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Hey! My breasts have gone!
(9 years old) I lost my sock...
(5 years old) I'm afraid I can't wear this sweater any more.
(3 years old) Help me! I don't wanna be BABY!
(2 years old) But it is comfortable. I'm sleepy....
(10 month)
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Visible Time's Key
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too aP: age Progression Ar: Age regression CB: clothes burst or rip RN: return to normal ST: Soul Transfer UC: undersized clothing


D.Gray-man #159

Manga Comic Book: Jump Comics: "Moving in The Storm: 2 AM" (1975)

The series tells the story of a boy named Allen Walker, a member of an organization of Exorcists who makes use of an ancient substance called Innocence to combat the Millennium Earl and his demonic army of Akuma. Sadly it never made it to the anime series.

[Kanda and Lavi are turned into children] -- Jeffr_2bya

Da Grande

Movie: (1987 Italy (AR))

Renato Pozzetto. Mixed-up adventures of 8 year old Marco. He pus all his heart into wishing he were big. The result is that he burss through his clothes and wakes up in the guise of a forty year old man. He seeks refuge in the house of his former schoolteacher and becomes a full-time baby-sitter. The teacher ends up as a six year old.

-- Visible Time

Dai Rangers

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #17: (1993 (Special effects from this show were used in "Power Rangers") Episode: 17 "Onward"))

Nine year old Kou Koushinsei became the sixth Dai Ranger, the golden Kiba Ranger. The great love of Kou's life was Rin. To him, she was both a replacement for his lost mother, and a dream of marriage of his own: when fighting, he is disguised as an adult. 1 (Akira)

-- Visible Time

Dai Sentai Goggle-V

TV Series: "The Revived Demonic Commander-in-Chief" (1982)

Scientists of darkness gather to revive "field marshal Dessmaruku". Because he was sleeping in ice for years, he requests the vitality of a young man. Subordinates are ordered to deprive a boy of vitality, and the victim's face changes into the appearance of an elderly person. (male face OA)

-- Akira

Damn Yankees


Man sells soul for youth, and becomes a superstar baseball player for the Washington Senators. Adaptation of the hit musical.


Dan DeCarlo's Jetta (The Good Girl Art Library)

Book: "Act Your Age" by Dan DeCarlo (03/01/2010)

Dan DeCarlo's futuristic, curvy teenage girl, Jetta, zoomed through the future a full decade before Judy Jetson. In the 1950s, the fan-favorite artist, beloved for his portrayals of Betty and Veronica, Josie, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, delineated the madcap adventures of Jetta, "Teen-Age Sweetheart of the 21st Century," with obvious delight. The comics, collected for the first time in their entirety and in living color will be accompanied by a revealing introduction by Craig Yoe who interviewed DeCarlo about these timeless treasures. There's also a bevy of rare, unpublished, original art and photographs, plus Jetta pin-ups by top comic book artists and Hollywood animators.

[No Reprint is Known at This Time]

-- Dreamtales

Dance of the Assassins (The Devil's Dances Trilogy)

Book: by Hervé Jubert, Anthea Bell (2005)

A sorceress in her 40s, and her 20-something assistant must determine in this futuristic fantasy/mystery novel. This first book in a projected trilogy takes place in a world in which virtual-reality theme parks have been created in London, Paris, Versailles, and Venice. Each city is set in a time from the 17th to the 19th century. Tourists wear period costumes and totally immerse themselves in that city's milieu. A wealthy man named Count Palladio has financed these re-creations and is suspected of being the mastermind behind a series of murderers committed by a group called the Killers' Quadrille. They are famous villains come back to life to do the Devil's bidding. The plotting is quite convoluted and involves, among other things, astral twins, telepathic hedgehogs, and babies comprised of organs taken from murdered women. The transitions from scene to scene are often abrupt. At times, the translation is awkward, resulting in melodramatic and laughable prose–she let the warmth envelop her, savoring it like warm tangerine sauce. Although there are no teen characters, the plot will appeal to fans of historical mysteries, fantasy, and forensic science. A few brief sexual situations and some graphic violence make the story more suitable for older teens.

[“By the time I caught him he'd turned into a baby one year old,no more. I picked him up.He was very upset.The end came in only a few seconds. He turned into a new-born infant, and then his features gradually disintegrated...]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Dandy Comic #1

Comic Book: (11/93)

The UK based comic has as it's main attraction Desperate Dan, who has being going for about 50 years. Anyway, in this two part adventure, Dan annoys a witch doctor and is transformed into a baby.

Here is a summary of the story:


Page One: Dan, playing with a kite,trips over a witch doctor and is transformed into a baby. Page Two: Dan, who is still strong, attacks a grizzly bear in nothing but a diaper and bonnet.

Page Three: Dan returns home in a pram, protests baby food (opting for his favorite cow pie instead) and is powdered and diapered.


Page One: Dan's old aunt takes diapers off the line, complaining about how messy Dan is. Dan tests a cow pie as a potty. Page Two: Dan goes to the park and terrifies other babies.

Page Three

Dan is transformed back by the witch doctor, but as punishment he has to walk as his fully grown self through the town in a bonnet and diaper.

- Schumacher


Danger Girl : Viva las Danger #1

Comic Book: DC/Wildstorm: "Viva las Danger" (2003-11-19)

Beautiful young lady to old lady and back.

-- Visible Time

Danger Mouse

Cartoon Series: Season 05; Episode #09: "Tampering with Time Tickles" (4/16/84)

In it the villain frog tests a weapon that makes people older or younger with balls that have a plus and minus sign on them. Danger Mouse gets hit with the minus ball turning him into a little boy. His partner got hit with the plus ball turning into an old man. They return to normal at the end and turn the villain into babies.

Dangerous Visions ed

Book by Harlan Ellison (p. 150)

This is Harlan Ellison's ground-breaking 60s SF anthology for which he invited writers to explore "dangerous" themes that were generally considered taboo at that time. Even now, many of these tales still retain the capacity to shock. Like most anthologies, the quality of the content is uneven, but the overall result is elevated by Ellison's story introductions, the afterwards to each story by the writers themselves, and the general sense that one is reading a serious attempt to push the genre in a more significant direction. Standous include stories by Ellison himself, Fritz Leiber, David R. Bunch, Sonya Dorman, JG Ballard, and Norman Spinrad. Interestingly, the only real stinkers in the book are produced by veteran writers: Theodore Sturgeon, Damon Knight, and Poul Anderson.

-- Unknown Fan


website: (2004)


-- Visible Time

Danny Phantom

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #09: "My Brother's Keeper" (18-June-2004)

Danny, trying to fight a ghost (Spectra's henchman), trashes her office. She's posing as a counsler at danny's school and feeding off kid's misery to keep herself young. Jazz thinks danny is depressed so she makes him go see Spectra, but Danny can't sense her because her office is so cold. Feeling depressed because of Spectra, he grows a little more reckless, and the suspicious, worried Jazz accidentily sees him as he changes to ghost-mode in an alley. Spectra, after been hit, started to rapid aging by peeling off each layer of herself, and getting to be a really old women.

-- by The Gambler

Danny Phantom

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #10: "Shades of Gray" (Friday September 24, 2004)

When ghosts wreck a popular co-ed's school social life, she dedicates herself to hunting them, which forces Danny to deal with a threat just a few lockers down the hall. Worse yet, Tucker has a crush on the girl. Dog changes between adult and baby. (ar/ap)

-- Stonegate & Dragoniade

Danny Phantom

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #05: "The Ultimate Enemy" (09/16/2005)

It's time for Danny and his classmates to take their Career Aptitude Test (C.A.T.), and Danny is freaking out. He's been so busy hunting ghosts that he hasn't had any time to study or think about his future. But, far in the distant reaches of the Ghost Zone, a pair of beings called the Observants have been keeping an eye on Danny's future for him, and they don't like what they see. Danny's decision to cheat on the test causes a tragic chain reaction that spells doom for all of Amity Park. Now, they are sending a ghost named Clockwork, who has the power to control time, to do anything it takes to stop Danny from heading down the path that will ultimately cause him to renounce his humanity and turn into the evil Dark Danny. Can Danny, with the help of Sam, Tucker, Jazz, and a new power, prevent the inevitable and change his future? Or, will the evil Dark Danny find a way to travel ten years back in time to insure that a tragedy occurs that hurts 14-year-old Danny Fenton so deeply that his only choice will be to turn to the dark side, forever? (Ghost/Ar/aP)

-- Lit-L-One

Dante's Cove

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #01: " It's a Kind of Magic?" (09/01/2006)

Some Ar when a old woman steals youth from a man. (aP/Ar)

-- Visible Time

Daredevil v1 #123

Marvel Comic Book: "Holocaust In The Halls Of H.Y.D.R.A.!" (06/01/1975)

Silvio "Silvermane" Manfredi retells his story with the Youth Potion. Brief flashback image is shown.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Dark Alice

Paintings: by Roger College (2006)

Age Progressed Paintings of Alice (F/aP)

-- Visible Time

Dark Angel

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #08: "Cold Comfort" (28-Nov-2000)

It's a chilly reunion when Manticore alumni hook up. The kids from Max and Zack’s batch of genetically-enhanced soldiers suffer age acceleration. Brynn is dying of old age even though she’s only in her 20's. 4 others have already succumbed to the same disease.

-- Visible Time

Dark Cindy

Book: By M. Apostolina (12/26/2006)

DARK CINDY is the perfect conclusion to the battle between Meri and Cindy. Sort of like a delicious chocolate éclair after a scrumptious twelve-course meal at some fancy gourmet restaurant. I just couldn't get enough! Hazing Meri Sugarman, Meri Strikes Back, and DARK CINDY are easily the best collection of teen chick-lit I've ever read! . (Possible Female Ar)

[I could see my horrified reflection. I brought my hands to my face in disbelief, and right as I did that, my face changed growing younger and younger until I saw a wailing baby. I was a baby now (and a very unhappy one) (but definitely cute). ]

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Dark Crystal

Movie: (1982)

Jim Henson's fantasy epic The Dark Crystal doesn't take place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but like Star Wars it takes the audience to a place that exists only in the imagination and, for an hour and a half, on the screen. Recalling the worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien, Henson tells the story of a race of grotesque birdlike lizards called the Skeksis, gnomish dragons who rule their fantastic planet with an iron claw. A prophecy tells of a Gelfling (a small elfin being) who will topple their empire, so in their reign of terror they have exterminated the race, or so they think. The orphan Jen, raised in solitude by a race of peace-loving wizards called the Mystics, embarks on a quest to find the missing shard of the Dark Crystal (which gives the Skeksis their power) and restore the balance of the universe. Henson and co-director Frank Oz have pushed puppetry into a new direction: traditional puppets, marionettes, giant bodysuits, and mechanical constructions are mixed seamless in a fantasy world of towering castles, simple huts, dank caves, a giant clockwork observatory, and a magnificent landscape that seem to have leaped off the pages of a storybook. Muppet fans will rEcognize many of the voice actors--a few characters sound awfully close to familiar comic creations--but otherwise it's a completely alien world made familiar by a mythic quest that resonates through stories over the Ages. (Very minor Ar of a Skeksis)

-- Sean Axmaker

Dark Mysteries #19

Master Comics: Comic Book: "Never to Die" (08/01/1954)

A man wishes never to die, but spends immortal life behind bars. (AS)

-- goldenagecomics.co.uk

Book Cover

Dark Seeker (Seeker, #1)

Kindle Book: by Taryn Browning (12/04/2011)

For 17-year-old Seeker, Janie Grey, ridding the Baltimore streets of the undead is an inherited duty passed down from her Cherokee ancestors. Seeker Training Lesson #1: Never trust the undead. After her father’s tragic death, Janie creates her own life lesson: Love isn’t worth the risk. Both lessons are easy to follow until she encounters the flawed Kai Sterdam. At first, she believes he is the hybrid she is trained to hunt. But, when he has human traits, she determines she doesn’t know what he is. As Janie’s intrigue over who Kai is pushes her deeper into his mysterious past, she discovers a shocking truth that is even more harrowing than the evil they are up against. It’s a secret Kai wants to keep hidden, especially from Janie. (Female Ar/Age Stasis)

-- Visible Time

Dark Shadows #19

Comic Book: Gold Key: Part 2 "The Fountain Of Youth" (April 1973)

Possible Ar/ap in This Comic book

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Dark Side (1965)

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: 'The Black Ferris' [Ray Bradbury]

The giant Ferris wheel, as a symbol of time, takes Mr. Cooper into his childhood or old age.


Darksong Rising: The Third Book of the Spellsong Cycle

Book: By L. E. Modesitt Jr. (01/15/2001)

The third volume of Modesitt's popular Spellsong Cycle may be its conclusion, but enough loose ends remain to both create realism and allow another trilogy--a felicitous combination for a saga in which music is a source of magic and a bereaved voice teacher from Iowa becomes a mighty ruler. Anna Marshall is now undisputed regent of the fantastic realm of Defalk. Everyone there seems to want their own way in spite of her authority, however, starting with Jimbob, the youthful heir to Defalk who is now well into his teens and suffering from an excess of male pride and adolescent enthusiasm. Keeping him out of trouble creates numerous diverting episodes, as do the intrigues of various nobles, local and foreign, who cannot deny either Anna's power as a wizard or their own distaste for obeying a woman. The Defalkan musicians, the accompanists to Anna's magic, are loyal--but small-group politics afflict even their ranks. Indeed, the suspense and tension in Anna's situation is created largely by her having more to do than any three people could, even without opposition--and she meets resistance at every turn. Modesitt's knowledge of academic politics is also a fruitful source of plot complications. Despite a somewhat episodic treatment and occasional plot lags, this novel is yet further evidence that Modesitt can tell an entertaining story, with panache. (Possible Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Darker Than BLACK

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #12: "Beyond the Gate, Recovering the Lost... (Part 2)" (06/21/2007)

Nick and a few other researchers are sent into the restricted section of the Gate to retrieve what is to believed to be the meteor fragment. Everything goes wrong and the entire team ends up dead, except Nick. Now Hei realizes that Nick is a contractor too, who seems to have the same power, and he also has the meteor fragment. Upon confronting Nick, the two begin to fight. Can Hei defeat Nick or will something else end the battle? (Male Ar)

Darker Than BLACK

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #20: "Renouncing Superficial Dreams, and Falling Drunk...(2nd Volume)" (08/16/2007)

With Shihoko captured Hei, Mao, and Huang must infiltrate the church to rescue her. Though when they do Huang must kill Shihoko after they kill the leader of the church. If Huang doesn't kill her, then Hei and Mao must kill them both. Can Huang kill Shihoko, or will Hei have to kill them both? (Female Ar/aP)

Darker Than BLACK

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #25: "Seeing a Death God in my Dreams, is it a Darkness Darker than Black?" (09/27/2007)

Hei and Yin meet Amber in the center of the gate. Upon arriving Hei learns that his sister Pai has been inside him the entire time. After Hei's abilities react with the Meteor fragment, Hei gets to meet Pai again. Now he has a choice to make. Be a regular person or a Contractor, not only that, but make the area around the gate unreachable like South America, or let all Contractors die. The time to make a choice has come. Will the Black Reaper kill millions or can he find another way? (Female Ar)

Darknesses: The Corean Chronicles, Vol. II

Book: by L E Modesitt

The prolific Modesitt (The Saga of Recluce; The Spellsong Cycle) delivers a solid, well-paced sequel to Legacies (2002), set in the fantasy world of Corus, home to humans and a variety of odd creatures. After a slow opening that may perplex new readers, the action soon picks up. The soldier Alucius, one of the few to possess the magical Talent, is trying to keep himself and his men of the Iron Valley Militia alive until he's discharged and can return to the wife he loves. The Council, however, sells them out to the Protector of Lanachrona, whom they must serve as the Northern Guard. Sent by the Protector to help the Landarch of Deforya fight the grassland nomads, Alucius must call on all his Talent powers and military skill to combat Pteridons, mythical flying beasts, summoned by the nomads' leader, Aellyan Edyss. Later, after an audience with the Protector, Alucius learns that he must battle the greatest evil where he least expects to find it. Convincing dialogue, exciting military action and a neat conclusion that leaves the door open for subsequent adventures will find fans satisfied. (Ar/aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Darkstalkers 3


Some fighting moves are Ar like

-- Dragoniade & Stonegate Shadowlord

Darkwing Duck

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #14: "Trading Faces" (09/24/1991)

Darkwing is in the process of trying to transfer data from his mainframe computer to the on-board computer on the Thunderquack. Gosalyn and Honker come in playing hockey. Darkwing's computer doesn't work so he starts hitting the button. It breaks and starts sparking. Just then a lightning bolt strikes the computer and it zaps everyone. Darkwing and Gosalyn switch bodies and so do Launchpad and Honker. Just then a message from SHUSH shows up and Darkwing must so find a missing rocket.

Meanwhile Gosalyn and Honker decide to go for a drive since they are now in grown-up bodies. Mayhem ensues and Gosalyn winds up crashing the car into the living room.

Darkwing is having problems getting into the army base since he is in Gosalyn's body. He and Launchpad get thrown out and they drive down the road on the motorcycle and get pulled over by a traffic cop. The cop brings them home and Gosalyn enjoys punishing Darkwing. Darkwing walks in and finds the car in the living room and starts to fuss at Gosalyn when a SHUSH message appears. They contact J. Gander Hooter and find out that Steelbeak is using the missing rocket to stop the earth's rotation and is demanding a ransom to return things to normal. J. Gander tells Darkwing where the rocket is and they head off to stop Steelbeak.

They get to the rocket and knockout two egg men to get in. Darkwing tells Gosalyn and Honker to stay behind while he and Launchpad sneak into the rocket. Darkwing and Launchpad get captured by Steelbeak and are stuffed into an astronaut's suit. Steelbeak gets a couple of egg men to haul them off and it turns out that the two egg men are Gosalyn and Honker in disguise. They are spotted and chased by more egg men. Gosalyn and Honker are blown outside the rocket and tied up in the path of a rocket booster by Steelbeak. Darkwing and Launchpad are able to get out and rescue them. They get back inside and Darkwing confronts Steelbeak. In the process of dodging Steelbeak and maneuvering the rocket, Steelbeak smashes the control panel and causes an electrical shock to hit Darkwing, Launchpad, Gosalyn, and Honker. Launchpad and Honker switch back first. Then Darkwing and Gosalyn switch leaving Gosalyn alone to fight Steelbeak. She dodges him and starts the main rocket engines. She gets out and they all run out of the rocket just before it takes off into space with Steelbeak.

Darkwing Duck

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #18: "You Sweat Your Life" (11/11/91)

A couple of criminals named Flex and Slim are robbing a museum. They are wearing sweats similar to what people at a gym would wear. As they walk around they miss the fact that they are being watched by Darkwing and Launchpad. As they are attempting to steal a helmet off of a suit of armor, Darkwing makes his presence known. Flex throws the helmet at Darkwing and Launchpad catches it. The momentum of the helmet pushes Launchpad out the window and Darkwing goes to grab him. Just as Darkwing grabs launchpad, Slim throws a barbell and hits Darkwing knocking them out the window. Darkwing uses a flagpole on the building to stop their fall and it slings them back through the window. Unfortunately they got away but the barbell left an imprint on Darkwing's behind and he recognizes the logo as a local gym. Darkwing decides to go investigate the gym as Drake Mallard.

As he is packing the car, Herb and Binkie Muddlefoot show up and tell him that they are joining the gym too. Binkie has a three-for-one coupon.

Meanwhile Flex and Slim report to their boss Jock Newbody. It turns out he is 122 years old. The items that they were stealing were to make a fountain of youth so he could become young again and extend his life. It turns out that the feather on the helmet that Flex threw at Darkwing was the last ingredient that he needs. A feather from a true and pure hero. Slim explains that Darkwing foiled their attempt and that he may follow them back to the gym. The boss is happy to learn because he can use a feather from Darkwing to complete the formula. Slim and Flex know that Darkwing will come to the club in a disguise and they have to try and figure out which applicant he really is.

Drake, Herb, and Binkie drive up and Binkie tells them that they are here to join the club. Slim starts them exercising immediately and Herb is ready to go already. Flex and Slim try and figure out which one is Darkwing when Darkwing shows up and finds out that they have a boss. He easily beats them in a fight and goes to try and find their boss. Flex and Slim think that Herb is Darkwing when they see him running outside (he is actually trying to get out of the club). They tackle him and get one of his feathers. They head off to their boss and Darkwing is about to follow them when Herb accidentally lands in the guard dog pen. Darkwing jumps in to save him and as they try to get out, they run into an electric fence that melts their wrist weights together. Flex and Slim bring the feather to their boss and he adds it to the formula and of course, with it being the feather of Herb, it does not work. The boss yells at them to find Darkwing.

Darkwing and Herb are now stuck to each other and Darkwing cannot get them free. They are captured by Slim and Flex and are taken to the boss. Slim plucks a feather from Darkwing and the boss adds it to the formula. This time it does work and makes him young once again. Darkwing tries to kick him but only hurts his foot in the process. The boss tells them that he will have to kill them since they now know his secret including Flex and Slim. In order for them to escape the trap, Herb must do a sit up so Darkwing can reach the ropes to untie himself. Herb tries and cannot do it. Darkwing tells him to do it for Binkie. Herb is able to do the sit up and they get out of the trap.

They find the boss putting the formula in a drum and try to stop him. They all wind up landing in the formula making them all babies. Darkwing and the boss race to get the antidote to change back when Slim and Flex show up to stop them. They capture Drakwing and the boss and Herb slips through. They start to take Darkwing and the boss to do away with them when Herb rides the table with explosives into the room and knocks Slim and Flex into the fountain and it explodes.

All of the formula is gone and Darkwing gets the antidote and uses it on himself and Herb. The baby bad guys are locked up and Darkwing thanks Herb for saving his life. Herb goes to tell Binkie what happened and runs into her and finds that she looks really good now. Drake walks in and Herb tells him all about his adventure.

Darkwing Duck

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #38: "Disguise The Limit"

Darkwing is famed for crimes by megaduck and being hunted by everyone excepted for HUSH. In order to protect Darkwing they use a strange ray that changes him to whoever he looks at. In one part in the show he looks at a baby and changes into a baby.

Darkwing Duck

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #11: "Going Nowhere Fast"

Darkwing gets super speed from Negaduck's Portable Particle Accelerator, but there's a price: He is aging faster, too. With Darkwing aged beyond hope, Negaduck terrorizes the city. While trying to stop him, Launchpad, Gosalyn and Honker become trapped and the only hope is Darkwing. But he's fast becoming a pile of dust, isn't he?

Date Me, Baby, One More Time

Book: by Stephanie Rowe

Rowe carves out her very own niche—call it paranormal romance adventure comedy—with this freewheeling series kickoff. The novel introduces Justine Bennett, the immortal guardian of the Goblet of Eternal Youth (an espresso machine named Mona), and her former bombshell of a roommate, Theresa Nichols, now an 11-foot-tall fire-breathing dragon. They've watched over Mona for 200 years, but now hunky pretzel mogul Derek LaValle is certain that beheading Justine and taking Mona will break the family curse that leaves every LaValle man dead at 31. If Justine fails to protect the Goblet by killing Derek, she'll face the Chamber of Unspeakable Horrors and her mother will be sent to hell as Satan's eternal love slave. Naturally, Derek and Justine fall for each other and start a rocky courtship full of he said–she said and "who tried to kill whom first" arguments. The leads spar winningly, and Rowe's lusty, maudlin Satan is hilarious. The plot gets tangled at times, and a share of the jokes—as well as the adult material—are straight up groaners (including sex-starved Justine fighting off the advances of an army of evil, gorgeous men called Penhas—say it out loud for full effect), but Rowe's wit and imagination make this a strong start for what should be a refreshing series.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Dave the Barbarian

TV Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #14: "The Brutish Are Coming" (10/13/2007)

Dave and Fang try to protect Udrogoth from invading monsters

-- Thomas

Dave the Barbarian

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #18b; "Night of the Living Plush" (12/27/2004)

Candy has bought too many plush animals. When her room explodes from being stuffed with too much fluff, she finally realizes...that she needs to buy more. Chuckles the silly piggy discovers that candy needs plush toys, and disguises himself as a piggy doll. After candy buys him and takes him home, she immediatly leaves and buys more. Meanwhile chuckles, using his amulet, creates an army of plush animals, in an attempt to conquer udrogoth. (Minor Ar as the heroes are regressed into 2 year olds by magic. )

-- Dragonaide & Stonegate


Book: By Tim Lebbon (08/08/2007)

Well-drawn characters and a literate way with the grisly distinguish this first of a new fantasy series from Stoker-winner Lebbon (Desolation). Long after the Cataclysmic War that devastated the world and banished magic, the Mages are trying to ensure that the magic, if it returns, is under their control. When farm boy Rafe Baburn shows signs of magical gifts, the Mages send their relentless minions, the Red Monks, in pursuit. Rafe must flee for his life, but fortunately he finds allies in a thief, a woman warrior and a scholarly witch. Many of the well-handled action scenes are from the bad guys' point-of-view, an unusual perspective that helps round out the author's fantasy world. The climactic battle, a variation on the classic raising of the dead, offers an ambiguous outcome that presumably will be resolved in the sequel.

[She was growing younger, and the tide of time seemed to be changing with her. “It's not pointless,” Alishia whispered at last. None of them answered—Trey merely squeezed her hand tighter—so she went on]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Dawn of Magic

Game: ()

Dawn of Magic is set in a fantasy world. In the Absolute, the setting's afterlife, a being called Modo endangered his companions in pursuit of power. The inhabitants of the Absolute called a tribunal and sentenced Modo to be reborn on earth, live a mortal life (retaining his memories but none of his power) and die after 100 years.

The game begins 40 years after Modo was sentenced. He has gained knowledge of mortal magic and seeks to enlist the player character's aid in his plan to destroy the earth, escape his prison and live forever in the Absolute.

The Daydreamer

Book: by Ian McEwan

It seems to many people that ten-year-old Peter Fortune spends most of his days with his head in the clouds living a quiet, perhaps boring life. Only Peter knows of the fantastic adventures he experiences when he lets his mind wander and he begins to daydream. Bestselling British author Ian McEwan's first book for children (HarperCollins, 1994) takes the audience into the fantasy life of this young boy. Each unique daydream is told almost as its own story. The stories have very different tones, but are linked by the characters and school setting. Some of Peter's daydreams are role reversals where he gains insight into another creature's mind, such as when he exchanges bodies with the family cat, or he switches places with a tantrum-throwing infant. (Ar)

-- Scott W.

Days of our Lives

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: The Garden of Eden (2000 #8895 (dream sequence?))

In "the garden of Eden" a little girl turns into a woman and temps Greta with an apple. - The actress playing Belle was replaced by an older teenager. - (6/3/99 dream sequence) As Sami lies dying she walks through a swirling tunnel. She hears her family praying to God not to take her and turns into a little girl as she continues toward the light. Sami then hears Austin asking her to come back. She turns back into her adult self and continues toward the light, but stops when she hears Austin tell her that they love her. Her heartbeat returns.

-- Visible Time

Dazzler #2

Comic Book: Marvel Comics Group: "Last Stand in DiscoLand! (Where Demons Fear to Dwell)" (Marvel Comics -- Apr. 1981)

Dazzler's debut Disco concert attracts multiple guest stars -- Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Avengers. However, the jealous Enchantress, who had lost to Dazzler last issue in a singing contest, crashes the concert and casts a rapid-aging spell on Dazzler while she performs. Dazzler tests her light powers to stop the rapid aging, and various guest stars help her battle the Enchantress' demons. (AP, RN).

--- Zeitgeist.

DC Comics Presents #35

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Whatever Happened to Rex the Wonder Dog?" (07/01/1981) "Mystery of the Moon Witch" (07/01/1981)

On the island of Bimini while on the trail of bad guys, both the elderly Rex and Bobo (Detective Chimp) drink from the Fountain of Youth on Bimini and are restored to their prime (AR, PC).



DC Comics Presents #53 Superman In The House Of Mystery

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The Haunting Dooms Of Halloween" (Jan.)

A little boy suddenly finds himself changed into a adult superman. (Male aP/RN)

-- Jeffr_2bya

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #24

Comic Book: : "The House of Endless Years" (08/30/1982)

Two girls, Judy and Peggy, in search of Peggy's lost brother Neal, enter an old house where lives an old hag who warns them to leave for their own good. They don't and find out that the evil house drains the life from those in it by leeching on their fear of death, condemning them to an endless eternity.

[Reprinted in in House of Secrets #83, House of Mystery #224, Welcome Back to the House Of Mystery #1, Showcase Presents: The House of Mystery #3, and Showcase Presents: The House of Secrets #1]

-- Jeffr_2bya

DC Superfriends #09

DC Comic Book: (01/01/2009)

The most recent issue of the current Superfriends comic book (basically Justice League for smaller children) has the Superfriends attending the big parade for Superman's birthday. Lex Luthor shows up and steals Superman's birthday by regressing him to Superbaby. After the Flash fixes that problem, Lex then steals Superman's future birthdays by turning him into an old man. Fortunately, with age comes wisdom, and Superman is able to resolve the situation without further violence. (Male/ar/RN)



Book: by Morris Gleitzman (09/01/2004)

When Amy arrives home for her birthday tea, her parents have vanished and in their place is a baby she's never seen before. At around the same time Sprocket wakes up naked on a deserted mountainside and realises that he has lost his memory. Both kids set out on journeys to find the people they belong to, little knowing that they will soon join forces and embark, with the baby, on the deadliest quest of their lives. Morris Gleitzman writes Amy's story and Paul Jennings Sprocket's, with each of them contributing alternate chapters.


Deadly Species

Movie: (2003)

Wilson Fields, a wealthy big game hunter, leads a team of expert archaeologists into the jungle on what appears to be a fact-finding expedition. However, when the explorers discover a deserted campsite and gory human remains, curiosity quickly turns to terror. Something in the swamps is hunting them and it will not stop until it satisfies its hunger for human flesh... (AS)

-- Jeffr_2bya


Marvel Universe Character:

Deadpool possesses a superhuman healing factor derived from that of the mutant Wolverine that allows him to regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his cellular structure at a rate far greater than that of an ordinary human. As such, he can regrow severed limbs or vital organs. The speed at which this healing factor works varies in direct proportion to the severity of the damage Deadpool suffers. This healing factor also affords Deadpool a virtual immunity to poisons and most drugs, as well as an enhanced resistance to diseases and an extended life span. Unlike Wolverine’s natural healing factor, Deadpool’s is mentally driven to a partial extent. (Male/AS)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Deadpool #49

Comic Book: Marvel Comics: "Cat Magnet"

Copycat can change her shape into any woman's body. Young or old. (Female Ar & aP)

A Deal With The Devil

Book: "In The Cupboard" by Eden Phillpotts (10/14/2010)

A elderly man makes a deal with the devil to grow younger instead of older. (Male Ar)

[it means that in less than ten years' time I shall be a bald-headed baby again. ]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Death becomes Her


A woman gives a potion that give eternal life and some rejuvenation to two women. These two women are also fighting over the same man.

Death Jr "Series"

Comic Book: (2007)

Pandora accidently travels to the future and into her Teenage body and must save Death Jr from his new arch nemesis. due out early 2007

-- Metamorphose.org & Him

Death Rattle #18

Comic Book: "When I Grow Up" (10/30/1988)

A girl makes a wish on star for her and her friends to grow up. The results are not what she expected and makes another wish to return them all to normal.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Deathmate Black

Comic Book: Image Comics/Valiant Comics: (Sep. 1993)

Ripclaw and Voodoo (AP, RN).

-- Zeitgeist.


Movie: (1984)

Deathstalker meets a witch, who tells him to find a guy who lives in a hole. He finds the guy, turns into a kid, "frees" the guy from the hole, and turns back into an adult. Also an m-to-f TG scene.

-- Visible Time

Debut 2

Anime Cartoon Series?: "My Dear Friend"

Interesting tale of three girls, Aki, Saori, and Itou, who dig up a time capsule they buried 10 years ago as first-graders, only to realize that there was a fourth girl who was with them that day whom none of the three can really remember. They find out who the little girl was and what she left behind in the time capsule....

-- Visible Time

A Decade of Dark Horse #2

Comic Book: Dark Horse Comics: "Ghost: Sweet Things" (Aug. 1996)

Ghost gets the chance to experience a first crush (AR).


Decimation: X-Men - Generation M #5 (House of M)

Comic Book: (07/12/2006)

Minnie Floyd, a young Mutant from Earth-616 is the daughter of Sally Floyd, she was a Mutant that her power were reversing her aging uncontrollably and she died as result for that. Her death drove her mother into heavy drinking. Her mother wrote a story about her after M-Day. At the time Minnie Floyd was six months and regressed herself back into fetus. (Female Ar/Death)

-- Comics.org

Deep Red

Movie: Sci-Fi (12/02/02)

A 60 year-old woman looks like a 30 year old with the help of "nanonites?" (cus?)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Defenders #16 (1st series)

Comic Book: Marvel Comics Group: (Dec. 1973)

Proteus passes judgment on Magneto and his goons. Magneto & the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants get theirs (AR).

Defenders #32 (1st series)

Comic Book: Marvel Comics Group: "Musical Chairs Minds" (Feb. 1976)

Nighthawk confronts his past. Nighthawk sees himself as a child when he relives his past memories.

Del Amitri

Music Video: "Roll to Me" (1995)

The funny 1995 video includes babies that look like their heads were APed, and hot attractive model type mothers. (ARed from neck down only)

-- Clock Virus

Demo #5: "Girl You Want"

Comic Book: Ait/Planet Lar: by Brian Wood / Becky Cloonan (March 2004)

The main character Kate's powers are a bit odd: Her physical appearance changes based on how a person perceives her. When Kate bumps into a guy who only knows her as someone who works in the library stacks, Kate's outward appearance is transformed into an appropriately "nerdy library girl." In the opening scene, there's a hilarious four-panel sequence where her appearance changes as she crosses a room. Wouldn't people be unnerved by a woman whose appearance kept fluctuating from one moment to the next? When Kate meets someone who sees her for herself, Kate projects her wishes and desires onto this stranger. (Minor aP/Ar)

One look and you think you got me all figured out. But I'm not who you want me to be.

-- Visible Time

Book Cover

Demon Sacred Volume 1

Manga Comic Book: Vol 01 Chapter 05: [Genre: Romance, drama]

There is a sickness, named the Return Syndrome, that causes people to physically regress toward infancy until they simply disappear. If someone you loved became afflicted with it, would you give up? No! You'd do anything humanly possible to help them. You'd find a way to get someone inside the leading corporation researching a cure-the same company that seems suspiciously unwilling to share any knowledge it possesses about the sickness, even with its own workers. You might even reach beyond human means to help them. And when the inhuman comes in such gorgeous packaging, it might be hard to resist! Join Mona, K2, Rina, Mika and Shinobu as they fight against the Return Syndrome, dark company secrets, and enemies (both human and inhuman). There may even be a dragonslayer in the mix!

-- Totochan

Demon Seiten [Demon Sacred]

Manga Comic Book

A symptom which causes one to physically regress till the point of disappearance. A pharmaceutical company which claims to be researching a cure and the cause for this syndrome. What are their motives? And what does a dragon slayer and even a handful of demons have in relation to all this?

-- Visible Time

Demons and Dragons

Book: By Laurence Higgins (12/12/2010)

This enjoyable and humorous fantasy follows the adventures of Laurence, a Master Magician, Elizabeth his wife, an Elfin Queen, who is also a White Witch, and their twins, Victoria and Matthew, both of whom are junior magicians. To help Laurence, Bern, a Cornish Pixie, Patrick, a Leprechaun, along with their steeds, two very clever Guinea Pigs, come to his aid. Independently Laurence and Elizabeth enter the Demon Dimension. Both have to defeat the Guardian of the Gateway into the land, the Demons fiercest fighter, and decide whether to help the slave races none of which are human! Meanwhile Victoria and Matthew find a huge egg which when hatched produces twin dragons. The Dragons, who have inherited memory, tell Victoria and Matthew about Dragon history. The two sets of twins embark on an adventure to challenge the Leader of the dragons, The Serpent King, who live on Titan (One of the Moons of Saturn). The adventures take all of them through a very very strange forest (The Pingdom) which is controlled by a wise Time Wizard. Laurence and Elizabeth must defeat two terrible Demon Wizards 'The Beast' and 'Small' before peace can be restored and nothing can be taken for granted! To stop a war, a duel is undertaken which is in four parts. They take Laurence to Prehistoric times, the future, the undergrowth (by shrinking) and the Arctic Wastelands. Things do not go according to the rules! The Demons did not however take into account that Laurence and Elizabeth would at the end have the help of their children who bring along some new found friends to help them. (Ar)

Demonic Toys

Movie: (1991)

Demon creates the illusion of a little blonde girl in a ruffled party dress of age eight in order to lure a young man out of hiding. It then changes into a more mature version of the girl - a gorgeous woman in her late teens wearing a prom dress. Then it changes into the same woman a few years older and wearing nothing but an "Uncle Sam" hat and high heels. The woman is "Miss July" - a centerfold whose picture the boy was drooling over earlier and the forms are different stages of her life as pictured in her bio.

-- Visible Time

Dengeki Daioh

Manga: "" (04/01/2011)

It happens when someone pulls her tail. (anthro AR)

-- Suning


Der fliegende Ferdinand (The Flying Ferdinand)

Children's Book: by Miloš Macourek (1984)

It's about the Cloudcuckoolander school boy Cestmír / Ferdinand, who one day is magically transported to a planet of magical flowers. Of course, nobody believes him. However, he brought two magical flowers back. Much Hilarity Ensues. And then, other people are drawn to the flower planet - and the city's barber wants to get said flowers for his own advantage. (Male aP/Ar)

-- Michael Binary

Designer You

Book; Young Adult: by Bob Stein

(male) 12-year-old Evan Morris finds a piece of software called Designer You. The old man running the garage sale seems in a hurry to get rid of it. The software has some very unique properties. Whenever he manipulates his image on the screen, the changes actually happen to him! He's able to bulk up his body and get noticed by the girls, he can run faster, alter his age...it seems like a dream come true. It isn't long before Evan discovers some very strange side effects, and his annoying little brother is about to make everything a heckuva lot worse.

-- Visible Time

Detective #218

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Batman, Junior and Robin, Senior!" (Apr. 1955)

Two stolen gas canisters: one Ages, one de-Ages. Batman inhales one (AR); Robin the other (AP). Several IBs affected (AR, AP). The two heroes continue to fight crime in their original (re-sized) costumes, even at their new Ages/sizes. [reprinted in Batman #182 (Jul. - Aug. 1966)]


Detective Comics (presents Batman and Robin) #395

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The Secret Of The Waiting Graves" (January 1970)

Batman investigated the mystery of a wealthy Mexican couple dependent on a rare breed of flower to maintain their eternal youth.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Detective Conan (aka Case Closed)

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #01: "The Roller Coaster Murder Case" (January 8, 1996)

Shin'ichi Kudo is a high-school student who is famous for helping the police solve crimes, his girlfriend is Ran who's dad, Kogorou Mouri is a detective who blames Shinichi for his lack of business. He is given poison by a man in black which was supposed to kill him but instead shank him to the size of a boy. He has to hide his identity from the men in black or fear for his life, he now goes by the name Conan.

Detective Conan (aka Case Closed)

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 09; Episode #01: "The Locked Bathroom Part 1"

The new girl in Shinichi's elementary school class, Haibara Ai, reveals she was the Black Corps scientist who developed the AR drug which regressed Shinichi. She took her own drug to commit suicide. Apoptoxin is supposed to cause all cells to apoptose, or commit suicide. Rather than die, she regressed and escaped. You see her hand/arm shrink enough to slip out of the now-too-large handcuff. Apoptoxin and its resulting regressions are excrutiatingly painful. She's barely able to crawl out of the lab in her now too large lab coat, let alone react to her condition. She attaches herself to Shinichi, the only one who shares her situation. (AR, male ARed)

-- dsojourn

Detective Conan (aka Case Closed)

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 09; Episode #01: "The Locked Bathroom Part 2"

The new girl in Shinichi's elementary school class, Haibara Ai, reveals she was the Black Corps scientist who developed the AR drug which regressed Shinichi. She took her own drug to commit suicide. Apoptoxin is supposed to cause all cells to apoptose, or commit suicide. Rather than die, she regressed and escaped. You see her hand/arm shrink enough to slip out of the now-too-large handcuff. Apoptoxin and its resulting regressions are excrutiatingly painful. She's barely able to crawl out of the lab in her now too large lab coat, let alone react to her condition. She attaches herself to Shinichi, the only one who shares her situation. (AR, male ARed)

-- dsojourn

Detective Conan (aka Case Closed)

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 10; Episode #33: "The Spider Mansion Monster Part 3: Resolution"

Shinichi has Ai drink an old Chinese sake named Paikuru which returns one's body to its proper age for a short while, although it only works once before the body developes an immunity. There's a long buildup to the AP which makes for a good mood-setter. Afterward she immediately removed the tattered remains of her child clothes and changed into worker's coveralls. She only came up to the knees of adults, which makes for quite a size change and much destroyed clothing. Shinichi now only reaches his girlfriend's knees with much interaction. The effects of the alcohol wear off and Ai regresses back to her child form. Ai wants to stay a child, otherwise the Black Corps. will find her immediately and kill her. She was shot several times and fell down the chimney just prior to the AR, and realizes 3 seconds later a Black Corps. assassin was sitting on the room watching her regress.(unseen AP, AR RN)

-- dsojourn

Detective Conan (aka Case Closed)

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 10; Episode #34: "Kiss Of Venus"

Shinichi has Ai drink an old Chinese sake named Paikuru which returns one's body to its proper age for a short while, although it only works once before the body developes an immunity. There's a long buildup to the AP which makes for a good mood-setter. Afterward she immediately removed the tattered remains of her child clothes and changed into worker's coveralls. She only came up to the knees of adults, which makes for quite a size change and much destroyed clothing. Shinichi now only reaches his girlfriend's knees with much interaction. The effects of the alcohol wear off and Ai regresses back to her child form. Ai wants to stay a child, otherwise the Black Corps. will find her immediately and kill her. She was shot several times and fell down the chimney just prior to the AR, and realizes 3 seconds later a Black Corps. assassin was sitting on the room watching her regress.

-- dsojourn

Detective Conan (aka Case Closed)

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 10; Episode #35: "The Unseen Angle Of Darkness Part 1"

Shinichi has Ai drink an old Chinese sake named Paikuru which returns one's body to its proper age for a short while, although it only works once before the body developes an immunity. There's a long buildup to the AP which makes for a good mood-setter. Afterward she immediately removed the tattered remains of her child clothes and changed into worker's coveralls. She only came up to the knees of adults, which makes for quite a size change and much destroyed clothing. Shinichi now only reaches his girlfriend's knees with much interaction. The effects of the alcohol wear off and Ai regresses back to her child form. Ai wants to stay a child, otherwise the Black Corps. will find her immediately and kill her. She was shot several times and fell down the chimney just prior to the AR, and realizes 3 seconds later a Black Corps. assassin was sitting on the room watching her regress.

-- dsojourn

Detective Conan OVA 9: The Stranger in 10 Years

Anime Cartoon: Original Animation Video: (2009)

Conan is sick and has to stay home with a cold. He overhears Sonoko telling Ran to dump Shinichi and instead date Dr. Tomoaki Araide. Conan gets angry over this, and falls asleep, waking up to a phone call from Haibara. She tells him that she has created an antidote for him to try out, for testing purposes. Conan takes the antidote, and passes out. When he wakes up, he is Shinichi again! However, Haibara is gone, and everything looks strange... could he really be still Conan, but only ten years into the future? And also, what does this mean for the love of his life, Ran?. (Male aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Devil & Devil #?

Manga Comic Book: (2010)

One of the first monsters in Devil & Devil is a huge tentacled... thing, that sucks time out of people. It turned a young woman and two young girls into babies, and a third young girl into a child, but they all turned back to normal when it got its ass handed to it by Sword.

-- Visible Time

Devil Hunter Yohko

Anime Cartoon Series: 20 mins (?)

Grandma gets ared to young woman.

-- Time2

Devil May Cry 3

Manga Comic Book: Issue 1: prequel to Playstation 2 game (2005)

Dante sees young girl in chair, holding stuffed rabbit. Dante shoots the stuffed rabbit out of the girl's hand. She doesn't move. Dante : Jackpot! C'mon Alice. Time to go back through the looking glass. Alice's eyes open, showing all black. She growls as her legs lengthen and she stands up, more than twice as tall as Dante. Dante : Well this is new. I've heard of kids having growth spurts, but you, darlin' Dante shoots out her knees, and she falls to the ground, held up by stubs from where her legs were. Dante : Heh. Give the term knee-high a whole new meaning. *sigh* Kids today. They grow up so damned fast! Bad little girls go to time out. Big time. The rabbit spreads a clawed hand to child-age Alice, who begins changing. She starts to scream. Rabbit : Do you think she will return to her parents? How do you think she came to be here? Dante leaps up and grabs Alice, landing safely with her in his arms. Alice has turned into a full-grown woman now. She brings up her arms to hug Dante. Alice : You saved me! My hero! Look! I have breasts! And my legs, they're so long. Do you like me, Dante? Do you want me? Am I desirable as an adult? I hated that no one noticed me. I wanted to hurry up and become an adult. I always believed that my prince would come for me. I must do this! I'll never go back! Not when I'm so pretty! Let me go! What are you?! No! NOOOO! Dante lies on top of the now normal aged Alice. (AP, RN)

-- Visible Time

Dexter's Laboratory

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #09: "Old Man Dexter" (5/12/96)

Dexter tries to make himself older so he can stay up and watch late night TV, but he overdoes it a little.


Dexter's Laboratory

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #20: "Baby-sitter Blues" (11/27/96)

When Dexter's aspirations to win his baby-sitter's heart fail because he's too young, he turns himself into a 17-year-old.


Dexter's laboratory

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #54: "Don't Be A Baby" (11/26/97)

Dexter invented a device which Ar's the world...only they are protected in this chamber...the episode deals with Dexter and DiDi (his sister) in charge of the now babied parent's--role reversal...they get outta control

-- Hexed Gug

The Dial Volume 8

Book: by Francis Fisher Browne (0?/0?/????)

(Possible AR)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Die Drachenpaste. (The Kite Paste)

German Book Only: by Silvana Gandolfi (01/01/2002)

It is night in Kathmandu. An old man hands a mysterious toepfchen with the order to Andrew over to bring this to his granddaughter. Andrew is curious, opens the toepfchen, smells at its contents and tries the paste. Koestlich! he that the kite paste lets him become ever younger, too late notices each day around one year. Together with the ten-year Kumari, which was zugedacht the magic charm, a dangerous and adventurous race begins with the time. (Ar)

-- Chica

Digimon Tamers

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #09: "Not seen on TV" (09/29/2001)

Takato (the kid with goggles) is talking to a female friend about the same age. Takato's Digimon, Gilamon, has digivolved into the much larger Growlmon, and neither of them knows how to reverse the process. Takato tries to explain this problem without revealing he's talking about a Digimon. As a result, the female friend assumes he's talking about a girl who's recently been 'developing' and he now feels awkward around. This gives her the mental image of a female silhouette going from pre-teen to teen...


Digimon: The Movie

Cartoon Movie

There's a scene where the enemy Digimon's vaguely-defined powers somehow cause several of the human characters to become toddler versions of themselves. Sadly, this is all done by cutaways, but what the hey.



Funnies: Daily Comic: "" (01/25/2006)

Dilbert's boss? walks in as a baby. (ARed)

-- Grim


TV Series: Season 03; Episode #15: "Steroids to Heaven" (02/12/1993)

(male dino AP) D344 (Jason Alexander: Grown Baby) Robbie feels he's stuck with a wimpy body that's atrophied his social life, and he decides to pump himself up with "thornoids."

-- Visible Time


TV Series: Season 01; Episode #03: "Handful of Dust" (12/05/02)

A deranged alchemist named Cortez (Philip Voss) discovers a potion that restores youth, but it requires the tail spikes from stegosaurus, which he is systematically hunting and killing. While investigating the dinosaur, Karl and Marion have a run-in with the Outsiders. Cortez (30s): Matt Rippy. Quint: Zoltan Seriess. Le Sage (18): Kara Tointon. Romana: Naomie Harris. Cortez (18): Dani Gaobori. Portia: Georgina Sutcliffe. Ajax: Graham McTavish. Karl: Erik von Detten. David: Shiloh Strong. Marion: Georgina Rylance. (cus)

-- Vidist


Commerical: (2005)

Commercial about the "evolution of TV." A young boy walks through life, with the different TV phases representing it. He continues to grow up until it's the present day and he's an old man. (male flash forward AA AP morph to male old age)

-- Visible Time


TV Commercial: "Directv Forward" (2007)

(male AP AA, male old age) Commercial at www.firebrand.com.

-- Laurent, LezloShig


Web Comic: Issue #37: [http://www.drunkduck.com/Discordia/] "Natural Blonde"

Comic set in a more familiar environment, a city in modern-day Earth. Little bit of female Ar (F/Ar)

-- LilKittenroo

Disney's Aventuras #21

Colombia Disney's Comic Book: "A poção de Medéia" ["Medea's youth potion"] (10/28/1991)

Medea's youth potion. (Possible Ar/ap)

[Reprinted in Almanaque da Maga #2, Almanaque das Bruxas #1 and O Pato Donald #1116,]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Disney's Aladdin

Cartoon Movie

A tiger name Rajah is turned into a kitten.

-- Dragoniade & Stonegate Shadowlord

Disney's Hercules

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #50: "Hercules and the Spring of Canathus" (2/24/99)

Pain and Panic get a plan to turn Hercules into a baby by splashing water on him from "The Spring of Canathus" on him. Like all their plans it backfires. They do get Hercules not before Adonis, Pegasus, and Icarus are turned into babies. Panic gets hit by the water too after two the babies are fighting over the water gun.

Disney's Hercules

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #02: "Hercules and the Visit From Zeus"

Zeus turns himself into a teenager for a day after talking with his son Hercules on how hard it is to be a teenager.

Disney's Jumbo #2

Brazil Disney's Comic Book: "Pena das Selvas Uma Fonte De Confusões" (12/30/2012)

Jungle Fethry is hired by old men to find "fountain" of youth (Possible Ar/ap)

[Reprinted in Mega #375, Peninha #7, and Peninha #20]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Disney's The Legend of Tarzan

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #10: Tarzan and the Fountain (09/13/2001)

The Professor eagerly awaits the arrival of a Professor Doyle. Upon arrival, all are surprised to find that he's... a she? Professor Robin Doyle had come to Africa to study Keewazi's tribe with the Professor. While they study, they find some of the older men to have quite startling Ages (from 500 to 700), and learn about a great fountain. Professor, who feels he's too old for Robin (he likes her), secretly tests forth to find this fountain.

[No ar/ap what so ever.]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Disney's Little Mermaid, The

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #11: "Red" (11/14/92)

After Ariel's party King Triton feels that he's too old, so his glowing glow fish gets Triton a magical age stone that turns Triton into a little boy called Red. Later on Ariel and Sebastian find out and they trace the jewel to a magic sorceress who only old King Triton can beat.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Disney's London Editions Magazine #158

London Disney's Comic Book: "Donald's Second childhood" (12/30/1989)

Donald Duck takes too much of a rejunevation potion (Ar/RN)

[Reprinted in Donald Duck #46]

-- http://coa.inducks.org


Haunted Mansion ride: (2006)

Haunted paintings in the mansion include aging man and lady turning into cat from waist down. (male old age)

-- Scissorhands

Dna No Kagami

Manga Comic Book: [2007]

A boy was turned into a little girl. (AR TG)

-- Farhad

Do or Die

Movie: (2003)

Sci-fi channel showed a movie called do or die. is about a rapid aging virus that effecting half the world. Just thought I would let everyone know.

-- Dark Angel

Do You Remember the First Time?

Book: by Jenny Colgan (2004)

(AR) Flora wishes away her disappointing life to find herself back in the body of a teenager. Obviously, wishing to be 16 again is very different from actually being 16 and Flora soon remembers that been a teenager isn't all it's cracked up to be.

-- Visible Time

Doctor Brompton - Watt's Age Adjuster (1912) {B/W 5 min}


Husband wants to be young, over does his tests on a chemical restorative. He becomes an infant that drinks the rest of the formula and becomes a monkey.

Doctor Growenquick's Feeding Power

Silent Movie: (1911)

Dr. Growenquick invents a special powder that is capable of causing infants to become adults within a matter of minutes. The good doctor administers some of this marvelous potion to a young baby boy

-- Jeffr_2bya

Doctor Heidegger's Experiment

Book by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Four elderly friends who drink water from the fountain of youth. (story)


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Book: by Robert Louis Stevenson

Male Ar. Whenever Dr. Jekyll changes he becomes slightly younger when he is Mr. Hyde.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Doc Savage Vol. 13

Book: "Brand of the Werewolf / Fear Cay" by Kenneth Robeson (12/15/2007)

Doc Savage teams up with his beautiful cousin in the Lester Dent novels that introduced the character of Patricia Savage. First, the Man of Bronze and his Iron Crew investigate the murder of Doc's uncle. The only clues, a strange ivory cube and the mysterious "Brand of the Werewolf," set them on the trail of an ancient mystery. Then, after a failed kidnapping attempt, Doc and Pat Savage travel to the West Indies and encounter flesh-eating ants and a 130-year-old man on the strange island called "Fear Cay". This collector's item pulp reprint features the classic color pulp covers by Walter Baumhofer, interior illustrations by Paul Orban, and historical articles by Will Murray.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Doctor Who

Book: "Reckless Engineering" (2002, Nick Walters.)

(CB, excellent AP scene, also old age) The Tardis touches down in Bristol - so far so good, but it's not a Bristol that any of it's crew can recognize. The same districts are there - Totterdown, Hotwells, Bedminster, and Brunel's famous Suspension Bridge remains, but everything else has changed.

-- Visible Time

Doctor Who

BBC-TV Series: Season 03; Episode #05: "The Daleks' Master Plan" (13-Nov-1965)

When the Doctor and his friends arrive on Earth, they find that Chen has already denounced them as traitors, and Vyon is shot and killed by his own sister, Sara Kingdom. Sara eventually discovers the truth for herself, and helps the Doctor and Steven to rEcover the TARDIS and escape. However, the Daleks then pursue them through Time, and are joined by the Doctor and Steven's old enemy, the Meddling Monk – who realizes that he's in over his head and switches sides depending upon who seems to be on top. After an encounter in ancient Egypt, the Doctor strands the Monk on an ice planet, but the Daleks get away with the taranium core, and the Doctor tests the navigational unit from the Monk's TARDIS to pursue them back to Kembel. There, the Daleks exterminate Mavic Chen, but the Doctor Manges to activate the Time Destructor. Sara Ages to death before she can reach the safety of the TARDIS, but the Doctor and Steven escape while the Dalek force on Kembel crumbles to dust.

Doctor Who

TV Series: Season 08; Episode #03: "The Claws Of Axos" (13-March-1971 )

The Doctor and his companion Jo are captured by the Axons, who want the Doctor to give the secret of time travel. When he refuses, the Axons cause Jo to age rapidly. The Doctor relents, and Jo is restored.

-- by Dale Ribbons

Doctor Who

BBC-TV Series: Season 09; Episode #05: "The Time Monster" (5/10/72)

A scientist for the [British] government has invented a machine called TOM-TIT that may allow time travel. The Doctor's arch-enemy The Master has his own ideas for the machine, and tests it to his own protests, In this adventure, the scientist is progressed to an old man, and series regular Sgt. Benton is regressed to an infant.

Doctor Who

BBC-TV Series: Season 17; Episode #02: "City of Death" (9/29/79)

a chicken gets ARed into an egg. Later on in the show I man gets ap to dust.( I think it has been awhile last I saw this show.)

Doctor Who

BBC-TV Series: Season 18; Episode #01: "The Leisure Hive" (8/30/80)

Some age regression and progression is accomplished via 'Tachionics', which refers to particles that move faster then light, and thus manipulate time.

Doctor Who (Peter Davidson)

BBC-TV Series: Season 20; Episode #03: "Mawdryn Undead" (02/01/83)

The Doctors companions Nyssa and Tegan are regressed to children as the TARDIS tries to escape. (cut)

Doctor Who

BBC-TV Series: Season 24; Episode #03: "Delta and the Bannermen" (1987)

The Chimeron queen's little princess grows to age twelve a few days after hatching, and her clothes grow with her.

-- Visible Time

Doctor Who

BBC-TV Series: Season ?; Episode #?: "The Dreamers of Death"

Sharon is aged to adulthood by the Time Witch.

-- Visible Time

Doctor Who (2005)

BBC TV Series: Season 03; Episode #06 "The Lazarus Experiment" (05/05/2007)

Professor Lazarus demonstrates the Hypersonic Soundwave Generator inside the Welsh Assembly Building, but not all is as it seems...(Ar/RN)

-- Entropic

Doctor Who (2005)

TV Series: Season 3; Episode #12: "The Sound of Drums" (06/23/2007)

Harry Saxon becomes Prime Minister, and he faces off with the Doctor. It turns out Harry Saxon is The Master and uses his own device to aged the doctor into a old man.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Doctor Who (2005)

TV Series: Season 3; Episode #13: "Last of the Time Lords" (06/30/2007)

The Series Final. The Earth has been conquered, the Master rules supreme, and the Doctor is his prisoner. The ages the Doctor even more leaving him 900 years old. He ends up as a tiny old man in a bird cage.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Doctor Who (2005)

TV Series: Season 6; Episode #04: "The Doctor's Wife" (06/30/2007)

The TARDIS, drawn off course by the most unlikely distress signal, materialises outside of time and space itself. In this bubble universe, the Doctor meets Idris and her aunt and uncle, who live together in a scrapyard of impossible things. Idris, it seems, is mad. And when the Doctor finds out why she is the way she is, things start to get a bit complicated. And unmentionable. (Male aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Doctor Who (2005)

TV Series: Season 6; Episode 10: "The Girl Who Waited" (09/10/2011)

When Amy becomes trapped in a quarantine facility for plague victims, Rory must make one of the toughest decisions of his life. (Female aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Doctor Who (2005)

TV Series: Season 07; Episode #06: "The Bells of Saint John" (03/30/2013)

The episode opens with a man on a computer screen describing how human souls are being uploaded to the internet when people use their computers to log into a certain Wi-Fi network. The man reveals he has been uploaded and is lost. Following the events of the prequel, the Doctor has retreated to a monastery in Cumbria in the year 1207 to contemplate the mystery of Clara. The monks disturb him one day to tell him that "The bells of Saint John" are ringing. The Doctor requests a horse and rides it to a nearby cave where he has left his TARDIS. He is surprised to find the TARDIS exterior phone ringing, and answers it. On the other end is Clara, whom The Doctor initially doesn't recognize. She is calling for help with her computer, and The Doctor is about to hang up on her until she uses the phrase "Run you clever boy and remember" as a mnemonic for her password. The Doctor immediately sets off to meet her in person. When he arrives, Clara refuses to let him in or talk to him. The Doctor decides to change out of his monk's clothing and when he returns he finds Clara unconscious and being "uploaded" via a mobile humanoid server disguised as a young girl. The Doctor takes Clara's laptop and halts the upload, sending the uploaders a message that Clara is under his protection. The head of the uploaders, Miss Kizlet (Celia Imrie), informs her client that The Doctor has intervened as feared. Another mobile server, this time diguised as a man, is dispatched to Clara's house to retrieve her again. The Doctor and Clara are outside when the uploaders cause an airplane to begin descending directly at them. The Doctor and Clara board the TARDIS and land on the plane where The Doctor revives the crew and saves the plane from crashing. The Doctor takes Clara via TARDIS to the next morning, and they go to a café to try and work out what's happening. Clara uses computer skills that she picked up from her uploading experience to track the uploaders back to their base at The Shard. The Doctor encounters people inside the café under the control of Miss Kizlet who distract him long enough for a server disguised as The Doctor to upload Clara completely. An angered Doctor sets out to The Shard on an anti-gravity motorbike and crashes it into Miss Kizlet's office. He demands that she release all the minds that have been uploaded, including Clara's but Miss Kizlet refuses. The Doctor then reveals that he is still back at the café and that she was actually talking to the server that he had hacked which he then uses to upload Miss Kizlet to the network. Trapped in the network, she orders her subordinates to release everyone and Clara is restored. Miss Kizlet, now restored, contacts her client to report her failure to him. The client is shown to be the Great Intelligence, who orders her to reset all people working there, including herself, clearing their memories in the process. As UNIT storms in to shut them down, the uploaders all lose their memories. Miss Kizlet is reduced to the mentality of a small child. Meanwhile, The Doctor takes Clara home and offers her a chance to travel with him, which she rebuffs. She tells him to come back the next morning, as she may change her mind by then. The episode ends with The Doctor traveling ahead to the next morning. (Mental Female Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Doctor Who: The Dimension Riders (The New Doctor Who Adventures #20)

Book: by Daniel Blythe (01/30/1994)

Set in the late 24th century, where space station Q4 is under attack from a group of beings called the Time Soldiers. But behind them is another foe, someone who should not exist... (Ar/aP)


TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??:

Apted Documentary series.

-- Visible Time

Dodge Charger

Comerical: (2005)

It showed a man driving the car with guys on motorcycles near him and when he pulls up into his driver of the bikers says "Nice car" but he has a voice of a kid and then we see the driver and then we see the bikers were really kids he imagined them as bikers because he thought he was a bad man with the car. (aP)

-- Tazz

Dog Days

Cartoon TV Series: Season 02; Episode #07: "Battle at the Cave of Sealing!" (08/18/2012)

Adel, Valeri, Isuka and Brioche inspect a cave where they sealed some powerful demons in the past. When one of the seals is broken, a huge wave of mice demons break free. As the problem becomes more than the four can handle, Adel summons the other heroes who bring some friends with them to help against the mice. (Male/Female Ar/RN)

Dokkiri Doctor

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #??: "Kaori Popping 17"

A 9 yrs old girl Kaori drank an age promoter formula and randomly changes into a 17 year old version of herself. One time her mother thought she was her fathers bimbo when she turned seventeen while sleeping with her father.

-- by Anonymous

Doll Man #24

Comic Book: Quality Comics: "Exixir Of Youth" (September 1949)

Possible Ar/ap in This Comic book

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Dolliver Romance

Book: Novel: By Nathaniel Hawthorne (1864)

Elderly guardian of 3 year old great granddaughter has to stay alive and drinks green elixir. (male age stasis)

-- Visible Time

Dominion: Tank Police

Manga Comic Book: (1994/2000)

Masamune Shirow, Police tank Bonaparte is piloted by tomboy Leona and would-be boyfriend Al. They have their hands full with the cyborg Buaka and his catgirl playmates Annapuma and Unapuma. The Puma sisters are easy to make happy, just give them candy or food, and they can sleep anywhere. Jealous meter maid Anna can even change her size to a shapely adult. Puma sisters also make appearance in Ghost in the Shell. (APed)

-- dsojourn

Donald's Fountain of Youth

Cartoon Movie 1953 (suggested/Ar)

Donald Duck acts a baby then tests a crocodile's egg to make his nephews think he ared back a egg.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Donald Duck & Co #13

Norway Disney's Comic Book: "I marki Ostens fotspor" ["Fountain of Youth"] (03/23/1966)

Uncle Scrooge is looking for Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth. (Possible Ar/aP)

[Reprinted in Micky Maus #04]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Donald Duck & Co #31

Norway Disney's Comic Book: "De Volta À Infância" ["Back To Childhood"] (08/03/1993)

A ball hits Donald Duck and he starts acting as a child. (Mental Ar)

[Reprinted in Mega #451, Mickey and Friends #32, and O Pato Donald #2043]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Donald Duck #10

Netherlands Disney's Comic Book: "The Fountain of Youth" (03/10/1956)

Li'l Bad Wolf and Fountain Of Youth. (Ar/RN)

[Reprinted in Walt Disney's Christmas Parade #6]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Donald Duck #12

Netherlands Disney's Comic Book: "The Fountain of Youth" (05/25/1977)

Spring of youth and old sailors. (Possible Ar/ap)

[Reprinted in Mickey #307]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Donald Duck #36

Netherlands Disney's Comic Book: "De fontein van de eeuwige jeugd" ["The Fountain of Youth"] (09/09/1967)

Magica De Spell turns Uncle Scrooge into a baby. (Ar/RN)

[Reprinted in Le Journal de Mickey #1274 and Zé Carioca #813]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Donald Duck #46

Netherlands Disney's Comic Book: "Elixir Of Youth" (11/17/1989)

Donald Duck takes too much of a rejunevation potion (Ar/RN)

[Reprinted in Disney London Editions Magazine #158]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Donald Duck #478

Germany Disney's Comic Book: "Archimede e l'inversione del tempo" [Archimedes and the time reversal] (01/05/ 1995)

Possible Ar/ap in this comic book

[Reprinted in Mickey Mouse #6 and Mickey Parade #35]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Donald Duck Beach Party #5

Comic Book: Dell: Part 2 "The Fountain Of Youth" (07/30/1958)

Possible Ar/ap in This Comic book

[Reprinted in Walt Disney Comics Digest (Gold Key, 1968 series) #13]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Donald Pocket #154

Norway Disney's Comic Book: "There's No Fool Like An Old Fool" (10/30/1994)

Feeling old, DD looks at jungle for scientist who invented youth elixir. ISBN: 8242912394 (Possible Ar/RN)

[Reprinted in Hiper Hiper Disney #36 and O Pato Donald #2043]

-- http://coa.inducks.org

Donkey Kong Country

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #05: "Ape Foo Young" (September 6, 1998)

Cranky makes a youth potion, to make himself younger. Donkey Kong, upon finding the potion thinks it just a regular drink, and is turned into a baby.

-- Jeffr_2bya

The Donor

Movie: (1996) [Japan]

Masato Sasaki. Doctor has had a sex change and is planning to conceive a child with her own (male) rapid maturing clone.

-- Visible Time

Doom Patrol

Comic Book: Issue #?: (2005)

The Chief discovers a way to send one's consciousness back into the past to inhabit your body as it was then. Robotman uses the technology to go back to when he was race car driver Cliff Steele in an effort to avert the accident that cost him his body. Rita Farr (Elasti-Girl) follows in an attempt to dissuade him. Cliff and Rita see themselves and each other as their future selves. Which causes a problem after Rita admits she loves Cliff. Since the rest of the world sees a grown man hugging a 13 year old girl in a non-fatherly manner, he gets to visit jail.....(mind transfer looks like AR)

-- Skjam

Doom Patrol

Comic Book: Issue #?: "Aging Man" (03/25/2006)

The Doom Patrol (Negative Man, Robot Man, Eleastigirl) investigate a strange mutant who drained his mom's life force when he was born, killing her. The little baby ages into a boy, and then drains another victim, becoming a teenage boy who is naked, gaining the attention of a high school coach and some girls. The coach is attacked and he is killed, then the young teen is an older man with a beard. The Doom patrol track this strange person to a diner where he is about to drain the counter lady when she asks him if he wanted any food to eat and the man's eyes glow red. The super hero team stops the man from attacking Elasti-girl when Negative Man steps in to take the attack meant for her and the meta-human man who drains people's life force and ages is defeated, becoming an old man.

-- Kris Rothacher

Doraemon's Non-Serial Movie

Anime Movie: (2010)

Nobita in the Wan-Nyan Spacetime Odyssey follows the story of Eiji, an anthropomorphic dog who travels across time to find his ex-owner, Nobita, but the unstable time tunnel causes him to warp into another place and ended up being turned back into an infant. This also happens later with Gian and Suneo, but only temporary.

-- Visible Time

Book Cover

Dorothy and the Magic Belt

Book by Susan Saunders

Doctor Nikidik's son doesn't think it is fair that his father can't practice magic any more. So he resolves to steal the Magic Belt - and turns Dorothy's friends into babies to do it!


Dospelaci Muzou Vsechno (Just Because You're Grown-Up)

Czechoslovakia Movie: 1969 b&w. Kratky Film Praha, Gottwaldov Film Studio.

A strange dream opens the film: young boy Michael drives up to school in a car and picks up cute little girl Louise. Michael tells his father to go to bed rather than watch a horror movie on TV. Michael's teacher chastises his adult students on not learning to whistle. Then Michael wakes up. His father, the world famous Dr. Dvorak, tells him to get ready for school. Michael sneaks into the National Science Laboratory, and sees his father working on his new invention which can change the size of animals, in an effort to end world hunger. He steals the formula and adds his own ingredients. Then his father returns, drinks the formula, and instantly turns into an infant! Michael tries some new permutation of the formula, and grows into an adult! He changes into his father's clothes, hoping to pass himself off as his father's long-lost brother. Michael takes his infant-father in his arms, and tries to drive his car home. Miraculously, he manages to drive backwards all the way home. Big Michael goes outside to try and solicit his best friend Louise, but the smart little girl knows not to talk to strange adults, and she solicits the help of a cop. Big Michael returns home to find that his infant father has made a mess out the place. The flirty woman next door comes over asking for a date. Big Michael reluctantly agrees, and soon the young woman is leading the terrified man-child in romantic dancing. Next morning, an exhausted Big Michael makes his way to school, and confronts Louise with the truth of his miraculous transformation. Louise at first thinks he is just a pervert trying to befriend her, but soon she sees the horrible truth about the father's miracle potion. At school, Big Michael is forced into the problematic position of teaching his own peers, but he enjoys his newfound power. He confiscates all the boys' peashooters. Big Michael taunts his enemy, Frankie, with difficult mathematics problems. After school, Big Michael explains the joys of being an adult with the production number "Now That I'm Grown-Up". Louise helps out by feeding and bathing father-baby, but chastises Big Michael's irresponsibility in domestic affairs. Soon, Big Michael is at an employment agency, asking to become a hockey player or astronaut. Louise browbeats poor Big Michael into fighting a boxing contest. He is saved from total annihilation only by Louise dropping the lighting fixture onto Mighty Eddy's head. Louise shames Big Michael into getting a real job as a lowly dishwasher. Big Michael informs her of his failure, and she tells him that he is still immature, no matter how big he appears to be. Suddenly, the real Dr. Dvorak pulls off the covers, and Michael is a child again! Michael runs in to the kitchen, and welcomes home his mother, with her new baby, Michael's real baby brother!

-- Entropic, KiddieMatinee

Doug Henning's World Of Magic #3

TV Movie

An illusion is included that rather convincingly seems to AR both Doug and Sandy Duncan to kids.



Commercial: (2007)

Feel like a kid again. (f/Ar)

-- Visible Time

Dr. Slump Volume #01

Manga Comic Book: Chapter #10: "The Time Slipper" (05/10/2005)

Dr. Slump is aged into a old man. (Male aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Dr VERMILION - Touhou_Bloomers

Hentai Manga: (2012)

Possible Ar. (Female Ar?)


TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: unknown

There is a new series called DragNut, in which episodes of the old black and white TV series DragNet have been dubbed over with funny dialog. Recently they had a Christmas episode in which a rare bird named a 'Boobie' was stolen from where it was supposedly nesting in the nativity scene in a local church. The Boobie's eggs are said to make a person younger if they are eaten. At one point in the episode, a child approaches the detectives to admit to having touched the Boobie, and eaten one of is eggs. The seven-year-old said that he used to be a hundred and seven.

- Piper

Dragon Ball GT

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #01: "A Devastating Wish"

While Goku is training on Kame's Lookout, Emperor Pilaf (dang, talk about old) finds black star dragon balls and summons the dragon, and Goku sees Emperor Pilaf and asks him what he is doing. They have a little talk and then Emperor Pilaf accidentally wishes Goku a kid again. In order for Goku to turn back, he needs to find all seven black star dragon balls. A couple of catches, They all scatter to different parts of the universe and if they arent found and wished upon in 1 year, the planet that the wish was made on (Earth) goes KABOOM!(blows up)

-- by Drao

Dragon Ball GT

Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #18: "The Shadow Dragons" (11-Dec-2004)

When an evil Dragon emerges from the cracked Dragon Balls it seems like the world has become cracked as well. After stealing the Dragon Balls, he spawns seven more evil Dragons that disappear across the horizon like wild jackals in the night! What horrors are in store for Mother Earth and her people? Piccolo Daimao's wish for youth. This wish was made after Kamesennin died. Piccolo Daimao wanted to become stronger so he wished to be young again.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Dragon Ball Vol. 13

Shonen Jump: Viz Comics; Comic Book: "Piccolo Conquers the World" (2000)

Possible Ar/aP in this comic book.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Dragon Century

Cartoon Movie?

A dragon Ages himself into a older Dragon.

-- Dragoniade & Stonegate Shadowlord

Dragon Hunters

Cartoon series: Season 01; Episode #04: "Isle of Mist" ()

An order of monks hires our heroes to slay a dragon that guards the Isle of Mist. But when they learn that the island is home to a fountain of youth, the monks have no intention of letting leave. (aP/Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Dragon's Lair

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #05: "The Pool of Youth" (10/06/1984)

Dirk the Daring and Princess Daphne find the Fountain Of Youth, where the knight and the princess drink out of the fountain of youth and turn into 3 year olds.

-- Time

Dragon Sword and Wind Child

Book: by Noriko Ogiwara (10/16/2007)

Princess regressed herself into little girl to elude enemies. Once the need for the deception has passed, she rapidly grows back to her true age. Complete AP extract:

"That girl, Fawn, I can't get her to recall her parents. She is more like a little demon than a child born from a womb."

Saya could not feel this was enough reason to censure a five or six year old child.

In the crook of a tree, just at eye level, sat Fawn, swinging her legs back and forth. At a casual glance she appeared as cute as a doll, but the eyes that peered out from her grimy face were piercingly cold.

Speaking in a tone that did not match her childish voice, Fawn said: "You're a little too perceptive - perhaps because you carry two lives within you."

"It's exhausting - a waste of my powers of renewal."

He saw a little girl gripping the hilt of the Dragon Sword, which was plunged deep into Natsume's back, and bathing herself in the blood.

Chihaya gazed speechlessly to the blood-drenched child. She beamed a smile at him and then, without a word, turned and ran.

He rushed out of the prison in pursuit of the girl.

She leaped lightly from rock to rock before him as though dancing through the air, and in three strides she had descended to the edge of the pool. She stripped of her soiled clothing and dived into the cold water. The girl showed no sign of haste as she stood chest-deep in the water, washing. When she raised her clean face, her skin shone pure white. Though childish, her countenance was as flawless as a jewel. She looked up at him and once again smiled gaily, while Chihaya, taken aback, remained rooted to the spot. Next she began to wash her body. Each time she scooped the water, she grew taller. Her hair grew longer as he watched, and spread out upon the water. Her slender arms grew long and lithesome, her shoulders round and smooth, and her breasts swelled like ripe fruit. By the time she had finished bathing herself, she had undergone a transformation that would have taken a mortal a decade or more to complete. When she turned to climb out onto the bank, the water lapped just below her navel against the rounded hips and slender waist of a young woman.

She rose shamelessly from the water and stood before Chihaya with her wet body exposed. And indeed there was no need to conceal her perfect form.

"Sister," Chihaya whispered.

"An excellent cleansing. Now I feel better," Princess Teruhi said as she combed her hair with her fingers. "It is quite a skill to return to childhood. Perhaps because a child is weaker, one tires easily .. I almost wouldn't recognize you. How can that be, when those of our lineage never change?"

She smiled a not altogether unkind smile. "It was for your sake that I went to such lengths to penetrate the encampment of the forces of Darkness ... I slipped behind their lines in the guise of a girl and stirred the fools up a little. It was easy to twist them around my finger."

Leaning her back against a rock and folding her arms, the Princess continued. (ARed, AP)

-- O'

Drawing Power

Cartoon Series; Episode: "Playground Power"

From the people who brought us School House Rock. This particular collection of episodes includes a super hero segment of a character named Mr. Different who shows people what it's like to be different by transforming them in various ways, including making a troublesome boy into an old man and the pestered old woman into a young girl. MR. D. can also transform himself, once into a cat and another time into a basketball. There's also a separate segment in the video in which some kids speculate on their future careers and quickly change into adult versions of themselves. In still another segment, a super hero named Supershoes transforms an unruly class clown into his older female teacher, kinda. It's open to interpretation. He might just be wearing a dress and standing on a chair behind her desk. He does seem to be filling the dress out in the right place though.

-- Justin

Drawn Together

Animated TV Series: Season 02; Episode #05: "Clum Babies" (11/16/2005)

Wooldoor Sockbat hits puberty at long last. Foxxy Love briefly AA AR's when she ponders whether to help Clara. (male AR) [Parody of Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats commercial]

- Tazz

Dream a Little Dream

Movie: (1989)

A bike accident transfers the minds of an elderly couple into some young teenagers.

-- Visible Time


Music Video: by Dave Matthews Band (2005)

Julia Roberts AR's into little girl and runs around in oversized clothing. She AA AP's to normal. (AR/AP RN, blink morphs, dream sequence)

-- Visible Time

Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend

Book: "Winsor McCay's Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend" (1905)(reprinted by Fantagraphics -- 198?)[newspaper strips - Doffield & Co.]

Man takes a 'youth pill' (AR).

Dreams To Grow On

Book: by Christine Hurley Deriso, Illustrated by Matthew Archambault. (2004)

Imaginative young girl explores exciting possibilities for her future. A teacher? Or a doctor? Or a writer? Let me see. . . Today I’ll practice all the things I just might want to be.

-- Visible Time


DreamScraps: A Magic Journal

Book: by Katie Thompson (2008)

Katie, a shy teenager, has discovered that by drawing sketches she can alter her reality. Soon Katie learns to travel to alternative dimensions, curled up in sub-length units of space. She meets Hazel, an age-shifter who changes appearance randomly between various ages. [AR, AP]

-- Sutibaru

Dreamtales's ABC Comics

Online Comic Book: (08/01/2011)

A grab bag of short age change comics kinda/sorta based on the old Robert Crumb underground comics of the 1960?s. Plot Summaries: - Milk Does a Body Good: 9-page story shhows what happens when a little girl gets too much bovine growth hormone. - Halloween Witch: 6-page comic with an incredibly detailed AR sequence, 1 of the best ever by Bojay. - Ebb and Flo: a brother/sister switcherroo. - more short comics, one-page pinups andd "pretend" comic covers.

-- Dreamtales

Dreamtales's The Age Vampire

Online Comic Book: Artwork by Bojay (10/01/2012)

Mike, the biggest hunk on the beach, is amused as little Tina tries to tag along with him. But the more he sees of her, the bigger she gets. Meanwhile he’s starting to look a little short and skinny himself. Imagine a vampire that takes away your age instead of your blood!

-- Dreamtales

Dreamtales's Alyssa, the Witch Little Sister

Online Comic Book: Artwork by Dan Parent (2011)

Kim’s world turns upside down when she discovers that her younger sister is a witch! But Alyssa has only gotten to the letter “C” in her book of witch’s spells, so she can only do a few spells like Age Regression and Breast Expansion. Sparks soon fly between Alyssa and her older sister – who doesn’t look older any more.

-- Dreamtales

Dreamtales's The Au Pair

Online Comic Book: Artwork by Bojay (2011)

Cindy works as an Au Pair, taking care of Katie and her little sister Missie. Sparks fly when Katie develops a crush on Cindy’s boyfriend Bobby.

-- Dreamtales

Dreamtales's Beach Blanket Beauties

Online Comic Book: Artwork by Palcomix (2011)

Mandy, a cute adolescent, tries out her dad’s youth ray on Suzy and Marilyn. The two ladies’ plans to find boyfriends at the beach get frustrated as they slowly regress to teenagers, adolescents and younger. Meanwhile that little brat Mandy has big plans of her own!

-- Dreamtales

Dreamtales's Big Splash

Online Comic Book: Artwork by The Pepper Pair (2011)

Kristen and her friend go swimming in a remote lake and grow from cute adolescents to sexy 30-foot tall giants. Meanwhile her older sister Megan and her sexy friend choose another lake and find out what it’s like to be on the short side.

-- Dreamtales

Dreamtales's Crybaby Marilyn

Online Comic Book: Artwork by Palcomix (11/01/2011)

More Suzy and Marilyn Age Regression fun as Marilyn experiments with a youth ray inspired by the classic Lois Lane AR comic "The Crybaby of Metropolis," featuring Marilyn slowly regressing to a teenager, adolescent, child, baby, and then...? Frank is hosting a special exhibition of inventions, and Marilyn and Suzy are invited. Marilyn tries out a youth ray to get rid of her grey hairs in a bid to steal Frank from Suzy. As Marilyn gets younger and younger, Suzy is looking less like her rival and more like her big sister - or her mother! (Note: This comic features an unbirthing scene.)

-- Dreamtales

Dreamtales's Eenie Meanie Marilyn

Online Comic Book: Artwork by Palcomix (2011)

Marilyn has a suggestion for her costume party – let’s both get younger! Suzy regresses from a sexy woman, to a cute teen, to an adolescent, to an innocent child, experiencing a series of small triumphs and humiliations along the way. But that Meanie Marilyn has a trick up her sleeve.

-- Dreamtales

Dreamtales's Girls Gone Child

Online Comic Book: Artwork by Palcomix (10/01/2011)

While Betsy has developed into a beautiful young woman, her little sister Lauren, only two yours younger, still looks like a kid. After Lauren’s new medicine helps her suddenly grow to Betsy’s size, Betsy decides to fight back by taking some medicine herself. But Betsy’s scheme backfires and she soon finds herself heading towards a second childhood. How will Betsy react now that’s she’s playing second fiddle?

-- Dreamtales

Dreamtales's High School Confidential

Online Comic Book: Artwork by Palcomix (08/30/2012)

Sexy Betsy is one of the most popular girls in High School, while poor Lauren is the smallest girl in her freshman class. A growth potion turns Lauren into a head-turning babe, while Betsy finds herself at the mercy of mean Mandy. Can Betsy survive her fall from the top of the pecking order to the bottom? And how will Lauren act when the tables are turned?

-- Dreamtales

Dreamtales's Princess and The Potion

Online Comic Book: Artwork by Bojay (2011)

The beautiful Princess Delilah is summoned to marry Price Adam. Her servant Sheila, an evil witch in disguise, offers an escape – by turning her into a child. Princess and servant switch roles, and their plan becomes a nightmare when Delilah is assumed to be a real servant child. Can Delilah regain her age and royal status? Will the wicked Sheila be revealed as an old crone? And who invited the Huns to the wedding ceremony?

-- Dreamtales

Dreamtales's Regressing to the Mean

Online Comic Book: Artwork by Palcomix (2011)

When Lauren rebels against Betsy’s domineering personality, Mom sends the girls to a summer camp. Betsy is mistakenly put in with the youngest girls, while Lauren is placed with the oldest. Soon each girl starts to act and look like their new friends, with Lauren growing to a young adult and Betsy shrinking to an innocent child. How does Betsy react when her once-obedient little sister becomes an authority figure?

-- Dreamtales

Dreamtales's Remembrances of Sisters Past

Online Comic Book: Artwork by Bojay (2011)

A young boy’s childhood games with two sisters takes on a new dimension when they meet again years later. Built roughly around a series of reminiscences, this comic includes lots of fantasy illustrations of little girls getting bigger (and some bigger ones getting smaller). Almost all of the drawings are detailed pen and ink illustrations. This comic is really a labor of love, and the product of several years of collaboration with Bojay. Includes an amazing three page extended AR / AP fantasy sequence with 48 images of AP growth and AR shrinking.

-- Dreamtales

Dreamtales's Something In The Water

Online Comic Book: Artwork by Bojay (2011)

Why are all the girls in school growing up so fast? And why are all the boys getting so little? “Something in the Water” follows a class of young students as they mysteriously grow into tall sexy women and shrink into immature little boys. How will it affect Cindy’s relationship with her boyfriend Roger? And what happens when Bobby, the school bully, gets payback from Lisa and her sexy friend Marcie?

-- Dreamtales

Dreamtales's Tale Of Two Sisters

Online Comic Book: Artwork by Palcomix (2011)

Betsy teases her little sister Lauren, but the tables are turned when Lauren outgrows her older sibling. A visit to the doctor makes matters worse when Lauren gets a growth booster and Betsy a growth inhibitor. So what do you do when your big sister turns little? Can Betsy stop Lauren from stealing her dream boyfriend? And should an adult Lauren give her childish older sister some well-deserved discipline?

-- Dreamtales

Drew Carey's Back to School Rock and Roll Comedy Hour

TV Special: (09/04/2002)

Nice little scene showing a little girl aging to dust in a milk commercial format. Another scene with adults acting like teenage girls.

Drop Dead Fred


(Flashback AR, AA, fade, cut-away)

-- Visible Time

Duala Fables

Book: Legends: ()

"...But when they took the girl out, they were astonished at her appearance; because when the girl was stolen, she had no breasts yet, she was still a child. But when the father took her out of the bag, the breasts were fallen. ..." (AP BEd)

-- Visible Time

Duck Dodgers

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #04: "Duck Codgers" (13-Sep-2003)

The Cartoon network has a episode were Daffy and Porky are exposed to age progression pollen. Duck Dodgers and Space Cadet search for an antidote after they spontaneously turn old. (aP,Ar,RN)

-- Dark_angel

DuckTales #7

Netherlands Disney's Comic Book: "The Fountain of Youth" (09/11/1990)

Fountain of youth. (Possible Ar/ap)

-- Jeffr_2bya


Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #24: "Sweet Duck of Youth" (10/21/1987)

To avoid getting older, Scrooge sets out on a search for the Fountain of Youth. His search takes the ducks to the eerie Okeefedokie Swamp, where a hermit and the ghost of a Conquistador wait for unsuspecting visitors. (Ar in the water's reflection)

-- Jeffr_2bya



Book: (1999)

Maud'Dib's little sister Alia grows at a amazing rate after she was born because her mother. The Lady Jessica takes the water of life while Alia was still in her womb. (Cus)

-- Jeffr_2bya



Movie: (1984)

Paul's little sister Alia grows at a amazing rate after she was born because her mother. The Lady Jessica takes the water of life while Alia was still in her womb. (Cus)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Dungeons & Dragons (also: Advanced ..., 3rd edition) RPG game

Board Game: Role Playing Game

Dungeons & Dragons (also: Advanced ..., 3rd edition) RPG multiple magical and alchemical items available, including "Elixir Of Youth"


Dungeons & Dragons

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #04: "Valley of the Unicorns"

A pack of wolves get regressed.

-- The Unknown

Dungeons & Dragons

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #09: "The Quest of The Skeleton Warrior (aka Tower of Doom)

the group of adventurers are trapped inside an evil tower that brings their worst fears to life. The woman and younger boy of the group get trapped in a haunted catacomb, away from the others. Suddenly, they are surrounded by monsters, and just as they begin to fight, the young boy Ages into a screaming infant. The woman is ready to fight off the monsters, but she suddenly grows very, very old...too old to even hold her staff weapon. She collapses to the ground, holding the infant as the monsters close in. I believe they are saved at the last minute.

--Zietgiest & Shortysboy

Dynamite na Honey

Manga Comic Book?: Kodansha Comics: "?" (1998)

Riria is a middle school girl in love with a 26 year old businessman who considers her just a kid. Riria transforms herself (with the help of several fashion magazines, a short dress, lipstick, curling iron and a padded bra) into a totally different person, trying to make herself look older. Riria as 'Kashiko' makes quite an impression on Rinpei! However what will he do when he finds out 'Kashiko's secret? Riria takes on her sexy persona many times with hilarious results. (aP)

-- Visible Time

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