beings: a mummified matriarch who speaks in dust; a sleeping daughter who lives through the eyes and ears of the creatures she visits in her dreams; an uncle with wings like sea-green sails. And there is also the mortal child Timothy, the foundling son who yearns to be like those he loves: to fly, to sleep in daytime, and to live forever. Instead, his task is to witness the family's struggle with the startling possibility of its own end.

-- Roz Genessee

Fruit By The Foot Commercial

TV Commercial:

Parents age into old age while their son eats his fruit by the foot. (aP)

-- Thomas

The Fruit is Swelling (1997) 90m


Cast : Chung Chun & Wong She Key Director : Chin Man Kei

A funny tale of a blossoming 8 year old girl turned woman. The twist is her body grows and develops all within one night. First kiss, first love, first broken heart . . . this is just too much for a child trapped in a woman's body.

Alternate info on it (A little girl accidentally sees her sister making out with Internet instructor. She prays to become 18 and does . . .with a hot body but an 8 year old mind. Guys are all over her. Sex becomes exciting.)

-- Unknown

Full House

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: (dream sequence)

After removing her shoes and socks, Michelle sees her feet growing at an alarming rate. Also showed on opening credits.

-- Visible Time

Full House

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #19: "Those Better Not Be the Days" (23-Feb-1990)

In a shared hallucination, the cast visualizes themselves older. The girls are grown up, but still sleep in the same beds. (FF, discount old age makeup, aP)

-- Visible Time

Full Moon Magic

Book by Holly Warriner

(1998) Twelve-year-old Sally and her witch friend Lucinda concoct a magic youth potion for their neighbor Phoebe's grandmother, but the spell does not work in quite the way they had expected.

Full Moon Wo Sagashite

Anime: Cartoon Series: (2001)

This entire series deals with Mitsuki, a 12/13 year old girl who suddenly finds out she has one year to live from two Shinogami (grimm reapers). She decides she will no longer hesitate to do what she always wanted to do, a singing career. Thinking she would just fail, one of the Shinagami's age her 3 years (so that she is now 16/17 years old). She passes the audition, and the Takuto (one of the Shinogami's) keeps aging her for her career, and then back again for when she is at her house.

-- Kapo

Full Moon Wo Sagashite

Manga: Comic Book: (2001)

Mitsuki is turned into a 16-year old girl whenever the need arises. Thus begins the story of Mitsuki's double life as a sick and weak 12-year old girl, and as the beautiful 16-year old idol singer "Full Moon."

-- Anonymous

FullMetal Alchemist

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 04: Episode #11: "Homunculus Seal"

Ed discovers Sloth and Al at Tucker's research lab. He tries to convince Al that the Homunculus is not their mother, and not to be trusted, but Al is pretty sure that it'll be fine. So Ed has to do things his way. He reveals the pieces of his mother's corpse that he dug up in Rizenbul, stunning Sloth, and giving him a chance to seal her forever. Lust had drawn a sealing transmutation circle with her claws, so it could not be destroyed, and Ed lured Sloth into it. The deal was almost done, when Al in his infinite wisdom decided that he was going to save the homunculus, so he threw the box containing a piece of his mother out the window, thus freeing Sloth. Lust held her at bay while Ed went to get the box, but Wrath was waiting outside, and decided to absorb the box into himself so Ed couldn't get it back. More and more it became clear that the brothers would not win this battle so easily, especially with Al helping out the Homunculus. Sloth freed herself from the circle, and while Ed chased Sloth, who was now controlling Al's body from the inside, Wrath and Lust squared off. Lust is easily destroyed though, as Wrath found her locket and used it to stop her on the transmutation circle. Wrath killed Lust and headed off to find Sloth. Fortunately for the brothers, who were not in great shape at this point, Wrath was a bit inexperienced, and foolishly merged himself with Sloth. Having the box inside of him, this stopped them both and gave Ed his chance to destroy his creation, Sloth, once and for all. Wrath has a near death dream in the beginning of the episode where he becomes younger and younger. Ends up as a baby crawling toward his mother. (Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #61: "The One Who Devoured God" (06/13/2010)

Everyone closest to the center of Father's nationwide transmutation circle, including Ed's group, survives to discover that Father has used the souls of over fifty million Amestrians to suppress God within a new, youthful body. Father neutralizes everyone's alchemy, but, before he can annihilate them, Hohenheim reveals his countermeasure: he had spent years traveling the country, placing fragments of his own Philosopher's Stone into the earth to use as foundation for returning the Amestrian... less * Plot: Everyone closest to the center of Father's nationwide transmutation circle, including Ed's group, survives to discover that Father has used the souls of over fifty million Amestrians to suppress God within a new, youthful body. Father neutralizes everyone's alchemy, but, before he can annihilate them, Hohenheim reveals his countermeasure: he had spent years traveling the country, placing fragments of his own Philosopher's Stone into the earth to use as foundation for returning the Amestrian souls to their bodies. The stone fragments are activated by the eclipse's umbra, and the souls are ripped from Father's body back into their original bodies, which weakens Father to the point of barely being able to suppress God anymore. The eclipse then lifts, blinding Bradley with sunlight and allowing Scar to kill him. Scar activates the nationwide alkahestry circle his brother and fellow Ishbalans had been preparing, which restores everyone else's alchemy at their greatest potential. Facing the full strength of his opponents' attacks in his unstable body, Father retreats aboveground to find more souls and replenish his stone supply. Ed remains behind to fight Pride while everyone else chases Father. Pride tries to steal Ed's body to replace his own unstable one, but Kimblee's soul reappears within him and taunts him while Ed enters his body and destroys it, reverting him to the form of a small fetus-like creature. Ed spares Pride's life and leaves to join his friends. (Ar)

-- Visible Time

Funny Stuff #38

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The Fountain Of Youth" (10/30/1948)

Fennimore tries to sell Dunbar the Fountain of Youth. Dunbar Dodo and the Fennimore Frog Ar (Implied Ar only)

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Funshine State

Cartoon Movie: Short: "A Soda Fountain of Youth" (04/05/2006)

Ponce de Leon arrives in Florida and finds an Indian running a soda fountain. The frothy beverage he buys turns him in stages into a baby wearing oversize clothes. Ponce's parrot swallows the soda's last drop and turns into an egg. (Male/Ar)

-- Pixchick

Further Adventures of Aladdin #03

Book: by A. R. Plumb "A Small Problem" (2004)

A powerful evil sorcerer has tricked almost everyone in the palace into drinking enchanted water, and it's causing them to grow younger every minute. With the Sultan as a boy on the throne and toddlers in the palace guard, taking over Agrabah will be easy for the sorcerer--unless Aladdin and Jasmine can divine a way to pour cold water on the sorcerer's evil plans. Most of the people in the kingdom have drunk youth water and are becoming younger. Aladdin, Jasmine and who ever aren't affected must turn them back before they have a city of babies.

-- Tazz

Fushigi Yuugi

Anime Cartoon Series: Person: Tatara of The Byakko Seven (Age 110)

His Special Item/Weapon of Choice: Magical Seeds/Vines. Due to Subaru's age-regression magic, Tatara retains most of his Byakko Seven powers and appearance even into his old age. The vines he uses can be used to wrap around an opponent, trapping them in its deadly grip. Depending on the types of vines he uses, he can squeeze an opponent to death or employ the thorns on the vines to pierce an enemy. Though his physical body moves slower, his magic is just as sharp as when he was younger.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Fushigi Yuugi

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode: #42 "The Wall That Can't Be Climbed"

Keisuke and Tetsuya, still reading the book, head to Morioka in order to investigate the origins and history of the book and its previous owners. Meanwhile, Miaka's only hope of getting Tamahome back seems to be a tower that according to legend binds together couples who kiss on its roof at sunset. Setting off for the tower herself despite rumors of deadly monsters, Miaka tells Tamahome to meet her there if he has any feelings for her at all. An angry Tasuki demands to know why Tamahome let Miaka go alone, but even Tamahome's master Tokaki, and his wife Subaru fear for Miaka because of reports of not only monsters, but the Seiryu Seven! The Suzaku Seven, along with Tokaki and Subaru (former members of the Byakko Seven) take off after Miaka, but find that she is no longer at the tower. Seeing the Seiryu Seven caravan passing by from the top of the tower, Miaka decides to follow, but is captured by Nakago and Miboshi, another member of the Seiryu Seven who takes away her ability to speak, locking her up in the tower dungeon with Tatara, another member of the Byakko Seven, and, of all people Yui. (AS)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Fushigi Yuugi

Cartoon Anime Series: Season 01; Episode #44: "Transient Defense"

Miboshi, the evil sorcerer of the Seiryu Seven, has now taken control of the body of Chiriko, and the Suzaku Seven mUncle Scoorget find a way to defeat the black magic Uncle Scoorgeer without harming the young celestial warrior body he possesses. Miaka and the group, along with the now young Tokaki and Subaru, must stop the summoning of Seiryu by Yui, or else all hope may be lost. But as Soi and Nakago stand in the way to block their advance, they may arrive a little too late to stop the ceremony... (Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Fushigina Melmo

Anime TV series: DVD; Volume 01 to 05 by Tezuka Osamu (1971)

This was a TV series produced by Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd., a new company founded by Tezuka Osamu following his retirement as president of Mushi Production. More than just a sex education story, it incorporates far-reaching themes about the dignity and mysteries of life. In this story, a girl named Melmo learns the meaning of being a "woman" through countless adventures in which she grows up and returns to being a baby with the help of miracle candies. Other transformations take place as well. Using the magic candy in different combinations changes her into a different animal when she grows back. [Also known as Marvelous Melmo and Mysterious Melmo]

-- StevenB

Futurama 2003 Calendar

Calendar: (April, 2003)

Kinda AR Theme.



Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #14: "Time Keeps On Slipping" (5/6/01)

In the 30th Century, the Harlem Globetrotters are now feared as they will humiliate any planet in the universe who dares to play them. Facing the challenge, Professor Farnsworth creates a group of mutant basketball players. Hiss secret winning ingredient is 'chronitons,' time particles found in the Tempus Nebula. When the Planet Express crew removes the mutants from harvesting, they upset the time-space continuum, causing time to skip ahead. Includes AP of infants.


Cartoon Series: Season 05; Episode 07: "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" (03/30/2003)

When Fry and the Planet Express gang realize that at 161 years old, the Professor has become too crotchety to handle, they decide he needs to be "youth-a-sized". Traveling to an asteroid, they register the Professor at a posh resort where their full-body bath in searing hot tar is guaranteed to turn back the clock. Through a series of unfortunate accidents, the bath covers not only the Professor but also everyone else and all are affected by the treatment. Back at Planet Express, a now 53-year-old Professor tries to keep a now 13-year-old Fry and other kids under control while looking for a way to reverse the effects of the tar treatment. Meanwhile, "the kids" all react to their newfound youth, including Leela, who decides she could have a taste of the childhood she never had as an orphan.


Book Cover

Future Eden

Book: by Colin Thompson (07/01/2000)

Some Ar is mentioned in this book.

[There was no problem bringing everyone back to life and at first everyone was wonderfully happy. Actually a lot of people weren’t that happy, especially old men who had re-married younger women when their old wives had died and now found themselves in court for bigamy. And it seemed as if the New-Living were younger and healthier than when they had died. And that was the problem, they were. A month after revival they were ten years younger than the day they had died. Six months later they were twenty years younger. It was fabulous. Old arthritic men threw away their sticks and married women half their age. Except that after a year the women weren’t half their age. They were older and a year later the old men were teenagers and there was no way of stopping the rejuvenation process. After two years all the New-Living or Re-borns were dead. A few survived as cells frozen in laboratory dishes but for the majority, they passed their first birthdays, forgot how to walk, lost their teeth, threw up on their wives shoulders, spent a few days attached to robot breast feeders then simply fizzled out. ]

-- Jeffr_2bya

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